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Old 03-17-2020, 10:18 PM
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Erna Luckschild
Half-orc Cleric of Tymora (Life Domain)


Erna nudges Relena. "I thought they were good questions," she murmurs.

Louder, she says, "We know what we need to know! Let's go investigate this place. Tomorrow? I could use the rest. I mean, we did sort of take a thrashing from that pirate crew, didn't we? I would have thought we'd have done better. I mean, Bethrynna did take down three. But the rest of us..." She sighs unhappily. "I've had better showings. If we knew we were gonna hit the guy as soon as he came in the door, why didn't we plan an ambush? I was still playing cards! Still, we triumphed in the end, even if we did hurt a lot of people in the process."

"Anyway, next time we'll have the measure of what can be done. I do say, Sarillar, you seem to have a way of getting yourself hurt. There's a point where bravery becomes foolhardiness, you know? Of course, you're not much better, Rel. Don't get me wrong! It's a privilege to be able to help you both! I am blessed by my goddess. But be more careful, okay?"

She walks over to where Bethani is slouched against the wall, frowning. "There's a little space in my room at the Lady's House, if you don't mind sleeping on the floor. I can fit this one," she says, prodding Bethani with her toe. "Maybe one more. Or two, if you don't mind being close. I guess that's a lot to not mind, but there will be warm bread for breakfast, and maybe some smoked salmon!"

She squats, then, and slings Bethani over her shoulder, holding her in a fireman's carry. She stands up, her nostrils flaring. The half-elf isn't especially heavy, but Erna has her gear to contend with as well. "Well," she says, letting the load settle in. It's a long walk back to the Lady's Hall, and mostly uphill. She's ready to be off. "Meet at the Basilisk Gate at seven bells? Perhaps catch them unaware. The Dead Three seem to prefer the night.

Anyone coming with me?"

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Old 03-18-2020, 10:17 AM
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Unferth leaned against the back wall with his arms folded, taking in the scene before him. Knowledge passed from the woman's lips with Zodge's prodding, showing again to the dwarf who really had the power in this dynamic. I know we are on the same side, but it feels a bit humiliating have to run back to him to solve our problems... His eyes flicked up to Relena's tender questioning of now dead their contact, but his gaze returned to the floor. She isn't worth that much, lass. Just a tool to be used when the time is right before moving on to the next task.

He observed a while until the old man marched up to the now passed out ranger and started poking her with a walking stick in a futile effort to get her to move. The warlock's gloved hand snatched the end of the prodding tool before the priest could hit the half-elf again. "Relax boyo, as you can see we are taking care of our own. Don't do that again." He forced the tip of the walking stick back towards the priest with a bit of force before turning to his compatriots.

"Well, if the more faithful among you has lodging to spare for the ladies, Sarillar and I can share the room here. And I think we should do some scouting first before charging in blindly. If we all enter one entrance, what's to stop them from sneaking out another if there is one?" He threw back his hood and ran a hand over his exposed scalp, feeling the rough prickle of hair attempting to grow back. "Any objection to those arrangements?"


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"We are sons of Durin, and Durin's folk do not flee from a fight. I have no right to ask this of any of you, but will you follow me one last time?"

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Old 03-18-2020, 12:01 PM
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Learning to read.
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Bethrynna heard the soft slump of Bethani as she proceeded to bravely prevent the floor from leaping up and attacking them all. Since arriving in Baldur's Gate, Bethrynna had become quite the connoisseur of drunken collapses, since seeing her first drunkard...a halfling, surprisingly enough...spin and fall over outside a tavern one night soon after her arrival. She'd received a substantial amount of mocking laughter when she'd stopped to try to render aid, including from the halfling himself, as long as many shouted suggestions about how she could 'assist' him better. It had been very confusing and embarrassing, so Beth had made a study of the various types of drunken collapse so that she could better distinguish them from those in real need.

The first, and perhaps her favorite, was the spinning collapse she'd witnessed from the halfling. Despite the loss of coordination, a spin-fall always seemed graceful, regardless of who the perpetrator was. It was like a leaf falling from a tree...the more chaotic and meandering the path to the ground, the more beautiful and interesting it seemed. The second, and perhaps the most common, was the faceplant. Beth didn't care for that one, because not only was it ugly and noisy, but it also usually resulted in a significant amount of blood, and perhaps some missing teeth. At least it was efficient, though...straight to the ground in a simple arc, perhaps with a slight bounce. There was also the chair slump, sometimes with an assist from a table or other surface, other times not. Beth wasn't sure if such a collapse qualified for the category, however, as there was interference from the environment tainting the test results. Also, it usually tended to involve the most drooling, so...ick. And finally, there was the sag to the floor. Bethani was demonstrating the most common type, finding a wall or post and sliding down to a sitting position, but Bethrynna had also seen examples of using cart wheels, doors that swung open, and other people. Bethrynna affirmed the qualification of this environmental influence as it did not prevent the affected participant from reaching the ground, the way the table slump did. Thus, the data was still good, and the results accurate.

Bethrynna made note of Bethani's excellent example of the slump, though she wasn't happy about the old man prodding her friend with a stick. She hesitated, recalling Relena's advice on using words wisely. Also, she herself had prodded the occasional test subject to check for reactions, so it seemed hypocritical to scold the priest for the same behavior. She was glad when Unferth put a stop to it, though, and when Erna hoisted Bethani unceremoniously over her shoulder. Good, she's taken care of, thought Beth with a satisfied nod. She knew there was no way she'd be able to drag, much less carry, her friend to a more comfortable location. Note to self: she thought, research a telekinesis spell to assist in carrying the unconscious and wounded.

By that point, everyone seemed ready to go. Beth was pleased that she wouldn't be required to rent another room at the Elfsong. She liked the place...or she had, prior to the slaughter...but it was expensive and distracting. "I will go with you," she responded to Erna, walking over to join her. She lifted Bethani's hair out of the way to check on her for a moment, then nodded and replaced the hair with a pat on the head.

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"That will suffice," Sarillar replied to Zodge's offer to use the room at the end of the hall. The others would likely require lodging as well, but that was not his concern.

Bethani slumped to the floor, either asleep or passed out. It mattered little. He was nearly out of the room when Unferth suggested that he and the dwarf share a room. He stared at the diminutive bearded man for a moment before acquiescing.

"Fine," he uttered before turning to head down the hall, deciding that it was simpler to accept these arrangements than to listen to the others prattle on about where they would be spending the night.

Before entering his room, he told one of the serving girls to bring up food and ale, he would be taking supper in his room, as he usually did.


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Years before..."Now momma?" Bethani asks, standing perfectly still on a narrow log not two feet above the forest floor. She holds the bowstring pulled taught, her right hand beginning to shake from holding the string ready to be loosed for so long. Beads of sweat have been trying to make her flinch for so long that she's forgotten how long she's been standing there.

The pain in her shoulders is intensified from the sack of rocks pulling on them from behind. But still she holds her position, waiting for permission to let go. "Now, momma?" she pleads, again. A moment later she hears the soft footfalls, as her mother walks up behind her. Her fingers have grown numb, and Bethani wonders if she even can release the string, then wonders how much it'll hurt to move her fingers in order to let the arrow fly.

She blinks again, her vision blurry from a mixture of tears and sweat reigning terror upon her eyes. She has already forgotten what her target was supposed to be, and just hopes that she'll be lucky enough to hit it, when the time comes. But she needs not worry about that for long.

A stinging pain strikes across the back of her burning calves. Her bare feet fail to keep their hold on the slippery board, and she falls back. First her bottom hits hard along the board, which bounces from the sudden drop, throwing the young child hard onto her back, the rocks biting through the material on her back, gouging deep into her skin. A scream of pain rips from her throat as she arches her back, then rolls to one side to get away from the rough landing.

"Get up. Try it again. And this time, keep your focus." the uncaring voice sounds in Bethani's head.

Carried away, upon a Half-Orc's shoulder."MMmsorry momma." Bethani murmurs, as her unconscious form is carried to a hopefully more comfortable room.




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Relena Goodknight
Human Acolyte Rogue
Relena did not hold her tongue.

"And would you put a hammer through a board with a hammer, or a Dwarven War Hammer? I should think not the latter. Yet every time you open your mouth, you bring down a greatsword where a letter opener will do. It creates problems for us: you cannot read a letter that has been marred in half to the point of illegibility, so perhaps, don't swing at all. Or swing more carefully. Perhaps finesse your words as you finesse your blade, and you will not find life among civilized folk so jarring." She closes her eyes, breathing, and remembering the calming words of Lathander and Kelemvor, and turning back to her conversation with Bethrynna, hopes that she has been observant.

"Oh dear, never beat yourself up over a lesson. We learn only through bruises, never through not daring to act. Remember that." Relena felt the hypocrite there, quoting phrases rather than things she believed, things she did. She was learning what she spoke, she merely had the peace of mind to speak them calmly and contently. A facade was a good thing to have, almost a mask as strong as Sarillar's. As Bethani speaks, she scoffs, but keeps to herself.

But that was that: there was enough to focus on with Tarina. Relena observed, trying not to see the fading lights in those eyes, the milky color hardly replaced therein by magic. She gave her answer, a fairly simple answer, an almost beautiful one. Simplicity, a lack of complexity brought from complication, by life itself. She wanted out. She wanted merely to be comfortable. Even with the halls of Torm, did Relena not want that for herself? Before she can respond, Tarina is gone. Relena reaches her hand forward, closing the eyes for her. "There is comfort in oblivion, I suppose. Take solace in that, Tarina. Goodbye." And that is that.

Zodge's outrage is humorous at best, and she laughs a bit at the response of the priest. "We do apologize, sir. But I believe we retrieved the relevant information, did we not? Or at least, some relevant information. She elbows Erna, never losing her smile. "No one ever appreciates asking the dead about death, you know? It's always 'we have to solve this murder' or 'where's the inheritance, grandmama?'" Erna speaks the same as she did, if somewhat self-depricatingly. "We all have good days and bad days," she notes, remembering the crack of the sternum not so long ago, caused by a puncturing rapier, "and today was subpar. We could have all handled it better. But that's learning, is it not?" She looked at Tarina again, shocked out of it by a pampering Erna.

"Now hold on, at least I had the good sense to attack and try to defend our contact, Sarillar just charged in and started throwing folk about! But without you, dear Erna, I am nothing, but you know that. We will be more careful, and you must remain attached to my hip. What if what happened to me happens to you, hm?" A wink from behind her spectacles, and Relena sighs. She does need to be more careful.

Unferth offers a good suggestion that they part based on sex, and Relena cannot complain. "Better Tymora than Torm tonight, I think, we could use a little bit of Lady Luck. Let me help with Bethani...." Not much use, she does her best with her less than mediocre strength to lay on. And so, off they go.

Upon arrival, they get comfortable, particularly focused on getting Bethani focused and comfortable, her mumblings strange but nothing Relena wants to get into. "Shush, darling, your three mommas will take care of you. Dear Rynna, do you have her? Erna, are we on the floor? I... I'm not sure I want to be alone right now." It is a rare moment of vulnerability she is willing to give to Erna and Erna alone, though she is not entirely convincing to herself that either Beth had not heard her or will not hear what she has to say.

Once as close to comfortable as can be on the floor, Relena focuses on the holes of her jacket and blouse, stripping down to merely her undergarments, themselves injured, and rubbing over the wounds, wondering if they were scars. And there, Erna and any curious soul would see it, as she had seen it before: the strange tattoo running from center to small of her back, along the spine, in a script Relena assured everyone was Infernal, of some sort, that had always been there.

"I... I don't think we did well today. I don't think I've done well... for days now. Erna, I think I've made a terrible mistake." She does not say what happened there, in the warehouse that night, but it is unspoken enough. The quivering in her voice is enough and Erna knows her well enough. Relena just needs the company. If tears come, and they may well, the breaking of the storm should suffice. But something is terribly wrong, and Relena is scared.

And she hadn't the self-reflection to realize it until now.
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We meet again
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Zodge’s look of amusement slowly fell away as the half-orc went on with another monologue. Though, as Erna lifted the sleeping woman to a shoulder, even the captain couldn’t hide a raised eyebrow and half smile that betrayed a new respect for the woman.

The priest on the other hand, looked less than impressed as Unferth pressed upon him. When the dwarf turned back to the group, the withering old man held up his crooked staff to point it at Unferth’s back, shaking it as he silently mocked. It was only a matter of seconds before he lowered it to the ground once more and shuffled back over to his sleeping area, but not before sticking his tongue out at the uptight mercenary. Zodge fought to stifle a smirk as he kept his attention on his new recruits.

“Whatever you have planned,” he said, “I hope that it will be employed with more tact than you’ve shown thus far. Perhaps leave the cards behind this time.” The captain smiled in a way that made it easy to believe that hundreds of Fists around the city chose to follow him and, perhaps, even hinted that the earlier complications were forgiven - at least enough to make light of. He nodded to the priest and strode out of the room, leaving the group to find their way to their accommodations.


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