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Old 02-02-2020, 01:49 PM
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Eberron: The Fickle Tendrils of Fate

Applications have closed (24 Feb 2020). Selections here

ThemeFate, History, High Adventure, Madness, Exploring Eberron
FlavorPulp/high adventure, with elements of Lovecraftian and Body horror
An Abyss Looms Beneath
left-aligned image
Credit Craig Spearing
I have whirled with the earth at the dawning,
When the sky was a vaporous flame;
I have seen the dark universe yawning
Where the black planets roll without aim,
Where they roll in their horror unheeded, without knowledge or lustre or name.

I was old when the pharaohs first mounted
The jewel-decked throne by the Nile;
I was old in those epochs uncounted
When I, and I only, was vile;
And Man, yet untainted and happy, dwelt in bliss on the far Arctic isle.

~Nemesis excerpts, H.P. Lovecraft

Nine-thousand years ago, when the a goblinoid empireDhakaan ruled Khorvaire, the plane of madnessXoriat touched the material and unleashed the Aberrations, alien and incomprehensible beings that live in Xoriat and do not follow our rules of realityDaelkyr onto our unsuspecting world. It's unclear how long Xoriat remained coterminous with Eberron, but when it left some of the Daelkyr invaders remained. For several hundred years, the Dhakaan warred against them and their creations, fighting to keep the world as it was. The lords of madness were perfectly suited to destroy the orderly, eusocial goblinoids. Throughout the war, Goblinoid society was mortally wounded, fated to never again to rise to the same level of glory. It was only through a combined efforts of the Dhakaan warriors and the Gatekeeper druids that the Daelkyr were defeated-- or at least contained. Locked beneath the earth in a term referring to the caverns beneath the surface of Eberron, but also generally toward any domain of evil, forbidden thingsKhyber, the Daelkyr lords live, directing their minions, creations, and insane followers to affect the world in inscrutable-- but surely malevolent-- ways. Their names are whispered in the quiet of the night, used to scare goblin children into obedience...

The Daelkyr invasion changed the face of the world. Though they were "victorious", many of the goblinoids were forever changed, a testament to the insidious mind-altering nature of the Daelkyr. In the place of the fallen Dhakaani Empire have risen other races that now rule Khorvaire-- the common name for Half-elves in EberronKhoravari, Humans, halflings, dwarves, elves, orcs, and the other common races. The Gatekeepers, wardens against the threats posed by other planes, have grown thinner in ranks over the millennia. The artifacts, magic, and techniques that saved the world have been shrouded in the mists of history. But in their place have risen modern wonders-- the dizzying spires of City of Towers, starting point for this campaignSharn, the electrifying trade made possible by the A rapid transport system that uses bound air and earth elementals to rapidly drive movementLightning Rail, the poorly understood but widely-exploited pseudo-genetic body marks that appear in early life and grant the bearer themed magical powersDragonmarks, and the more recent appearance of living, sentient golems specifically designed to fight in the Last WarWarforged and Flying vessesl that exploit air or fire elementals to allow rapid transport nearly anywhere in the world, first appearing 18 years ago.Elemental Airships among so much more.

right-aligned image
Credit Phillip Straub
All of these changes, miracles, peoples, and societies exist with the Daelkyr dwelling far beneath in Khyber. Their minds are too alien to contemplate by the sane... but surely they do not intend to remain beneath forever. If they were to break loose from their bonds or-- Sovreigns forbid-- if Xoriat became coterminous again, it would spell doom for the surface world. The Daelkyr are largely forgotten by all but the maddest of supplicants, the most studious of scholars, and the goblinoids. After 9000 years, we are all woefully unprepared.

When the time comes, will you be ready?

Other Info you might possibly definitely need:



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Application Status

Application Status

Countdown Clock

Aethera Breya Bard/Warlock Half-Elf House Agent Completed
Bigmig Kelten Irebound Paladin Aasimar Soldier Completed
BinnFord Charming Artificer Warforged House Agent Completed
Charlotte Zoe Zilvarian (ZZ) Sorcerer Half-Elf Entertainer Completed
Crucius Karrantor Soranath Druid/Monk Dwarf Hermit Completed
DemonSlayer Shelly Artificer Warforged Folk Hero Completed
Duxus Spirit Fighter Warforged Soldier Completed
Embrodak Voyage Cleric Warforged Acolyte Completed
Francisco Belaqua Aryth Sil Lonadar Cleric Gnome Sage Completed
HotsuSama Elwin Sunbrook Cleric Stout Halfling Noble Completed
MarsComulus Leslie Mycroft St. Claire Rogue Human Inquisitor Completed
Odyssey Talus Alizarin Paladin Half-Elf Noble Completed
Pendragon Karen Eldritch Knight Warforged Soldier Completed
Quick Ben Corr Khel Artificer Human Urchin Completed
Seekr34 Blake Panther Druid Shifter Wilderness Guide Completed
Silent Rain Sorsha Deneith Warlock Human House Agent Completed
Still_Pond Meg Barbarian Bugbear Outlander Completed
The Dark Star Ren Squirrel-Herder Ranger Gnome Noble Completed
Thorsten Kassiani Fighter Human Soldier Completed
Tranquil Isolet Achamian Cleric Human Custom Completed
bubsmcp Pronk Ranger Shifter Wanderer Completed
davide15 Digger Druid Warforged Hermit Completed
hugehuman Ilyana Crontioram Sorcerer Aasimar Hermit Completed
kymrel Larien Phiarlan Bard High Elf Criminal Completed
skrobbins Gorko Rogue Half-Orc Folk Hero Completed
triedtherest Estris Cleric/Sorcerer Yuan-ti Pureblood Hermit Completed
Cedric Renard Monk Shifter Criminal Withdrawn
Sassafrass Sheana Grandstock Cleric Human Soldier Withdrawn

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Expected and Frequently-asked Questions

Expected / Frequently-Asked Questions


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I am not new to 5e, and I have played Eberron since it came out during 3.5. I love this world!

Name: Estriss
Race: Yuan-ti Pureblood
Birthplace: Cyre (The Mournland)
Class: Sorcerer (Divine Soul)2/Cleric (Death Domain)1
Background: Hermit
Estriss served Cyre as both agent and assassin during the Last War. He did this, not out of loyalty, but for coin and the possibility of advancement for himself and for the dwindling numbers of Cyres Yuan-ti population. So it was greed, not luck, that saw him out of the country when the Day of Mourning occurred. He took the news dispassionately, as Yuan-ti often do. Instead of wailing and gnashing his teeth he did something far worse. He came up with a plan!
Nobody knows, for certain, what his plan is or why and where he disappeared to for the 18 months after the war, but he is known to have been one of only a few people to have entered the Mournland and left alive, and if other rumours are to be believed, has also made some kind of deal with the Blood of Vol. Since then, he has relocated to Sharn, partly so he can consult with some of the more esoteric scholars of Morgrave University. In particular is Professor Ivan Lestrian who specialises in the cosmology of Mabar and Irian, and unknown to the Faculty is also a fairly high ranking member of the Blood of Vol. He has also been seen in the company of the renowned eccentric Ichabod d'Cannith, whose far-fetched ideas for magical machinary and structures lost House Cannith a fortune, and led to him taking an early "retirement".
He joined the Clifftop Adventurers Guild to, in his words, "Get stronger and amass resources for what I have to do!" So far ,nobody has been brave enough, or have the inclination, to ask what that is!
Like most Mourners, Estriss wants his people back. Unlike most Mourners, he actually has a plan to do so!
The Aerenal Elves, in their arrogance have taken advantage of a place where Irian and Mabar have a strong influence, in order to keep the greatest of their dead, from ever truly dying.
Estriss, in his arrogance wants to recreate these conditions here in Khorvaire! Admittedly, this would be on a much smaller scale, but if it worked this could enable him to bring back his people as another form of Undead, possibly Deathless, but Elven scholars say that this is impossible. To Estriss, nothing is impossible. He just needs to amass the resources that he needs, and of course, to get a lot more powerful.....!

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Tweaking details, but concept is done.

EberronAre you new to DnD5E or Eberron? I've played 5e but never Made several characters, the most I've managed so far is a single intro scene almost to completion.successfully gamed in Eberron.
  • Breya is obsessed with Cyre/The Mournland, what could have happened, and who she might have been.
  • Dragonmarks are a noted interest, especially aberrant marks.
  • She knows about the Library of Korranberg, and plans to go there eventually, but it's a nebulous sort of "someday" in her head at present, and likely wouldn't be a strong driving force until adventuring/House tasks took her closer to Korranberg.

Name: Breya current nom de guerreGreenfinch (d'Medani, but rarely introduces herself that way)
Race: House Medani Mark of Detection, Variant Half-ElfDragonmarked Khoravar
Class: [Lore] Anticipating Warlock 2 at some point, but otherwise Lore Bard all the way.Bard 2 / Warlock 1 (Great Old One) for some Mourning special effects
Details: female, approximately late teens on Day of Mourning, plus four years since then20-23, found floating down the river from Cyre, but House Medani is very Brelish, so hard to say if her family was just visiting Cyre (during a war?) or if she were born and raised thereprobably Cyrean
Background: House Agent

Backstory (691 words): On the Day of Mourning, while so many were in shock and wondering what was going on off there on the horizon, a Khoravar teenager was found drifting down the river Brey clinging to the wreckage of a small boat. Barely conscious when discovered, the man who found her took her home, tucked her into a real bed to combat the mild case of hypothermia she was already shivering from, and ran for a healer. It seemed likely she had been in Cyre right when whatever it was had happened; that said, she didn't recall a thing. Not her name, not where she was from, or whom she may have left behind. All she had left besides the clothes on her back was a locket cleverly made from a d'Medani signet ring in which was a picture of a lady very similar in appearance to the child herself. For lack of a better name to call her, the villagers took to calling her Breya, and she moved in with the healer to assist the old woman as a way of thanking her.

Six months after recovering physically, the Medani dragonmark appeared on her shoulder one stormy night in a moment of stress when the storm blew out all their light sources. The mark glowed gently, as did Breya's eyes, and for a moment it was as though she could see everything clearly: the objects in the room, the magic within certain potions, and she was able to relight the fireplace before the feeling faded. It gave her hope that she might have family, or at least extended House Medani folk who could be a replacement for what Breya assumed she must have lost. It saddened her to leave the village which had taken her in, but if she wished to find people to help her in her quest for self-knowledge, she needed to head west to Wroat. It took her another six months to finally convince herself to go, but go she did.

House Medani accepted her without question when they saw the mark, though unfortunately their records didn't say much about the woman painted in her Medani-marked locket, nor any specific d'Medani family living in Cyre. What they did not expect came within the first week of her studying its uses; the mark grew and changed. It wasn't a shift to a more significant form of the mark, as some might have after years of study and use. Tendrils of light grew outward from the mark, as if just under her skin, causing a vine-like or spider web pattern easily double the size of the original mark on closer inspection. Whatever had happened, it was an oddity spreading on her neck and shoulder, no longer quite the Mark of Detection. It also wasn't an aberrant mark, but it made her new extended family nervous enough to leaving this interaction open-ended since he's a canon NPCinvolve Baron Trelib d'Medani. Several serious conversations led to Breya finishing her training and keeping her House status, even becoming House Agent backgroundan agent of the house, but doing her investigating and exploration while ultimately traveling to Sharn in order to secretly, black mark if Medani finds outseek out House Tarkanan and see if those with aberrant dragonmarks had any more to offer on the subject of her strange mark.

In the three years since, she's gone back and forth to Wroat and in and around Sharn, even joining the Clifftop Adventurer's Guild for some running around money, but for all her seeking, she has primary goal, pretty much eclipses anything elseyet to find a solid answer for what it is that affects her mark and her magic. Along the way she discovered the Circle of Song and "Mantra", Kalashtar bard, details below as they occur to mefound a mentor to improve the musical skills she didn't consciously recall learning as a child. It's far more her speed to travel as a bard, singing and playing for her supper along the roads than as the house agent she technically is, and she tries to stay near the Circle of Song instead of living in Dragon Towers with her House (though she does that too, depending on her current activities). Most have ever seen the fine garments kept folded at the bottom of her odd assortment of belongings.

TBDAdditional flavor could be worked out about weird dragonmark, or nixed by DM.
  • Considering other "infected" by the Mourning mechanics. At present, I'm sticking to Bard 2/Warlock 1 and just considering the aberrant mark flaw list as likely RP fuel.
Working on two NPCs...
  • House Tarkanan NPCs (from writing sample scene): Brekr Thane ("Sarge", "Bull", human weapon/security chief), Nalaea Reylamin (elven sage of aberrant marks), and brief mention of Thora [Tavin] Tarkanan
  • House Medani outpost NPCs? Likely knows whoever is in charge in Sharn, since Agents would be given tasks by the nearest outpost even if she chooses not to live there while in the city.
  • Breya's bardic mentor: "Mantra", middle-aged lanky male Kalashtar bard of the Circle of Song in Sharn, met accidentally because she is a telepath and so is he. Not a father figure, more like a slightly zany uncle with different views on life and religion but otherwise similar outlook.
GM QuestionsThe image is half in shadow, I wanted a way to show there's something off about her. If you don't like it I can come up with something more straightforward. I added a TT tag to the seeking out Tarkanan bit in her story to make it more clear that yes, that's a secret thing, her House would be furious. Neither House trusts the other, and the more she plays them off each other, the more likely that one/both decide she's not trustworthy and just bump her off. Regardless of their general assassin/bad guy nature, they're the only place with records on aberrant marks, so as far as Breya is concerned, that has to be one of her research locations. Next is probably the library in Zilargo.
  1. Do you plan on taking any more levels in Warlock?
    Current plan is Lore Bard X / Warlock 2. That may change based on plot and what she actively uses. Warlock 3 would be a strong choice, getting the Pact options, but I feel like that needs to be a more conscious acceptance of her pact than I currently have in my understanding of Breya. Starting at Warlock 1 lets me slowly work in more of her acceptance/rejection as RP along the way, so I have room to expand her "tainted" abilities to Warlock 2 (eldritch invocations, more spells) before she ultimately has to choose if she's really accepting the pact. If she's not comfortable with the Mourning having some unexplained hold on her (which I honestly doubt at present), Warlock 2 indefinitely can be explained as the abilities it influenced in her without being as definite a choice as Warlock 3 should be.

  2. Could the Mourning/Tainted Dragonmark act as an explanation for any non-warlock class features/ spells/ whatever? Purely as a flavor thing?
    At present I'm feeling the tainted dragonmark is her Warlock side, an unconscious pact if not an actual infection, like there's something that grabbed at the power of her mark and warped it. Even though the taint didn't show up until after her mark, the way I feel the lore is that a dragonmark is probably preordained from birth, just not visible/active, so I don't feel like it's much of a stretch to think something could've affected it before it revealed itself, like the Mourning did reach her, hook into her mark/magic, but she escaped before it could turn her into whatever the Mourning undead/weirdness is. If you disagree, of course I can tweak that.
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Dang, two people posting interest before I was even done with my editing! I don't know if that bodes well or poorly for me... but it bodes!

FYI, Soon I'll be starting a long drive, and likely won't be able to monitor this thread closely until tomorrow. As best I can, I'll try to promptly answer questions and give feedback to applications (but I make no promises on that if things become too hectic!).
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I'm here, where is my large Coke? (Inside joke)

I have been looking forward to this and will work up a character sometime this week. Thanks Unko!
Sorry, working my way back.
Oath Taken, again. Click here to learn more.
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I promised I would make an appearance.

That's it. That's my appearance.

Absolutely applying for this one.
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Are you new? Though I'm new to Eberron, I've been doing research in developing my character so now I would rate myself as somewhat familiar with the world now. Regarding DnD5E, I am mostly new. I've played a few posts of another 5E game, but not enough to dive deep into the system. As I posted prior to this edit, I've also looked through the books in a rambling manner, but that was primarily familiarizing myself with the lore and looking at pictures of monsters!

If new to Eberron: I would really like to explore not only the locales of monster civilization (i.e. Droaam and the Dhaakani ruins), but also the history and societal formation of them. I've always loved the idea that evil beings need not be evil due to their heritage, but more due to their action. Eberron seems like a perfect place for this for many reasons, but it seems nothing is black and white, and I hope my character fits that mold. I also think it would fit well with my character concept to go into the deep parts of the world. Aside from Khyber (as a note, I really like the idea of what lies beneath the Mror holds) my character would also like to go deep into the bowels of Sharn and also far into the Towering Wood where ancient, perhaps dire, beasts still live.

Character Concept
Name: Pronk
Race: Shifter (Swifstride)
Class: Ranger (revised) Hunter Conclave
Background: Outlander
Backstory and Goals:

Pronk grew up in two worlds but calls neither home. Although he is generally friendlier than most shifters, he hates more than anything to be stereotyped, and as a result he tends to push toward his own path even when it rakes against others’ expectations. In true ranger fashion, his favorite place to be is anywhere that’s not explored. While his only true friend is his brother, Pronk is a social man and loves to show people the hidden sides of things. Whether it means taking his guild colleagues to the hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Overlook or teaching children in the Reaches which mushrooms are safe for eating, life to Pronk is an adventure. Simply put, a life stayed in one place is a life wasted.

To that end, much of his life has been spent in going from here to there. He was born in the Eldeen Reaches and spent his early years in a small village just outside of the towering woods. When Pronk and his brother were very young, their father, Downy, joined the Wardens of the Wood to protect their village and others like it from those that would prey on the poor farmers. Although he was largely absent, the children grew up hearing about these daring exploits from their mother who even shared that the Great Druid Oalian personally sent Downy on missions to ferret out unnatural beings in the deep wood.
One fateful day, a message came from a ranger that Downy had been slain by an Aundarian general who ordered his soldiers to burn down a farm for refusing to pay tribute. With this news, their mother decided that the Reaches had become too easy a target for armies and bandits. She moved the children to Sharn where she thought they would be safe, but found it much harder than living off the land. Within a year, the boys’ mother died from an illness and the younglings took up with a pack of other orphaned shifter children to survive. When they reached adulthood, Pronk and his brother Stot decided to leave Sharn and seek their fortunes in the war-torn countryside.

The brothers adventured their way across Aundair and settled in their home village. In their father’s fashion, Pronk and Stot spent their time guiding travelers through the dense forest, until their village was threatened by a group of bandits that demanded the upcoming harvest. Unwilling to doom the village to starvation, the brothers sought out warriors from the Towering Wood to come to their aid. These druids and rangers spent the summer training the villagers. Pronk and his brother were quick studies and the warriors took a liking to the young men.
They taught the brothers how to survive the deeper parts of the forest, trained them in exotic combat where one man could defeat a mob of enemies, and they taught them secret magic of the deep wood and how to use it to aid others.

When the bandits came to collect the crop at harvest, Pronk and Stot led the others in the defense of their village and drove the ruffians off. After the battle, the village held a feast and the brothers told the tales their mother had shared about their father. One druid recognized the name, Downy, and told the boys that not only did he know their father, but that he had spoken with him last year. He shared with them a small token bearing the outline of a skull and what appeared to be a snake’s tail winding through it. He told them that these tokens had been found in strange places throughout the wood, and that their father had spent the past ten years on a secret mission from Oalian to find the source of this token. He believed Downy was searching for something in Sharn, though he was unsure if it was to find the source of the token or his family. Unsure what to make of this news, the brothers planned to head back to Sharn and search for clues of their father there.

As they made their way, the brothers happened upon a group of men wearing cloaks with the symbol of the Silver Flame. They passed on the road, and before they knew it the two were waylaid. Their combat training proved more useful than ever as the feral brothers fought back to back felling nearly all the group that assaulted them. The remaining zealots began to run when their leader, a bald human with a strange scar on his forehead, cast a spell that made Pronk unable to move. Just as the men moved in, Stot managed to stab the bald man and Pronk was freed from the spell’s hold. Terrified by the mage’s power, Pronk ran expecting his brother to follow. Once at a safe distance, he turned to find his brother had not. He made his way back under cover of darkness, terrified that his brother had been felled and that it would have been due to his own cowardice. When he found the men again, they were busy looting the corpses of their comrades and talking about the battle. He only overheard bits of their conversation, but managed to make out, “damned shifter scum.” “Wait until Elkin hears about this.” “They weren’t both supposed to get away.”

Relieved at his brother’s apparent escape, Pronk looked for traces of Stot’s path, but found none save for the token their mentor had given them lying under a nearby tree. With no other option, Pronk kept to their original plan and made his way back to Sharn. For weeks, he searched for Stot, but found nothing to suggest he had returned. He joined the Clifftop Adventurers Guild to learn more about what happened to his brother, and if in fact his father was still alive. The mystery behind the token now seems to be the only clue that ties him to both his father, and now, the fate of his brother.

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Elwin Sunbrook

Elwin Sunbrook

Application now done. RP sample can be supplied on request.

Are you new?: To DnD5E or Eberron? I'm technically new to D&D 5e but I know the ropes and have played adjacent systems like PF 1e. Also never been in Eberron although I've happy to learn the lore as needed.

Name: Elwin Sunbrook
Race: Stout Halfling
Class: Cleric of Knowledge (Aureon)
Background: Noble
Trait 1: I love a good party!
Trait 2: I'm no fighter in my blood - it's always better to learn the ropes before you start trying to cut them.
Ideal: Independence: I want the freedom to seek my own truths and find my own path.
Bond: I've lived in a world where bonds are complicated and toxic - I've learned it's most important to watch my own back.
Flaw: I often say things I later regret, especially after a few pints.
Backstory and Goals: The Sunbrook family, despite not being associated with a Dragonmarked House, has held sway in Trolanport for generations; although their halfling heritage prevents them from participating in the gnomish government of Zilargo directly, they often get their way through patronage, bribery and favours.

Elwin is the black sheep of the family. A notable alcoholic and insatiable gossip, he managed to both bring shame and embarrassment to his family, and position himself as a valuable wellspring of knowledge, both local and specialised. Already educated and quick-witted, Elwin quickly proclaimed himself a 'chum of Aureon' as a kind of moniker; he was surprised when, in dreams and visions, Aureon seemed to actually take notice. Elwin is an outlier when it comes to Aureon's attention - if it even is the true Aureon that the halfling is hearing in his visions - considering the halfling's comparatively loose regard of law and order. But he sought to become more methodical in his acquisition of knowledge and keep the favour he wasn't sure he yet deserved.

He established a network of informants with family coin, selling information to the highest bidder and keeping the profits for himself. His father and family patriarch, Ollin Sunbrook, fancied himself a pragmatist and accepted the loss for as long as he had his son under control and got the juiciest gossip for himself.

Eventually, the political and mercantile reach of the Sunbrooks waned, unable to keep themselves relevant amidst the constant pressure of the Last War. The family suspects foul play: the Sunbrooks hadn't previously been huge on commandeering their own large-scale information networks, just the odd informant and loudmouthed friend, so they'd been left alone. Elwin put them on the radar, and Ollin suspects the secretive Trust responded by dismantling his family's influence, leaving them discredited and toothless. Elwin found himself cut off promptly as the family purse drew shut, and Ollin finally decided his son was more a liability than an asset. He was conscripted into weapon delivery and escort for Zilargo, a dangerous task which taught Elwin a little about not getting killed at the first sign of trouble. It also whet his appetite for more adventure.

When the war ended, Elwin had no desire to reattach himself to his family and arranged to stay in Wroat as a 'liaison' to the Brelish court. The Zilargo Triumvirate officially recognised his request, albeit stopping short of calling him an official ambassador, and paired him with an 'indentured' diplomat, Uyvid Ejorna of House Sivis - splitting the difference to keep a proper gnomish voice in court while utilising Elwin's skills. Elwin and Uyvid didn't get along, and Elwin started to keep his distance, sensing that Uyvid wouldn't hesitate in making him a scapegoat if any diplomacy went sour. Elwin's penchant for gathering information also put him in the sights of Elluviel, a half-elf from House Medani. The two have developed a friendly rivalry, although Elluviel is explicit about how their friendly competition will turn deadly if the halfling ever interferes with Medani business.

With the high fever of the war ebbing in an era of peacetime and restoration, Elwin has found he can move around with impunity - his family cares little of his activities as long as they don't bring scandal or expense, and Uyvid is happy to not see Elwin in the Brelish court. Aureon hasn't abandoned him yet, and it's a big world with many mysteries - since leaving Trolanport and coming under Elluviel's influence he's found tavern gossip to be predictable and menial. So he's travelled to Sharn to commit full-time to adventuring, hoping to see more of the continent and come to terms with how little he really knows of the world.

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Age: 31
Race: Half-orc
Class: Rogue
Subclass: Swashbuckler
Birthplace: King’s Forest
Background: Folk Hero (Defining event: I stood up to a tyrant’s agents)


Gorko is a good-sized Half-Orc whose ugliness exceeds your expectations. Layered on top of his inborn mash of fangs, bubbly green skin, and thorny brows, he bears the mangled scars of some kind of accident or attack, threshing up the left half of his face. If you hang around Gorko long enough to acclimate to his gargoyle-like demeanor, though, you notice he’s cheerful and well-mannered for a demi-monster.

He wears forester’s boots, chain-and-leather armor that looks awkwardly stretched by his bulk, and a tattered cloak. At his side are two sheathed daggers and a heavy wood-and-iron mace. Sometimes, you’ll catch him staring down at the smaller dagger, mindfully tracing a crow-and-cross pattern stamped on its sheath.

Traits, Personality & Backstory


Trait: Hands-on: I judge people by their actions, not their words.
Trait: Cheerful: I’m confident in my own abilities and do what I can to instill confidence in others.
Bond: Lovelorn: I wish my sweetheart had come with me to pursue my destiny.
Ideal: Freedom (chaotic): tyrants must not be allowed to oppress the people.
Flaw: Hypocrisy: Secretly, I believe things would be better if I were a tyrant ruling over the land.


Gorko is a bundle of good intentions, occasionally slowed down by his difficulty keeping track of important details. He’ll rarely get discouraged, and when his friends are in trouble, he’s the first one to remind them that everything will turn out fine, because they’re the smartest people he knows. Combined with his talent for breaking big things, this makes him a person very at-home with a team. Unlike some half-orcs, he also seems comfortable working with teammates of most any other race.

Conversely, he doesn’t seem completely comfortable in Sharn. Once in a while, he’ll wince at an airship or stand on his toes near a parapet, struggling to see through the endless walls of steel and rock.


OOC Player Info
My intro

I’ve played D&D off-and-on for 10 years, but this would be my first play-by-post! I can handle a daily posting schedule, if the group gets up to that.

Never played Eberron before but Sharn looks great for intrigue. Also, I’m a Lovecraft fan, so anything involving sanity scores is a plus for me.

When it comes to exploring Eberron, I’m interested in the mystery of the Mourning and the opportunity for inter-class conflict across the higher and lower levels of Sharn.

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Are you new?: To DnD5E or Eberron? I guess I would say new to Eberron. I played on here in Pathfiner game but the game only lasted about a 6 weeks.

Name: Blake Panther
Race: Shifter (Wildhunt)
Class: Druid of the Circle of the Moon
Background: Wilderness Guide - Feature: Surviving the Wild
Personality Trait: I prefer the solitude of a quiet glade to the clamor of a city street.
Ideals: Balance. Nature is a powerful, balanced force, and the best we can hope to achieve is to pass through it unnoticed without disturbing the balance it embodies.
Bonds: I hope to understand myself better by understanding the way nature work.
Flaws: I have no concept of proper manners beyond those you find in the wilderness.
Backstory and Goals:

What did your character do during The Last War, which ended 2 years ago? Stayed home to make sure his sister Doreen and grandmother Darling were kept safe as well as the land around their home.
What has your character done for a living in the years since, and why are they now working for the Clifftop Adventurer's Guild?: He guides folks through the Eldeen Reaches and he works for the guidbecause he was always curious of the outside world, knowing only about Eldeen Reaches and everything inside of it. After each adventure, he would come home, having no commitments to stay or take on any adventure he didn’t want to do.

What does your typical day look like?: Quiet day, guiding travelers through the Eldeen Reaches and spare time, he spends with Maia.
What relationship, if any, do you have with the Dragonmarked Houses?: None, although his grandmorther is a Vadalis, she was disowned when she was a young woman.
Which country (or continent) do you hail from?: Eldeen Reaches
What brought your character to Sharn?: An adventure mission
Do you have a trinket, and if so how did you get it? No
What would bring your character fulfillment and/or peace?: Outside of settling with Maia, he just wants peace across the land. Still young, he has no real goals as of yet.
Leaning against the wall, watching the others rush by him, he grins. "Go ahead, go get that treasure that's laying there. Be more for me after you die."

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Oh my. Should I apply? I know nothing about Eberron but it seems like a very complicated and wonderful world... And I already am in a few games.

I'll lurk for now.
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Status: Completed!

Are you new to5e: No, I've been playing/DMing for 2 years.

Eberron: No, I've been playing since it was released. Several PbP games onsite. I have all the rule books except 4e sources. I have read all the novels.

Name: Voyage
Race: Warforged
Class: Cleric - Trickster
Religion: The Sovereign Host (and the Dark Six)
Background: Acolyte
Personality Traits: I can find common ground between the fiercest enemies, empathizing with them and always working toward peace.
Ideals: Change. We must help bring about the changes the gods are constantly working in the world. (Chaotic)
Bonds: Everything I do is for the common people.
Flaws: Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.

BackstoryVoyage in general has a stoic demeanor. He rarely gets mad when the going gets tough. He does try to look at the bright side and will try and interject a joke, which usually falls flat to his failure of understanding Khorvarian culture.

Voyage doesn't recall when he was created, and he vaguely recalls where. All he knows is he was created in a Cannith workshop somewhere near the capital of Cyre. It was some time before the end of the war, a few years or maybe a decade. He remembered gaining consciousness, and everyone called him ninety-six because of the very clear ghulra that formed on his forehead. He did remember a voice that calmly said, "learn", and it would be years before he heard it again.

Ninety-six was set to train, to learn the martial methods befitting his race’s name of warforged. It was there his masters saw something in him and took him from the line. He was tested and noted for his caring skills. He was brought to temple to the sovereign host to harness his talents to heal. He never made to the war as the war ended before he was sent. The fog of the day or morning fell and he was alone sitting in a shrine to the host. Ninety-six stayed for some time in the shrine, days turned to weeks, and weeks to months. Ninety-six pondered his lot in life and then heard the voice again, and it said "look". Ninety-six looked about the room, but saw nothing that he has not stared at for the last few months. Then a mote of shadow played along the window frame, catching his eye. He got up and looked out the window, seeing nothing but fog. He then saw a clearing in the fog with a mote of light showing through. The voice returned saying "follow", and he did.
More time passed and Ninety-six walked. He had no concept of time, and he just one day emerged from the fog. He saw a road and just walked and soon he was at the gates of a City, the City of Vathirond. The guardsmen saw him and seeing his priestly vestments they brought him and let them to the church’s doors. He walked in and saw a mass and he sat in a pew in the back. The voice returned and simply said "learn".
The priests welcomed their lost brother and let him learn. Where before he was being trained to heal in a warzone, here he learned of the Host and their ways. He learned of the nine deities of the Host - Arawai, Aureon, Balinor, Boldrei, Dol Arrah, Dol Dorn, Kol Korran, Olladra, and Onatar. He learned of the Dark Six, cast out in the great Schism - The Devourer, The Fury, The Keeper, The Mockery, The Shadow, and The Traveler.

Ninety-six would wonder about the significance of the nine and six, and about the nine and six on his forehead. One night while contemplating alone in the church he saw a strange light in one of the pillars. He investigated and found a strange text, and found it talked about the Dark Six. It was common knowledge that the gods of the Dark Six are known by titles, most of which elicit fear if not revulsion at their mere mention, rather than proper names. A great deal more rare, especially since the end of the Last War, is the truth about these exiled deities … and their names. Before the Schism, all the gods were as one single family. Those who would become the Dark Six held dominion over the angrier, more primal aspects of creation, but were no less important or powerful than their kin. The Devourer did not change his personality or portfolio upon being exiled; he merely changed his name, or to be more precise, had it stripped from him. One of the greatest successes of the Sovereign church was the complete erasure over the course of time of records pertaining to the names of the Six, and the gradual replacement of those names with titles chosen to instill fear. In this manner, early Vassals could better distance their gods (and thus, themselves) from those whom their deities had cast out. By the close of the Last War, very few individuals recalled the names that once passed through the lips of so many who walked the face of Eberron. Until it was stripped from him, in part by his own brother and sister, the entity now known as the Devourer had a name, and that name was Shurkaan. His daughter, too, had a name, given to her by her mother Arawai (if legend holds true), before losing all sense of identity to the power of her new moniker, the Fury. For a brief time, she was called Szorawai. Even the lord of death once had a name, back when he walked beside his brother, Kol Korran. In those days long gone, the Keeper was called Kol Turrant. And last but not least, before he was flayed for his betrayal, the Mockery—one of a trio of divine brothers in arms—was known as Dol Azur. These are the only established names found in references stretching back to antiquity. Being once a part of Aureon, the Shadow has never known nor needed any other name, and the Traveler has had so many names and faces over the millennia that if it ever had a true name, that name has been lost to time.

The voice returned as he finished the text, and this time it spoke in more than single words. "Take this knowledge and tell the world. The host is not simply just the nine, but fifteen. Help bring the other six back in the fold. Take a leep of faith and tell the world." Ninety-Six nodded to himself and placed the text back in the secret compartment he found it in, so it would be safe for a future time.
Dawn was rising and his fellow priests came to the shrine, to find the usual site of their warforged brother who usually sat in a silent vigil over night. The forged smiled (or rather his approximation) to his brothers. ”I must go.” the warforged simply said. ”I feel a calling… I feel.. I feel I need to head West.”
They smiled in return to their odd brother. ”Then best of luck on your voyage, Ninety-Six.” the head priest said.
It was then he changed his name to Voyage as there was something comforting in the way the priest said it. Something about it felt right.

GoalsVoyage doesn't see the world in Black and White, and wants to bring this to the world. Unfortunately the world saw a threat in the Six and he wants to go around the world and teach the shades of Grey. The six are needed and can't be forgotten. He's not too much of an idealist and knows he can't just proclaim from the roof tops, and needs to show people with actions.

He looked to join the Clifftop Guild to be sent to places he couldn't get to by himself. He wants to find ancient texts that show the history of the Host before the great Schism to bring these ancient texts back to the people.



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Hi DM, a couple of questions.

1. House Vadalis, it says if using human character for Mark of Handling, to replace the ability scores in PHB with the one listed (in eberron book), since my character is shifter, I ignore the one in the book since the shifter has its own ability scores, correct?

2. I also have "Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron", it's 5e and you can see it on the DND Beyond site. It pretty much gives the same info as "Eberron: Rising from the Last War." except for some info here and there. For Mark of Handling, here is the info from the Wayfinder's;

The Mark of Handling only manifests on humans. If your character has the Mark of Handing, these traits replace the human’s Ability Score Increase trait given in the Player's Handbook.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity and Wisdom scores both increase by 1. In addition, one ability score of your choice increases by 1.
Wild Intuition. When you make a Wisdom (Animal Handling) or Intelligence (Nature) check, you can roll one Intuition die, a d4, and add the number rolled to the ability check.
Expert Handling. You can use the Help action to aid an ally animal companion or mount within 30 feet of you, rather than 5 feet of you.
Primal Connection. You can cast Animal Friendship once with this trait and regain the ability and regain the ability to do so when you
finish a short or long rest. Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for this spell.
The Bigger They Are. When you cast a spell that affects only beasts, it also affects monstrosities with an Intelligence score of 3 or lower.

Only difference here, is Wayfinder's has Expert Handling and Rise doesn't. So wondering if I can use Expert Handling or leave it out. Your call.
Leaning against the wall, watching the others rush by him, he grins. "Go ahead, go get that treasure that's laying there. Be more for me after you die."
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