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Old Mar 17th, 2024, 09:04 AM
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Case 1: The Sound of Violence

GCPD Dispatch
right-aligned image
As the meeting on the rooftop concluded, the operator in GCPD dispatch began to fill in the details of the emergency call, based on various 911 calls. Those details were accessible to a limited degree by all citizens-turned-deputies that had spoken with Commissioner Gordon, as the FTP information was scribbled onto the back of the personal cards he handed out; and that allowed all parties case access to their specifically assigned task.

// GCPD Dispatch:

// Multiple 911 calls (7 total) alerting GCPD to <gunfire in West Gotham>, located in - or around - <Hudson Street> and <Grieg Avenue>.
// Initial reports indicate up to <ten (10) individuals> wielding hand-to-hand weaponry - <baseball bats> and <similar weapons> - as well as several small-arms weapons - <low caliber pistols> - engaging in caller identified - but not confirmed <territory dispute>.
// Distpatch is unable to confirm gang involvement at this time
// Deputy response is advised to be alert and aware of potential escalation, and to be mindful of all lawful and legal response of force protocols.

// Objective: Deputies are expected to provide lawful response, to cease criminal activity and danger to the public; also to detain any suspects for GCPD apprehension and processing procedure - to be provided once GCPD transport is available and joins Deputies at scene.

// Dispatch will maintain open monitoring and communication, as required.

For those monitoring the FTP link, details would continue to update as more information or concerned citizens called with information; but, as far as the response to the crime in progress, it was now up to the team assigned to handle and approach how they would...

GMPlease continue RPing from leaving the rooftop, and use travel time to plan or discuss options. For simplicity, a basic stats to be provided, if required - though this sedan is intended as free item transport; it is also big enough to allow Echo's wingsunmarked GCPD SUV is permitted, as well as communication through radios provided inside the car (this is considered free equipment, with no pp cost).

Or, you can make your own way, using your own transport, using the radios - eg: Echo can fly, while some drive, or glide, etc.

In a few rounds time, we can arrive at the scene.
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Old Mar 19th, 2024, 09:08 PM
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The First Briefing
right-aligned image
The old cowboy's eyes dart from person to person, and they fixate on the young Batboy. "Batman ... Batman? ... Why do you care so desperately for the approval of some vigilante who has been missing for weeks? For all we know, he could be dead. For all we know, that hopeless idealism you carry could be the same thing that doomed him and doomed this city."

"Listen, son. I know a thing or two about killing. I'm not talking about wanton murder. Our country has been at war before, and this is serious. This isn't just some game, some way to seek thrills. When the time comes, you might have to make that choice of self-defense or dying. In case you haven't noticed, the city is at war now. And we're losing."

Turning back to the commissioner Tin Whiskers says, "All I'm asking is that if the time ever comes, and suppose my grandkids' lives were on the line, you make the call that saves their lives.. not, instead, letting them die just so you can later arrest some freak and he can make arts and crafts in a mental institute. I will try my damnedest to protect the lives of innocent people, and I would expect all of you to do the same."

- - - - - -

Tin Whiskers takes out his anonymous phone and slowly punches in the FTP link.

"Now, about those shootings. How do we intend to get there? I wouldn't think any of us happen to have one of those fancy.. bat-automobiles?" His piercing eyes once again fall on Batboy as he crosses his arms.

Later he finds out that they are provided with an unmarked GCPD SUV. And that was very convenient. It wouldn't do to drive there in his personal car after all. Otherwise there wouldn't be a point to the mask and the whole cowboy getup. Norbert was pleased that the commissioner at least thought this far ahead.

He also says, "This here's what you would call a 'burner phone'. I'll give you all the number to it if you'd like, though I will most likely be changing it every now and then, and keeping it in a Faraday bag most times."

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Old Mar 20th, 2024, 09:13 PM
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right-aligned image
Grace Wilson (click on image for sheet)

Grace was relieved to learn that they'd be provided a car-while she did technically own her own, she was always afraid of her license plate being traced back to her, so she avoided using it on outings. She'd considered buying another car under an alias, but while her parents had left her a sizeable estate, she didn't quite have the funds to drop on a new car willy-nilly, to say nothing of the costs of having it bought under the table.

Of course, using would require her to introduce herself in person. That wouldn't have been such an issue if she hadn't gone to such lengths to meet with a drone just minutes ago. Part of her wished she'd just walked up the stairs and talked like a normal person, but it was too late for that now. Instead, she puts on her gas mask, in an attempt to maintain at least some anonymity, then goes to meet the others in the parking lot.

She waves as she approaches with one hand, holding her laptop in the other. She types a few commands into her laptop, and iSpy flies in close. She didn't need to use her laptop to control the drone of course, but Grace wasn't certain she wanted to present as anything other than a technical expert just yet. Anyone who doubts the 5'2 woman is Cyber Ghost will hopefully put two and two together once they see the drone, but just in case, she decides to verbally confirm her identity as well. "Sorry again for not being able to meet you all in person earlier. Shall we go? I can drive, if you'd like. Given that I'll be providing most of my aid remotely, I should probably get comfortable in the van."

The old man's talk of burners and faraday bags impresses Grace. While he didn't look particularly tech savvy, he was clearly wise enough to take basic precautions. It also brought up a solid point Grace hadn't really tested-could her powers get past a Faraday bag? What testing she'd done thus far confirmed her abilities worked generally the same as wifi, except with far greater range, and the ability to connect even to electronics that didn't have a wireless component. There was one other problem, however. "How will you know if we're calling you if your phone's in a faraday bag all the time? If you're regularly replacing your burner, the bag's probably overkill anyways-hackers can't find what isn't there, and that's speaking from experience."

Steering the conversation towards the task at hand, Grace continues, "I suppose we should probably figure out a plan for once we get there. If there's still an active shootout, what can we all do to take care of it? I'll go first. I'm much more of a 'gal in the chair' type than a fighter myself, but I've got myself a handful of bot that I'm rather proud of. I'm also very good at multitasking, so I can probably start hacking into any nearby cameras while controlling the drones. Ideally, I'll be able to feed you all real-time intel about the AO while my drones support you on the front."
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Old Mar 22nd, 2024, 12:37 AM
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Echo focuses her attention on Tin Whiskers once he starts talking about Batman and putting forth his own philosophy about the use of lethal force. Her eyes narrow just a bit when he starts questioning the dark knight, but she's not going to judge him for his stance. Police are engaged in shootouts all over the country, frankly she thought it a miracle that more of Gotham's super-criminals didn't get shot by either the police or SWAT teams. But what he said about protecting life rang true. Not that she had any intention of being in such a situation, and she was by no means bloodthirsty, but the was practical. Though she did have her own comment to add. "Batman saved my life," she states simply. There's no need to elaborate, and she clearly isn't speaking metaphorically, just making a simple statement of fact.

"I can fly, and I can carry someone, but that still leaves everyone else," she notes as she lands back on the roof. When she hears the report that a police van has been provided she follows the others to the parking lot but doesn't make any move to get in, hopping up onto the roof instead. She offers the in-person Cyber Ghost a friendly wave of a wing from on top of the can, listening to her go on about tech matters. While it hardly goes over her head she doesn't really have much to contribute to that particular part of the conversation. She was as tech literate as anyone else her age, more so really, but computers and the like weren't her particular area of expertise. It seems that such things were Cyber Ghost's area of expertise though, which could be handy. When she asks how everyone planned to contribute the bat looks to everyone else but when no answer is immediately forthcoming she sits up on the van and offers her own answer.

"Well I said before I'm not any kind of fighter. But I can fly and I'm pretty good at not being seen. I can see in the dark, have very sharp hearing, and fully functional echolocation. And my brain works a lot faster than it did when I was human so I can focus on and keep track of a lot of things at once. Uh... multitasking, I suppose," she says to Cyber Ghost as she marks off the things she can do on a thumb, forefinger, and then spines of her wings. "I'm pretty fast and like I said, I can carry someone, so I'd probably be best at carrying people out of danger. Oh and also I can talk to bats, maybe should've led with that. Cause if there are any bats in the area, I can just ask them what's going on. They're not the best conversationalists, so your drones would probably give better information, but people might notice a drone. Nobody pays attention to a bat flying around. Well, not normal ones. I'm sure I'd get some attention," she shrugs from her perch on top of the van.

"Anyway when you're ready to go I'll follow from the air. I can play lookout from up there and get an aerial view of what's goin' on. I've got my phone on me, give me a call if you need to. It's not some super secret phone, it's not like I can throw a mask on and people will think oh hey that's a totally different bat girl. And in addition to being adorable I'm an expert in a number of different scientific fields, most notably biochemistry, so in the event that you do come across something all weird sciency, let me know," she says to the others, standing up on the van and ready to go as soon as the rest are.
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