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Old 03-22-2020, 09:59 PM
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It's only a rule for the application threads here. I don't mind as long as they are in the spoiler tags but admin ask rolling isn't done in these threads.
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Old 03-22-2020, 10:17 PM
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Hey Xalnaga!

Name: Shiver LeVerve
Race: Tiefling
Class: Sorcerer/Bard
Background: Entertainer

Back Story: Shiver is relatively new in town, and the only information he has given out regarding his past is that which he feels will add to his mystique. His forebears were archmages who commingled their bloodlines with dragons in order to increase their sibylline prowess, and their power flows through his veins. His mother was the High Priestess of an ancient cult, and that she performed certain rituals upon him as a child to make him hardier and more charming than other children. He was able to walk away from every battle he fought because of a song that a devil taught him.

Of course, none of this is true, but folks are going to look at him funny for being a Tiefling anyway—why fight against their prejudice when he can put it to good use?

He came to town after the war, which he spent traveling with an artillery company who hired him to keep their soldiers focused and in good spirits during the heat of battle. When the war stopped, so did the money, and he longed for a glory that could outlast bloodshed. So, he found his way to the city to begin creating a name and a reputation for himself as a great songwriter and performer, someone who can really capture the voice of the underbelly of a city and the unsavory epics that unfold by the docks and in the alleys.

Joining a gang seemed like the best way to find that voice and earn that reputation. In a few months’ time, he wants to be able to leave the city and be known wherever he goes as the sort of singer/songwriter who has truly looked human nature in the eye.


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Old 03-23-2020, 04:09 AM
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Would we all be considered to be in the same street gang right at the start or are we different groups?
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Old 03-23-2020, 06:31 AM
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Name Xhar
Race Half-Orc
Class Fighter, Dual-Wielding
Background Criminal

Things to Remember #1: When attempting to bluff ones way out of an old bar bill, it is not wise to yell Tab?! TAB?!! I have been in this bar before, ye drunken lout!
As the Troll Master Chef was wont to say : There's no Race like Gnome, for the Hollendaise.

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right-aligned image

Name: Castro
Race: Human
Class: Warlock (Lurker in the Deep)
Back ground: Sailor

Back story: Castro had been born in Montrose, but from the age of 14 he had spent little time there. The sea had called out to him in a way that nothing ever had. From one merchant ship to another, by the time he was twenty-five, he had earned himself the position of first mate on the Black Rose, the largest merchant galleon to sail out of Montrose. Then, tragedy struck.

A storm suddenly set upon the ship, leaving no where to go but to try and ride it out. Wave after wave crashed against the hull, each one causing it to creak and moan until a massive bolt of lightning struck the main mast and broke a hole in the weakened hull. The ship sunk within minutes, its crew lost to the depths. Castro tried to stay afloat, but it was as though the sea were trying to drown him, so aggressive were the waves. Down he went, until the last flicker of light was gone from his eyes.

He woke on a beach near Montrose, coughing up nearly a gallon of sea water. By rights, he knew he should have been dead, but there he was. Several days later he began remembering things about what he had seen in the deep, of something so sublimely horrific that it shook him to his very core.

Why he was spared and what he had seen were things that had driven him to the point of obsession for nearly the past thirty years. He had learned things during that time about what he had seen, for there had been others like him, though he found that most of their minds never quite recovered from the experience.

Now, Montrose finds itself on the brink of collapse, threatening to disrupt the balance of life that had thus far allowed Castro the ability to continue his obsessive search for the lurker in the deep in relative peace. Not one to involve himself in the political power struggles within the city, he now finds himself pressed into taking action.

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Hey guys. I'm hoping that there will be 2 gangs to start off with. Whether you consider yourselves rivals or allies is up to the players.

Just a heads up my whole country is about to go into lock down so I've got some life admin stuff to sort out but then I'll be back with PMs so we can build characters that you love and will remember fondl and tell your grandchildren about

Loving what I'm seeing so far
Week One Lock Down done. 3 maybe 4 to go.
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Old 03-24-2020, 01:47 AM
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Name: Nagini
Race: Yuan-ti Pureblood
Class: Sorcerer(Divine Soul)/Cleric (Death Domain)
Background: Haunted One

Back story:
Born and raised in the Academy, not a graduate however as he wasn't a student, he was a lab rat!
Yuan-ti are known to be cold and emotionless beings, but years of being cut up and tortured, only to be magically put back together and the whole process started again the following day, could teach even the most emotionless being how to hate!
Some of the magical-technicians balked at cutting up an obviously intelligent being, but one did so with great relish, even when there was little or nothing to be learnt by it. Nagini prayed daily to break out of his cage and kill the wretched man, especially after "experimentation!"
One time, while he was hanging in the all too familiar balance between life and death, he felt as though he heard a voice ask him a question: "What would you give in exchange for this death?"
Without hesitation he answered "I would die!"
The voice seemed disappointed, "You have died every day of your life. Would you be prepared to live?"
If Nagini had the power to spit at that point, he would have, "Like this? This ain't living!"
"I quite agree, but I meant to live outside of your cage and teach the gutter-snipes a meme about me."
"But I have no idea who you are!" protested Nagini.
"Not true!" Said the voice. "My power resides in all of your race, you can feel it in the blood that runs through you, and all too often out of you. I am the Creator of the Yuan-ti, I am Subtlety and Cold-hearted Vengeance. I am....!"
"Sanguine!" Nagini finished. He had spent his entire life, or at least all that he could remember, in this damned laboratory, never knowing his people, but the name arose like a Phoenix from the ruins of his body, and with it the power!

The following morning, the laboratory staff came in to discover a brutal sight. The cages were empty and the technician who had been on duty (guess which?) was found cut up on an examination table and very, VERY dead!
As for Nagini , the voice, now known to be the god Sanguine, led him through the city he had lived in all his life but had never seen. People gawked at him, partly because he was partly scaled and partly because he was stark naked (lab experiments don't need to be clothed after all!) After stealing a set of clothes (including a cloak to hide his features) from a washing line, he was led underground through what appeared to be a disused sewer access system, in there he found an old forgotten Shrine of Sanguine. At his approach, a hidden compartment popped open at the base of the shrine. Inside, was a wooden box with two battling snakes carved into the lid.
"Your inheritance." Said the voice/Sanguine. "A group of Purebloods were sent to infiltrate these lands and spread my influence but they were captured by slavers or outright killed before they could do much beyond carving out this place. You were born to the last of them, now there is only you, and once you pass, nobody in these lands will even know my name."
"The Abyss they will!" objected Nagini. "I hereby pledge myself to your service. ALL WILL KNOW YOUR NAME!" The last part came out as a shout.
Sanguine was silent, but another more distant voice said:
"It came from this way. Someone shouted down there!"
A rough looking group appeared, a couple holding torches. They were sewerjacks. Nagini told them he needed both food and shelter, he wasn't polite about it but the workers could feel the intensity of purpose within him, so they shared all they had with him. While they ate, he asked them about their grievances, they had many. Nagini made up a story about a similar situation to them on the spot, and explained how Sanguine showed them how to get even. The men listened intently. The story, and many like it, would be retold throughout the city's poor, many of whom would think of them only as cautionary tales, as few of them had major quarrels in such good times.
Then Montrose went to hell in a handbasket!
While the city is a ruin of it's former self, Nagini and Sanguine could not be happier with the situation. The Magic University and the Slave Markets (which Nagini suffered because of) are now closed. Suffering and grievances are at an all time high, which is the perfect opportunity for a Patron of Dark Vengeance to operate in.
Perfect opportunity or not, Nagini knew he would need more than the charity of the smallfolk to survive these "Interesting Times!" He needed people to watch his back while they carved out a piece of the city for themselves. One of the newly formed gangs had settled a score thanks to some of his advice and approaches him about joining them. After some consideration, he accepted their offer.

He wants to promote the worship of Sanguine in this part of the world, at the moment he's the only Cleric that he knows of, but has heard people whispering Sanguines name as a sort of Dark Oath or form of appeasement.
Eventually, he would like to form a church (or more likely, a cult) dedicated to Sanguine, complete with a dedicated group of assassins.
He keeps an eye on the harbour area for any newcomers that might be Yuan-ti making a second attempt to infiltrate Montrose, and another eye on the Collection of Oddities, who he believes may have had something to do with his people's fate.

Lesser God. God of Cold-blooded Vengeance, Snakes and Poison. Patron of Assassins and those who seek to settle Grudges. Creator of the Yuan-ti.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Until a few years ago, nobody in Montrose had even heard of Sanguine. He surfaced as a dark cautionary tale, possibly to frighten small children into being nice to each other. If they were nasty to anyone, then Sanguine would show the person they were mean to, how get their own back, or so the stories went.
Since the troubles that made Montrose a much worse place to live occurred, many people have used his name as a curse: "Sanguine take you!" And so forth.
Others have silently used his name as an invocation when thinking of ways to get even.
In these times, both uses are increasing in frequency.

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Made an addition to my App.

Things to Remember #1: When attempting to bluff ones way out of an old bar bill, it is not wise to yell Tab?! TAB?!! I have been in this bar before, ye drunken lout!
As the Troll Master Chef was wont to say : There's no Race like Gnome, for the Hollendaise.
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CommentSo... I need your help. I have two character ideas and I can't decide between them. What I'll do is, I'll put the one here that's more "out there" and wait for feedback whether you think it fits into this world. If you think it's iffy, then I'll go with the other one, which is 'safer'.
right-aligned image
Name: Miz'ri [no last or house name, because she's a commoner]
Race: Drow
Class: Sorcerer (Aberrant Mind)
Background: Failed Merchant [I would have gone for Haunted One, but it doesn't give me the extra language to have learnt the surfacer's tongue!]


Miz'ri is unusually soft-looking for a Drow, with a petite build, round face, and a snub nose. To a drow's eyes, she is certainly lacking in strength, and yet she is captivating in her own way with a magnetism about her whose source is difficult to pin down. Her moods are always intense and at the same time volatile, and they express themselves quite freely, her face changing in an instant from supercilious disinterest - seemingly her resting state - to a smile at attention to a pouty show of disapproval, only for her to burst into laughter at a mildly funny joke.

This makes her very engaging and usually likeable, as it is something people do not expect from a drow.

But perhaps most of all it is the curious manner in which she carries herself that provokes fascination, lacking in elegance and grace, yet upright and moving without self-consciousness and inhibition. The inexplicable nuances of her gestures and facial expressions mark her as an intensely sensual creature.

Despite her small size, Miz'ri's voice is deep for a woman, of a dark and slightly husky timbre. She speaks the common tongue of the surface with a noticeable accent. A strange smell of garlic, onion, and vanilla sticks to her body and is noticeable close to her.[1]

She dresses in breeches and shirts of dark colours, practically and comfortably, and seemingly more hesitant to show her skin, though not her shapes, than many drow females would traditionally be.

[1]This was, in fact, the official smell of Illithids in 2e!


Miz'ri is nothing if not intense. Her inner life is rich and colourful, to the point that she often has difficulty keeping her balance, and rather than make a futile attempt at hiding it altogether, she chooses to show it selectively to great effect. Spend an evening talking to her, and you will come away feeling that life is a big deal. Not everyone, of course, is always entirely charmed, and some people find her exhausting and think she is a try-hard with too much to prove.

Nevertheless, one would be mistaken to think that she is a sombre or overly earnest person: in fact, she is wont to joke without taboos, and sometimes takes mischievous pleasure in confusing her interlocutors as to whether she is being facetious or not. A darker soul might recognise that she is probably a good liar.


Miz'ri was born in the Underdark a drow commoner without means or standing - or a house name, for that matter. To a drow of any pedigree, she is essential 'black trash'. It was by mere accident that, as a young adult, she happened to be caught in the abduction of a noblewoman by an Illithid raiding party, and by sheer luck that she could still be helped by the rescue mission just in time to interrupt the process of ceremorphosis. Had they known that she was not actually a member of the princess' entourage, they would hardly have spent a Restoration spell on her.

But despite the magical healing, Miz'ri remained changed, or perhaps it was only her true nature emerging as she transitioned fully into adulthood, little as that meant for a drow of the lowest station. People, even her family, such as it was, found that she gave off an eerie air, and strange, unsettling things started to happen around her, such as people hearing her speak without her lips moving. Miz'ri started to discover that she could bring about magical events far beyond her race's innate talents - but it made her life only worse, not better, in the ever-harsh environments of drow society and the Underdark, and meanwhile, there was no-one to help her understand what happened. Desperate, and growing increasingly paranoid that she was about to be killed by someone or other, she fled.

It was an ill-considered, though fortuitous decision. She barely managed to reach the surface, but when she did, she was fortunate to emerge near so cosmopolitan a city as Montrose. Not that she was exactly welcome. The language was foreign, the culture incomprehensible, and she always drew attention like a magnet. But the city was booming, and people had better things to do than to risk exploiting her, and in time, she managed to adapt, learn the local language - though a strong accent remains to this day -, and find a niche for herself: compared to surface-dwelling humans, even the commonest drow has an exquisite appreciation for luxury, pleasure, and taste.

Miz'ri worked for an importer of exotic goods for a while, being something of an exotic entertainment for customers, and surprisingly convincing with suppliers. Just when, after much hesitation, she had even made a duergar contact in the Underdark and anticipated being thus enabled to start her own enterprise, the civil war hit and caused everyone's appreciation for the finer things in life to vanish overnight. Her employer packed his things overnight and fled the country, leaving Miz'ri to fend for herself in the ensuing chaos...


Whether it is simply her ruling instinct as a drow female or a residue of mindflayer influence - Miz'ri likes to have influence over people. The current chaos, full of uprooted people, while detrimental to comfort, provides fertile ground for the exercise of this inclination. She will be quite delighted if she can manage to get a group of people under her influence to build a business, be it legal or illegal. The street gangs that have formed seem like a good starting point.

Please be aware that my posts are written from my characters' perspective and do not necessarily reflect the truth and/or the writer's opinion.

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Name: Jackie
Race: Human (variant)
Class: Warlock
Background: Outlander

However if you hope to survive and build a lasting character that has goals in mind and play in a true Sandbox (Truly a character driven game) then I would also like.

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Give a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day.
Set a man on fire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

I have taken the Oath of Sangus

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Reviews and More Setting Info.
A bit more reading that might need some explanation as always looking forward to PMs from you or you can ask your questions here. I'll update the application table at a late date. Wanted to get the reviews out first. Some of you I've already been working with so I haven't got anything for you. Others don't have enough to offer anything as yet.

Attached to this post is a rough map of Montrose.

gods of the world
Before there was anything there was The Almighty 3, The Triune Creators, or The True gods.

god of life and death – True Neutral

god of creativity – Chaotic Neutral

god of order – Lawful Neutral

Collectively they have a symbol of a circle with a vertical straight line through it. In side the circle is a snake-like line, at two points the ziggy line goes outside of the circle.

Together they created the world and all in it.

Order of creation:
The Original 3 worked first collectively on their domain… the 3 heavens.
1st -Celestial servants
The material planes
2nd - The lesser gods (old ones)
3rd - Elementals
4th - Dragons, demons and giants
The Hells (to put the demons. What happens when you create races without the help of the god of order)
5th – old races. Fey, genies…
6th – the player races

The True gods don’t have names able to be comprehended so they have titles.

god of life and death:
Aka – The Mother, Mistress of Death, The All Womb, Master of Life & Death.

There is a cycle of life that leads to death. Death gives way to life.

1) Life and death are natural both should be celebrated and considered sacred.
2) All life is interconnected and should be treasured.
3) All life should be given opportunity to flourish and grow

god of order and law
Aka – The Great Judge, The Keeper, The Under Power, The Guardian of Truth, The Unchanging One.

Often depicted with a cloth over their head symbolizing being under the Authority of the law.
• It is this god which holds the paper work for the ownership of souls. Contracts being patrons and warlocks or parishioners and deities.

1) Everything has its place and time.
2) Law and order should protect life.
3) Self sacrifice is beneficial to understand the importance of others so to allow their proper time.
4) Humility helps maintain order. Arrogance disrupts order

god of creativity
Aka – The First Child, Inquisitive One, The Attempter, Creator, Designer, The Changing One.

Often portrayed as a child which symbolizes Learning, newness, exploration, fearlessness for the new.

1) Continue to adapt, Continue to change, Continue to improve
2) Creativity is found in many places and in all forms should be given a place to grow
3) New things should be tried and not feared

Lesser goddess - Wolwiethy – goddess of the seas
Aka - The Storm Queen, the Mistress of the Waves & Master of the Oceans.

Often portrayed as a beautiful Aquan flavoured woman with eight octopus legs.

1) Water is to be respected for the life it brings and for the death it brings
2) All things flow to Wolwiethy, do not hide from her anything. Truth.

Many sailors and coastal towns worship Wolwiethy out of respect and fear. She is seen as a volatile goddess easily angered.

lesser goddess - zepris - goddess of love
right-aligned image

zepris “the insect goddess” (never spelt with a capital)
She is the goddess of the small, of the insignificant, a goddess of the downtrodden, a goddess of love.
Shrines to her are often found in the poor quarters of cities, the occasional bee farmer might have one but overall she is a minor deity.

lesser goddess - Pellanistra - Goddess of Lust, Revenge, and Insanity

Chaotic Neutral

Pellanistra is a deity of intense emotions. In general, the focus lies on unwholesome emotions, though interpretations of her domain and wishes vary widely among the clergy depending on the particular sect's alignment. Some teach to relish all emotions and strive to experience the whole range of human mental states. They are thrill seekers who often voluntarily put themselves in unpleasant situations and who advocate for all forms of experience enhancement, including drugs. Others view worship of Pellanistra as a safeguard against the most unwholesome of emotions and rely in her to keep them steady through every storm - finding the essential truth of her gospel to be the inevitability of the storm, but not of the sinking in it. Yet others emphasise the role of emotions, especially those widely regarded as dark or unwholesome, in generating drive and motivation, and cherish ambition.

right-aligned image

lesser god - Slarkrethel - Lord of the Deep
Aka Lurker in the Deep

Domains: Tempest, Knowledge

Before the old races even drew breath, Slarkrethel was lord of the depths. Betrayed by Wolwiethy, she usurped his domain and chained the mighty kraken to the lowest depth she could find. Millennia passed and Slarkrethel has all but been forgotten.

If Slarkrethel had tenents, those too have been lost to time, for there are no longer those that pray at his brine alter.

Seeing the Sites
Tourism was a big part of Montrose

Jorum Family’s Emporium of Oddities:
The emporium is like a zoo for odd low level monsters like mimics and mephitis

Flag Alley:
An old dock worker collected flags from dozens of ships over the years. He maintains that he never stole any of them (which is not the case). Flag alley is a thin alley between the Tweeting Bird Inn and his house. Now visiting ships will send someone, often the first mate, to add their flag to the collection.
Collection now stands at 191 strong

Team Triton’s Underwater Adventure:
For a day and 20gp per person Tritons use magic and take groups to the ‘Ancient Lost’ Triton city. They use the Aquan name for the city.

The Montrosian Fun Park:
Rides, Candy, fun and vomit. Magically assisted rides from a gnomish inventor.

Uthrick Distillery:
The Kingdom’s premiere Whiskey distillery. It even continued to serve the king during the war.

White Winery

Red Winery

The Sky Port:
A too rich human man had a vision of flying ships so built this sky port for them to dock at. Flying ships have never existed and now the Sky port is nothing but a fancy restaurant and observation platform. It is the highest building by far and on purpose.
Standing 263m high

Montrose Cultural Archives:
The owners are also firm believers that the gods did not create the world and have many working theories.

Week One Lock Down done. 3 maybe 4 to go.

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Name: Torell Lancaster
Race: Human Variant (Feat: Magic Initiate/Cleric)
Class: Warlock (Celestial Pact/Order of the Lady Bug: zepris)
Background: Noble
Backstory: Torell Lancaster was once the youngest cousin of Baron Ostwall. His family ruled wisely and success was theirs as tourism boomed. Then the civil war came. His father had been drafted leaving him in charge of the family business. The system that had once kept his family rich and in power now lay in ruins. The merchants under his authority all either went out of business or moved on to more fruitful endeavors. The Lancaster coffers soon dried up forcing them to sell what they had just to survive.

Life was rough and a wake up call for his family. All of them, except for Torell, had died of famine, disease, or political assassination over the years. He joined one of the local street gangs purely for survival as the other gangs would just fight him anyways whether he was in a gang or not. Torell has enough charisma and determination not to be just another figure. Or at least that’s wha he thought.

A rival street gang was hired by an unknown benefactor to find and kill Torell. Now he lay bleeding with a dagger sticking out of his gut in a cold alley. He remembered a time that he had found a hidden time within his family’s library when he was younger. It spoke of making deals with powerful creatures. He was desperate. His fingers traced the sigils he could remember on the cobble stone in his own blood pouring from the mortal wound. Words of ancient power spilled forth from his lips as he chanted the invocations waiting for a response. He did not have to wait long.

”I knew it would only be a matter of time before I would be called upon by another Lancaster. I know what you want. Give me your body, soul, and mind in eternal loyalty and fealty, and I will save you. Power that your family before once wielded will be yours. As he finishes, a patron begins to bargain with his inner self. After a moment as he is about to agree to the terms of this otherworldly being's offer of power he feels something other… something hot, something else powerful. Not cutting off the other patron but subtly underneath their prominent spot in his mind's attention he feels the beckoning of this other being. Then he hears the words “Montrosian I have something better for you. I will offer you more. In power I will give you a greater portion. In physicality I will offer you unparalleled ability. All you must do is say yes to me and no to this other measly offer.” Torell was ready to accept the first offer when he heard the other voice make its offer. He was conflicted. The first had helped his family rise to power before, but was unable to prevent their fall from grace. The other promised more but was unknown to him.

There is silence from both voices for what seems a long time until finally a third radiant voice sizzling with authority comes back to him.
“You have been offered a new chance at richer life from two opposing parties. Both are offering you power. Both are offering you something different than you had before. You may choose either offer or no offer it is up to you.”

His thoughts were interrupted by yet a third voice that said he had the option to refuse both offers. He spoke to the authoritative voice. “If I don’t accept one or the other, I will die like a dog from the machinations of my family’s enemies. But if I accept one then will I bring ruin to my family name and legacy? Should I just let go and preserve my family’s honor? Should I exact vengeance on my killers?” He paused and realized what he was doing was out of desperation, like a dog backed into a corner. He was better than that. He was a Lancaster and would die with his honor and pride intact. Nobody could take that away from him. He reached out to the third voice. “I suppose now is the time. I shall accept neither offer and die proud of what I am.” Torell used the edge of his hand to break the sigil and closed his eyes to await the end.

Torell found the sweetness of death comforting in his last moments. The pain was gone, the worries were gone, the stress of life no longer there. He was about to move onto something else to some other place. He was about to find out the truth about the heavens… or the hells but regardless it would be different to the life he once lead.

Light came to his eyes slowly. It wasn’t the bright lights of what he imagined the heavens would have. Hell, was the word that came to mind. As the rest of his senses came around he realised there was no heat from what he thought would be in the hells no instead the dull light and cold moist air made him think differently.
“You are awake good.” The croaky voice of someone with him spoke.

Torell lifted his eyes to see who it was, his body didn’t hurt, another good sign he guessed.

“I am simply known as the Offerer. I live humbly down here in the fresh water sewers of Montrose waiting for what is to come. You, Torell, had two patronage offers and turned them both down choosing the honour of death rather than a life of servitude and them owning you. My goddess can use someone like you. She has come to give you a proposal. Something is happening in Montrose. An entity is building here, building something evil. My mistress doesn’t know what but is trying to counter whatever it is. She has found a loop hole in this system. She let you die and brought you back but if you reject her offer of patronage then you will go into the next world.” The Offerer let’s that sit with Torell as he sits in a very poor bed made of blankets on old cold bricks. “Join her she is a goddess of protection and wants others to help her protect Montrose.”

He sat up and looked down at his stomach. The blade had been removed, but the wound was still there. What a strange sensation it was. He looked up at the Offerer. “I have died and been born anew. My hate and vengeance buried with me. Now I must protect my city and restore it to what it was during my cousin’s reign. If she will help me, then I will join her. Not as her slave, but as her champion.” Torell stood up despite the pain in his gut. He closed his eyes and held out his arms to the goddess. “Let us undo what has been done. Let us make whole what has been sundered. I am Torell Lancaster, and I will give everything that I am to Montrose!”

The Offerer smiled and for the first time showed some emotion. He leant forward and hugged Torell. "Wonderful news!" Out of the corner of his eyes Torell sees him put aside a serrated knife. Standing the Offerer smiles. "Arise Torell Lancaster of the Order of Lady Bug." seemingly knowing that the Oder of the Lady Bug a strange name the Offerer offers you an explanation. "Roses’ enemies are aphids, a single Lady Bug can save multiple roses fro their devouring nature. Your rose ,Lady Bug, is Montrose. Protect her, see her safe."

Torell knew what he had to do. He needed to become the Governor of Montrose and unite his people. The first thing he would need to do is unite the street gangs. When he heard there was going to be a treaty signing, he was optimistic about this being a step in the right direction. Then the fighting broke out...

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Before the chaos"Hmm...this could work out well..." the small pale skinned gnome chuckled to himself under his breath. He sat motionless in the second story rubble of a stone building, watching carefully the tense movements below.

"Here it comes...who is that?" he whispered as he noticed a figure behind the Elm Row gang ease a crossbow from inside his overly bulky cloak.

CharacterName: Caythar Stoneseeker
Race: Svirfneblin
Class: Rogue 1 / Wizard 1
Background: Urban Bounty Hunter

Back storyMontrose bustled around him as the sun dipped under the water, the shadows deepening and the lanterns in the taverns coming on. Caythar's pale skin and drab gray clothing blended into the rock retaining wall he sat upon. He eyed the gangs as they walked past, nodding to a few select members from Elms Row and Blacks Road that noticed him; most didn't. He waited and enjoyed the sunset; his customer should be along any moment now.

"Does night time remind you of home, rock gobbler?" A well-dressed man sneered, then whispered not waiting for a reply, "Got what I paid you for?"
"Of course I do. Besides, too warm and bright to remind me of home. Here's your food, sir." the svirfneblin said flatly and produced a linen bag from behind his drab gray cloak.
The man looked surprised, but took the bag of bread and cheese, peering inside in confusion, while offering a pouch cautiously.
"Don't eat it here. Better to go home, don't you think?" Caythar said bluntly and winked, sighing. "Don't worry it's what you wanted." The short deep gnome hopped off the ledge and took the pouch and turned slowly, walking away as the man greedily peered inside the bag, pulling out a long gold chain before pushing it back inside.

Caythar half-smiled and shook his head saying to himself quietly "Well, if he gets robbed on the way home, that'll just be another easy job recovering it again."

Character goalsJournal entry: Bribes are getting more expensive. People aren't talking as easily. Something big is about to happen. Everyone is scheming. Good odds for profit, but not helping my cashflow at the moment. Scraping together a little, but still can't finish my spells. Look for someone to barter materials with. She's here, that's for sure. But is it worth bringing her back? Doubtful. Montrose is growing on me. Beautiful sunset at the docks.

PC connections
  • Miz'ri - his unclaimed, but not forgotten bounty (although she is unaware of it)
  • Potentially many PCs that want connections in black markets, objects found, debts collected or information gathered.

NPC connections
  • Numerous merchants, families and gangs - He has taken jobs for all sides and maintains strict ethics of completing the job he's been hired to do, no matter the source or the task.
  • One exception is his refusal to deal with the Park Hill gang.
  • It's rumored he has taken jobs for no pay from House Annastis.

The aftermath"Come on, give me a hand with this one." A fat goblin barked to a large half-orc. "Get him in the cart. That one, too." He ruffled through some papers, several with pictures of men's faces on them. He poked around, checking faces, rolling men and women over and rifling through their pockets quickly when he did.
"Hey there! Ah, Rolif, didn't recognize you for a second." A city guard approached the goblin, who carefully kept his distance and smiled silently, but quickly, stooping to his work again. "Well, carry on then. Undertaker's work is never done these days, eh?"
The goblin's smile dropped instantly when the guard turned and he barked a-new at the half-orc to hurry things up. "Leave that one, grab the woman there in the robe. Let's go, we're getting full." He swatted the mule's flank and hopped into the back of the cart as it drove out of the square. The goblin's features smeared and twisted into gnomish proportion as Caythar let himself smile widely for a moment as the cart trundled along down the street.

A few minutes later an empty cart with black curtains rolled slowly into the square with a goblin and three burly men.
"Hey Rolif, back for another load already?" The guard smiled and waved at the puzzled goblin.

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