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Old Jan 30th, 2012, 10:53 PM
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The Barracks

This is where finished sheets go.
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Old Feb 5th, 2012, 04:33 AM
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DetailsName: Able Windborn
Class: Inquisitor
Race: Human (Seshite)
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: Cain


AppearanceAppearance: Able looks like a young teenage boy though he has just turned 30. He has short roughly cut black hair and piercing blue eyes. His smooth face is marred only by the scar that runs from beneath his chin up to his bottom lip. The backs of his hands are tattooed with divine symbols sll the way up to his elbows. He wears simple, unremarkable clothing. Able prefers to see and not be seen.
Personality: Able is a zealot, his beliefs run very deep. A war is broken out in the heavens and Able is determined to restore balance and aid Cain in any way he can. He believes killing Valeshaar would go a long way towards this end as then Cain could take up her place and prove a more worthy keeper of the gates between life and death. A lofty goal but one that plagues his dreams and fuels his waking thoughts. Able lacks a sense of humour. He does make an effort to understand humour but to his frustration it seems something beyond him. Most emotions are now. Except when he rides. In the air upon his drake, Able comes alive.
Background: According to the village hag, Able was born upon the back of a giant eagle, during an aerial battle with a muder of harpies. His mother caught him as he was born and swooped to the ground where she dropped him causing the scar on his chin. His mother died gloriously killing most of the hideous creatures and mortally wounding the rest. She was unable to survive her own wounds and died shortly after breast feeding the child for the first time. The woman who told the story, Ragnok, was a tribal outcast living in the mountains near where his mother's body was found. Held to be a raving lunatic not much credit was given to her tale. Some even said she had murdered Able's mother herself and stolen the child. Able was taken from her and raised by Diana, the tribal huntress who had lost her son recently to sickness. Diana taught Able about balance, of the twins. A life taken, a life given. His mother was taken, and his own life taken and given to Diana who had lost her own.

Grown into a man and a skilled hunter himself, Able returned from hunting in the mountains to find devastation. Diana, amongst the other horrors, had been pitted on a stake. His mind almost snapped. Taking a knife he pressed it to his neck when Ragnok, kneeling amongst the blood and ashes, called to him: "Wind born! The god of Death mocks you once more. Valeshaar's minions have torn away everything you love just like they tore away your mother when you were born. Do you fall into her hands so easily with blade pressed to neck? Or would you have revenge?"

Able chose revenge. Ragnok sent him on his way smeared with blood and ash. She spoke of a war about to split the heavens asunder and when that moment should come he would need to be ready. He would need to know how to ride the winds if he was to fight long enough to have his revenge. Able left the ashes of hus people behind him and joined the ranks of the Queen's Drake Riders, an art he took to with grace, skill and passion. He now patiently waits for his chance to lay his revenge upon the followers of Valeshaar and let them know the sharp edge of the balde swinging back into balance. And he feels Cain's blessing guiding him every step along the way.

Sheet finished:
Permission to edit sheet given to MalchiorTheForgotten

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Old Feb 5th, 2012, 01:43 PM
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Name: Madelyn Tremaine
Race: Human
Class: Cavalier
Alignment: Lawful Good


Personality: Bright, cheerful, and with a sunny disposition, nothing seems to faze Lyn or keep her spirits down. She's quick to provide a helping hand or even just some friendly words to keep everyone else's mood up as well. It's not that she's dumb or ignorant... she just doesn't seem to have any mode other THAN cheerful, what some would call a blithe spirit. That doesn't mean she's weak-willed or easy to push around, mind you. She is as stubborn and determined as a mule when she wants to, and there is nothing more infuriating than a lighthearted young girl who nevertheless flat out refuses to budge so much as an inch about her current goal or position.

Background: Since generations past, the Tremaine clan has served as one of the great stalwarts of the kingdom of Bryn. Family legend tells that it contains dragon's blood intermingled within it, and whether or not it's true, the family has had more than it's fair share of both sorcerers and Drakeriders within it. They have also been some of the kingdom's greatest heroes of old, and the present generation is no exception. Madelyn's father, Shayshal Jurgen, is one of the most respected men in the kingdom as well as one of its most famous living Drakeriders. Though old age has forced him to retire from active service, he remains one of the queen's trusted advisers. And his children are following in both his, and the family's example.

Madelyn's eldest sister Alyssa counts herself amongst the kingdom's Skyriders and is a well-respected Drakerider and commander in her own right. Her other older sister Petra is a sorcerer with the Kastyrs, the kingdom's military mages. Her brother Alistair would be a Drakerider as well, were it not for an accident while his drake was still young permanently damaged its wing and prevented them from ever flying; now he serves as a drake breeding master, helping to prepare the next generation.

Lyn was the youngest of her siblings, and though she was the "baby" of the family, she refused to be shuffled off into some safe duty, but was determined to follow her father and sister's example and become a Drakerider as well. It didn't hurt that she was a skilled enough equestrian to show she could in fact handle riding the saddle of a drake if she was given the chance.

Her father finally admitted defeat and arranged for her to train under an old friend of his, on the condition that he treat her no differently though she was his daughter. Lyn cheerfully took to her training, and soon enough had won over her master with her sunny outlook and upbeat determination to succeed. When her drake hatched and she found herself linked to this magnificent creature... well, she knew the hard training had been worth it. And now, she is determined to prove herself to her father, her siblings, her entire family, and to her country.
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Old Feb 5th, 2012, 04:24 PM
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Name: Gavin FitzAurick
Race: Human
Second Gestalt Class: Wizard (Transmuter)
Alignment: Neutral Good


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Name: Aaron “Scar” Vurnundyth, the Exiled
Race: Shanite
Class: Barbarian (Elemental Kin)

Appearance: Aaron is a mountain of a man, heavily muscled and 6’4”. He is almost too big to be a drakerider. Aaron’s skin has been extremely damaged by the sun and wind. The windworn skin is a deep bronze. His wild blue eyes are speckled with flecks of red. His autumn coloured hair is shaggy and unbrushed. Energyborn heritage runs incredibly strong in his blood. The very tips of his fingers and his hairline are the slightest shade of blue. His body is covered in light, faded scars and a massive burn on his left shoulder. The pale burn is tinted an icy blue. His undyed leather pants usually have more than one gaping hole in them. He also enjoys walking about shirtless, which has gotten him into an awful lot of trouble. Despite his own unkempt appearance, his weapons and gear are textbook perfect. Brutal and wicked looking but perfect.

Personality: Aaron is as loud as he is big. He is incredibly opinionated and doesn’t care who knows it. Although if the situation is presented to him in a more militant fashion, he is keen enough to shut up . . . most of the time. He enjoys the company of others but enjoys the company of the drakes even more. There have been cases where the other drakes preferred Aaron to their own rider. Aaron is incredibly stubborn and will not budge once he has set his mind to it or is proved wrong in his eyes. Usually that argument is settled with a fight. He hates the country that he is bound to serve but loves his drake and the ancient call of flight.

Aaron is an incredibly honor-bound man. He views his service with Bryn as his karmic balance for his exile. The camaraderie of battle runs deep for Aaron. He will die to save the life of a deserving ally. He will fight to the last for an ally whether they deserve it or not. Whatever grudges he may hold are suspended in life or death situations. He wants their suffering to be at his hand and no other.

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Old Feb 10th, 2012, 08:49 PM
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Name: Balroga Vinn

Race: Human

Class: Monk

Black cornrows line the scalp of the dark-skinned warrior. A well-chiseled face sets the canvas for feline-esque eyes set with smoky quartz for irises. Bushy, handsome eyebrows line his forehead, somehow managing to bend at curiosity. His nose is short and stout while his lips are full and dark. Although both his ears are slightly undersized, the left is pierced several times with small rings and gauges. A small scar marks marks the right side of his chin and another through the eyebrow of the same side. Broad shoulders and thick triceps make him seem bigger than what he actually is, but with a height of 5' 5" and 188lbs., it balances out his first appearance of threatening ability with something more of a sense of self-sufficiency. On closer examination, one can take in the thinness of his frame and realize his physique is more panther-esque than brutish. His leg muscles are also very well-developed as the result of many drills with his drake.

With little need to dress fashionably, Balroga has several sets of the same wardrobe. As a shirt he wears a deep-navy dyed henley, perfect for wearing underneath armor. The item is somewhat undersized, but he has found little reason to buy something new for himself. His baggy, canvas pants are khaki-colored and stiff. While not quite as suited for under-armor wear, one will eventually realize he doesn't wear armor at all. His standard-issued, dark red leather boots tie high as they reach nearly mid-calf. Their black laces are nearly destroyed from use. The only other accessory he keeps on his person outside his piercings is the white bandanna that is tied about his forehead. Onlookers often wonder how it remains as white as it seems, unaware that he has several kept in his possession.

Balroga is a simple person. He is quick to listen, and just as slow to anger. His upbringing has left him suspicious of fast talkers and the fainthearted. To those who exhibit exceptional physical skill, he gives his unannounced admiration. While he is introspective and meditative, the tides of countless combat engagements have yet to break his calm demeanor outside of battle. In battle, he prefers driving his adrenaline into tactical thinking. He composes himself with the resplendence of nobility, albeit by the way of a much cruder manner of speech. Balroga does not come to grips that their are some things magic can do that he can't. As well, he considers himself a competitor against the magic that reigns over the land, challenging his physical skill against spells and magical talent. Truly, this is a silly idea, but it does keep him busy.

Socially, Balroga is very easy to find. He isn't a smooth conversationalist due to an embarrassing case of stuttering that has followed him throughout the majority of his life. Because of this trait he copes with his humiliation by keeping quiet and diving into the drink. He has just now come to grips with his condition. Most of Balroga's friends are still left behind in the knighthood of the Drake's, and since then he has found himself very alone.

Background: Balroga was the oldest son of four to a military father. Their mother was only a background to his life as his father followed the tradition of their only-somewhat-ancient family tradition as disciples to the Red Fist School of Hungry flames. The kingdom they had lived in was constantly at a state of war with the neighboring nations, and his father found it best for his sons to be prepared at all times. Life growing up wasn't hard, but it certainly wasn't normal. Most of Balroga's childhood found him doing drills with his father, and training at the school itself every other day, but he would never consider this time in his life difficult. Only disciplined.

At 14, his school and nation were put to ruins in the tides of war. His family up and moved to Bryn, where they were offered a safehaven and field to grow food on. His family reduced to farmers, Balroga's father was quite ashamed. Nevertheless, he kept his sons in training, instilling the fundamentals of their by-gone monastery deep into their souls. Eventually, time to test these skills would come.

Balroga, tiring of the farming life, enrolled himself into the military with the promise of restoring his family's name to glory amidst the back of a grand drake. It would be a new beginning for the Vinn line...
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