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Old 06-13-2015, 05:53 AM
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I'm still interested. I'd been holding off refining my character with activity low, but definitely down to get moving if it's going forward.
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Old 06-13-2015, 11:08 AM
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I made a folder for everyone interested in playing. Make a character in there. Start with the following.

Race: If you make a custom race I'll need a short description of it, which god created them, what they look like. Bonus and Penalty stats and such.
Concept: This is the short and sweet idea of what you're playing. Teleporting tank, archmage, ect. An idea, one sentence or less, of what you're playing.
Patron: Who gifted you with Will. Which god thought you were up to snuff to be an exarch?
Loyalty: How loyal are you to the god that created you? Do you follow his lead? Do your own thing? Hate his guts?

From there you start working on the mechanics of your character. Rat I'm going to make things match. 10 stat points, skill points, and asset points. With 4 personality traits.

Start with statistics. Remember all exarchs start with Toughness 3, and Will 3. They can increase their toughness but not their will at character creation. All stats cap at 5 during character gen. And then 5, 7, or 8 total for a character. 5 for a stat your race is penalized on,7 for a normal statistic, 8 for one your race is gifted at. You have ten points to spread around and increasing a stat at character gen only takes 1 point. All statistics start at 1, no zeros.

Next comes skill points. You have 10 to play with. You spread them out however you want with the limitation that you cannot spend more than 3 points on a single skillset at character gen. Each skill point purchased comes with a refinement, and if that skill was a magically oriented skill(Arcane Magic, Divine Magic, Buffing, Debuffing) you also get 2 spell components to build magic spells with. Components can be selected from the list given, or designed and approved by the GM. Same goes for Refinements with slightly different rules.

Next is Asset points. Assets are all of the things that give you power and depth other than what you can do and what you do it with. Things like allies, organizations, backing from your god, intrinsic aspects of your exarch nature and the like. You have 10 asset points to spend. You may not raise your rating in an individual asset higher than 3, just like skillsets. Included in these assets are four Personality Traits. Personality traits are just that. Aspects of your character's personality that help define him or her. I will use them to 'lean on you' roleplay wise and whenever I do, you get a will point. Once per scene you can call on a personalty trait to generate a will point for you. They add subtle coloring and depth to your character.

Lastly is Equipment. Using your resources purchased with your asset points, and any divine funding you may have, you may purchase equipment for your character. For this purpose you may be considered to have anything with a resource value equal to or less than your resource rating. If something is valued greater than your resources, you may roll resources to do so. Keep in mind many things can add dice to this roll, including your will which you may use up to twice without expending will points, and funding, which also adds dice to these rolls.

From there we'll work on refinements and spell components and fleshing out characters.

Have fun everyone, lets see how many we can get!

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Old 06-23-2015, 05:48 AM
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Sorry, Saidande.
But I'm losing my interest to this game.

Wish you good luck and hopefully you can finish your own system.
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