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She will be on the expedition also. She's not really the "send everyone else out to do what she wants and still claim all the glory type"
GM: What Lies Beneath - a Gothic Horror role-playing extravaganza

GM: Heroes of the Purple Waste: - an enchanted adventure in a faraway land of mystical promise

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This is a character from another game that reached 3rd level just as the DM decided to shut it down. I'd like a chance to continue playing her. I've been looking for a game to include her in for some time. The place names included in this application are from another game. I will adapt them if I am chosen to match your setting.

This character is not actually a veteran sailor, but I have included a hook in this that gives a reason for her to be on the crew.

Name: Ritter Quillen
Race: Human (variant)
Class: Warlock, GOO, Pact of Chain
Background: Guild Artisan
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Ritter Quillen

Name:Ritter Quillen

Race: Human (variant).
Profession: Warlock (Great Old One, Pact of the Chain)

Alignment: CG

Personality: I've tried to work the personality description into trait/ideal/bond/flaw below.
Trait: "I like to talk at length about my profession." Ritter is someone bookish from being raised by scribes and mapmakers. She loves to talk about documents that she has seen from her work. She is fascinated by them.
Ideal: "My talents are given to me so I can use them to benefit the world." Ritter feels quite fortunate to have encountered the Silvered Lady, who provides her warlock powers. She feels a duty to use those powers to help people,like her parents. And perhaps to avenge their deaths.
Bond: "The workshop where I learned my trade is the most important thing in the world to me." Ritter believes her parents professions important and noble.
Flaw:"I am quick to mistrust people." Having her parents murdered mysteriously has made it difficult for her to trust in people.

Pale skinned, dark haired human in her late teens.
Given a choice, she would prefer very dark clothes. Plain, working clothes. When faced with danger, she wears leather armor.

Background: Guild artisan - Scribe

Ritter's parents operated a shop in the merchant's district of Baldur's Gate. They specialized in creating document, maps, etc. She learned the skills of a scribe at a young age. Document making is not without its risks. Sometimes a scribe is exposed to secrets that people are willing to kill over.

Ritter's great-aunt Rai (her mother's mother's sister) was an odd woman who lived by herself out in the forest,a fair distance away, along the closed border of a neighboring land. Aunt Rai practiced magic, and was generally shunned by common people. But Ritter loved her.

Ritter's parents were murdered a year or so ago. Perhaps in a botched robbery by a local gang, or perhaps for knowledge her father had acquired through his work. With no where else to turn, she sought out her aunt Rai for help.

"I'm going to introduce you to someone who has been a great help to me in my life. She will get you through this." said Rai.

Aunt Rai laid her hand on Ritter's forehead, and Ritter saw a vision of an aged women in a silver gown. The lady said to her "I will come to you in your dreams, as a teacher. Your aunt and many along your mother's line have been my students for many years. I will give you the tools you need to survive this trial"

Living in the forest with Aunt Rai was not really to Ritter's liking. She eventually returned to Baldur's Gate, seeking a livelihood adventuring with what she has learned from Rai and the Silvered Lady. During her year in the forest she learned to move objects with her mind. She learned to inflict damage by attacking with frightening whispers. And most importantly, she learned to defend herself with a blast of magical energy.



Just a half day before, Ritter had bid a tearful farewell to her beloved Aunt Rai. For months they had talked about her returning to the city. Ritter was unhappy with the isolated life her aunt led in the forest. She wanted to be among more people. Finally the day had come.

Rai told Ritter to watch the old trail. Travelers and hunters used this route if they needed to reach the port through the forest. She was to watch for safe-looking travelers and follow them back to the city. This would be safer than travelling alone.

And she had done exactly that. Three hunters, two human men, and a boy. Probably a son to one of them. On a hunt deep in the woods for some sort of large game. They must have failed in their hunt, because they appeared to be empty handed.

The travelers tired before Ritter, and they began to bed down with a campfire off the trail. She stayed out of site, but found a safe place where she might get some sleep within earshot of the men.

She dozed off. And in the dead of night she was awakened. She looked to the campfire. She could see shadows moving across the flames in the distance. She ran to see what was there.

Goblins! Attacking the travelers.

By the time she reached the edge of the camp, the hunters had killed two goblins. But one of the humans was wounded badly.

The largest goblin had grabbed the boy. He shouted in the common tongue "Give it up humans. We have your child. Give us everything you have, or the boy dies!"

The hunters were frozen in fear. Not knowing what to do. Surely the goblins would kill them no matter what ransom they gave.

Ritter remembered what she had learned from Rai. She drew upon the power of the Silvered Lady, closed her eyes, and with her will created a song of fear in the mind of the big goblin. His face grew grim, he released the boy and began to run.


As the goblin ran, the hunters sprang to attack.

Ritter entered the clearing, and fired a bolt of purple energy at one of the remaining goblins.


As the tide of the battle turned, the goblins ran. Ritter stood before the hunters.

"We don't know who you are girl, but you saved our hides!"

Ritter wasn't sure what to say. "Its nothing. Just glad I could help."

She camped with the hunters until dawn, and then traveled with them to the city the next day. After a year in the wilderness, she was back in something like civilization, and looking for a way to make use of what Rai and the Silvered Lady had taught her. Perhaps she might even find the bandits who had killed her parents.

(This roleplay depicts Ritter at first level. In the time since, she has done much adventuring. The Silvered Lady has returned to her in her dreams periodically to teach her new spells. Most recently, she gained the ability to summon a Pseudo Dragon familiar.)

Ritter and Lavinia Vanderboren
The House of Vanderboren had long been an important client of Ritter's parents. The drafted many official documents for the business of the house, and were often involved in drafting maps. Ritter's father had assembled a collection of documents about the Island of Tamoachan, which he shared with the Vanderborens.

Ritter and Lavinia had met many years ago as a result of this business association. They have bonded as orphan daughters, since the recent passing of both of their parents. Lavinia knows that she will need heroic seamen to complete her mission. But she also knows that she will need someone who can chart the journey and document its findings. She knows that Ritter's spellcraft means that she will be able to carry her weight if the crew of the ship needs to fight for survival. She has asked Ritter to join the crew of the Sea Wyvern as its official scribe.

Stat Block
currently studded leather armor. Ac 14
ritter quillen| warlock (goo) | level 3

hp: 21/21| ac: 13 | spell dc: 13 | spell bonus: +5 | speed: 30'

stats: str 8 (-1), dex 15 (+2), con 12 (+1), int 14 (+2), wis 10 (+0), cha 16 (+3)

languages: common, elven, dwarven

currently wielding: dagger 1d4

spell slots available: 2

spell slots used: 0

cantrips: 2 list: mage hand, eldritch blast

known spells: 1st: 2 list: 1st: Armor of agathys, dissonant whispers

known spells: 2nd: 2 list: 1st: Suggestion, Misty Step

note: - "observant" feat gives +5 to passive int and wis checks.

Familiar - PseudoDragon

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Smoke Wulfgar

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Divna the Siren
right-aligned image

Name: Divna

Age: Unknown, in appearance, a human in her late thirties

Race: Siren

Class: Bard (College of Creation)

Background: Fisher

Alignment: CG

Personality: Divna's mercurial days are long gone. Her mood swings are no different from those of the average human. However, there's a deep, deep seeded sadness that permeates Divna's being. But even so she is no defeatist. She is a strong individual who stands tall in the face of adversity and is willing to give life and limb for those she cares about. Divna is prone to solitary bouts and will be resistant to new people trying to become close with her. If she senses things are getting too close for comfort, she will generally try to retreat back into her hermit bubble.

It is because she loves too deep and with complete devotion that she tends to do this. Knowing such a primal loss as that of both parents, it is normal she would be a little gun-shy. If one manages to get close enough, however, to this elusive siren, they will have a friend and a protector for life.

Appearance: At 5'10'' Divna stands taller than most women. Her sculpted body is a very strange mix of avian and human physiology. If one knows enough about sirens he or she would be able to tell that something is not quite right with Divna. There's something very wrong with her wings. The plumage, though as bright and colorful as that of any other siren, is far less and covers a diminishing portion of Divna's arms and back. Her feet, rather than those of a bird, are very human feet with shocks of feathers, covering the fronts of her shins.

Her torso is almost completely divested of any sort of plumage save for what little remains to cover her most intimate areas. Her head, once covered entirely with a lovely mane of feathers in all the colors of the rainbow, is now growing human hair from the nape down. While the plumage on top is withering and falling off like wilting flowers. The once sharp and deadly talons protruding from Divna's fingers, have begun receding back, growing more dull with each passing day.

But even underneath the tragedy of Divna's appearance, she is still one of the most enchanting women any sailor has ever sat his eyes upon. With her sharp cheekbones, deep sea-green eyes and pink, kissable, sweet lips. It is only when one gazes deep into her eyes, that the tragedy she carries within her soul is revealed.

Divna has begrudgingly adapted to wearing clothes from the waist down. She prefers britches to skirts and will, most often then not, go barefoot.


How do you wanna do this?!

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Application complete

What is blood but the obligation of history?
right-aligned image

Name: Hollis
Age: 20
Race: Aasimar (Protector)
Class: Sorcerer (Gold Dragonic bloodline)
Alignment: Chaotic Good trying his damnedest to be CN

Personality: Hollis has a chip on his shoulder. For a while he always tried to prove people right and now he is determined to prove them wrong. The young man has a quick mouth that tends to say things before they are completely thought through. Where words fail, there is the bluster of bravado that is often beyond his abilities. Despite that irritating disposition, Hollis is quick to make a joke and his laugh, if not infectious, can bring a smile to faces that hear it. He is a smart ass, but deep down, where the ember of fire burns and the radiance of light emanates, he has a soft heart. That he fails that spark so often is why he tries so desperately to wall it off.

Appearance: Hollis has been given a number of ironic nicknames over time, Golden Boy and Flame Tongue among them. It is easy to see why. His skin is a luminous golden color that shines in the right light with the scaly sheen of his draconic heritage. There was a time in his rebellious youth that he marred it painfully with tattoos. He tends to dress in dark colors, often black, for similar reasons. That the tones tend to enhance rather than obfuscate his skin has escaped the sorcerer as he rarely looks in a mirror. He is a thin man, perhaps just now at the age to fill out his frame. He keeps his dark hair short to fight against vanity. His eyes are the pale green of paper thin jade and they glow with a golden light when he releases the magic inside of him.

Backstory: Wasted life. Squandered potential. Disappointment. Failure. Mistake. These are the words most often spoken of Hollis. The confluence of blood that entered the world when he was born filled his town with the dreams of a savior.

But what child could live up to such expectations?

His parents agreed to let him be taken by the church to be raised under the cold light of The Companion in Elturel. But soon it became clear that the boy did not have a gift of communion with the Gods. Nor did he have the strong frame of a righteous defender of the faith. Hollis was just a curious and normal child, prone to mischief or accidental destruction and occasional moments of cute and unexpected actions or turns of phrase. But he was no greater or lesser than any other child. Those words...(remember them from the start? Hollis does.) They are the ones often repeated when they thought he was out of earshot or sometimes even directly to his face. For though Hollis was like any other child, he was destined for more and they would never let him forget it and never forgive.

So when he was still young, he stole away on a caravan to Baldur's Gate where he fell into the life on the streets. It was a hard life for one who looked like him. But soon enough he found friends, those who were more than willing to drag a lofty celestial and dragon blood down to their lot and station in life. Golden boy. Yes, that's what they called him. Always with the sing-song bite of sarcasm. But at least he could joke with them and at least they didn't expect more from him than what he was capable. They demanded he fail, in fact, not overtly, but by setting him up to do so over and over again. Making others small is how the small make themselves big, they say. This life toughened the child up. Hollis learned from his failings; he got better.

Eventually his friends all were killed in one rash action or another or moved on to other cities or fates and the people who replaced them were often worse then the ones that came before. Driven by vague dreams that haunted him time and time again, Hollis made off for another life, a life on the seas. Baldur is mostly a port pretending to be more, and he was drawn to the idea of leaving everything behind on one of those many ships. Chance afforded him the opportunity when, while milling around the docks, a captain named Keziah picked him out of the crowd. Wanna-be sailors were a copper a dozen on the docks, but the captain was of a particularly superstitious nature even compared with most and she was loathe to sail without an aasimar aboard. Where she had come across that particular sailor's tale or if she had made it up in her own mind, Hollis never knew. But whatever the case, the luck of his blood shone on him for perhaps the first time and he was brought on and taught the ways of sailing. Keziah taught him all of her salt-wisdom and in time the two were seldom far apart, even on shore. Beyond being a lucky charm, the woman never seemed to press him to be any more or less than any of the other crew. There was perhaps nothing else she could have done to inspire more loyalty from him.

RP Sample:
Away from posting 9/25-10/3

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Name: Cricket
Race: Tiefling (Variant) Winged
Class: Mystic. Order of the Wu Jen
Alignment: CG
Background: Shipwright
Skill Proficiencies History, Perception
Tool Proficiencies Carpenter's tools, Vehicles (water)
Equipment A set of well-loved carpenter's tools, a blank book, 1 ounce of ink, an ink pen, a set of traveler's clothes, and a leather pouch with 10 gp
Feature: I'll Patch It!
Provided you have carpenter's tools and wood, you can perform repairs on a water vehicle. When you use this ability, you restore a number of hit points to the hull of a water vehicle equal to 5 ◊ your proficiency modifier.
A vehicle cannot be patched by you in this way again until after it has been pulled ashore and fully repaired.
Source: GoS, page 33


Appearance: Cricket looks like a 6' 135lb human female with blue eyes, black hair, skin that has been tanned from being outside all the time. But that's where the human looks end. Two small horns sprout from her forehead as do a pair of large bat like wings from her back. Her tail is long, narrow and is forked at the end of it. Cricket has the classic looks that are associated with Glasya, Princess of Hell.


RP Sample:

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right-aligned image

Name: Athena
Concept: Witch of Sky and Sea
Age: 31
Race: Human
Class: Druid
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Faction Agent- Harpers
Personality: Athena is open, agreeable and generally a pleasant person. As a former (somewhat) agent for the Harpers, her vocation required some skill with subterfuge and she's learned people are much more willing to talk with someone they enjoyed speaking with, rather than a dour and stern druid upset they stepped on her special rocks. She loves the ocean and the coast, but recognizes that safeguarding the wilds often means walking among those who would do it the most injury, to better steer them towards a path of their own, best choice. She's taken a liking to the plenty of the cities, particularly licorice candies; but the wanderlust of the seas is beginning to stir within her once more.
Appearance: A handsome brunette woman in her middle years with long hair. Athena has etched laugh-lines and a friendly, matronly manner about. She frequently wears dark clothing of greys, blues and browns to better blend in with crowds and smells faintly of licorice.
Backstory: Athena grew up in the North, her father plied the merchant shiplanes and her mother was a druid herself. She had a happy childhood, with several siblings before taking up the family business as a druid during her teenage years. She fell in with a group of adventurers in her twenties, and the Harpers thereafter- ensuring intelligence of orc tribe movements and undead blights were delivered to those who could best counter them. She has unofficially retired as a Harper, having completed a most recent mission where she disrupted the business of a local merchant who was a front for a Red Wizard of Thay.
RP Sample: Athena and Glibnose laughed and then blew on their tea. It was a Tuesday, and a rainy one at that; but ladies such as them kept their appointments. Glibnose was a Gnomish merchant who dealt in inks, parchments and ..other things in the Lower City, close enough to the Old Wall to be cautious but close enough to the docks to be profitable.


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Name: Wave
Age: Unknown (Several Human generations)
Race: Warforged (Skill: Acrobatics, Tool: Navigator’s Tools)
Class: Paladin (Oath of Vengeance)
Background: Marine https://ghostsofsaltmarsh-9.obsidian...sh-backgrounds
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Personality: Stalwart and adheres to his principles, loyal to his friends and unrelenting nightmare to his enemies, Protective of Lady Vanderboren
Appearance: looks like a living suit of half plate armor that constantly shines, his armor somehow never gets dirty, there is a strange symbol carved into his forehead of two gears working together to produce steam, his eyes glow with a soft yellow light, his mouth is formed into a permanent scowl
Backstory: Wave was discovered by Lady Vanderboren’s ancestors lying dormant on the bottom of the sea somewhere between Baldur’s Gate and the edge of the world during an investigation of a sunken ship. After absorbing the sunlight for two days, he finally came back on. His memories of his former life were clouded and piecemeal. Visions of people running away screaming from something, ships that flew through the air crashing into the ground, the ground shaking, and finally the Wave...

Wave was thankful for being rescued from the briny depths and swore Loyalty and service to the Vanderboren family. He served as protector and guardian over the family for many generations, getting to know each member personally. The Warforged was already a warrior born, but he was trained to navigate and steer ships that the Vanderboren’s commanded. His ability to go without sleep almost indefinitely and remain vigilant at all times more than once kept the vessel on course and avoided ambushes by pirates.

He was at the family estate as guardian of Lady Vanderboren when her parents died on the burning ship. He did his best to comfort her as he had done many times before when family memebers of the past passed away. When she decided on the ambitious quest to find the lost island at the edge of the world, Wave did not ask to come he demanded it and would serve as her helmsman and navigator for the voyage. Part of him also wondered if reaching the island would help bring his memories back of who he was.
RP Sample:
“There’s a magical plague affecting a village about a day's walk from here. The whole village has fallen ill and the local author ave quarantined the area to prevent it from spreading. They have killed everyone that has tried to escape. Food has all but ran out for the people and the sickness claims someone everyday. Normally, this would not directly concern us but many of our servants and employees have family there. It has not yet been determined what is causing the plague, but I have confidence you will be able to figure it out. Only you can do this because only you will be safe from the plague. Do you understand?” Lady Vanderboren looked at Wave with a look of both concern and sadness.

The Warforged stood at attention and slammed his right fist against his left pec in salute. “It shall be done as you command my Lady.” The young noble smiled and handed him a folded letter. “Take this to the front gate and the Quartermaster will have a cart with the supplies on it. You will have to pull it yourself since the plague seems to also have an affect on animals. But I know this doesn’t bother you. I will pray to the gods for your success.” Wave accepted the letter and did as she instructed. The cart was heavy, but his unnatural strength and stamina allowed him to force March all the way to the village. When he approached the barricade, he presented the letter to the sergeant who reluctantly let him pass with the supplies. He was warned though that he would not be allowed to leave until the plague was eradicated.

The people of the village were in sad shape. Many were laying in bed doubled over in pain. Those that weren’t bed ridden looked like skeletons from starvation. They greeted him with both cheers for the food and fear because they didn’t know what he was. “I have come to heal the sick and find the source of this plague as my Lady Vanderboren commanded. I will do my best while I am here.” The villagers were skeptical, but the food supplies did give them some hope. The next few days, Wave searched the surrounding woods and streams to find the corpse of some monstrosity bloated and rotten had been laying in the river that rain straight into the village where they got their water. The Warforged dragged the horned thing out of the water and burned it. He returned to the village with the news that the plague was from the water and it would take a few days for the river to flush out the disease.

In the mean time, he used his divine gifts from a being he only knew as Creator, one of the few things he remembers from his past life, to heal the villagers of the disease a few at a time. The healthy were then separated from the sick until all had been cured. Any and all water that had not been brought in from the outside was poured out and any crops that were watered from the river burned. It was certainly a loss, but at least they could live in certainty that they would not fall prey to the plague again. The authorities were astonished to see healthy, if not a little thin, villagers happy to greet the soldiers and tell them the good news. These events only increased Lady Vanderboren’s standing but also her debts. It would be ok she assured Wave because she had a plan to revive her family’s coffers.

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Character Application
right-aligned image
Name: Keg
Age: 64
Race: Firbolg
Class: Storm Herald Barbarian
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: Keg means well but has a short temper. Heís generally very calm and polite, a byproduct of his life before exile but when provoked his rage takes over. Heís very physical, often hugging to show affection and patting on the back to acknowledge good work. He can laugh off insults and disrespectful acts but physically hurting him is a sure way to bring out his wrath. Although he has been long from his time with the firbolgs, he still finds it very uncomfortable to receive praise and recognition for his good deeds and will try to serve his friends in a discreet manner, even turning invisible to avoid getting caught in an act of kindness.
Appearance: Keg is a seven and a half foot tall mountain of a humanoid. His purplish skin is rough with his years of seafaring and his muscles loudly declare his years of labor and giant ancestry. His pink hair looks very odd to those unaccustomed to feytouched beings with the way it reflects light with a faint sparkle.
Backstory: Keg grew up in a Firbolg clan in the Forgotten Forest, without a name as is the case with most Firbolg. He was always an angry child and was often referred to the elders for his reckless behavior in fits of passion. As he grew, his leaders took special care to teach him how to control his anger, helping him to hold back his rage even when faced with provocation. As he grew to adulthood he became a contributing member of the clan, controlling his ire even in pressing circumstances. When he was 35 though, a group of Phaerimms invaded in an attempt to reach their. As one of the physically strongest, Keg was sent with other Firbolg to end the attackers. The battle was fierce, but once Keg gave into his rage he was able to defeat many of the Phaerimms singlehandedly. After the last Phaerimm died, Keg continued to pound away at several of their corpses in his anger, and when an elder tried to pull him away, he struck the elder with a great blow, breaking one of his ribs. Kegís rage was replaced by horror as he realized what he had done. The council decided that Keg must be exiled, as a danger to their clan. He would have to leave his home.
Keg wandered northward through the Backlands until he eventually came upon the city of Baldurís Gate. There he found work on the docks before becoming a worker on the ships themselves. He preferred this, as the city was far too artificial for his natural sensibilities but he could not stand to live on his own in the wild. The sea was perfect, a place of natural beauty and true camaraderie, a new home. The sea has now been his home for longer than the forest was and still it calls out to him, reducing his time ashore to only what is absolutely necessary. As time went on, he began to forget the code of the firbolgs and live by what he felt was right, though being raised by the code still influenced his feelings to be sure. When he got word that one Lavinia was looking for a crew for a much longer voyage to an unknown part of the world, it seemed to him a perfect opportunity to share camaraderie on the open sea for an extended period of time and perhaps even find a new piece of the world to become a new home.
Roleplay Sample: Thunder cracked overhead as the ship pitched in the waves. Keg strained along with two other sailors at a rope to keep sail down while the captain barked orders nearly swallowed by the boomings of the storm. They managed to pull the rope far enough back for Jacobs, a teenaged human crew member, to tie it off firmly. Jacobsí knots were greatly praised, and they had never lost a man because of how fast his lifelineís held. Unfortunately, knots are not a lifelineís only factor. As Keg shot a toothy grin at the lad, a great wave shot over the deck of the ship, shoving all the crewmen to starboard. Jacobs was pushed much farther however, as his lifeline snapped and he was dragged into the oceanís mouth. "Jacobs!" the firbolg shouted as he felt his anger building up. He locked his hands on the rope about his waist and with a swift motion snapped his own lifeline. The captain yelled inaudibly as Keg jumped of the deck to swim towards the castaway. The sea was relentless but keg was even more so. He reached the floating boy and put his snapped rope between his teeth before turning to swim back to the ship. This pulling made pushing against the current even harder and those watching from onboard stood in awe as the firbolg head and arms disappeared and reappeared among the titanic waves. The captain called out to his men yelling at them to throw out a line for them. The line was thrown and as soon as Keg could grasp it, he tied Jacobsí line to it and motioned for them to pull in. The rope held and the two of them were pulled safely on board. Many of the crew members cheered, but Keg had no time for discomfort. He needed to see if the boy was still alive. He put his hand over the young manís mouth and felt no breath. A booming rage echoed in his voice, for a moment overpowering the howling of the storm, "Dammit Jacobs, breathe!" He smacked the boy square on the chest and his anger quelled as a small spout of water flew from the young manís mouth and a few choking breaths were uttered. The crew cheered again but this time Keg was distracted by his joy, giving a tight hug to his good friend.
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Alton Fizzle Rockbottom
left-aligned image
right-aligned image

Name: Alto Fizzle Rockbottom
Race: Rock Gnome
Age: 56
Class: Artificer (Battle Smith)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Guild Artisian

Appearance: Fizzle stands at a height of roughly three feet tall. His frame is thin but muscular. His hair is jet black and usually kept rather stylishly parted to one side and his skin is grayish in color. He's abandoned his traditional gnome attire for an outfit more suiting for a seafaring adventurer; complete with fancy boots and a cape.

Personality: In his mind, Fizzle is a world-class craftsman and an Adventurer, destined for glory. Often, what others see is a power-crazed Gnome with grandiose ambitions. One thing that no one can deny is his love of ships. He sees any damage to his ship as an injury to a close and personal friend and himself as its surgeon. Another thing that no one can deny is that the Gnome is chatty and rather friendly.

Backstory: Born and raised in the city of Baldur's gate, Fizzle spent most of his youth working in his father's carpentry shop as an apprentice. Learning to craft was fun but the boy was often distracted by his own attempts at tinkering. Finally, around the time he turned 30, he started realizing that he was finally able to infuse his creations with arcane power (just like his father, Wright, could).

Wright did his best to guide his son through the use of his newfound power carefully and sparingly. It was the old gnomes intent that his son would continue to apprentice him until someday, he could take over the family business. However, Fizzle had his own ambitions that were not in line with his father's. He was increasingly, more and more, interested in progressing his arcane talents and becoming a great adventurer.

Finally, at the tender age of 50 years old, Alto got his opportunity. A young ship's Captain, by the name of Heny Crow, was building a crew for an expedition that he promised to be full of adventure and gold. Although the trip was short-lived (and ended in abject disaster), it only left the young artificer craving more adventure. Although, for now, he was once again back at his father's shop, working and waiting...

Roleplaying Sample: This storm was like nothing Alto had ever seen before. It had seemingly come without warning and was already at full force. The waves slapped against the hull of the ship, seemingly from every direction. Holding on tightly to his mechanical companion, the gnome called out. " I don't like it Captain, there's something unnatural about this storm. Be ready for anything!"

Whether Captain Crow didn't hear the warning, or simply ignored it, was unclear. What was clear was that the Captain's only focus was on trying to keep his ship afloat. "Lower the sails! Get them secured! Rowers, push to the starboard side!"

Suddenly, as the gnome had predicted, some sort of twisted version of merfolk seemed to come out of the crashing waves and land on the deck of the ship. One of the marauders had landed near Alto and was closing in quickly, trident at the ready. It even smirked when the small gnome pointed a seemingly empty handcrossbow at it.

In a flash, the "empty" hand crossbow was loaded with an ethereal bolt. Letting the bolt loose, the merman was shocked and stumbled to a knee. The strike was critical but not fatal. "Get him snowball!" Suddenly, the large mechanical panther pounced on top of the assailant, biting into his neck. As it fell dead on the deck, the duo turned to see where they might be needed next.
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Name: Hornus Applegate
Age: probably in his twenties, he is not sure himself
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Seemingly happy go lucky, but this is a common misconception. Hornus was deeply hurt as a youth and never recovered. It is almost impossible for him to trust any person or institution.

Appearance: About average height, slim but on a close inspection will show whip hard muscles and a very dexterous nature. His face is clean shaven and youthful appearing, a completely non-threatening appearance and manner. There is a small scar below his right eye and the top of his left ear is missing. He has most of his teeth and an engaging smile that never seems to reach his eyes.

Backstory: Hornus has some memories of a woman who cared for him as a child and then disappeared, never to seen again. A smelly old man and woman feed him for a while and then she died of a rat bite and the old man died of drink. Hornus took to the streets and did what he had to survive. A man who claimed to be a priest of some god, helped him a bit with food and a place to stay, but eventually his god called him to his side and he was gone. Eventually, he got a job cleaning stables and then taking care of the horses. This lasted until the stables burned down along with five other buildings including an inn.
He travelled to a new city hoping to change his luck and got a job cleaning in the kitchen of a large prosperous inn. He eventually started helping the cook and then became a cook.
One day he delivered a meal to a well-dressed man, after putting the meal on the table the man’s elbow the fork on the table and it fell off. Hornus caught it before it hit the flood and handed to the man.
“You pretty quick with your hands, I might be able to use a man like you…it wouldn’t involve cooking.” The well-dressed man said.
“I like cooking, but if the pay was better…maybe.” Hornus replied.
“I’ll take maybe for now. Come up to my room when you’re done and we will see. I have someone I want you to meet." The man said and considered the matter settled and began to ear.
The meeting lead to Hornus learning and training in some new skills that definitely did not involve cooking.

RP Sample: A few years later Hornus was crossing a street and dodging a carriage driven by a drunken fool, when he heard a woman screaming. To his right was a narrow street with a woman standing in the middle yelling and pointing at a building. As his moved toward her, he saw that the ground floor of the building, some kind of shop, was on fire. The woman saw him and grabbed his arm and screamed, “Save my baby”.
Hornus looked at her and at the burning building and said questioningly “…in there” and pointed at the burning building.
“Yes”, she wailed.
“Where is she, exactly?” he asked.
“On the second floor in the back...is her room…if she is still there.” The woman choked out.
Hornus looked at the woman and at the small crowd of people who were forming up and backed away a bit.
The woman grabbed his arm again, “You have to save her”.
A older man stepped up to them, “If someone is in there the smoke will probably get ‘em.”
He shook his head and stepped back.
Hornus looked at the woman, her tear-stained face reminding him of someone, someone who had been nice to him for a time. He shook his head and then leaned back and looked up at the building, the whole ground floor was ablaze. Turning his head, he looked at the building across the street and then got a grim smile on his face.
“What’s her name"? he asked.
“Abby. Abagail”, the woman replied.
“Ok, I’ll be back.” He said and then sprinting into the building across the street and up the stairs of that building until he got to the roof.
The door to the roof was locked. He grinned and took out his lock picking tools and opened the door in about 10 seconds, and went thru it. Stopping at the edge he looked across and saw it was about 10 feet or so away. He could do that. Hornus stepped back and ran and jumped from one roof to the other, landing in a tuck and roll.
The door on that roof was locked too, but only for a few heart beats. Then he was inside and shouted, “ABBY!!”.
No response, so he went into the smoke and began looking for the little girl.
The crowd in the street keep looking up, some of them had seen him jump across and told the mother what they had seen. Then someone shouted, “He just jumped back”.
Honrus came out of the neighboring house with a small girl clinging to his neck and sopping.
“I think this is yours”, he said and handed the little girl to her mother.
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That’s the only heroic thing that I can think of, maybe there was another one or two.
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My application is now complete. If you are planning to do reviews I would welcome one!
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Name: Orion BlackFur
Age: 25
Race: Tabaxi
Class: Rogue (Swashbuckler)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Lives for adventuring, there is always something to discover or a treasure to be found. Loyalty to ones self is always good. But, one has to put his crew mates first if one is to survive on the high seas.
Appearance: Orion is a black Jaguar, he stands 6ft tall, with 2ft tail. He weighs 210 pounds. He wears a black and blue bandana white ruffle shirt, with a blue and purple vest over it and blue and purple pants to match the vest.
RP Sample:
Smoke Wulfgar

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The Lady in the LighthouseName: Hope Taylor
Age: 29
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Wizard / Sorcerer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Appearance: Hope takes largely after her father in appearance, with curly red hair, green eyes, and an abundance of freckles. From her mother, Hope appears to have only inherited a sharp jaw and knife-like ears that poke out no matter how frazzled Hope's hair becomes.


Personality: Despite past tragedy, Hope is kind, funny and engaging. She possesses the gift of gab both of her parents had, and makes a point of remembering the name of every person she meets. She maintains that she has friends all across the continent in the form of merchants, travelers, and sailors, and can remember a person even after years without contact. However, Hope is also prone to mood swings, ranging from anxiety to sparks of anger, none lasting more than a few minutes.
Backstory: Hope's mother is an elven wizard who fell in love with a human man. Hope's father was a sorcerous sailor who uses his magic to speak to and manipulate the ocean. Their love was powerful, but star-crossed. He would sail away on voyages for long periods, and the woman, being terrified of the ocean, could not go with him. So she lived in a lighthouse and waited for him to return as she weaves sails and flags and other cloth and canvas supplies for the town's shipyard. Only for a short time once a year could they spend together.

Hope, as their daughter, was torn between the two. After she grew old enough to sail with her father, she had a choice to make each year: Stay at home with mother, or go with father on his voyage? Either way, she would be without one of her parents for a year. The one she went with would be joyful, and shower Hope with lessons about their passions... her father taught her sailing, speaking to the ocean, and of sorcery. Her mother taught her arts, crafts, science, and alchemy. Hope loved everything her parents did, but their lessons were always tainted by the knowledge that whoever she was not with would spend a year alone and waiting.

When she was 24, Hope was spending the year with her father. They were supposed to return home within the day when pirates attacked. The pirates boarded, and Hope, her father, and the crew fought back. Hope watched as her father was beheaded and his body discarded into the ocean. In a fit of rage, she screamed, and the sky broke in a display of thunder and fire. The pirate ship shattered, its masts laid low and its hull torn to shreds. Whether is sank or not, Hope does not know, but it was at least unable to pursue as her vessel broke away and fled, leaving her father's body under the waves.

She returned home that night, and she and her mother grieved, but after only a week, Hope awoke to find herself the sole occupant of the lighthouse, with only a note saying that her mother could not stay any longer, that she had to return to her home. Left alone, Hope remained in the lighthouse for the next five years, taking over her mother's role within the town, keeping the pyre lit for returning ships, and weaving the sails to carry sailors home.

But after so long on land, Hope cannot resist the call of the ocean. When Lavinia Vanderboren comes knocking on her door with a request to join her crew, Hope can no longer resist...


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We meet again, Nade. Bold of you to assume that I won't apply to both of your games!

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