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Old May 4th, 2019, 03:19 AM
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Khivah takes a few moments to examine the door's locking mechanism. With all the moisture down here, the iron parts may have corroded beyond any hope of being functional. Maybe one of the orcs above would have a large hammer she could borrow...
Old May 4th, 2019, 10:16 AM
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Khivah finds a depression in the right door and presses it. Both doors swing ever so slowly to open fully. It opens into a grand hall and the group enters cautiously. For the first few moments, there were four columns of obsidian in the center of the eight-sided room. Polished brass doors exit the area in the northeast and northwest. Large double doors, also brass exit the area to the north in a smaller antichamber.

The world seems to flicker as Kihivan, Rax, Theran Amaury, Corisal, Jovaric, and Brinn find themselve standing in a valley a tall grass. Great mountains cover the north horizon while there is a sea and a sandy shore to the extreme south. To the west is a deep forest and to the far east rising planes.

Somewhere else, Aeragenys the bronze, Churjuroc the black, Clarion the brass, Fothrostili the white, Dunquole the blue, Polaris the Silver and Xaloc the red feel their bonds weaken. It was as if someone suddenly turned off a part of their spirit. To a dragon, they rushed to the hole in which their people disappeared and trained all their senses to a place they could never go.

Deeper in the darkness in a tomb far below the, ground two doors close slowly and finally with a 'click'.

The statues in the hall of memories find themselves yet again, in the dark.

[Thank you all for an incredible experience and for having me as you guide.This scene closes, this game closes.]
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