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Old Mar 17th, 2012, 12:38 AM
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Character Profiles Here

As you create your characters, I would like you to post them here, Character Sheets, the bios and descriptions you posted when you applied, and then keep them updated as the campaign progresses.

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Old Mar 17th, 2012, 09:05 AM
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Image would have been served from but is not HTTPS. For more information, please see IMG bbcode help.Name: Alika Raniori
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Classes: Wizard (Conjurer)
Physical Description:
With a tall and lean figure at her disposition, the conjurer has a sharp angular face with narrow brown eyes. Her features make it apparent, that she isn't wholly of Chelaxian heritage. Dressed in Korvosan fashion, Alika's meagre purse has constrained her wardrobe. Her wardrobe is simple--usually consisting of a few boldly colored dresses paired with one or two shawls.
Alignment: Neutral
Character History:
There comes a time in people's lives where some events marked them for life. In Alika's case, there is just one that changed her view—and the meaning of justice-- of Korvosa. Dwelling in the Midland, Alika's family were professional traders; law-abiding worshipers of Abadar. Growing up, they stressed to her, the importance of the rules of society and importance of solid hard work. Naturally, Alika absorbed those lessons well, developing a strong work ethic.

Though not wealthy, the Raniori family was moderately well-off, and was able to afford her admission to the premier arcane institute of Korvosa; the Acadamae. Her hard work came in handy in the grueling school that encouraged competitiveness between students. Naturally, Alika's meticulous nature had collided with Perdida Samms' haughtiness. Things had gotten so bad, that when Perdida's corpse was found one day outside school grounds, all eyes rested on her school rival, Alika.

Her swift arrest followed the emergence of an eyewitness that testified that he saw Alika murder her rival. Nothing could be further from the truth, but the trial and its judge was nearly merciless. Other character witness acted on her behalf had to grudgingly attest to the rivalry between both women. Only one good friend stood her, and confronted the fisherman who was the eyewitness. He recanted it, but his death at Lamm's bidding only put a stop at the charges.

At the end of it, her reputation was in tatters; her family avoided her and she was ostracized at the school. Her instructors had kindly suggested that she leave. By this time, she had through her friend found out about Lamm's hand in the killing. Why did Perdida have to die? A question she couldn't answer herself. She left the Acadamae, a bitter woman, intent on making Lamm pay. In the meantime, she has been practicing her magic in the shady part of town, and tutoring sorcerers in the intricacies of the arcane for a meagre pittance.
RP Sample:
“You have caused much upheaval to this fine institute,” Instructor Marvon glowered. Feeling a tightness in the pit of stomach, she stood still, almost afraid to move. “The circumstances were beyond me.” Her tone was cold—almost placid. The whole week had been a nightmare. Her room had been trashed—brute magic employed to power through the wards, and her fellow students had snubbed her.

“Mind your tone, student,” he snapped at her. Apparently, her own name was an anathema to him. “But that isn't all,” with a flourish, he produced her scroll—at least what remained of scroll—now, tattered. Who the devil?!? Her eyes widened in alarm. Sabotage. Plain and simple, she seethed with anger. “If this lack of respect continues, Miss Raniori, I'm afraid that dire consequences will be in store for you.”

Idly, she wondered if it could get any worse.

Most of my gaming experience with DnD, Pathfinder and other systems have come from this site. I do have more experiences with free-form role-playing than with game systems through PbP forums. I have some experience with Pathfinder though, I wouldn't call myself an expert in it.

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Old Mar 17th, 2012, 12:12 PM
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Character Sheet

Name: Erasmus Jagget
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Classes: Fighter (Unarmed Archetype)
Physical Description: Erasmus is a slender, athletic man standing just under six feet tall. He has rough cut light brown hair hanging to the small of his back, and piercing green eyes. He has a small scar near the center of his lower lip, and a tattoo of a serpent coiled around his right forearm.

Alignment: True Neutral

Character History: Erasmus was born to one of Old Korvosa's many poor families, his mother a seamstress and his father, when he wasn't drunk, a fisherman. When he was seven, his parents had a second child, a sister named Alicia. Before and for awhile after that, his life was fairly uneventful, outside of an occasional fight with other local children. His life changed forever one fateful day when he was twelve, when a fire swept through the area, burning down his family's small house and killing his parents. Orphaned and burdened with taking care of his younger sister, Erasmus was forced to live on the streets.

He did odd jobs, begged, and even stole to keep him and his sister fed, though he could do little about them having to live and sleep in alleys and abandoned buildings. His foul luck continued, however. Shortly before his fifteenth birthday, his sister went missing when he was out trying to earn some copper pieces. For weeks he frantically searched, with no luck in finding her. The only lead he had was that some associates of a man named Lamm had been seen by some other beggars in the area that day. Knowing of the man's reputation, tyhe boy vowed to find the man, take back his sister, and kill him if at all possible.

To do so, however, he would have to learn to fight. Too poor to join classes at a proper fighting school or training hall, Erasmus had to look for other options. He eventually hit pay-dirt when he found an old pair of retired adventurers willing to teach him a few things. While not much, it was a basis for the following self-training he performed, mostly by fighting in back alleys, earning money as well as practicing his combat skills.

Now, four years later, the nineteen-year-old brawler is ready to restart his search in ernest, and to beat down anyone that gets between him and his sister.

RP Sample: "You the next fighter? Are you sure, kid? I ain't taking you to a temple to get you fixed up if you get your skull cracked open."

Sixteen-year-old Erasmus looked up at the old man who was organizing the fights that took place in the backroom of this rundown old inn. The slender teenager glared up at the man, presenting a handful of coppers.

"I'm sure. Here's my fee." he said, stomping past as the old man shook his head ruefully. The room was dim, light provided only by a few lamps by the door and a pair near the back. The edges of the room were lined by boxes and barrels, many being used as makeshift chairs and tables by the motley assortment of people watching the fight. The center of the room was cleared, and standing with bloodstained fists was a rather mean looking half-orc. Swallowing the surge of nervousness he felt, Erasmus moved into the 'ring'.

"...a boy? Kruth must fight a boy?! Hah! Easy gold for Kruth!"

Obviously, the half-orc wasn't very intelligent. Nor was he very skilled, which was obviously as he lurched forward, swinging his fists wildly. While the blows were fast and strong, they were telegraphed loudly enough that Erasmus could read them even in this poor lighting. He dodged for around a minute, at first surprising the crowd by not being slapped down instantly, but rapidly being heckled for running and not fighting. Eventually, the boy saw an opening. A haymaker thrown by his large foe went wide, and Erasmus slipped inside, jamming his fingers into the half-orc's side, making the man grunt in pain, and bend over, clutching his stomach...which allowed the shorter boy to jam his fingers into the man's throat, toppling him over backwards as he gagged.

And with that, the fight was over. Erasmus walked back to the door, ignoring the stunned silence, and held out his hand to the old man.

"My money." he demanded, a slight grin on his face now that the pressure was off.

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Old Mar 17th, 2012, 11:19 PM
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Ceol "Fey Song" Neart
Faun bard, well known, well versed, and well wary



Physical Description:
As happy as they come, this six foot tall half man half goat constantly wears a smile, and can be seen either dancing, singing, or with an instrument in his hands, Long dark brown hair falls from his head about his shoulder blades in cascades of what seems to be a river of liquid Mahogany. Atop his head also rests two horns, like that of a rams, creating one full spiral around his pointy elven ears, both of which are pierced twice. His angular and attractive have if clean cut with dark green eyes that resemble the dark reflection of the ancient forest within the river. A goatee of the same dark brown which stays neatly trimmed curls off of his chin; which in it's self looks to be carved of some elven stone. His skin pale and pure, and from about the middle of his upper arm thick soft white fur grows about, down his elbows, and up to his wrists.

From his waist down, like all other fauns he is; in most respects, a goat. Still bipedal, and also sporting a lovely tail that playfully bobs side to side as he jigs and sways with his music. His hooves are nicely trimmed, and often kept as clean as possible, and the white fur that covers his lower body is always well groomed and cared for. Upon his sides chest and back are tattoos he received from the elves as a gift for a lovely performance for one of their festivals. Wisps of white, that swirl upon his body like glow dust, and foliage in a sweet summer breeze.

His clothing is all of a Kelly green, dark and bold, a tunic of short sleeves, and a light shirt of white underneath all of which have white embroidered trim. From the waist down he wears a pair of short pants that come almost down to the knee, of a rich brown color, and trimmed with the same white embroidered trim, and from his waist drops a large piece of cloth of the same Kelly green to hang freely. On this piece of cloth the white embroidered trim shows a picture of the same wisps as his tattoo around the design of an Azalea; his mother's name sake.

A plumed "musketeer" style hat, of the same Kelly green tops his head, and upon that hat a large feather colored white, purple, and blue; his mother's favorite colors. A belt occupies his waist, with not only a flute, but panpipes as well, hangs for ease of access. A satchel and bandolier lay across his chest; the thin bandolier, more or so acts as a holster for larger instruments that he would transport, and the satchel holds personal belongings.

Chaotic Good

Character History:

Ceol (pronounced k'yawl in the Noun) is the offspring of a satyr, and an elf woman who moved out of the Mierani Forest to live in the city and attend the great Academae. This was before she knew that she was with child, and even more to the fact it would be as special as it was going to be, you see Ceol's mother was married to an elf man, when she was visited in the night by a satyr she thought was a dream.

While studying in the Acadamae it became apparent she was with child, and was forced to go on leave of her studies to birth the child, then she could return. She did just that, though when Ceol was born there was much drama, and tears, and the young faun's father took off with his little brother. Where they went, Ceol nor his mother know.

Many years later after Ceol had grown up a little, and his mother had continued her studies on the great secretive school, she was murdered on her way home. (Loved One: Orphaned Trait) This left the young faun in a sort of situation, too young to pay for the house they had, he had to resort to the one thing he was exceptionally gifted at.

His name is the elven word for music, for when he was born he was not birthed crying, but singing a very soft tune. Ceol took his passion, and talent and turned it into a living, and there is no place he would rather be other than the spot light. He can usually be seen at Bards End playing most nights, and in other establishments throughout the weeks, and has even played in the opera house once.

Though light hearted by nature, when Ceol found out who was behind his mothers death he vowed that he would seek justice, and due payment for his mothers death.

RP Sample:

It was another night at Bard's end! The fire was roaring, and the ale was flowing, and nary a soul in the place was mournful or woeing. As more and more people entered, more and more instruments were added to an already amazing melody of instruments. Bar's end was well known for it's guests entertaining, and spending majority of their stay having a great time. In the many past months many have come to spend time with a young faun who is said to be quite the entertainer.

Whistles and cat calls could be heard as the busty, and jaw dropping girls of the Bard's End came from the back with arms full of plates of food, and drink, and it was surprising that the cat calls were heard over the sound of not one, not two, not even three, but 6 bards playing their song for the residents of the inn. A firey red head caught the glance of the Faun known as Ceol, to which he gave a courteous head bow, and a playful wink, which for all intents and purposes, made the young woman blush.

As the song ended there was a great amount of cheering and joy, and as it died down, one man spoke out above the rest. "Oi Ceol,!" A man shouted, holding his tankard of ale in the air while he spoke. "Play us that story of the fairy folk you done said a while back" Ceol smiled and stood from his stool; that he had only moments ago sat down on. "Aye, so yeh all want to hear of my kindred?" A steady roar could be heard a few blocks away from the inn, as it was most all nights when Ceol was in. "Ah I don't think your hearts are in it my friends!" the young faun mused. "I believe I asked yeh all if you wanted to hear the tales of my kindred the fairy folk" Once more the crowd erupted in a cheer, though this one even louder than the last.

With as big a grin on his face as ever Ceol nodded, and reached for where his flute normally would be, but moved back to an instrument he had not used at Bards end for quite some time. A panflute. "Ask and you shall receive my friends, now listen and feel the glorious tremor of excitement, hope, happiness and joy my kindred feel" He began to play an upbeat tune with ties to long off places, a song of mystery, and a song, that could not stop one from joining in a dance. Which Ceol had no problem doing; as he played he danced, and pranced, he jigged and he weaved, and for every note a new part of his dance. The clacking of his hooves set a tempo, and beat for the melody, and as he looked he nodded to others of his craft, who were all to eager to join in his song.

That night in Bard's End was once more joyous one, and definitely a happy one. Ceol made his keep that night, as the people of Bards End are always more than generous with the coin when the entertainment is good. A late night warrants its perks, and a night of ale, and song can warrant it's cons, but all in all there is never a dull moment around either Ceol, the Faun Bard, or the inn known for it's jovial, and rousing guests; Bard's End.

Character Sheet


Natural 20's:13
Natural 1's: 2

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Name: Jel Pudge
Race: Human (Varisian)
Gender: Male
Classes: Cleric
Physical Description: Jel is a beautiful lad with long raven hair and brown eyes flashing with humour and mischief whilst his delicate features make him look more like a boy than the young man that he is. He keeps his face and neck cleanly shaven whilst rest of his body he keeps waxed free of hair causing his swarthy skin to shine as if it has been oiled. He likes to wear light, colourful clothing in order to make

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Character History: Jel was born into a Varisian caravan clan and like most of his people spent his childhood travelling the Varisian plains with his extended family group where he learned the ways of the nomads and playing games like seven bells and shells. He and his "family" spent almost all their time on the road stopping in towns here and there to trade and restock, maybe spending time entertaining the populace or doing odd labour in return for a few coins and the goods they couldn't supply for themselves.

When Jel first heard the call of lady luck there was few who were surprised, after all he was the best of the kids at guessing the shell game and cards just happened to fall his way like as not, not to mention he never seemed to complain when the caravan began moving onto a new place, he unlike most of his peers preferred the travelling to the bright lights, sweets and entertainment of a market town. He was put into the care of the clan's standing priestess of Desna and from her he learnt the craft of healing as well as the lore of the clergy. She also taught him a few skills important to the clerics of Desna but frowned upon by most other "good" gods.

It was during one of their yearly stops in Korvosa that the following scene was played out:

RP Sample: Jel was slightly amused as he looked for his childhood friend Beti in the back alleys of Korvosa, he had been sent out because he might just get lucky and the caravan was due to depart but Beti hadn't returned yet. He expected to find her midway through a tumble with one of the locals, her time of return completely forgotten but Jel was shocked to find her just around the next corner practically sitting in a puddle of filth and shivering as if she had a fever "Beti Beti Beti; what's the matter? Try some of the local firewine?" he jests, more to put himself at ease than anything else but when she didn't even look up he began to worry a bit, expending some of Desna's power in an attempt to heal injuries that weren't there. "By the traveller m'dear, you shouldn't drink firewine if you're going to half-kill yourself with it" and with that admonishment he gathers her up and returns to the caravan as fast as he can, his charge alive but laying there like a sack of grain.

It wasn't firewine that had affected her friend in such a way, the caravan's priestess quickly worked out the cause and cure of such an unnatural malady and with a few divinations granted unto her by Desna she soon ascertained that this wasn't the work of a curious teenager but a deliberate attack upon a girl because she was Varisian and this drug needed "test subjects" before being sold overseas. Someone had to make sure that the poor and the nomadic didn't continue to be the victims of such a cruel man and an initiate of Desna was as good a "volunteer" as any. Jel wasn't given much more than a name and the clothes on his back but he swore then and there that no one would be made to suffer by this brute again; Beti made a full recovery but without a healer who knew what would happen to anyone else this Lamm used as a test subject.
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Character Sheet.

Image would have been served from but is not HTTPS. For more information, please see IMG bbcode help."I've had so many, I can't remember 'em all. It's so bad, when I hear someone yell a name I look just'a see if it's me, eh? Aw, but I suppose you can call me Eddie. Eddie Wha? Well how should I know wha' my last name is? You with yer parents who cared about you enough to name you. You make me sick, ya do."

Race: Halfling (While most halflings are fearless, some are skittish, making them particularly alert. Halflings with this racial trait gain a +1 bonus on initiative checks and a +1 bonus on attack rolls when flanking. They suffer a –2 penalty on fear saves and gain no benefit from morale bonuses on fear saves. When affected by a fear effect, their base speed increases by 10 feet and they gain a +1 dodge bonus to armor Class.

This replaces the fearless and halfling luck racial traits.
Craven alternate racial trait)
Gender: Male
"Did ya hear that? Well I heard it. I'm telling ya' they're on to us. We need ta get out while we can. Of course I think we're making too much noise, tha's why we need to go."

Class: Rogue (Bandit and Cutpurse alternate class traits.)
"Hey mister! I think tha' guy stole ya' coin pouch. He went inna tha' alley, there." <Sucker!>

Physical Description: A small thing, easily mistaken for a human child. That is, until the end of the day when his 5'o'clock shadow is more obvious and he's sitting in a bar stool smoking and drinking away the day's "earnings".
"Am I payin' you ta lament the woes of unnerage drinkin', or am I payin' you for ale? ... I'll take tha' as a compliment, ya git. Hey, you gotta light?"

Alignment: True Neutral (In a nihilist kind of way.)
"Good, Evil, Law, Chaos? Nice concepts fer people what get to make those kinda choices. Some of us just do what's needed ta make it to the next day."

Character History:
Not that he would ever know, but "Eddie" was born to a relatively kind woman who had to make the choice between her child and her sailor husband. She tried to do what was best for him, by leaving him on the steps of an orphanage nominally run by clergy of Abadar. There was just one problem: That orphanage, as well as others in the city, was being watched by Lamm's "recruiters". They had standing orders to snatch up stragglers who wouldn't be missed, and the helpless baby was too tempting a target.

It was a terrible life, only barely preferable to being homeless and dying in a gutter. The children were treated callously, beat when they didn't bring in 'enough', but rewarded with extra rations if they brought in the most. They always beat the Lamms that brought back the least, and called it motivation. Eddie never brought in 'enough'. Call it racism, but halfling children never got as much charity as the humans, and found it harder to reach high enough to pickpocket or swipe what the others could do more easily. He had seen some older kin posing as human children, and decided that was the way to make the real money, he just had to survive long enough.

But one night, Lamm did the beatings himself. Eddie never found out what had happened to put him in such a foul mood, and honestly didn't care. By the time Gaedren Lamm was done, three children were dead, two, including Eddie, were unconscious, and four had broken bones for their trouble. The dead and dying were dumped in the refuse piles down by the dock, and Eddie only just woke up before becoming a dire-rat's snack. He swore revenge, more for losing his 'home' than for the beating itself, although he still bears the scars and the badly healed rib bones to remind him of that night. The man who gave him everything had taken it away for no reason. Something inside Eddie broke that night, and he has been a broken man ever since. He's jumpy, and quick to run if things start to look bad. He drowns himself in drink on a regular basis just so he can sleep, and he never sleeps in the same place twice in a row. He has no real friends, unless you count the bartenders at the places he frequents. His only motivation is knowing that someday he will meet Gaedren Lamm again, and only one of them will walk away. The worst part is, he knows Lamm couldn't possibly remember him. Eddie's life changing moment was just another day to that despicable man. That harsh realization can be seen in Eddie's soulless eyes even when he's putting on his performance of normalcy.
"There's a reason I don' like ta talk about it, so back off! I knew it was a mistake to tell ya' even tha' much."

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Name: Gustag Kegswiller
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Classe: Crusader

Alignment: CG



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