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Old 01-17-2020, 03:01 PM
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DM Working Ideas

The Hells Ascendant

The world is made up of three realms the Heavens above, the Mortal world, and The Hells. For eons untold the Heavans and the Hells warred with one another with the Mortal World taking much of the brunt until the final War of Decimation. In the War of Decimation fully one tenth of Angels and Demons lost their lives and a tentative peace finally broke out.

It has been more than ten millennia since The War of Decimation the fragile truce continues despite varying raids and the like, but there is a fragment within the Heavens that seeks to rekindle the war. Followers of an Angelic Deity know as The Lord of Light who feel that the war should have never ended. An angel finds out about these plans, her wings are severed and she is tossed into The Hells with the assumption that her knowledge of the secret cabal and their plans will be ended either by the fall itself or by the evil Hellspawn.

You are residents of a small town near the Fungal Abyss known as Mushroom Town. The Skies above you are a deep red with the sun barely peaking through ash filled and sooty skies. The land is hard to work and little grows in it. Creatures from the Fungal Abyss and the rest of the Hells are often on the roads. Despite this within The Kingdom of Etienne things are actually better than many other realms. The bandits are generally less and they sometimes they won't split you open and sell your organs. Few of you remember the War of Decimation other than through parents or grandparents and each of you knows the others from living for some period of time in town. You are friends and allies of the local alchemist and well known healer Seikarath and it is through her and her new patient that you will become involved in the story.

-About the Kingdom -
The Kingdom of Etienne is ruled by Queen Etienne seventh bearer of the Mantle of Desire and head of the Cult of Etienne. Her power is such that anyone within sight of her finds it difficult to concentrate on anything except her words. Her beauty literally radiates from her skin in a soft hazy pink aura and it is said that nothing, not a Mortal God, or an Archangel can resist her if she wishes.

Etienne is, for a place in Hell, a peaceful land. It has various accords with the nearest Demonic Realms of Shadows (Ruled over by Queen Ssarissa bearer of the Mantle of Darkness) and Gorheim (Ruled over by King Gorshalt bearer of the Mantle of Death) those who break the laws finding themselves brought to the Spire of Sighs. The Spire of sighs is run by the Cult of Etalienne and those who enter usually end up vastly changed with no known magic (including a wish or miracle) able to revert them to how they were before entry. It is one of the most peaceful and least hostile realms in the Hells and trades with the mortal realm of Dinnaria (Ruled over by Queen Arjana bearer of the Mantle of Farming) just outside of the Hell Mount.

The population of Etienne is thus: 1% Angel, 2% Angel/Demon, 30% Devils, 30% Demons, 10% Dragon, 5% Dragon kin, 20% Demon/Devil kin, 2% Various humanoid races

- DM Style and Changes -
I am somewhat changing my style for this game. I will still be giving characters hints and clues and the like and allowing them full freedom of exploration, but I will also be providing an NPC who has knowledge of the quest and can give a bit of direction. This will allow characters to still go their own direction, but if things are lagging or I feel I need to pull the story along the NPC will be there to help with that. I'm trying this instead of full free form style in the hope that it will provide a smoother gaming experience for everyone.

All of my combat is generally mind's eye theatre there are no maps and exact hexes where the enemies stand. I find making such maps difficult and I find updating them online to be even more tedious. There is no role for initiative the players will act first (Unless surprised) and then the NPC's will act.

I will be providing a page of general information about the world. It will include some of the bearers of the Mantles of Power as well as a map of the Hells and the Mortal World.

- Expectations of Players -
- I expect my players to post about 2 to three times per week with exceptions made for rea life.
- I expect my players to roleplay their characters and provide at least a short paragraph (two to three sentences)
- I expect my players to do their best to get along and find ways to ensure their characters engage with the group as well as my NPC's

-Character Creation-
So your characters will be EL14 staring out and you should think more about creating a demon with class levels, an angel swayed by the cult of Cetienne, or a mixed demonic or devil bloodline character. I will, of course, accept humanoids, but in the case of the Hells you are in the minority.

Racial Makeup:
Class: *See Spoiler about Antipaladins, Clerics, Druids, Favored Souls, Inquisitors, Occultists, Oracles, Paladins, Shamans, Spiratualists, Witches, and WarpriestsDivine Casters if you want to be one
Short Bio:
How you know Seikarath and why she would trust you to help her:



The Sleeping Goddess continues her slumber. Once day she may awaken...

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Old 01-18-2020, 10:21 AM
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Heavenly Mantles of Power
Glory - Originally held by Archangel Erabeth. The Mantle was lost or destroyed in the War of Decimation. Though no-one is exactly sure when. It was last seen before the Destruction of Fort Terror.
Prudence - Destroyed in the War of Heavenly Conquest when the bearer of the Mantle of Pride clashed with Prudence.
Justice - Held by Archangel Tiwiel she has no Heveanly realm of her own, but instead sits as chief judge in the court of heaven.
Light - Previously thought not to exist rumors of a Lord of Light or God of Light exist and are considered blasphemous
Charity - Held by Archangel Charles Ruler of the Realm of Pathos.
Fortitude - Held by Archangel Fera ruler of the Realm of Defense
Good Luck - Held by Archangel Rota ruler of the Fields of Bliss

Mortal Gods
Archery - Elven Goddess Sorentia and ruler of The Silver Forests
Smithy - Dwarven God Harum and Ruler of The Mithras Mountains
Daggers - Human God Dereck The Black pirate and ruler of Dark Isles
Unarmed Perfection - Human Goddess Diamanté and ruler of the White Monastaries
Farming - Hin (Halfling) Goddess of Farming Arjuna and Ruler of Dinnaria
Swords - Orc God Stragen and Ruler of The Red Clay
Trickery - Goblin God Nishkim and Ruler of Swamp Burrows
Magic - Rumoured to exist, but no mortal god has ever shown up with it. Wizards and Sorcerers still seek it out in hopes of gaining it.

Hells Mantles of Power
Desire - Queen Etienne ruler of Etienne
Darkness - Queen Ssarissa ruler of The Realm of Shadows
Death - King Gorshalt ruler of Gorheim
Lies - King Belial ruler of Darkhold
Wrath - Queen Asmodella ruler of Magma Hold
Pride - Destroyed
Greed - King Midas ruler of Gold Mountain
The Sleeping Goddess continues her slumber. Once day she may awaken...

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