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Old Apr 13th, 2023, 07:24 AM
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PotM March

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Congratzzzz to Yoshimi for winning the PotM March 2023!!! This post is an Epilogue within an adventure and it was praised because it was a joined effort of three players, Yoshimi, PlaidPeregrine and ElderOblex. This post has the echo's of all three characters in it, and quoting lostcheerio: 'as they each put in their energy and ideas to project the future. I couldn't be more pleased with the players and the way this game turned out, and I think the collaboration represented here reflects exactly the kind of writing and thinking that leads to great gaming here at RPGX'

If you want to hand out some RPXP love, feel free to do so. Please also consider finding a post written by PlaidPeregrine to provide some RPXP as well, for their joint effort

My personal compliments to lostcheerio for challenging their players to work together and collaborate <2

Besides this winning post, there were other nominations that made it super hard for our judges to decide on a winner. It could have been these posts as well because each and every post was nominated with a strong reason and motivation. Let's get these posts lined up:

  • ElderOblex' post over here was nominated by Retry, as a match to Yoshimi's winning post --> ElderOblex provided such a left-field post also housing his own song and playing haunting pipes in the heart of a volcano while fighting a dragon. This character is also mentioned to be charming in a very unique way, so be curious and start reading
  • Alemar's post over here is a post that deserves the time and energy to read. This post was nominated because it's a very powerful post, the character Isabella tries to open up to a replacement, after half of her Adventuring Party were killed in a Dungeon. You will read about the mourne she is experiencing, weaved into her own realization of being killed herself. She has found a way to cope but I will leave it up to you to appreciate this way of her coping by reading this post yourself
  • MoldyNolds' post over here was nominated because of the intensity of rolling a WIS check and failing, knowing the consequences. This post is about trusting your DM to handle the situation, even though it was tense. Quote Danilore: 'although the penalty of failing his WIS Save was given to him in advance, MoldyNolds turned what was otherwise a cut-and-dry consequence into a gut-wrenching moment of personal crisis that I believe speaks for itself as to why it deserves a nomination'
  • Strangemund's post over here has a motivated nomination but I think it is more fun to explain the context provided by Kaigen--> After a day of forestry, flirtation, evicting animals, and accidental poisoning, Krow Munday attempts to sleep so he can set off with everyone to the nearby town the next morning. Unfortunately, it's hard to get much sleep with that much on his mind
    And yes, this context explains itself by reading this nominated post.
  • Battlechaser's post over here is nominated because of the situation provided --> 'Trapped in a tournament hosted by the gods' combined with Battlechaser's dice results worked into a post. Their character Eurydice did not fail the dice roll, but the exposition on how Eurydice spent the night before the first day of the tournament, and the morning of, which was a pleasure to read

Enjoy the posts written, and do not forget to click those scales at the top right of every post to hand out some well-deserved RPXP. April contributions are welcome over here and keep those nominations coming :-)
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