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Old Apr 11th, 2020, 04:33 PM
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Some Doggerel

This thread probably should have been posted years ago, but here it is. I'll drop by with whatever I feel warrants public dissemination as I come across pieces in my archives. I'll start with something I wrote a few months ago in a moment of realization.

The TowerProud and tall the stones stand stacked
Stalwart strength against the gale
All is well while it's intact
Shift one piece and all will fail

Vigilant the guards remain
Warding off all threats they find
Though they destroy and restrain
Of the worst fiend they are blind

While the battle rages fierce
Soldiers' swords flash swift and true
One hand strikes that needs not pierce
When errant steps their feats undo

Careless swings in time of haste
Strike against a crucial stone
Guardians collapse, disgraced
For their sin they must atone
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