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Old 01-17-2020, 04:32 AM
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Guardians of Taro Town

[FIELDSET=Plot Summary]


Taro TownOur story takes place in Taro Town, a small town on the eastern part of the Herald Kingdom, surrounded by cave systems that house the ruins of a long forgotten civilization. The town is a peaceful place, but exists well off the beaten path, leaving it fairly isolated from the rest of the Herald Kingdom. Luckily, the town is largely self sufficient, with a wealth of natural resources to get by.

The town was founded over 200 years ago by the late adventurer Orion Taro, and established as a place for adventurers to retire and get away from the chaos of the outside world. It is now controlled by the fourth generation of the Taro family, Mayor Ulysses Taro, and is now the home to nearly 2000 people, many of which are the descendants of former adventurers from an earlier age. The town is home to a healthy mining industry, fertile farms, and attracts the occasional tourist to see the ancient ruins that can be found in the local cave systems.

Taro town is home to a diverse collection of races from all over the world. It is not uncommon to find humans working alongside goblins in the markets, dwarves digging in the mines with orcs, or minotaur plowing the fields. While not everyone always gets along, there is little in the way of actual conflict in Taro Town. To some, that makes it a paradise... but for those with a thirst for adventure, it can get a bit dull.

Game infoThis will be a coming of age tale, where you will be playing one of the youths in Taro Town, between the ages of 16 and 19, destined for fame, riches, and adventure -- or so might hope. Your character's actions and decisions will determine the fate of both themselves, and that of Taro Town -- and possibly even the world.

The game will largely be a sandbox, where characters will be able to do as they please, with all the potential consequences that entails. That being said, this isn't a hack and slash game, roleplay will be very important and will likely take up a solid 70% of all in game activity.

As far as the general story goes, this is intended to be largely a sandbox game, and things are subject to change on a whim. I have a few plot hooks already planned, but which ones you encounter will largely depend on who your characters are, and what they do.


What level do we start at?
Players will begin the game at level 1, with no starting equipment. Don't worry, you wont immediately need it, and by the time you do, you'll have picked up something.

How are stats determined?
You'll be given a choice once players have been decided, of a standard 27 point buy, or a slight variation of rolled stats.

What source material can I use?
Pretty much anything officially published by WotC is fine -- One exception is that I wont allow Warforged, they just don't fit the setting in this case. Anything outside of that needs to be run by me first. I'm pretty easy to convince, so don't be shy. This includes homebrewed material, I'll be including a couple NPCs with races that aren't in any official material myself, so if you want to play something that isn't in any books, run it by me and I'll let you know.

When are applications due by?
It's too early to tell, but I'm tentatively giving an app cutoff date of 1/27/2020 -- That's 10 days from the writing of this post.

ApplicationName: Self explanatory
Age: Between 16 and 19 years old
Class: Self explanatory
Race: Self explanatory
Background: Give me a one or two word idea of what your character does in the village.
Personality: Tell me a bit about your character's personality. How do they act in front of others? Why? What do they like and dislike?

Backstory: Your character is young, so I don't expect them to have a super detailed backstory, but give me a couple paragraphs that describe their upbringing and some formative events in their past that brought them to where they are now. Tell me how and why they've taken up the class you've chosen. Give me an idea of who their family is, or was in the event that they have no family anymore.

Appearance: Pictures are great, but in the absence of that, give me a solid description of what other people see when they look at your character.

Three NPCs: Give me three NPCs that are important to your character. Tell me why they're important and give me a brief idea of who they are and what they're like. These can be friends, enemies, or family.

Character Link: All of your characters are going to know one another, living in such a small town together. Assuming that there are at least three other applications other than your own, tell me how your character knows at least three of the other characters being applied for, and what they think of them. For bonus points, work with each other to create a small snippet of RP that shows a typical interaction between your characters. You are encouraged to talk amongst yourselves either on the forum or in PMs to establish character links. (Obviously the first several applicants can ignore this until there are more applications to look at.)

Our current applications thus far:
telcontar Lerissa the Garrulous Bard (College of Lore) Tiefling 1
BinnFord Wuuni Fighter Bugbear 2
Wishkamon Annabelle Rocksong Bard (College of Law?) Dwarf 3
Valornor Valornor Gladewarder Ranger Wood Elf 4 - WITHDRAWN
hjohenson Yuki Awaitori Scientist (Chemist) Kenku 5
Jasontheswift Ander Rallins Paladin Human Variant 6
Zangul Ray of Light (Ray) Monk (Way of the Sun Soul) Tabaxi 7
triedtherest Friar Bertram Bellows Cleric (Life) Halfling (Stout) 8
Alemar Tulin Fairfield Cleric Half-Orc 9
ColorsOfTheHeart Trevor Silverwind Monk (Way of the Four Elements) Human Variant 10
InfamousDasher Bew Rinchen Monk (Way of the Astral Self) Changeling 11
Theore Rivezran Tobiadoreus (Nym) Wizard (Onomancy) Human (Changeling) 12
JaredSyn Arjhan Fireborn Sorceror Half-Eladrin 13
girlplay Kerri Evenwood Fighter (Champion) Human (Variant) 14 - WITHDRAWN
Alatere Jack Fletcher Rogue Half-Elf 15
MarsComulus Dacian Varro Rogue Human 16
Stadiumite Lumin Sorcerer (Wild Mage) Scourge Aasimar 17
Citizen Sam Cadmun Ashward Wizard (Abjuration) Human 18
Drager Orryn Timbers Artificer (Battlesmith) Gnome 19
skrobbins Gavryn H’olvidian Ranger Human 20
cookieyummy Nevivakri "Nevi" Tarikosh Astrologian/Sorcerer/Wizard Kalashtar 21

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Old 01-17-2020, 11:16 AM
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Lerissa: Application Completed
right-aligned image

Name: Lerissa
Age: 16
Class: Bard (College of Lore, eventually)
Race: Tiefling (probably Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, pp. 21-22Bloodline of Glasya)
Background: Barmaid, Player's Handbook, pp. 130-131Entertainer

A little musical accompaniment to this application

Her parents were both adventurers. When Lerissa was two, her Human mother (Jhessail) lost her mind in a battle with mind flayers. Lerissa's Tiefling father (Damakos) brought the small family to Taro Town, in the hope that the bucolic atmosphere of the town would aid in Jhessail's recovery. Alas, this hope never bore fruit.

When Lerissa was nine, her father left town and never returned. Thankfully, the neighbors (a childless Halfling couple) took pity on Lerissa and Jhessail. They cooked meals for them and, when Lerissa was old enough to work, looked after Jhessail.

When she was thirteen, Lerissa started working as a barmaid at Samsara's Lift, a local tavern. Although initially very soft-spoken and shy, she was very popular with the patrons due to her exotic good looks and kind heart. Too popular, on occasion. Although the locals, knowing the sadness of her home life, were respectful, visitors to the town only saw an attractive Tiefling girl and were prone to getting handsy. She always rebuffed such advances.

Over time, Lerissa grew more confident in her work, and more and more chatty with the patrons. She started learning music and performance from the tavern's resident Bard, Soveliss, and in recent times has even been performing on the little stage in the common room.







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left-aligned image
Name: Wuuni
Age: 16 (in human years)
Class: Fighter
Race: Bugbear
Background: Blacksmith's Lackey

Appearance: For a Bugbear, Wuuni is considered unkempt and bland. Instead of sharp angles and straight slices of facial hair, hers hangs longer than it should and is often found in some combination of dwarf-like braids or simply tied in haphazard clumps with leather bands. She lacks the sophisticated tusks of the better-noticed warriors and women in her tribe, and her nose is far less prominent than what many consider attractive. She tried, on suggestion, to attach gold rings and other shiny things to maybe highlight her difference as a new beauty standard, but this has yet to help.

Still, Wuuni is broad and muscular, long-limbed and lean: She stands well over six feet, which is quite the respectable size, and manages to take very good care of her nails--more like claws, really--despite her work and playful habits. Every now and then, to her mother's absolute horror, she allows the local children to paint her with colors--eyes, cheeks, and nails--but between the sweat and the arguments, such colors never last long.

Personality: Wuuni isn't so much a dreamer as she is a wanderer, lost in the tales the old adventurers tell at Samsara's Lift. Hers are eyes that want to see the world, not becauase she thinks it might be better out there, but because she's convinced it's bigger. She is surprisingly gentle with the young and surprisingly reverent of the old, gruff but soft-spoken, and undeniably vicious when her temper's tested and her strength take hold.

She cannot claim any great tragedy or any great joy, but it's precisely this even-keeled living that has led her to want for more. Wuuni would love to find one great passion, or exist in one great moment, and maybe if she could--maybe, if she accomplished something so unexpected or incredible--her mother would finally see her, Wuuni, and not the Fool Girl she's been known as for these last fourteen years. To this end, Wuuni is an accomplished listener but a slow speaker, often full of good questions she can never quite find the words to ask. She is not shy so much as she is reserved, and she is not clever so much as she is smart. A "Thinker With Fists" her dad once called her, and she can't help but believe it's true.

Wuuni has the potential to be a leader--that bravery and strength exist in her--but she's never been given the chance.




Integrity has no need of rules.
(Albert Camus)

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Definitely interested~ I'll try to get something put together soon~
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Annabelle Rocksong
right-aligned image

Name: Annabelle Rocksong (Annabelle Rockhound)
Age: 18
Class: Bard (lore?)
Race: Dwarf
Background: Rebellious Dropout.

Appearance: Annabelle has a round, handsome face with small dark eyes. Her hair is black, but in rebellion to normal dwarven beauty standards, it is cut short, with one side shaved down to the skin. Her nose has been broken a few times, and she has a ring through it, as well as in her lip, two in her eyebrows and more than one could count in her ears. She is short and stout, muscular with an ample bosom. She has several homemade tattoos and often sports a black eye or a bust lip.

Personality: Annabelle is feisty and defiant to a degree that causes her parents and many adults of Taro to despair. She is quick to anger and even quicker to pass snarky comments. The bard is argumentative for the sake of it because she loves getting into fights. This is the kind of girl your parents warned you about... Her more redeemable qualities are her fierce loyalty to her friends and the fountain of charisma that makes her a good leader and performer. Although she often seems mean spirited, she does have a soft side; she is quick to fall in love and surprisingly forgiving of those who have wronged her. She tends to make snap decisions and judgements of people, but she's not afraid to change her mind and admit her mistake if she's proven wrong- often those she butted heads with initially turn out to be her closest friends. Once she has taken a liking to someone she can be quite motherly and protective, though this sometimes rears its head as obsession and possessiveness. The continuing support and admiration of her friends means her ego is more than a little over inflated, and indeed this echo chamber is certainly in part responisble for her constant acting out; she likes having the reputation. Annabelle could probably do with being taken down a few pegs, but unfortunately she’s such an infamously strong brawler that people don’t often try.

Backstory: Annabelle comes from a long and proud line of Taro town miners who have lived and mined here for generations. Her family naturally assumed that their daughter would want to continue their work freeing precious resources from the land to support development of the town. Unfortunately for them Annabelle had different ideas. She was always outspoken as a child, and had a natural knack for getting into mischief. Her best friend Aster came from a broken family, and some of the girl's issues undoubtably rubbed off on the dwarf.
One day, when she was a young teenager a troupe of performers passed through the town. Annabelle went every night to watch them perform and soon became obsessed with the idea of becoming a bard herself. Her parents were sure it was a phase, but when she became romantically involved with one of them- a tall, shadowy tiefling with a knack for the fiddle- they were outraged and forbid her to see him anymore. This was the catalyst for her rebellious streak, and she would sneak out every night to drink and jam with the demonic performer. Eventually the troup moved on, and broken hearted Annabelle was left to stew with her feelings. She felt like her family didn’t understand her at all and started skipping on her responsibilities and encouraging the other teens to do the same. She bought herself a fiddle and began playing her anarchistic-emo-punk songs on the street to anyone who would listen. Most of the older generations would dismiss it as ‘loud, angry noise’ but amongst her friends and some of the younger generation (particularly those who shared her disenchantment with the town or their families' traditions) it became quite popular. Now, at the age of 18 she is generally seen as a bit of a ‘bad seed’ about town. She has a tight group of friends who are a growing nuisance as they drink and fight about town in the evenings.


Character links-


Annabelle is all too aware of the other young bard in Taro. Lerissa is beautiful, friendly and talented, and was taken on as a study by the resident bard Solveriss. All these things helped spur a hot point of jealousy in the rebellious young dwarf. Of course she spends a lot of her time drinking in Samsara's lift, so she knows better than to actively pick a fight with her, but behind her back Annabelle is not shy of speaking ill of the tiefling, and harbors a fierce paranoia that she might steal her beloved Mersiff next time he's in town!

Wuuni was never much of a talker but the two girls got on well given the bugbear’s familiarity with the dwarves of Taro. As they grew and Annabelle became more interested in fighting and troublemaking, the two drifted apartt, but Annabelle feels like she can still rely on Wuuni as a sounding board for her music and rants.

Annabelle is curious about the handsome half-orc Tulin. She sees him walking to the chapel to study, and she sees him drinking in the tavern. She knows half orcs are great brawlers, but he has never seemed interested in sparring, much to her disappointment. His efforts to avoid her only peak her interest in him, and she expresses this by teasing him whenever he walks by on the street, sometimes flirtatiously, and ocasionaly mean-spiritedly to keep up apearences with her friends.


Yuki Annabelle likes the bookish Kenku a lot and never gives him any trouble. She particularly likes his disregard for the rules, and his blunt, curious nature. Although the two are unlikely to spend much time together due to Yuki's studies, she makes an effort to be nice to him when he’s around, and even penned a little ditty about him when they were both in custody for minor misdemeanors, titled ‘Anarchist-Alchemist’


Annabelle is fond of both Jack and his mother, the latter of whom is always happy to oblige in her outlandish clothing requests.
As for Jack... She finds him to be one of the more 'activly fun' boys about town and there's simply no escaping his good looks. He's not shy of getting into a bit of trouble, and has a silver tongue that has talked the pair out of it on more than a few occasions. Although his is michevious he doesn't seem to harbour any of the same resentment that drives her, and she finds that makes his acts of rebellion feel a little hollow to her.
One night the two got rather close after what seemed like an age of back and forth flirting. Annabelle was sure the rouge avoided her for a few weeks after that, and things never quite got that far again...


Trevor: Trevor’s endless tranquility is a source of frustration to Annabelle, and despite several attempts to belittle him, Trevor always manages to talk his way out of a scuffle with her so she’s stopped trying. Annabelle likes to talk with her first whereas Trevor sees it as a last resort, despite his extensive training and this fundamental difference means that she doesn’t really bother with him.

Ray: Annabelle has a soft spot for the tabaxi. One day while she was teasing him she hit a nerve and caught a rare glance of his inner rage. He had her off her feet and on the floor before she could even make a fist and she liked that. While they are not too close she respects him.

Ander: Annabelle and Ander frequent vastly different groups of friends and don’t really know each other.

Bertram: Bertram's appearance would make him a prime target for Annabelle’s mean streak, however, even the young bard was not immune from the love and compassion of Granny Bellows growing up, and as such out of respect to her she never gives the halfling any trouble, and even came to appreciate his kind homely attitude over time.

Bew: The first time Annabelle met Bew she had bailed out of monk training to go have some fun and Annabelle respected that. The dwarf finds her relentlessly upbeat attitude a bit annoying, but she loves the changeling’s abilities and is always trying to convince her to use them for trouble making purposes

“To keep your marriage brimming, With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you’re wrong, admit it; Whenever you’re right, shut up.”

Playing- Sigil Moonchild @ Ravnica: Reconstructed | DMing- Law of the Jungle

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It appears this setting is not a good fit for the PC that I want to play. Best of luck with the game!

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I know you said you didn't want any Warforged but are other Eberron races okay? I've got an idea for a Kalashtar.
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Originally Posted by Awake View Post
I know you said you didn't want any Warforged but are other Eberron races okay? I've got an idea for a Kalashtar.
Sure, go for it.
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right-aligned image

Name: Yuki Awaitori
Age: 17
Class: Scientist, eventually becoming a Chemist.
Race: Kenku
Background: An alchemist's apprentice.
Personality: To those who have just met him, Yuki is a quiet, reserved little kenku. He doesn't speak often, but happily listens to whatever folks around him have to say. He adores learning new things, putting the pieces of mental puzzles together as he learns more about his peers. It's not uncommon for him to suddenly ask direct (and often deeply personal) questions of people, often in their own voice. Similarly, he absolutely loves books! He has a lifetime subscription to the Taro Town libraries, and seeing Yuki stumbling out with a massive pile of books to read is a weekly occurrence. He has a few that he's kept for his own personal collection, most notably a massive encyclopedia on naturally occurring chemicals.

The reason he enjoys learning so many things is because he adores using that knowledge. To Yuki, utilizing information to produce a satisfactory result is akin to a delicious meal. He relishes in the feeling of power that comes from seeing a hypothetical process proven in real life. To him, it doesn't matter if it's a chemical concoction, some new method for brewing a potion, or seeing how well he can manipulate someone. If he can put his knowledge to use, and have it pay off somehow, he's happy!

There's little in the world that Yuki isn't happy to see... except rules. He despises laws, regulations, rules, or guidelines that exist without a good reason. "Don't jump into the ocean"? Yeah, that makes sense to him. "Don't walk on the grass"? Hell no. He's going to ignore that. It's grass, you're supposed to walk on it! To Yuki, rules like that are better off ignored; in fact, most rules are better off ignored. To him, it's better to live by common sense and personal ethics, and his happen to be pretty gosh darn nice.



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App - Ready for Feedback
right-aligned image
Name: Ander Rallins
Age: 16
Class: Paladin
Diety: currently unknown to AnderBahamut
Race: VariantHuman
Background: Squire



Three NPCs:

Character Links

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You've got the paired interest of myself and InfamousDasher.

We will work out a linked application ASAP.
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What temples are in this town?
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There is one multipurpose chapel building, but no proper temples. The worship of most non-evil deities is permitted in the chapel, and there are priests devoted to most major gods.

There are also shrines scattered around the village devoted to some of the lesser known gods... and if you know where to look, some evil gods as well.
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Looks like it could be fun. I'm interested!

Working on a proper entry as we speak.
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Name: Ray of Light (Ray) Ray Silverwind
Clan: The Radiant Clan
Age: 16
Class: Monk. Way of sun soul
Race: Tabaxi
Background: Orphan

Personality: Ray Silverwind is a hot head. Quick to anger.
As a young kit he would always start fights and always try to show the other kits in the clan that he could handle him self. You see Ray was always picked on for being the smallest in the clan. That put pressure on him to show he may be small but strong. But with training he learned to turn anger into energy (ki) and began shifting from hot head to calm, with the fury still inside burning deep down.

Backstory: Ray was born in the tabaxi clan known as The Radiant Clan. Out of the 12 kits he was the smallest. On a daily basis he would get picked on or bullied, He would respond by fighting. One day the Clan Leader had lead the clan to Taro, where they had settled for a few months. During those few months, Ray made friends with Trevor Silverwind and Arjhan Fireborn. Over the few months my clan was in Taro Trevor and Arjhan would step in and keep the others from bullying and teasing Ray. Untill one day the clan left and abandoned Ray. Trevors parents took him in as one of there own.

Having grown up wiith Trevor over the last 11 years, was a fascinating, Ray would teach Trevor the ancient language payit, and in return Trevor taught Ray to control his anger through meditation. Ray would also satisfy his curiosity by hitting the books with Arjhan taking a liking in diplomacy and learning laws and government structure of surrounding kingdoms. Or what he could learn. When Trevor left to train with the painted fists. Ray took interest in another monastery. Lead by Leith Owens a group of monks called the rising sun. Ray took a liking to Leith because of the technic he uses with his martial arts. So Ray joined the. The rising sun monastery to learn the ways of the sun and to use diplomacy before violence.

Appearance: Ray is 4ft 5in, 285 lbs, his fur is auburn gold with jet black stripes and a snow white under belly. Gazing upon Rays face you would find jungle green eyes, 8 whiskers varring in length. The stripes on his head and around his face resembles lighting. The reason for his clan name Ray of light. He doesnt wear a shirt. But does wear gi style pants purple in color. He also carries a ball of yarn with where ever he goes. The ball of yarn was given to him by Lucina.

Three NPC'S:Smokeis the biggest and strongest of the kits in the clan. He is also Rays older brother, always picking on Ray, and getting the others to join in. Nothing but a trouble maker.Leith Owens,, is the Leader of the monks of the rising sun, who teaches Ray the way of the sun soul. Lucina and Alexander Silverwind, They are Trevors's parents. Who took Ray in as one of their own when the clan left him behind.

Character link:Trevor Silverwind,
Ray grew up with him as a brother for the last 11 years. Ray and Trevor would meet up during there training and spar with each other using their different styles. Needless to say the two are inseparable. Ray will always have Trevor's back.

Arjhan Fireborn, Has been a close friend to Ray. Helping keeping the others from bullying him. Arjhan and Ray would frequant the Library a lot together, when Ray wasn't with Trevor. While Arjhan as doing his research, Ray would reasearch Law and Government structure.

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