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Old Apr 9th, 2021, 02:43 PM
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Parallel universe

Parallel universe

The notion of parallel universes is an amazing one.
Imagine the universe and everything
starting with a giant explosion
that brought everything into being.

Then imagine the number of choices
made by sentient beings
up to this point
that lead to the world we live in today.

Obviously, one option was chosen
and the other choices weren't.

However, there's a theory that says that
in an alternate reality,
every choice that wasn't made in this reality
ws actually made in another one.

That choice would create an alternate reality,
a parallel universe if you will,
which would in turn spawn
yet another near infinite tree of choices.

Just imagining the scope of such a tree,
where our reality is but a single line
in such a large mass of lines
it may as well be an infinite amount...
The notion staggers the mind.

If true however, it would imply that God,
the existence of whom the vast majority of our race is convinced,
would oversee not just our reality,
but a myriad of realities vast beyond human comprehension.

I don't know about you,
but that notion
would be enough
to make me a believer.

But then again, if I'm only one less-than -infinitesimal speck
in one of a near-infinite amount of realities,
then what are the odds
of God caring what I believe?

Dystopian - April 2021
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