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Old 09-24-2020, 11:12 AM
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Ok, I'm new and this may be a silly question that is addressed elsewhere but I was wondering something. Was exploring the site and looking at some posts by players auditioning to join a game (at least that was how I understood it.) Anyway, most of them had really nice graphics in the post to represent their character idea.

Since so many of them did I'm assuming that not all of them are that gifted as graphic artists. Is there a place people have artwork like that for us to use? From other sites I was given to understand it wasn't cool to get stuff like that off of places like deviant art or similar venues. And is it expected that we provide some sort of art to represent our characters?

Inquiring minds wanna know and all that.....
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Old 09-24-2020, 12:38 PM
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The use of images is up to the player and the GM. I have only come across one GM that requires it, several GM's that encourage it, and many GM's that don't use them at all, except maybe for maps, etc..

It's certainly not required (except for aforementioned GM's that do require it).

As for where... There are free image sites (WOTC used to have one, still do if you know how to find it buried in the archives), and then there are artists who do sketches (commissions) around, and then there's the hot linking you see. It is not encouraged, but unless it becomes an issue, we also don't run around trying to police it proactively.

My two cents: a picture in your character sheet can be nice for a little imagination spark, but I still believe this is a written media, and I would rather you describe your PC for me, than be lazy and toss up an image.
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