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Old Mar 14th, 2023, 02:50 PM
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PotM February

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CONGRATZZZZ to lostcheerio!!!!!

To quote Fillyjonk's nomination: lostcheerio's "Why does the moon go red" story is truly something special. It comes out of the secretive, snoochy, knitting-obsessed gnome society lostcheerio has been building for the entire game.
That would make everyone curious so please get over here and start reading. Also, kudo's for the 'homemade' A1 art added to the post, really well done!!! (yes,feel free to add some RPXP to that post, just click those right top-of-the-post scales symbol)

Other nominations were impressive as well, and absolutely worth the read:
  • This post was nominated by bananabadger, mentioning Yoshimi's talent and skills to taking a simple, mechanical re-roll given through a player assist in moving and turning it into a short, tight cinematic masterpiece of a post
  • It had been a challenge to Strangemund to put their admiration into words, but the end conclusion was: 'it is a masterful post'. If you want to see why Strangeund was lost for words, check out the post here.
  • Drachenspirit's post was nominated as well, zevonian made a strong nomination using this praise; Here we have the DM handling payment to the surviving adventurers for a completed job, with an unusual proof of completion, and offering a new job to both remaining and brand new PCs. It's a well-formatted major plot advancement
  • Fun fact, Strangemund was nominated as well!!! You can read their post over here and according to 4EyedBadger; 'I really enjoyed it. I could go on about why but this post really does speak for itself'

*** Please consider making a nomination for the March competition over here ***
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