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Dramatis Personæ

Herein lie the only-known records of those involved in the conflict of the Borderlands, where the forest met the fort, where the fates of many were decided.

Post your characters here, whether of Team Redwater or Team Inquisition, it's not necessary to split them up or anything. If you wish, take this opportunity to pare your character profile down to just the 'appearance/personality' section, along with anything common knowledge (quirks count). This'll help a separation of IC and OOC knowledge of each other's characters, I feel, but nobody's under any requirement to do so.
A Silvered Tongue
"What'd I learn from my own kind? Spells, swordplay, and a disdain for the law and its keepers. From the humans? Alcoholism, how to pick a lock, and ways to use the common tongue to incite men into leaping upon my blade. It's been an exciting decade for me."
~Morrigan, the Witch of Blades
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left-aligned image
Name: Valeria Bonham of the Order of the Greywatch
Nicknames: Val, Eria, a few things too rude to mention

Concept: 28-year-old 5'10", 155-pound, emotionally-abused half-elven female'half-breed' raised by a clerical uncle to Inquisitor (Anger Inquisition) 1 / Ranger (Divine Tracker) 3+serve the Faith
Mentality: Opposition of the Faith will not be tolerated; its Will will be enforced with blood if needs be.

Skillset: minor divine magicks, tracking, melee or ranged combatant
Talents: hunting animals, monsters, and men alike
Role: church representative and local guide

With long hair hiding her ears it's often hard to tell that Valeria is anything other than a human with more angular features, but with a good look at her or prior knowledge of her uncle's features, she gets a good deal of flak for being partly elven. This has led to more and more of a wedge being driven between Val and the common man, and supporting the resentful but ramrod-straight path she walks. It doesn't help that her feet have learned stealth in quiet woods, or that she walks more like a feline huntress than a city-bound human. Depending on what duties she is pursuing, her clothing is generally a cross between the garb of Faith and her target environment. If ranging in forest, she could be mistaken for a trapper, her holy symbol usually hidden under the layers of camouflage. Working within a city, she tends to dress formally, her badge of office worn with pride. These days it would take an order from the Queen herself to get Val into a dress.

Valeria as a girl was bullied increasingly until she learned to keep to herself. She promptly learned to embrace the Faith's opinions of race and status, and the wry insults occasionally forced out of her have become more cutting than those of the humans around. (Val's racial insults are at their worst just after someone insults her own heritage, or when there are people whose opinions matter to the Faith or Sanctum present.) She isn't consciously aware that she pushes such a vehement facade, nor that her ire over racial matters is rooted in the injustice shown her, but if such were ever pointed out it's likely she would slowly recognize the difference between the attitudes she has adopted to fit in and the genuine feelings she has stifled. This wouldn't change her plans to oppose the enemies of the Faith, but would definitely change the way she goes about it, and limit the outbursts of her temper, which currently gets sharpened on friends and enemies alike. To Valeria, the Faith isn't a belief system, it's hard fact, so the sooner others realize this, the easier time they will have dealing with her.



Please, everyone, stay safe, be healthy.
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Appearance & Personality
right-aligned image
Brodi Lam
(Character Sheet)
Happy Meatshield and Most Upright Bastard of the Redwater Company
"Life has a dead end, don't you see? We all live while dying a little bit more each day. Aye, death, she's tapped my barrel. I say let that golden ale flow out as it may, and let all who drink my heady brew get well-sloshed for it."
(Role: Tank, taunter, melee debuffer, party face)

Race: Human Sex: Male Class: FighterAge: 21 Height: 6'1 Weight: 180

A stone on the ground may be shades of gray, but place it in a stream, under the flowing water, and its true colors are revealed. Turquoise, rust, tan, or vermillion. So it is that life washes over Brodi, with each new challenge taken as a chance to show his greatest potential. He lives in each moment. Quick to take offense and quick to forgive, he wears his heart on his sleeve along with the Redwater badge. Only his friends have seen the deep well of pain that lies behind the twinkle in his eye. He is a man who has lost much and gained even more, all in the span of his young life. Some would break under that strain, snapping like a tree blown in too many directions by a stormy gale. But not Brodi. He endures, by sheer force of will and by the grace of his peculiar faith. Beneath it all, he is driven by a fundamental optimism for himself and for all humanity.

Tall, with soft dark hair and warm dark eyes. Too pretty for a mercenary, they tell him. Too pretty by half. Oh, Brodi has his own share of scars, but so far his face has escaped the vicissitudes of combat. It doesn't help that he coifs his hair every morning, or that he plucks his eyebrows to sharp lines. It is one of his few throwbacks to his childhood, this desire to make a good first impression. Brodi also makes sure to wear a scrap of red at all times, whether as a sash, armband, or scarf. His is proud of his Company affiliation; they took him in when no one else would. Each evening he buffs his armor and hammers out any dents, and oils every weapon in his personal arsenal. He cares for his own body with the same fastidiousness.
Private Background and Motivations
Quirks/Other Details
Quirks, Known and Secret:
  • He enjoys collecting wicked or hilarious insults from all corners of the world, then using them to great effect whenever the moment arises.
  • He does not drink alcohol. It makes him flushed and gives him tremors.
  • Around his neck he wears a locket with a portrait of his mother who died giving birth to him. If asked, he lies about it, saying she is a girl he treasures who cannot return his love for her.
  • He is always impeccably polite and respectful towards women, except upon the field of battle. Even then, he will favor subduing a female opponent rather than killing her outright.
  • One of his sideburns is grown out and braided with red beads. He tugs on it whenever he is thoughtful.
  • He likes to kiss his weapon before entering a fight. This has become the source of much crude jesting among the Company.
  • The symbols of the old Lask coat of arms are a pine tree atop a rock, flanked by two leaping dartfish. Every time he is deployed to a distant battlefield or scouting zone, Brodi finds a place to carve them. He might scratch them onto a tree in the woods, on the bottom of a plank in an abandoned cottage, or on a piece of leather harness in a waystation. He knows it is a foolish risk, but it is one of the few ways he connects himself to the past. The glyphs are a tether that tie the boy he was to man he has become.

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Korrin Ironfallow
Appearance & Personality
Korrin Ironfallow
Ward of the Vale, Iron Forsaken
Don't go callin' me a knife-eared sympathizer, 'cause I've put plenty of 'em back into earth over the years, but if the orcs rose up and started takin' land and burnin' villages, you'd be damned sure we'd retaliate.

Race: Dwarf Sex: Male Class: Cavalier (Order of the Dragon) Age: 90 Height: 3'9" Weight: 160

Short, even for a dwarf. Stout, like a small stone fort that has stood since the time when drakes still flew in the air. A mane of red hair - not bright and blinding like the sun at dusk, more burnt and subdued like copper ore bleeding from a mountain. His hairis never bound, but his beard, which stretches below his belt, is braided into three strands in the style of the Riders of the Vale. Korrin wants to belong, and will go out of his way to help someone new to the Redwaters, or someone struggling to keep up. While not afraid of military conflict, he avoids personal conflicts, either staying quiet or acquiescing in the interest of keeping the peace. He follows orders, even when he disagrees, and his frustration around this has caused him to explode at others for no reason more than once. He is a fierce warrior, and relishes battle as every victory furthers the bond he has with his mount and deepens the sense of camaraderie he shares with the men and women who fight at his side.
Quirks/Other Details
  • Has taken vow to never cut his beard or his hair.
  • Tugs on beard when angry or frustrated.
  • Sleeps with his mount.
  • Grows quiet when others speak their prejudice of elves or half-elves.
  • Curses the Rail, but when pressed for a reason why, won't expound
  • Curious about magic - would like to learn more


On indefinite hiatus
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Character SheetJulian "The Raven" Hunter
DetailsName: Julian "The Raven" Hunter
Race: 33yr old Male "Actually a half-elf, but appears human when clothedHuman"
Class: Rogue (Knife-Master variant. Still undecided about taking a level of Assassin at lvl 6)
AppearanceBlessed to appear more human than elf, Julian takes care to hide his true heritage. His lithe and muscled body is the first giveaway, easily hidden behind loose-fitting clothing and bulky leather armor, providing the added benefit of making his six foot frame appear more impressive. His ears, though shorter and more rounded than most half-elves, are likewise hidden beneath long black hair, worn messily. The final indicator of his heritage, however, is harder to hide: his emerald eyes. While not so intense as to instantly reveal his bastard status, anyone studying his face in good light who is familiar with the anatomy of elves and humans might see through his disguise. But luckily for Julian, most residents of Sanctum see what they want to see, a fellow human, and so overlook even this feature in the absence of knife-ears or the wiry build of an elf.
PersonalityPatient. Cautious. Passionate. All words that describe Julian well.

While he may not have inherited many outwardly visible traits from his father, the passion of an elf flows through his veins and is as innate to Julian as the color of his hair. However, a hard childhood and difficult life choices have grown in him a healthy caution of all things dangerous and/or unknown. These two traits, caution and passion, are constantly at odds with one another in his life. While his passionate nature may urge him to lash out at a belligerent Templar, his learned caution warns him of the consequences of such an action made in the relative public of a street. Which is where his patience comes in. Unable, or perhaps unwilling, to forgo what he desires, Julian has learned to approach obstacles and problems in a slow and methodical way. The Templar in question may bully and intimidate him for weeks as the half-elf studies him and his route through the city, until finally on the one night the Templar is alone in a dark alley, Julian is already there as The Raven, delivering a knife between the disgusting man's ribs while quoting the same hate-filled words said on their first encounter.

This is not to say that Julian is only passionate for murder or revenge. Like many men before him, the comfort of a woman or the lure of riches also present problems to solve and obstacles to be overcome. So while he may appear polite and reserved in conversation, his mind is always working out the angles and what his next move should be to progress towards whatever goal he finds himself currently pursuing.

As may have already been made evident, Julian has no qualms about killing. Not even women or children, if the price is right.
  • Angry at those who oppress half-elves, and at the elves (angry in general, really)
  • Is experimenting with the drug Honeydust. Whether it develops into an addiction or not I leave up to mechanics. I haven't seen anyone roleplay a drug user before and I wouldn't mind giving it a shot
  • As mentioned, he looks more like his mother than his father (more human). This is represented with the Pass for Human feat
  • Finds half-elven women more attractive than human women. Has never seen an elven woman, but on more than one occasion has fantasized about an "encounter" with one.
  • Extremely self-confident. He knows what he can do and what he can't.
  • Goes by the title "The Raven" when working as a cutthroat.
  • Despite his feelings on the oppression of half-elves, isn't likely to become a hero for the cause without promise of reward. While he hates the way society functions, it also affords him many benefits since he can hide among humans as one of them
RelationshipsEva Thornson: Half-Elf that put Julian on the path to becoming a cutthroat. Originally a slave of the bandit clan Julian had attached himself to. As the only other half-elf around, she looked to Julian for help by offering him money in exchange for freeing her, and for killing her human father who had sold her in the first place. Julian did so, and found he had a liking and a talent to the work. Hasn't seen or thought about her in years, but Eva has never forgotten the young half-elf who saved her from a life of abuse. Had the points of her ears cut off while in captivity.

Bromir Steadycliff: The affluent dwarf Julian has recently murdered. While Bromir is no longer in play, the dwarven adage "Every Stone from a Mountain" is. The wealthy dwarf's family isn't likely to let rest the fact that their patriarch was murdered in his bed, directly influencing Julian's decision to join with Redwater for the immediate future

Marcellus Steadycliff: Bromir's eldest son, and the dwarf who hired Julian to murder the old patriarch. Stands to gain most of his family's assets as a result. Despite the fact that "The Raven" came highly recommended and was professional, is heading the search to locate and hang his father's killer in order to tie up loose ends. Isn't exactly the brightest gem in the rock heap, but has managed thus far to pull off his scheme, even to the point where Julian is unaware that Marcellus is the one who hired him anonymously.
Background Summary
  • Mother raped by elves
  • Born and raised in Kraigholme
  • Mother killed for raising the spawn of an elf during Julian's teens
  • Julian kills his mother's murderer, then flees
  • Falls in with a group of bandits and cutthroats where he learns his trade
  • Frees Eva Thornson and strikes out on his own as an assassin for hire
  • Takes a job in Sanctum, stays
  • Introduced to the drug Honeydust during a visit to a half-elf brothel. Likes it.
  • Kills a wealthy dwarf named Bromir Steadycliff and joins up with Redwater Mercenary Company to escape the city and lay low for awhile

Posting Status: Available
Playing: Law of the Jungle || Recruiting: The Shattered Worlds
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Cameron Beckett
Appearance & Personality
left-aligned image
Cameron Beckett
The Disgraced Inquisitor
“Of course I can't be trusted. I don't need your trust, and you don't need mine. We're both here, and we've got a job to do, so I suggest we do it rather than squabble over silly things like trust.”

First Glance: Cameron Beckett is of absolutely unremarkable stature or girth. In fact, were it not for his natural expressiveness and a penchant for dressing in colorful clothing, he would be safely described as plain and forgettable. He’s clearly a veteran, but he bears none of the common habits or tics that one would associate with either secular army service or service with the church.

Persona: Cameron Beckett is clever, careful, and patient, prone to wry humor and sly comments, but he’s not overly garrulous and isn’t one to ramble or talk at length, preferring to be listening more than he talks. He'd rather not talk about himself even when he is talking, and he's extremely circumspect about his own background when asked. He has a good memory for names, but a terrible memory for faces and voices. Cameron is quite transparently slow to trust, but by the same token does not expect anyone to trust him quickly either and doesn't fault people for not taking him at his word. Though he answers equally to “Cameron” or “Beckett,” (or to any number of nicknames), he gets annoyed if anyone refers to him as “Cam.”

Race: Human Sex: Male Role: As in the Investigator archetype.Infiltrator Age: 27 Height: 5’10” Weight: 150lb
Quirks/Other DetailsQuirks:
  • Cameron Beckett is not Cam's real name - he was born Kenneth Campbell. Campbell is, however, widely regarded as dead - with the Inquisition after him, the man staged his own death, left Sanctum, and started using his former alias as his name.
  • The inquisition’s reasons for pursuing Kenneth Campbell were partially legitimate and partially false - he did intervene in a raid on a heretical cabal in order to save one of its ranks and successfully help her sneak out of the city, but the greater crime for which he was accused by his master is actually false. To cover up his own failures (and possibly some corruption of his own), Lord Inquisitor Markham, Kenneth’s superior officer, created a fake paper trail to back up his assertion that Kenneth Campbell had become a double agent, working for a shadowy dark force intent on spreading dark magic in Sanctum.
  • Cameron is prone to brooding moods, which he generally prefers to resolve by occupying his mind with other things.
  • Cameron is conflicted between the scorn for mages he learned in the Inquisition and sympathy for them - and he’s not sure which of these opinions is his true feeling on the matter.
  • ”Cam” was Octavia Gunther’s pet name for Cameron - he doesn’t let anyone else call him that, to the point that he’ll simply ignore a repeat offender. He won’t come to open blows over it, but a persistent antagonist might eventually come to harm in which Cameron is not easy to directly implicate.
  • Cameron does not take sides or make decisions until he absolutely has to - this is part of what made him a good undercover agent. He finds it easy to be on the side of whoever he’s standing with at any given time.
  • Though he is not particularly vain, Cameron tends toward a distinctive dress and jewelery, as adding, removing, or swapping such things is a way for him to easily and quickly change his first-glance appearance. He especially favors brightly colored outerwear, having little interest in the drab colors of most travel attire. He prefers his outerwear to be colorful and reversible, with a drab inner lining color, easily reversed in a pinch to throw off pursuit. He tends to leave his hair rather long for the same reason - it's easier to cut it in an emergency than to make it grow.
  • Cameron has long since lost his own identity, having taken on so many in the service of the Inquisition, and then later in the service of his own survival. Presumably, there is a core person below the layers of false identity, but Cameron doesn’t know who that person is anymore. It’s almost certainly not the person he was before being recruited into the Inquisition. Cameron is always trying to learn more about who this is by watching his own instinctual reactions, even if he doesn’t act on them. What he knows so far is limited at best - for example, he is capable of deep hatred and deep affection, but only for people who go out of their way to earn either, and he has no qualms about lying to people, even to people who he respects.
  • Cameron was never magically inclined, but something of the rituals and rites of the cabals he's infiltrated has infected him. The this taint might be harnessed by someone so inclined, or perhaps the Inquisition's healers might be able to undo it - but the man avoids harnessing it into a magical talent in its own right, instead sapping the dark energy from his body regularly. He occasionally uses this collected essence to create alchemical elixirs, not willing to completely throw away a potentially valuable resource in the service of his own survival. If Cameron does not regularly leech the dark magic from his body, the taint begins to be detectable by those versed in the magic arts.
  • In the short term, Cameron’s goal in joining Redwater was to find work and establish a stronger paper trail for his identity. The company’s reputation for not asking too many questions was highly appealing to a man whose identity won’t stand up to deep scrutiny, and in volunteering for duty far from Sanctum itself, he’s passively evading any covert Inquisition investigators. Cameron has no specific loyalty to Redwater beyond this, but since he is despite everything still a patriot, he’s unlikely to betray the mercenary leaderships as long as that leadership orders him to do things that are apparently in Sanctum’s interests.
  • In the middle term, Cameron hopes that he can acquire the resources to link up with Octavia Gunther or to learn of her fate, though he doesn’t have any idea what either of them will do if they were to meet again, and he wants to take his revenge on Terence Markham, the Lord Inquisitor who he blames for many things - either violence or less direct means of vengeance would be acceptable to him.
  • In the long term, Cameron wants to deal with The Grandmaster, a mysterious figure he’s only heard of. Octavia has met him, but may or may not still be loyal to the shadowy teacher of dark magics, meaning that this eventual goal may come into conflict with his more immediate priorities. The Grandmaster represents the one mysterious heretic “Cameron” never managed to unmask, and thus there’s a lot of personal pride associated with his being able to tie up this loose end.
Adjusting to relocation and new job. I appreciate your patience.
--[ A Guide to Applications ]--

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Cordelia Lyn Blake
Appearance & Personality
right-aligned image
٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭
Cordelia Lyn Blake
Blackpowder Blake, The Deserter
Character Sheet
٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭

"I took everything from you, but I think you... you still saved my life. I can't ever make it up to you, but this is one time I'm going to be stubborn enough to try. I'll take the guilt. I'll take this guilt over numb and I'll take care of you. I promise. I won't leave you with nothing."

Race: Human Sex: Female Class: SlayerAge: 29 Height: 6'1" Weight: 164 lb.
٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭ ٭
The bronze-skinned Cordelia oftentimes can cast a bit of an imposing figure due to her build, and height--she stands at a breath over 6 feet tall. She's spent the better part of her life either fighting, or training, and it shows in both the way she looks, and the way she carries herself. Even though she's let her dark brown hair grow out down passed her shoulders, she still keeps it neatly brushed, and miraculously straightened. 'Clean' and composed are other good ways to describe her outward appearance. Delia prefers clothes in natural shades, ones that match her surroundings, and leans more toward 'tough' materials over showy, or comfortable ones. The more punishment her clothes can take, the less she needs to sew them, or clean them. Which she does at each opportunity, she doesn't believe anyone would take her seriously as a warrior--or soldier--if she were a dirty, disheveled mess.

A person making eye contact with her brown eyes would no doubt find themselves being sized up, most especially if they're a mage, or have elf blood in them. She tends to have a cold, emotionless look on her face, a look to make her hard to read. Calm under pressure, unlike in her youth, it takes a lot to make her fly off the handle nowadays. Reserved, Cordelia tends to be on the quiet side, speaking only when she feels there is something to say over because she has to say something. Emotionally detached when dealing with people in general, her adopted daughter is thus far one of the only things to break her demeanor.

If you manage to get her talking though, well, unfriendly might be the word one could use in the lightest sense of the word. She's not hostile, merely not prone to talking for hours on end as some women are. She's made friends, and seen them die, so she tends to keep people she works with at arm's length. Although she feels a strong sense of guilt, and is what one might consider borderline depressed, she doesn't speak of it. It might be because she doesn't have anyone she feels comfortable talking to, but who knows? Cordelia prefers actions over words, and has a tendency to follow more than lead due her time in the Templar, and never having reached too high of a rank. That said, she'll still take the first step if others won't.

There are a few ways to fast track ones' self to being ignored by her, but those shouldn't come up too often, right? Just don't give this woman flowers.

Other Details

  • Cordelia is partially blind in her left eye owing to her injury, and tends not to let people she doesn't trust--a long list--linger on the edges of her vision, preferring they remain in front of her or to her right. The scar makes it obvious.
  • The years Cordelia spent tending to her father's shop, with the strong scents and concoctions within, has left her with a hampered sense of smell. Subtle odours often elude her, leading her to do things like don too much perfume in the rare few instances where she's worn it or not be as bothered by a faint, foul odour as some others around her. The scent of blackpowder though is something she's often acutely aware of.
  • If growing up under a man with a deep-seated hatred of elves wasn't enough, fighting them as a Templar from time to time has imparted a strong dislike, and distrust, of knife-ears and their ilk. She has trouble being in one's presence without her hand drifting to one of her weapons.
  • Cordelia doesn't like mages, with the Ordo Arcana or not. She views them with suspicion, believing the only thing they can bring is trouble. In days passed she would likely have reported heretics to the Inquisitors at the first chance she got, but now she's a little less keen on getting herself involved with them.
  • Often looks 'proper' and 'clean'. She keeps herself, and her outfit, cleaned, mended, and ready. Comes from years of doing the same in the military with her uniform, she prefers not to look disheveled or 'dirty.' The same care is taken with her weapons, keeping the blade of her sword sharp, and the barrel of her gun clean.
  • She has no real fears (that she knows of), except when it comes to Valerie. Inquisitors, Elves, and Mages can put her on guard more than anything else, though.
  • Delia has a tendency to scratch at the hilt/butt of her weapons when particularly uneasy.

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left-aligned image

Lukas Tower
Hunter and Protector
"You give me purpose, and for it I shall give my life."
- Lukas, attaining his final mark.

Race Gender Class Age Disposition Region
Half-Orc Male Inquisitor 24 Composed, Angry Sanctum

-Character Sheet Link-

Background Information




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Secondary Character
Appearance & Personality
right-aligned image
[CENTER]Alice Tubourow
The Healer
"Magic or not, I was given the power to heal others and I will use that to the fullest of my capabilities. If that is wrong, then so be it."
-Alice on her magic

Race: Human Sex: Female Class: Hedge Witch Age: 29 Height: 5'7" Weight: 125 lbs









Quirks/Other Details
  • Holds no real prejudices against other races
  • Cleans when nervous
  • Uses her familiar as a distraction when she doesn't want to interact with others
  • Prefers to be in the shade or shadows, though she favors bright sunny days
  • Combs her hair with her hands when bored
  • Tends to not make eye contact when not dealing with a patient

Posting Rate/Availability:Probably around 2-3 days of the week or more, depending how things turn out. Likely can fit in at least one per day.
Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love, time is eternity.

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