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Old 02-14-2020, 02:15 PM
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Name: Marcus Du'vaul
Clan: Ventrue Dhampir
Age: 21
Dhampir Destiny: Dark and Glorious Power — achieve for yourself abilities outside of those a dhampir normally wields; destroy a potential source of such power.

"The tragedy of Life is not Death, but what we allow do die inside of us as we live." - Norman Cousins

Background: WIP

The early life of Marcus can be better told through what one would call the tragedy of Cecille Du'Vaul, his mother. Once a very prestigious and upstanding figure in the community she had a political influence like no other having built a real estate empire in the area surrounding Peck's Beach and using her fortune to grasp power within the community. When all was said and done if you want something done in Peck's Beach, you needed to go through Cecille, or at least you did. That was twenty one years ago when a charismatic gentlemen had come to the area looking for a possible investment opportunity in Pecks Beach. After her meeting with the mysterious investor everything would change.

The investor was a Ventrue who had taken a liking to Cecille. Beyond that he had also become jealous of her successful husband who had for some reason been trying to prevent him from moving in on the Pecks Beach area. Quickly the Ventrue came up with a plan and seduced Cecille by compelling her into bed with him making sure her husband would catch her in the process. Feeling betrayed Cecille lost her husband and it became public news that she was adulteress soiling her reputation and influence. When she became self aware she insisted that she had been forced upon ranting and raving about a beast taking advantage of her. The town quickly wrote her off and she was shortly after institutionalized for having a breakdown. Over time she learned to keep her experience to herself and that no one would believer her. While she was admitted she had received the divorce papers and never had the chance to tell her husband about the child she was carrying, although deep down inside she knew it wasn't his.

Returning back to Pecks Beach her reputation was no longer what it was and her standing in real estate had dropped significantly. She had to sell her old home on the nice part of town and get something much more modest in the local trailer park. Her son Marcus grew up without any knowledge of who his real father was or with many of the benefits she had always considered normal. Cecille had became incredibly damaged and although she loved her son she never truly committed to him as a parent. He spent most of his time growing up figuring stuff out on his own and helped to keep a roof over his families head. After one particularly bad binge from his mother they had a large argument where her son who had recently graduated high school wished he could free of taking care of her. On Marcus' ninetieth birthday his mom finally drank herself into the eternal sleep she had so desperately been yearning for for the last twenty years.

Marcus received a very nice deposit from the insurance policy she had taken out and since she technically died of liver poisoning he got the full deal. The young Du'vaul had intended to carve out his own name in the town when suddenly odd things began to happen. Dark moods started to fill him and he swore he was starting to be able to... do things. Knowing what happened to his mother when she spoke up he kept it to himself. Deciding he no longer wanted to be in the spotlight he got a job at the local amusement park.

While everyone else watched the pretty fireworks he emptied trash cans. He couldn't help but want to push himself above them.. above them all. To finally reclaim his rightful place in Pecks Beach as a Du'vaul and make them all pay for what he did to his mother.
"Let's bring the dwarf... as my friend Grindo always used to say it isn't a party without a dwarf! Oh and that scary old man... not sure why you're here, pretty sure you will probably die, but I also don't think you understand a word of what I'm saying so lets do this!

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Old 02-15-2020, 06:58 AM
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Name: Harper
Age: 19
Clan: Gangrel

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Old 02-15-2020, 02:10 PM
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I saw these new characters, and a few PMs come in. I haven’t had a chance to review everything yet, but hopefully tonight or tomorrow I should find more time
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Old 02-18-2020, 07:00 AM
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Super stoked for this game. Looking forward to seeing how it goes here. Good luck everyone! Maybe just accept everyone?
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Old Yesterday, 12:36 AM
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So how is it going?
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Just twiddling my thumbs over here.
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