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Old 01-13-2019, 10:30 PM
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Book 1: In Search Of Sanity

it begins
left-aligned image
You are running through the streets of a city that is familiar to you, alongside three others. The city was dark from the night sky, moist from the last rainfall and silent... from an unknown threat. All around is a wall of sickly yellow fog, tumbling through the alley’s canyon of crumbling, gray brick walls like some jaundiced flash flood. Ahead, the unfamiliar alley splits,curving to the left and right. Behind, from the silent swell of mist, emanates the sound of footsteps—slow, but somehow keeping pace with the careening, hungry wave. All you know, is that the footsteps belong to a figure that wishes harm upon you.

You are being chased.

In a city you remember.

With no clear memory of it..

Khuddeak - 17
Cheryl - 14
Thorudall - 6
Elijah - 4

Tell me, what action will you do? It will happen in initiative order.

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Old Today, 01:33 AM
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Cheryl Abryn Cynth
left-aligned image
Running, moving to, moving fro, but for once. There is no time for introspection. Hardly trained for such matters, such important matters. An inquisitor of low status for a goddess of love and art, and her brush is not yet ready. Her glaive in her hand, the vaunted brush of Shelyn only aided her decision. Erring on her dominant hand, she splits to the right, whether or not her fellow chased come with her.

Cheryl doesn't know these people, she doesn't presume to know this city, she can only hope that whatever is giving chase to her, does not have allies here.

OOCTaking the run action, moving 120 feet down right alley.
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Old Today, 05:05 AM
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left-aligned image

Being in a city wasnít exactly anything he enjoyed. He would much rather have been in a forest somewhere, or at least in the wilds where the land stretched endlessly instead of being confined by walls and clustered with buildings. Usually, under any other circumstance, he would be able to tolerate it, ignore the walls long enough to do what he needed, rest up in an inn somewhere, and head out.

ThisÖ this was beyond what he planned for.

He ran, his breath coming out in harsh rasps as he tried to keep out of range from the blasted fog, whatever it was. He didnít know anything about it and a part of him wanted to shoot at the approaching footsteps, but the fear of the fog reaching him held him back. His instincts told him to run and run hard. His mind, the savage part of his nature however, was telling him to turn around and jump whatever creature was behind and end its life. It was a bad idea. He knew it. And he wasnít even going to consider it.

Instead, he felt the muscles of his thighs pump as he pushed himself further, using everything he had to run and escape the fog. His face was uncovered, the effort and strain of trying to outrun this thing had put a lot on his body, and the need for air, the burning of his lungs demanded an open and wide passage. The cloth would have only hindered him, and blast what anyone thought if they saw an orc running through the alleys. He wanted to survive.

There was a woman ahead of him, blond and he would have thought her delicate were it not for he massive weapon in her hand and the speed at which she was running. He cursed when he saw her turn right, and decided to follow, turning right as well, speeding past her.

Taking a run action as well: 140 ft.
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