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Old Mar 1st, 2023, 01:01 PM
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Coming Soon: Hall of Fame 2023!

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Hall of Fame Is Soon To Commence!

Every year, we ask our community to nominate the finest, most exceptional games on this site for inclusion in the prestigious Hall of Fame. We're almost there again! What is the Hall of Fame, you ask? Check that out here, including a list of all games inducted.

The Hall of Fame nominations will open on the Ides of March (15th). Nominations will run for four weeks, public voting in the following two, and our Community Supporters will wrap it up in the week or two after that. Start thinking about which game you might want to nominate!

NEW! There are some rules changes we're implementing this year, including two new categories, Hidden Gems and Extraordinary, which mean two more games will win each year from here out. Please read about and offer your feedback on Phase 1 of the rules changes so we can be ready to kick off on the 15th. (Further feedback opportunities will happen.)

In order to have these shiny new categories, we will need judges! If you would like to be a Hall of Fame judge for the class of 2023, you may not be in the running as a GM, and we'd prefer you weren't a player either in any of the nominated games. To apply, click here and fill out the brief form. The judges panel will be finalized by the time nominations close, and there will be a rubric once Aethera figures it out. Judging the Hall of Fame will count toward the Blue Dragon badge created last year.

Winning games get moved into the Hall of Fame forum for everyone to read. Hall of Fame GMs get a shiny badge that shows up beside their name (like the amethyst badge up beside Aeth's name on this post but in a variety of colors). And don't forget bragging rights! Finally, it should be noted to the Hall of Fame GMs that for the purposes of these games, you'll be treated as Community Supporters. Any folders, with or without passwords, subfolders, or anything else you would like, just ask and it shall be done. It's a perk of having such a great game!
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