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Old 03-24-2020, 09:16 PM
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From the original application to this game.

Name: Ray of Light (Ray) Ray Silverwind
Clan: The Radiant Clan
Age: 16
Class: Monk. Way of sun soul
Race: Tabaxi
Background: Orphan

Personality: Ray Silverwind is a hot head. Quick to anger.
As a young kit he would always start fights and always try to show the other kits in the clan that he could handle him self. You see Ray was always picked on for being the smallest in the clan. That put pressure on him to show he may be small but strong. But with training he learned to turn anger into energy (ki) and began shifting from hot head to calm, with the fury still inside burning deep down.

Backstory: Ray was born in the tabaxi clan known as The Radiant Clan. Out of the 12 kits he was the smallest. On a daily basis he would get picked on or bullied, He would respond by fighting. One day the Clan Leader had lead the clan to Taro, where they had settled for a few months. During those few months, Ray made friends with Trevor Silverwind and Arjhan Fireborn. Over the few months my clan was in Taro Trevor and Arjhan would step in and keep the others from bullying and teasing Ray. Untill one day the clan left and abandoned Ray. Trevors parents took him in as one of there own.

Having grown up wiith Trevor over the last 11 years, was a fascinating, Ray would teach Trevor the ancient language payit, and in return Trevor taught Ray to control his anger through meditation. Ray would also satisfy his curiosity by hitting the books with Arjhan taking a liking in diplomacy and learning laws and government structure of surrounding kingdoms. Or what he could learn. When Trevor left to train with the painted fists. Ray took interest in another monastery. Lead by Leith Owens a group of monks called the rising sun. Ray took a liking to Leith because of the technic he uses with his martial arts. So Ray joined the. The rising sun monastery to learn the ways of the sun and to use diplomacy before violence.

Appearance: Ray is 4ft 5in, 285 lbs, his fur is auburn gold with jet black stripes and a snow white under belly. Gazing upon Rays face you would find jungle green eyes, 8 whiskers varring in length. The stripes on his head and around his face resembles lighting. The reason for his clan name Ray of light. He doesnt wear a shirt. But does wear gi style pants purple in color. He also carries a ball of yarn with where ever he goes. The ball of yarn was given to him by Lucina.

Three NPC'S:Smokeis the biggest and strongest of the kits in the clan. He is also Rays older brother, always picking on Ray, and getting the others to join in. Nothing but a trouble maker.Leith Owens,, is the Leader of the monks of the rising sun, who teaches Ray the way of the sun soul. Lucina and Alexander Silverwind, They are Trevors's parents. Who took Ray in as one of their own when the clan left him behind.

Character link:Trevor Silverwind,
Ray grew up with him as a brother for the last 11 years. Ray and Trevor would meet up during there training and spar with each other using their different styles. Needless to say the two are inseparable. Ray will always have Trevor's back.

Arjhan Fireborn, Has been a close friend to Ray. Helping keeping the others from bullying him. Arjhan and Ray would frequant the Library a lot together, when Ray wasn't with Trevor. While Arjhan as doing his research, Ray would reasearch Law and Government structure.

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Old 03-24-2020, 09:42 PM
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left-aligned image

Name: Bella Fairleaf
Age: 18
Class: Fighter (eventually becoming an Eldritch Knight)
Race: Wood Elf
Dice Harrowing Event:
1d10 8
Haunted One

Personality: Bella comes off as shy, insecure, however this is a very false assumption. She is still dealing with the affects of her childhood, and has found that having a little emotional space is best when first dealing with new people. Once she has allowed herself to open up to someone, her true self begins to shine through. Completely loyal and stalwart, Bella truly would give anything for her friends.

Backstory: Bella was born in Taro Town, and works as a gardener, using her natural affinity with nature to beautify the grounds of Taro's Town Hall. Bella was always a friendly and inquisitive child; traits that were encouraged by her loving parents. A few days after her 8th birthday, Bella had the misfortune of stumbling upon a discarded book during a walk in the woods outside of her town. Being curious, as most children are, and as she had been taught by her family, she excitedly flopped the old tome open and gazed in wonderment at the aged parchment. At first it appeared to her eyes as if nothing was written on the many pages, however, as if sensing her presence upon it, strange pictures and words began flashing across it's many pages, as if controlled by some unseen mind. Instinctively, she snapped the book shut, and threw it into a nearby fire pit. The damage had already been done though, and unfortunately some of the pictures and phrases were already burning themselves into her mind's eye. Even 10 years on, she can still smell the old vellum, she can see the flashes on the pages, and she can remember the words. She has no idea what those incantations might mean, why the images are still so sharp in here memory, and most of all; she wonders who, or what, could have left such a book for a child to stumble upon in the woods.

Dice trinket:
1d100 76
A small mirror that shows an aged version of the viewer

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Old 03-25-2020, 04:35 PM
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Alright, replacement has been found. Thanks a lot to everyone who showed interest!
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