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Old Oct 22nd, 2021, 11:48 AM
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Please let me know should Stenly's relationship with "Lathindir" be altered to fit this universe better!
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Old Oct 25th, 2021, 04:20 PM
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Name: Gavin

Occupation: Gavin helps his parents at the tannery.

Class: Paladin

Gender Identity: Male

Race: Dragonborn

Appearance: Gavin stands 6’4” tall and weighs 275 pounds. He has light blue scales that match the color of his eyes. Despite what some might consider a fierce look, he almost always has a friendly smile.

Personality: Gavin is friendly and outgoing. He greets almost everyone he meets with a smile and his normally gentle manner puts people at ease. When he sees someone in need he always offers to help. He has a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Backstory: Gavin is the youngest child of the tanner and his wife, Bertold and Esme, and he was born with physical challenges. His right les was crooked and his back was bent, so that he couldn’t stand up straight. His challenges meant it took him longer to learn how to walk and he couldn’t run much at all, but he never let that bother him, and he was readily accepted by most of the other children. Gavin was always a happy child and as he grew older, he developed an infectious laugh, and he had a smile that would light up the room.

He wanted to help his parents at the tannery, but Gavin’s stature made it difficult for him to master the skilled work of turning hides into leather. However, there was always plenty that he could do, and he pitched in with enthusiasm. From an early age Gavin’s parents taught him the difference between right and wrong and he developed a strong sense of justice. He isn’t sure exactly how or when it started, but the other children began bringing their squabbles to him to sort out. He just had a way of talking that would calm tempers and most problems could be solved by an apology and a handshake. Sometimes, the offense would demand a sterner redress, which was almost always having the guilty party do the chores of the victim. After a while, Gavin was no longer surprised when the children would abide by his decisions.

Mistvale wasn’t perfect, however. Like most places, it had a few bullies and, since Gavin was so different, he was an easy target. The leader of the bullies was a farm boy named Sandor. He was a few years older than Gavin and the work on the farm had made him strong, even for a child his age. Gavin could often talk himself out of a beating with the other bullies, but never with Sandor. Most of the time he wouldn’t give Gavin time to talk, he would just start hitting. Gavin got to where he could mostly ignore the pain and he even got as good at avoiding Sandor as possible in a village the size of Mistvale. However, whenever he could, he would put himself between the bullies and the other kids, often taking a beating so the others wouldn’t. That all changed when Gavin became a teenager. He grew incredibly fast, putting on close to 100 pounds and growing nearly a foot taller in a short time. Since he couldn’t stand up straight it was hard to tell how tall he would be if he could, but everyone said he would be over six feet tall. Working at the tannery was hard and Gavin had always been decently strong for his size, so when he grew it was mostly with muscle. However, most people couldn’t tell that just by looking at him.

One day, when Gavin was going to the bakery to pick up bread for his family, he saw Sandor picking on one of the other children. With a sigh, he hobbled over and got between them, Giving Sandor a shove in the process, which caused him to trip and fall in the dirt. Furious at being made to look foolish, Sandor leapt to his feet and punched Gavin in the head. For some reason, on this day, Gavin snapped and hit back. The punch took everyone by surprise and no one more so than Gavin. After just taking abuse for years, hitting Sandor felt wonderful. The older boy stumbled back and fell again. The fight, such as it was, should have been over at that point, but that punch unleashed years’ worth of anger. Instead of walking away, Gavin knelt over Sandor and hit him again and again, until several adults pulled him away. As a result of the fight Sandor lost the sight in his left eye. It didn’t take long for Gavin to start feeling guilty about what he had done. He has never been bothered by the bullies again, and he can usually make them stop bothering other kids with just a look. He has spent several years trying to apologize to Sandor and make up for what he did, but Sandor has refused to forgive him or let the incident go.

When the Tear happened, Gavin was in the middle of the village, on his way to deliver some finished leather. The sound was frightening, and he was knocked down by the trembling earth. After the mountain settled, he slowly stood back up and looked around. Several buildings had either completely or partially collapsed, and he knew there were people trapped inside. He ran to help as fast as he could. He felt the changes start to happen to his body while he was lifting timbers and clearing stones, trying to clear space to get to some people. His back straightened and his leg unbent. It felt wonderful! He was able to stand straight for the first time in his life. It was so strange that he almost missed the fact that his hands changed too. Two of his fingers on each hand grew together and he ended up with talons covered in light blue scales. The other people helping to free those trapped in the collapsed building stopped to stare, but not for long. There was work to be done and, after all, they knew he was still just Gavin and not a person to be afraid of.

After getting everyone trapped set free, Gavin went home. The tannery had survived pretty much intact, and he wanted to talk to his parents. They were shocked by his changes, of course, but somehow they could tell it was still him. It has taken Gavin a few days to get accustomed to his new body, but he is well pleased with it. Protecting Mistvale in the coming days will be difficult and he is more suited to the task now than ever before.
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Old Yesterday, 10:48 AM
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I'm sorry, ysolde. I have to withdraw. Thank you for the opportunity. Good luck and happy hunting
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