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After The Quake - Applications Closed!

Game NameAfter The Quake
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeCollaborative narrative, character-led, player-led, sandbox, intrigue, exploration, mythology.
FlavourEast Asian inspired homebrew setting.
Tenka, the Closed Country
right-aligned image

The sequestered land of Tenka, shunning contact with the rest of the world, enjoyed centuries of peace and prosperity under its wise and powerful ruler, the Heavenly Dragon Emperor. Then came the Black Ships.

Great ironclad monstrosities, wreathed in dark clouds of smoke, they sailed into the great bay that gave on to the capital, sacred Kohro. Their most loyal retainers committed in a border dispute to the north, the Tenryuu - the Heavenly Dragons themselves – took to the field. They unleashed their might, but the Black Ships were protected by strange magics, and in the ensuing battle two of the Imperial princes were slain. Horror-struck, the court quit their city, leaving the seat of their power to these devilish foreigners rather than shed another drop of Tenryuu blood.

In the decade since this dark day, the power of the Emperor has waned, while the power of the warlords grows. While many daimyo remain loyal to the throne, many others have lost faith, looking instead to the sword to defend their holdings – or to expand them, taking advantage of the chaos the arrival of the outlanders has brought. And with the land divided, foreigners from a dozen different nations have established enclaves in what has become known as Onokoro: the former capital, called Bay City by the interlopers. With each passing day, more adventurers leave the shelter of its walls, setting out to unravel for themselves the mysteries of the Closed Country...

About MeHi! I'm Therru, and this will be my first time DMing on the site. The joy of roleplaying games lies, for me, in building a shared narrative: I love storylines that don't end up where I thought they would, players who surprise and challenge me, characters that surprise us all as they change and grow. My preference is for games where story comes first, combat and mechanics second. As such I will tend to be flexible in my interpretation of the rules as written - though I prefer to make adjustments on the fly than to come up with a whole host of house rules and exceptions (a slippery slope I've often found myself halfway down...)

About the Game
left-aligned image

I came up with this setting after a discussion in the Players Seeking Games thread, and it's intended to facilitate player participation. What I've written above (loosely inspired by a few different periods in Japanese history) is a sketch of a place and a political background, drawn with the broadest strokes I could manage in the hope of attracting varied and interesting character applications.

I won't be making any final decisions about storyline, genre, or worldbuilding until I've chosen the starting party – I plan to build a narrative around the characters that appeal to me, to weave their stories together with one of my own. For more detail, see the application requirements below; for now, vital statistics!

Posting Frequency: 2+ per week
Application Deadline: Tuesday February 25th
New Deadline: Wednesday February 19th, GMT 23:00
Party Size: 4 – 6
Application Criteria: Strength of concept and quality of writing - party composition only taken into account in the case of ties.

Starting Level: 1st
Ability Scores: 27 Point Buy
Wealth & Starting Equipment: As listed for your class and background - feel free to swap things out for other similarly-valued gear (as listed in the PHB)
Sources Permitted: Player's Handbook (PHB), Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (SCAG), Volo's Guide to Monsters (VGtM), Xanathar's Guide to Everything (XGtE), Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes (MToF)
Other Sources: No Mystic, and almost certainly no homebrew. Unearthed Arcana will be considered on a case-by-case basis


FAQ None yet, but I'm sure I've forgotten something...

Q: What level will characters start at?
A: I knew it! 1st level: application details updated accordingly.

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Application StatusDeadline: Tuesday the 25th of February, 23:00 GMT.
New Deadline: Wednesday the 19th of February, 23:00 GMT.

Player Character Race & Class Status
penbeast0 Karasu Sujin Tengu (Aarakocra) Barbarian Application complete
Keante - - Application withdrawn
Garrettq Ryuu Bo Demon-touched (Half-Orc) Barbarian Application complete
Ermine Miyamoto Hikari Human Ranger (Variant) Application complete
Chylopan Ishiguro Meiji Human (V.) Fighter (Samurai) Application complete - Pre-approved
Nade - - Application withdrawn
Aoem Ren Sau Human Monk Application complete
HotsuSama Turushno Half-Elf Monk (Four Elements) Application complete
telcontar Tsukamoto Kasumi Human/Half-Elf Cleric (Grave Domain) Application complete
WidowsBane Valatheae Hexannys Eladrin Warlock (Celestial, Pact of the Chain) Application complete
Mechaniacal Na No Human Ronin (Barbarian/Fighter) Application complete
tomplum Tsuyui Ofu Goliath Barbarian Application complete
Hoots Snow of the Mountain Tabaxi Bard Application complete
Ursinorum Ikzu Devil-Monkey (Goblin) Sorcerer Application complete
Crucius Raito Adachi Half-Kitsune (V. Tiefling) Wizard (Enchantment) Application complete
ColoursOfTheHeart Yume Yllren High Elf Rogue (Soul Knife) Application complete
Oakie Sōbō Half-Elf Bard (Glamour) Application complete
Miss Nomer Cecília Assunção da Costa (the Todomeki) Dragonborn Warlock Application complete
MontageManiac Shiruk Tengu (Aarakocra) Monk (Kensei) Application complete
GoombaJosh Sven Durnson Mountain Dwarf Cleric (Forge Domain) Application complete
TheDarkStar Oren Tengu Tortle Druid (Circle of Spores) Application complete
Stadiumite Lumin Aasimar Sorcerer (Wild Magic) Application complete
Kuran Katashi Kobold Paladin Application complete
MarsComulus Jonas Hawkins Human Rogue Application underway - 'Why this character?' missing!

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I may be interested in this. Would you allow the UA on variant class features? It makes rangers more competitive with the other classes, and doesn't rework them from the ground up like the revised ranger.
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Old 02-01-2020, 09:21 AM
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I'm happy with the changes to Rangers, consider them approved

If anyone else wants to use any Variant Class Features just let me know - I haven't been through them all properly, but from what I've seen so far the changes look fine.
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Placeholder. Definitely interested.

Apologies for not getting anything up yet. Had some ideas for characters but couldn't match them with ideas for personalities in a way that seemed fun to play. Will keep thinking until either I come up with something fun or your deadline kicks me in the head.

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Name: Ryuu Bo
Race: Half orc (Demon touched)
Class: Barbarian
Background: Folk Hero or Sheppard

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Personality: Determined and naive. One who cares greatly, perhaps too much, about his image. He introduces himself as a clan head and he desperately wants to be seen as one. Ryuu obsessively pursues his goals, heedless of danger, not out of bravery, but rather unearned confidence in his own power. He's never faced a real threat, nor has he tasted real fear.

Appearance: Muscular and dressed to show it, thin, tight fitting clothes that suited him well when out guarding the flock. Nearly seven feet tall, with calloused skin as black as any orc blood, and dull eyes as red as fire. He holds an imposing form, especially when donned in armor, carrying his massive, two handed ax. Aside from that he stands out from his kind by his chipped tusk, nearly three inches of his right tooth snapped off some time ago.

Backstory: Father said that so long as one of its warrior's holds this ax, clan Skull Splittler lives.

A demon touched can't be much among humans. Their most often sequestered to specific districts in the city, often slain or castrated when young, they can even be owned as slaves, after all they're not humans. Still, those with enough orc blood in them are sometimes sought after. You'd be a fool not to see the affinity they have for battle after all. Of course they're always the most expendable and least rewarded of the armies they join.

Ryuu was born on a ranch. He grew up with two parents and ten siblings who all loved each other, he never went hungry or slept in the cold. He never really struggled. His father, born in one of the remaining savage tribes of the far north mountains, and his mother, a laborer from the ghettos of Kuto city, they struggled. Early in life they both found themselves in one of the armies that would have them. Through years of fighting, plundering, and saving, they quietly gathered wealth. Then, when Ryuu's mother became pregnant with her first litter, they cashed out. A couple acres of rocky mountain land and a few hundred goats to graze it. This was the paradise where Ryuu was raised, working the gardens and watching the livestock with his siblings.

That is until he took an interest in fighting. His father was delighted, overjoyed that he finally had a son who wanted to carry on the tribe. So his childhood was spent building muscles and learning to kill. He never thought too much about what to do with this power, it was hard enough just surviving day to day his training. It was grueling work, but he was molded into an exceptional warrior, he even inherited his father's special power. Raging, he views it as a holy thing from the orc deity.The ability to channel Ogrin's might.

A small armed envoy is what brought him away from his farm, figuratively and literally. Naturally he had stood by his father when they approached, wanting to face whatever trouble their might be. Suffice it to say they were shocked to find a demon touched like them barking out orders at men with all the glee you could imagine. Sure this one was mostly human, certainly at least 5 generations removed from his orc ancestor, but he had tusks! Everyone knew, or at least thought, one drop of orc blood was enough to make you subhuman, and yet he was obeyed!

Neither Ryuu nor his father had to ask.

He proudly told them that they were now under the domain of Aisoo, bandit queen of the Dark Steel Mountains. The tax man told that their new master cared not for class, or gender, or blood. That everyone in her service was treated equally, that even her first general, the blade of the bandit queen himself, was a demon touched. That all the island would soon be forged into a glorious meritocracy. This idea lit a flame in Ryuu's heart. In exchange for a reduction in their tithe he eagerly agreed to go back with them, to enter her service. He wasn't the only one in his family to do so.

Meeting her was magic. She wasn't the hulking beast of a woman he expected, nor the thin, graceful goddess he imagined later in the nights. She looked plain, like any other farm girl save the men's clothing and the spear on her back. Somehow this was even better to the young man. He introduced himself boisterously as the chief of clan Skull Splitter, this kept him out of some simple garrison job. He wasn't the first orc chief to swear fealty to her, but despite his lack of a tribe he was given the same orders.

Go south beyond the mountains, gather wealth and warriors, just touch nothing to the east or west. Pay me my tithe of whatever you collect and you will have sanctuary here. If I ever come to need you for the standing army, you will be called.

Why This Character? (OOC): I love fantasy japan setting. The divine emperor, the duty centric society, the ancient respected traditions that are suddenly being challenged by the outside world. I would love to play someone at least tangibly related to an inside force radically challenging the old order. I also really like that we're staring at level one, gives a great chance to play the naive young child archetype. I've had some variation of this character forever and you can only really play him in a game that starts low level. More then anything else though I really like that your allowing players to collaborate with you in building the world, its like taking the best part of apocalypse world while still playing my favorite rules system. Also I just like playing barbarians.

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It's been a long time since I played in a 5e game. This one sounds interesting. I'm just copying the app template for now, will fill it in over time as I think about things.

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Name: Miyamoto Hikari
Race: Human (unsure if standard or variant)
Class: Ranger (variant all the way)
Background: Guild Artisan - Painters
Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: Often thinks of herself as a leader, but also takes it very hard when her ideas fail. She takes it personally if anyone else steps up as a leader and contradicts her plans, but also appreciates it if their plan succeeds - any success is a good success, even if it's not her own.
Appearance: Small framed and lightweight, like a quick arrow. She wears armor as a fashion choice more than for protection, so often paints or details it with things found in nature, including bones and blood.

Backstory: Hikari adventures for her own entertainment. She loves to paint, and to hunt for that matter, but she lives for the thrill of adventure. She'd been adventurous since her birth in a small farming town in the Mujai Province, and carried that throughout the few years she's spent in what is now known as Bay City. Her parents wish she'd stick to painting and hunting, however, but stay in the family home in Heiru (the afforementioned small town).

On the topic of parents, she was one herself for a year, before sickness took her child. Since then, she's become protective of children, choosing to help them over adults if given the choice.

Hikari has no special training in the ways of the ranger, simply teaching herself how to hunt and gather as inspiration for, and as supplies for, each painting. Her natural art is a big hit with the foreigners, though she's unsure why, since they don't seem to respect nature the way her own people do. Something about seeing it on canvas maybe?

While her greatest goal in life is to become a mother again, she's made no strides in that direction, for fear she'll lose another. And her late husband...well, he was lost to the foreigners. Naturally, this led to hate at first, but now it has led to more of a feeling of powerlessness she fills with adventures.

Why This Character? (OOC): Because she's cool. ^~^ I want to explore the dynamic of her power struggles with the foreigners and with relying on their purchase of her work despite wanting them gone. I'm personally a fan of roleplay over mechanics, so there's that. I plan on her becoming more of an artist/assassin, if that makes any sense.

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Name: Ishiguro Meiji
Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Fighter (Samurai)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral-ish
Background: Noble (Disgraced / In-Hiding)

Personality: A near-zealous traditionalist. Meiji views his homeland's customs and culture as central to his identity, his opinion is that: Tenka's laws are to be obeyed, its history respected, and the threats that seek to despoil its ancient beauty summarily eliminated. Beyond the trappings of what he perceives to be his duty, Meiji remains rigidly cordial (if not distant) with any and all strangers (though he is extremely wary of foreigners), fancies all manner of uncouth and boyish things, and comes off a little rough around the edges much to his own chagrin.

Appearance: Of average height and weight for an early-twenties Tenkan man, Meiji's athletic figure is often hidden beneath heavy armor and ceremonial garb. Even when out of battle garb does he try to remain covered, stone-faced, and completely composed - an effort of self-imposed modesty and majesty he very often fails to achieve.

Backstory: Ishiguro Meiji is the surviving son of a despotic daiymo. Having been raised to be the heir of his family's house and prestigious titles since birth, Meiji was afforded all the privileges expected of an aristocratic successor: he was trained in all manners of the state, expected to possess extensive knowledge of histories military, political, and theological, as well suffer the exceptionally brutal training of an infamous swordmaster... all while honing various other noble proficiencies on the side. To his credit, for the time allotted to him by fate, the young lord was a very promising heir indeed, excelling even in areas where his temperamental disposition put him at a disadvantage.

But Meiji's ascension would be denied to him. During a particularly violent peasant uprising, his family's estate was set ablaze and his tyrannical father put to the sword. While the lord's son was fortunate enough to escape a similar fate, the Ishiguro name now felt to him permanently stained by soot, blood, and disgrace.

Having never completed any of his formal training, Meiji now spends most his time wandering the countryside and honing his skills, desperate for any opportunity to somehow, someway restore honor and glory to the Ishiguro family name. Thankfully, he's a far cry from his father...

Why This Character? (OOC): I enjoy playing characters who are often out of their element, fighting against circumstance, or who are in a desperate struggle to achieve something intensely personal through unorthodox means and cooperation. Sometimes all three! I'm hoping to explore the setting on a deeper, more interactive level and thought a character with traditionalist, nationalistic tendencies would make that easier considering the setting's background. Also, I feel the character is open enough to service one or many different roles in the party's composition both in social and martial situations.
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You have my undivided attention. Application will be following in the next few days.
GM: What Lies Beneath - a Gothic Horror role-playing extravaganza

Recruiting for: Voyage to the Edge of the World - an epic seabound voyage fraught with peril

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Application Template
Name: Ren Sau
Race: Human
Class: Monk
Background: Sage/Custom
Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: A seeker of love, exploring the truth of his heart, Ren Sau dedicates his life to virtuous morals and empowered living.
Ren is compassionate, loyal, trusting and kind. These qualities blossomed in his personality after he surrendered to the universal heart inside.
A believer in oneness, Ren will always face his moments with love and do his best to be in the moment, so that he can truly experience all that life has to offer.
An herbalist and an alchemist, Ren is medicine maker, but hes also quite the party starter when corks get popping!

Appearance: Ren, stands well rooted. His medium frame is lean with sinew and muscle. He is lithe and dexterous when walking. His feet fall in ways that would seem part of a choreographed dance.
Ren is garbed in the colors red. green and brown. In reflection of his values. Red, a reminder that spilling blood bears weighty karma.. Green, the color of the heart frequency and of healthy forests. Brown, a reminder of the earth that Ren was born from and will return to.
Ren Sau carries a Mala of wooden beads, polished from use.
He is youthful, and usually wears a pleasant expression, as though he had just smelled a fresh flower.

Backstory: Ren Sau began the journey of his awakening as is only natural, by following his bliss. . On the coastal island of his home, deep in the forested mountains, Ren Sau lived among a group of hermits known as the Veda. These Veda chose a peculiar place to call home, old overgrown temple gardens of dynastic age, smiled upon by the cracked stone faces of enlightened ancient sages.
Ren the budding youth found resplendent beauty in the studies of ancient mysteries that surrounded these legendary forest temples. Learning from the Veda taught him many things, but most useful was the way of the naturalist..
How to live in harmony with nature.. Instilling a resilience in him that allowed him to seek new depths of connection to the world around him.. This meant respecting every living thing, and knowing his role in the world; doing his best to better the lives of all around him.

Once he was ready to embark upon a journey known as the rites of the surrendered. Ren wished the Vedas goodbye, and vowed to come back to share flower tonics and five flavor berries once again.

Until that time, Ren would be running.. For months, Ren was to run through the mountainous forests, barely stopping to eat and rest. His goal was to pass through sacred arches and conduct offering rituals at temples and shrines. He found himself facing his fear of death often, but his love and bliss blossomed ever richer after the darkest of moments. . Good thing he had some amrita nectar stashed in his satchel!

Now, Ren travels the lands as an herbalist and medicine maker. He seeks to help all those whom he meets realize the power of their hearts intention. When in town, he might be found giving giggling flowers to children and trading his wares at the market.

Ren makes homes wherever he goes, he plants and tends gardens all around the islands, so that he may always find a place that nourishes him. Whether at a mountainous hot springs hut, or a hammock house in the trees, he always seeks to leave a place better than he found it.

Why This Character? (OOC): I believe that Ren Meaning (Love~Lotus) in Japanese. Is a brilliant fit for this game.. His forest sage archetype reflects a Shintoism foundation that is prolific in Japanese culture.
I am very excited about developing Ren's backstory. Overall i would just really love to play as Ren Sau In this Tenka Setting. I will happily work with you (Therru) to develop some wonderful weaves so that Ren will be totally at home in this world you have crafted. I am greatly inspired and have many ideas about Ren's past. Thanks for opening this game space.

PS: Great formatting and presentation for a first DM Advert.
Posting Status: Green Light

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What level were we starting at? Just because that might affect the background a little.

Also, should I be a demon blood (half orc) from a former raider clan, or a stupidly naive foreign explorer. Anyone applying feel free to answer.

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Turushno, Nomad of the Mae-Nichi

left-aligned image

Name: Turushno
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Monk of the Four Elements
Background: Outlander
Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Turushno is battered in temperament, exhausted by the past years. His experiences have taught him patience and empathy, although he has also seen many betrayals - he'll always choose benevolence and kindness when the occasion allows, but hard-won wariness may keep him reserved at times.

Appearance: A middle-aged fair-skinned man with long, bushy hair, partly to hide the longer ears which mark him as Mae-Nichi. He keeps to simple dress, with charms and jewellery reflecting the craftsmanship of the Mae-Nichi people.

Backstory: Turushno's people, known as the Mae-Nichi, trace their history earlier than the archives of Tenka can reckon. They still live in forgotten pockets of the northern highlands, mostly untouched by the recent strife. It's said that their bloodlines are touched by ancient animist beings, an embodiment of their ancestral claim upon the land. Despite this mark, or perhaps because of it, the Mae-Nichi are not considered as civilians within Tenka, and are treated with mistrust and occasional hostility.

Turushno's family travelled with one of the few groups of Mae-Nichi to venture from this ancient homeland. They took up a nomadic existence, journeying through towns and selling trinkets or helping in harvests in exchange for food. They honed their diplomacy to an art form to keep in good standing with the towns along their routes. Occasionally they would be raided or pushed along by suspicious guards. Turushno learned from his people and from observing the Tenka, as well as how both cultures relate to the world and its subtle magics.

They were camped along the coast when the Black Ships came. Turushno saw them, blotches on the horizon. When the true scope of the disaster unfurled, the nomadic Mae-Nichi were caught in the chaos of the evacuation of Kohro. Some died. Others made themselves heroes in assisting the refugees. Much of the nomadic group splintered over time, their familial bonds strained by new challenges and dangers.

Turushno eventually moved on as well, feeling constrained by the remaining travellers, his own family included. As far as they were concerned, there was no longer merit in living among the Tenka, those scattered sheep tearing themselves apart. Turushno retraced the old nomad paths for a while, aimless, but it seems the land grows more hostile with new warlords and broken allegiances. His status as Mae-Nichi, once peacefully ignored, is becoming a fresh issue in an era or strife and mistrust. He aches to go home and find his family again, but his attachment to the Tenka is complicated and ingrained - he stays, striking out new paths, hoping his presence will do some good for those people who never deserved to live in this increasingly lawless age.

Why This Character? (OOC): I don't often get opportunities to play characters with an emphasis on their relation to culture and family, so this might be someone who gets to have lots of moments in examining self-identity and their place in the world. I'm also a sucker for weary optimists.
Active Characters: Casper De Marco

I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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Tsukamoto Kasumi: Application Complete
right-aligned image

Name: Tsukamoto Kasumi (塚本かすみ)
Age: 22
Class: Cleric (Grave Domain)
Race: Variant Human
Alignment: Kasumi is opposed to the forces of change that sweep the land, but is fairly noncommittal on the issue of good and evil, preferring instead a doctrine of balance.Lawful Neutral

Background: Shrine Maiden (Variant Acolyte)

Listen to Kasumi's theme

Outwardly, Kasumi is soft-spoken and reserved, preferring quiet action and the pursuit of understanding. Although she is distrustful of the Gaijin, and opposed to the forces of change that sweep the land, she prefers to leave such weighty matters in the capable hands of the Kami.

Despite this, she is not generally submissive or deferential, at least not to worldly authorities. She expects to be treated with the respect owed to a shrine maiden, and can be quite sharp-tongued when people don't show respect to herself and to Other shrine maidens. The Kami, of course. Mendicant monks. Teachers. The elderly in general.other worthy individuals.

Kasumi is petite, with pale skin and long, dark hair. She dresses immaculately in the traditional fashion, and takes pride in her appearance, believing it shows a dignified respect for the Kami she serves. In formal settings, she carries a paper fan. When travelling, she carries a Longbow Proficiency was acquired, with the consent of the DM, in exchange for Shield Proficiency, as part of her Shrine Maiden background.longbow.

Kasumi's mother, Tsukamoto Aiko, was the fourth (and youngest) daughter of Lord Tsukamoto, Daimyō of Rokkasho Province. Her father, Ogura Rin, was a common blacksmith. When this illicit union was revealed, Kasumi's father was The normal sentence of death was commuted due to his family's long service to the Tsukamoto family.sent into exile, and her mother was sent to a convent. Kasumi was born in that convent and spent her early years there, learning of the Kami and the religious practices of Tenka. She was a pious but insightful student. When she was ten she was sent to be By long tradition, important shrines have three shrine maidens. An elderly shrine maiden, or Megami, whose job it is to teach the other shrine maidens, and to look after the graveyard attached to the shrine. An adult shrine maiden, or Miko, whose job it is to go out into the world as healer and midwife, and to teach the commonfolk. And a young shrine maiden, or Shoshinsha, whose job it is to clean and maintain the shrine.the Shoshinsha at one of the seven Imperial shrines in Kohro.

Kasumi was twelve when the Black Ships arrived. Although the shrine maidens did not become directly involved in the ensuing conflict, many dead or dying were brought to the shrine. And when the conflict was over, and the Imperial family had fled the capital, the shrine maidens remained... still tending their shrines and graveyards, still tending to the Tenkans that remained in the city. Surprisingly, the Gaijin have mostly let them be.

Not long after that, Kasumi met her father for the first time. He came to the capital, and for a month visited the shrine every day. Although they did not grow particularly close during that time, Kasumi formed an impression of him as a surprisingly gentle man. Afterwards, her father entered into the service of the Gaijin, a decision that baffled Kasumi. Since then she has received numerous letters from her father, but they haven't met again in person. She keeps the letters on her person at all times.

Two moons ago, the Megumi of her shrine died. It was not unexpected. She had been very old. A new Shoshinsha was sent to the shrine, and Kasumi found herself in the role of Miko. As soon as the previous Miko returns and takes on the duties of the Megumi, Kasumi will venture out into the world for the first time. She is, perhaps, a bit young to be assuming such responsibilities, but she is quietly determined to do her best for the people of Tenka.


Why this character?I've had a long fascination with medieval Japan, and modern, fictionalised representations of it - Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Champloo, Basilisk, Inuyasha, Usagi Yojimbo. My favorite character from Inuyasha was always Kikyo, the half-undead shrine maiden. I wouldn't want to exactly represent her character in a game - that'd be too derivative - but she's a great inspiration for playing a shrine maiden.

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Name: Valatheae Hexannys (Vala)
Race: Eladrin (currently Winter)
Class: Warlock (Pact of the Chain, Patron: The Celestial)
Background: Sage or Noble, possibly.

Alignment: Innately good, however due to her recent stint as a prisoner aboard one of the Black Ships, she has been made to do some rather dishonorable and evil deeds (from her perspective). She considers her soul to be tainted by such, and is hoping to earn redemption in her lifetime. Her family are very strong believers in reincarnation, and of honoring their ancestors. The shame of choosing survival above everything is almost too much to bear, but death to her is not the answer.

Personality: Vala had a kind soul when she was a child, often appearing for decades at a time as a Spring Eladrin. Filled with joy and a curious nature, no doubt this in part lead to her capture. Currently, she has been a Winter Eladrin for around ten years, and she appears cold to everyone around her. Considering they were her captors, that made sense, but even other prisoners found it difficult to stir any emotive response. No doubt it will take some time to thaw out.

Appearance: On the shorter side for an Eladrin, Vala is of average height when compared to most humans. She has long pointed ears (marks of many earrings have since closed over), and glossy straight pitch black hair that falls loosely to her knees (currently a mess of knots and dried bugs). Her skin tone is ash-blue during this season, but flawless despite several obvious bruises. And many might mistake her for blind if they went by standard assumptions regarding her eyes, pale cloudy white. She is very slender, even moreso than normal, partially due to mild malnutrition.

Backstory: I wouldn't mind collaborating on her backstory to add in some more details for your world. But in brief, her childhood was one of wanting nothing. Wealthy parents raised her to be a carefree child, naturally drawn to studies. Hidden from the world for half a century, she was not prepared for the harsh reality beyond the safety of her families estate. Perhaps she was kidnapped when her family attended an opera in the Capital, her captor a rather dashing gentleman who took notice of her childlike spirit and rather exotic appearance. At this stage (Spring) her skin would have been a golden glow, hair long and braided amassed with flowers. Lavished with silks that flowed in the breeze as she ran around curious to examine all the trinkets and jewelry lining the market streets. It wouldn't have been hard to see that she knew little about the world, and might be an easy mark. Perhaps he played the part of rescuer, promising to find her family, but instead he led her further away and eventually she was trapped aboard his vessel. After a few weeks her Spring season changed to that of Summer, and her hair turned copper red, skin rosy pink and her eyes darkened to almost black. She fought hard to escape, but as they had such strong anti-magic wards aboard the ship she was left biting and scratching. Locked away, the gentleman soon lost interest as she moved into Winter, and she was all but forgotten for months. Eventually, they forced her to use her powers to hurt others, using a forged letter from her family stating that her siblings had been taken captive as well and were hostages. A lie, of course, but she didn't know any better.

I like this general idea, of a slow descent into a dutiful weapon, but without the fierceness they possibly desired. And, despite the obvious ability to be more harsh with her, a softness from her captor...perhaps hoping that she would return to the Spring self that he had found so alluring. An emotional man, reminded of a daughter he lost when he was much younger. But still an officer with a duty.

Why This Character? (OOC): I want to play a foreigner that tries to become a refugee of Tenka. Whether she is hiding out in Onokoro, and escapes into the countryside and is found by peasants, or has thrown herself overboard and is caught in fishing nets far from shore. How she first meets the people of Tenka is up for debate. Perhaps they don't trust her, why would they? But she has some insight into the Black Ships, maybe their leaders or any little clues you want to introduce. Of course, she doesn't know a lot, so can't give away too many details.

I also want to push myself to play a magic user more, I've had a little practice with spell before but have always gone for rogue/ranger type characters. I like the idea of her praying to her patron for so long, that they bestow upon her healing powers with the promise to never take another life. To seek redemption through goodwill, and kindness and dutiful service. I think it could mesh in well with the other characters and offer a support role.


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