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Old 06-11-2015, 10:58 AM
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Truth, Lore & Legends

Below is information regarding the lands of Kazeroth from the Lands of the Eternal Frost in the endless expanse of the north to the great cities of the Taurian Empire to the south.
Rythian Halladar

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ReligionsFaith of the Ten God's of Men

The Father: judgement & justice.

The Mother: motherhood, nurturing, fertility, compassion, mercy & love.

The Champion: strength in battle, honor, courage & victory.

The Laborer: crafts & labor, prayed to when work needs to be done & for strength.

The Sage: wisdom, cleverness, cunning, insight & foresight.

The Scholar: intelligence, academics, science & logic

The Mage: all things arcane, magic, conjuration, spells, sorcery, wizardry, divination, illusion, necromancy, prophecy

The Guardian: nature, wilderness, animals, crops, livestock & anything natural

The Bard: song, dance, storytelling, the life of the party

The Shadow: death & the unknown, sometimes worshiped by evil doers.

This is the dominant religion among humans in the Northern Kingdoms. Some nonhumans also worship these same deities although they go by different names and have different aspects.

The Five Rulers of Hearth-Home

Skurge: Sage & Shadow

Stoneking: Father & Laborer

Shieldmother: Mother & Guardian

Seneschal: Scholar & Mage

Skald: Bard & Champion

These are different aspects of the same powers as the Ten Gods, but are understood differently. The dwarven conception of the spiritual realm consists of combinations of the Ten.

Church of the Undying Light

This once small cult has rapidly expanded gaining popularity among nobles and citizens of Reglaad and Alendia. Followers of the Church have shunned the Faith of the Ten God's of Men believing that those gods have abandoned them during the invasion of the Taurian Empire. Members of the Church of the Undying Light worship the Tree of Illumination, considering it to be a beacon of hope to guide them through the darkness and viewing it as a harbinger of progress and better days to come. Clerics of the Undying Light oversee the faithful as well as their temples, where flaming trees burn continuously. The Order of the Flaming Fist is the church's militant arm.

The Church of the Undying Light is a very aggressive faith which fights against all abnormal beings such as nonhumans, witches and, of course, beasts. Occasionally, even those who wield magic aren't welcome in cities where the Church of the Undying Light is the prominent religion.

Taurian EmpireThe most powerful empire in the history of the known world. It is located in the southern part of the continent and boasts both a thriving economy and a strong, well-trained army with talented commanders. It has expanded mostly through the conquest of foreign countries, which were then turned into provinces of the Empire. The Empire's inhabitants believe that "real" Taurians are only those born in the heart of the Empire, and not those born in the conquered provinces.

The provinces are ruled by either stewards or kings, in cases where a king willingly surrenders he retains his throne but is subject to the Emperor. The empire has expanded throughout the years, conquering new lands going farther north than ever before under the reign of Emperor Tiberius von Denson.

Varag en' LeithaThe Varag en' Leitha is a group comprised of non human freedom fighters. Commonly known as the Wolves due to their brutal savagery and pack like guerrilla tactics. The group fights against the Cult of the Undying Light, who for years has preached discrimination against and fueled a deep-seated hatred towards non humans. Recently this hatred has spread to the Northern Kingdoms of Reglaad & Aldenia whose kings were recently assassinated, with the Varag en' Leitha rumored to behind the murders. The Varag en' Leitha are mostly elves, but it is not uncommon to find dwarves, gnomes, halflings and other non human races are among their ranks.

HeraldryNorthern Kingdoms

Reglaad: Red manticore standing on its hind legs upon a field of yellow.



Taurian Empire:

CurrencyNorthern Kingdoms
-Copper (known as a Crow)
-Silver (known as a Talon)
-Gold (known as a Crown)

Months of the YearJanuary - Wolfsnows
February - Hungerhope
March - Robinsong
April - Greensprout
May - Fullflower
June - Yellowsky
July - Thundercrash
August - Redmoon
September - Harvesttide
October - Lasthunt
November - Fullfrost
December - Longnight

Holidays & Festivals
All Hallows: A festival celebrated throughout the Northern Kingdoms. The celebration spans the final two days of Lasthunt, the 30th and 31st, and consists of All Hallows Eve, All Hallows Day and Mischief Night. The festival gives thanks to the Guardian for the blessings of the years bountiful harvest and to the Shadow in memory of those who have passed on. Customs include the slaughter of animals to ensure food throughout the winter, bonfires in remembrance to the light and warmth of summer, the wearing of painted wooden masks and the carving of faces into pumpkins to ward off evil spirits who may return to roam the mortal plane during Mischief Night, and the Feast of the Dead, held during Mischief Night, to once again break bread with those spirits who have returned to roam amongst the living.
Rythian Halladar

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