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Old Apr 8th, 2023, 05:49 PM
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Hippity-Hoppity: The 3rd Annual Spring Scavenger Egg Hunt is coming May 1-4

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JOIN RPGX's 3rd Annual Spring Scavenger Hunt!!!!!
Featuring: Camaraderie, competition, and a dose of dubious humor.
The 3rd Annual RPGX Spring Scavenger Egg Hunt is coming (May 1-4)!

This year features ...
  • a team game spread out over four days to accommodate all schedules and time zones
  • a spring festival market to browse and learn about exciting games and groups on the site

How it works:
  1. Team up! Teams--made up of friends new and old--will register in the Team Registration thread in order to start the hunt.
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  2. Score big! Teams win by scoring the most points, based on the number of eggs they find and the number of challenges they win.
  3. Find eggs! Eggs are hidden across the site. To find clues to the eggs, visit the spring scavenger egg hunt fair booths; beginning May 1, each group with a booth will have a clue as to where to find their hidden egg. (You can see the Tug of War booth for an example). When your team has found a group's egg, you are to reply with the answer in their thread using Secret text. Each egg your group finds earns your team 1 point.
  4. Win challenges! Each day, from May 1-4, three challenges will be posted in the Daily Challenge thread. (In fact, the first 3 challenges for May 1 are already posted!) Points will be awarded for each challenge, based on how well your entry compares to the entries of other teams.
  5. Earn a bespoke avatar! Winning teams will earn the right to wear a customized Scavenger Hunt 2023 avatar designed by Tigra. (Avatars are available in both CS Member and Member sizes.)

Join the hunt! Team registration is open .... now!

Best wishes for happy hunting and hopping ... from your hosts, Leviticus and BananaBadger!
(PS--Please feel free to reach out to either of us with any questions or suggestions. Also, if you are part of a group who would like to have a booth at the spring fair, let us know so we can set you up! All booths should represent site-wide activities, open to all members.)

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