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Old 11-15-2014, 11:26 PM
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Houserules Discussion

Alright, here's the general deal, these are all up for debate but barring any direct complaints I'll be running them as-is. Best you read these, though!

1.) Initiative: I have covered this before, but as a brief summary, here's the idea; enemies use an averaged initiative. This is set as the "goal initiative" for players to beat. Players roll initiative, and if they beat the enemies, get to act first. Then, enemies act on the same initiative, followed by all the players acting (including those that acted before the enemies). This averages out the same.

In addition, players may act in any order, with regards to who posts first. That is, if you beat the enemies' initiative, all players that beat the target may then act in any order respective to one another. Once the enemies have acted, players may then act in any order again, which sometimes seems like a player's got two actions before another player has got one but in reality averages out to the same as a traditional initiative system.

2.) Values: I will put up a combat block for enemies (and for PCs) during a fight, hidden behind a spoilerbutton, in order to keep track of everyone's HP values, saving throws and status effects. PCs will be permitted to see the AC and Saving Throw values of enemies...once they have successfully overcome them. That is to say, if you succeed in striking an enemy, I will then reveal the AC value to the party, and do the same for saving throws if the enemies fail any. This is to help speed up combat after the first few rounds (so that you guys can actually know if you have/haven't hit). I will also keep track of 'damage dealt' to an enemy, so and give a vague idea of how bad the enemy is off in loose terms;


Notice that none of this reflects the 'energy' of a character, and not how wounded they are. This'll be explained in the next section. Additionally, knowledge checks are valuable in this case, as I'll allow people that succeed on one against a specific type of enemy to learn the saving throw, AC & HP values of an enemy. This is more the case with monstrous/bestial enemies, however, in the case of humanoids I'll allow you to make a Sense Motive to determine the weaknesses of an enemy.

3.) Damage: For this game, we will be using the "Strain/Injury" rules, in order to compensate for your lack of healing and in order to do away with silly things such as the "fifteen minute aventuring day" and the advent of cure light wounds wands being used as some sort of bandaid service. I have houseruled injury damage to be a little more frequent, but don't fret, it won't be too crazy.

A quick summary of the rules; damage is now split into two categories. "Strain" damage, which is any normal damage inflicted on a person, from successful attack rolls. Strain damage isn't actual damage, but is represented as the fatigue caused by a last-second dodge, a glancing blow to someone's armour, an imperfect parry. Small scratches, nicks and cuts. Strain damage is, effectively, battle exhaustion. When a character is given the chance to 'rest and refit', the equivalent of five minutes spent catching their breath and tending to their minor troubles, all strain damage is removed.

Injury damage, however, is any damage gained by the following; failed saving throws against damaging effects/spells, environmental damage (being caught on fire or taking lethal damage from falling), successful critical hits, sneak attack damage, 'massive damage' (any damage that deals over half your HP value if you fail a saving throw to resist it), bleed damage, and damage from any strike that reduces you to below zero HP. Injury damage is nothing special; it's the actual injury gained from devastating blows, the strike that actually gets through someone's guard when they're spent in combat, the result of being struck by lightning from a wayward mageling.

Injury damage does not go away at the end of a rest and refit, and must instead be healed via either mundane or magical sources, or natural healing via rest. In essence, it's you actually getting hit or harmed. This allows you guys to have a bit more freedom with adventuring around all day, as the actual act of receiving injury damage is far rarer, and thus you can be dropped to 1 effective HP in a fight where you've taken only strain and get back onto your feet the next moment.

This is a generally beneficial thing for you guys, as it changes resource management to be less painful, makes healing less needed but more 'important', and changes the dynamic of combat description to be more about all those interesting fights of parries, dodges and weathering an opponent down until you can run them through.

The rules in full are linked here; Strain-Injury HP Variant. Again, I've added a few of my own (sneak attack & massive damage), but the concepts are all there. Healing can still remove strain damage during a combat, if need be, it's just not a necessity to worry so much about 'topping everyone up' so to speak.

4.) Skill Checks & Saving Throws: In combat, if you are targeted by an effect, spell or environmental hazard and are required to make a saving throw, I will make the saving throw for you to expedite things. This avoids the "What's your Fort save?" 2 day gap. "Fifteen!" Three day gap. "Here's the effects of that failed save" scenario that I'm sure we've all come to know and love. I hope nobody takes offence to this, I am generally loathe to remove any rolls from player agency, but expediting the process of this game is a priority of mine in order to make the slower posting rate less of a pain upon people....especially when combat can drag enough as it is.

Skill checks, however, are now slightly more favourable to you all. In general, if there's any time a skill check of yours should be tested, I will roll one for you in secret and use it to inform any results I should/could give to you. This is mainly for sense motive checks, reactive knowledge checks (generally about something your character would have cause to recognise/know), and similar situations. However, as I will not inform you of the result of the roll, I will allow you to make your own check too if it's relevant or makes sense...and I'll take the higher of the two for the sake of distributing information. I'd REALLY rather this doesn't devolve into you guys rolling checks for anything and everything, in the interest of getting an extra diceroll, but there it is; you'll receive information for skills you have invested in without having to roll them. =]

5.) Posting: This is a minor one, and I'll consider it optional, but I'd greatly appreciate it if everyone would use a fieldset for their post where they write their character's name and fill the fieldset with (Indent)(/Indent) tags to help with legibility by giving the text within some 'breathing room' from the borders. This is how I write all my posts, and I'd appreciate some uniformity in the gamethread, if at all possible. I know some of you may be keen on posting images of your character with your posts; please don't. I'll accept it once per gamethread, if you are really keen, but I know some people (including myself) have a tendency to browse the site via mobile and if every page is absolutely littered with images (I already plan on using a two or three per major DM post) it can make it quite a labour to get through via a phone device. So, yeah, one or none per gamethread, please!

and, finally;

6.) P6: This game is run using the P6 Codex , which explains itself rather succinctly. However, I will be adding and modifying parts of the codex for your use, especially given there are a fair few gaps and classes missing from the current codex. You are encouraged to come up with your own concepts for feats, investments and the like as they pertain to your character or class as long as you keep to a concept of balance. I've already cooked up a few of my own, though I'll keep them under wraps for now, I think. Needless to say, my interest is creating versatile and interesting characters, ones who grow outwards rather than upwards. The concept of multi-class feats might well be on the table, or something rather similar.


I believe that covers everything. If there's anything else, I will have to think on it more, and will do so with another post here. Please, give me your thoughts and concerns if you have any, and I'll respond when I'm able!
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Old 11-16-2014, 01:18 AM
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The injury variant sounds excellent and dynamic. It will make enemy rogues and casters extra frightening, among other things, but that will be all part of the fun.

I am 110% in favor of the skill check and saving throw approach. Sadly, in other games I have seen checking a door for traps, disabling the trap, and then opening the door take 2 weeks to accomplish.

P6 is just going to be fun. I've had great experiences with E6 in the past.
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Old 11-16-2014, 01:43 PM
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1.) Initiative: I like this variant of initiative for play-by-post, I think it works really well and still allows for those who would normally invest in initiative-improving feats the chance to go first, without slowing the posting rate down.

2.) Values: This is useful, if you can give us some idea of what the four categories mean roughly. Is Fresh 100%-75% strain/injury, Tired 75%-50%, Fatigued 50%-25%, and Exhausted 25%-0%? Or are you using some other mechanic? I understand the terms as applied to the PF "conditions", but not as they apply to the strain/injury. Also, since you are using the fatigued and exhausted terms, do these also mean that once you hit "fatigued" strain/injury range, you are taking the "fatigued" penalty (-2 Strength and Dexterity) as well? If so, I would like to make sure that is clear -- I haven't read the full Strain/Injury document yet, just your summary -- if not, I would like to suggest you find other terms to use so we aren't getting confused about "which fatigued" label applies.

3.) Strain/Injury: I like the sound of this. Admittedly I'm in the party with the most healing readily available, so it won't affect me as much as it might the Redwater group.

4.) Skill Checks and Saving Throws: Sounds good to me. As far as I'm concerned, all dice rolls are generated by the same random number generator, so it doesn't matter to me overmuch who initiates the dice roll. It might be worthwhile to make sure you don't secret the dice rolls made on our behalf (I know DMs often post secret dice for their own rolls), but I for one am not concerned with this.

5.) Posting: I use the Parchment Redux skin on my laptop, so the spacing is built in, but I know the mobile skin takes all that out, so I don't mind posting fieldsets. Is the indenting within them really necessary? I guess I've never done that, and I might be a little set in my ways. But I've never spent an extended period of time using a mobile device to browse the site, so I don't really know if it makes that much of a difference.

6.) P6 Codex: This is the first I've seen this document, but I've played E6/E7 before and I assume it is applied in full, just written out for those of us not interested in referencing multiple rule books/docs. I'll browse this to see how well they've applied E6 to Pathfinder, but I imagine if it's as public as it seems, others would have raised objections already if they didn't do it accurately. I'm good with this. Any idea what the status of the "full P6 Codex rule set with additional options and rules" that they say is scheduled for Fall 2014 is? The extensions "Formularie" and "Apocrypha" will be useful with the new classes, but I'd be most interested in the "full" codex.

I've no strong feelings about anything I didn't check () off, or I'll be happier once you clarify a bit. But overall I have no objections to the houserules as you've written them.
Please, everyone, stay safe, be healthy.
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