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Old 12-28-2015, 12:43 AM
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Player Characters

Welcome to The Southern Realm, and congratulations on being selected! Competition for spots in this game was pretty intense, but I've chosen a cast of players and characters that I think will make for an outstanding game. So hey, I'm glad you're here!

For your reference, here is our (incredible) cast of Player Characters:
  • The Wildling Sol Erathschild, the Volyn Druid determined to win the heart of her Civilized captor (played by jbear)
  • Tevon Mudskipper, the Halfling Ranger and Imperial Trailblazer forging his own future (played by kedcoleman)
  • Inquisitor Marr Vakal, the Volyn Cleric out to prove himself to Erathis and Her Empire (played by Isthon)
  • Gerrard Hagen, the Human Monk repaying a debt to the Empire on his people's behalf (played by Felloffalot)
  • Iliana Cal-Demont, the Volyn Rogue caught in a plot and a culture beyond her comprehension (played by Sahara)
  • Deidre "Dee Dee" Device, the Human Sorceress lending her unique talents to the Empire (played by moozuba)
  • Ar K'l, the Human Warlock plucked from the mercenary ranks for a special assignment (played by Avayar)
Now that you've "made the cut," please take a bit of time to (re)post your application below, so any relevant information will be readily available for your fellow players.

When you're posting your character's history, it might be a good idea to take a look at the finalized version of the Southern Realm, located in the Campaign Setting Thread. That way, you can iron out any inconsistencies, because things will be considered "canon" from here. You'll notice that the game begins in the city of Carthas. Don't worry about how you got there or how you were recruited for this assignment; for some of you, we'll keep what you worked into your app, and for others, I've got different ideas in mind. We'll get to that later, but first things first.

Once you're through with history, and you move on to mechanics, you can make any necessary dice rolls in the Dice Thread. I know some of you have already rolled stats in the recruitment thread, and that's totally fine; no need to re-roll here. And I know some of you are going with the standard 27-point buy, and that's cool too. You'll all still need to roll for starting wealth (which you can use to buy equipment as you see fit), and if you want to, you can roll 1d100 for a trinket as well, because that's kinda fun, right?

When it comes to languages, the Folk and the Vol both have their own languages (Folken and Volyn, respectively), so feel free to factor that in wherever it fits with your character concept. Other useful language choices might include Elven and Dwarven.

If you have any other questions about equipment or builds or anything, just ask in the Table Talk Thread. There's a good chance that some of your fellow players will know better than me when it comes to questions of mechanics.

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Ar K'l -- Human Warlock (Archfey)

12/29/2015 - Initial repost.
12/30/2015 - Fixed appearance; inaccuracy and spellin'; added sheet link.
12/31/2015 - Reconciled the paradox in the background. >.> <.<

Basic Information
left-aligned image

Name: Ar (Old Common) 'kalalel' - lit. "bastard"K'l (AR ka-EL)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warlock (Archfey)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Erathis

Character Sheet: Link

AppearanceAr K'l is a man who appears older than he really is, and that is largely on account of five years of rough living and travel as a mercenary. His slightly weathered features would suggest an individual in his thirties if not higher in age, but he claims to still be within his third decade of life (his choice of words, that). If he possessed hair in his past, it is virtually gone, shaved almost to the scalp to the point of exposing it to the sun for maintaining the same tanned hue that the rest of his once-fair flesh possesses.

He has a warrior's physique: broad shoulders, strong arms and legs, calloused hands, and the endurance to travel in arduous conditions for an entire day, if need be. Were that not enough, he is armored such that he does not forfeit movement for protection, but attempts to maximize both. He is particularly fond of leather, as such adorns him almost head to toe, with respect to protection. Various odds and ends and other personal protection adorn both his physical person and count among his possessions. His main weapons of choice are the mace and dagger that each ride strapped to one leg, the weapons both well cared for and the dagger's blade honed to a razor's edge almost nightly.

Where he once had a softer, slightly abstracted gaze, he is now implacable grey to match the most durable of metals. That, combined with the surety of his step, is yet more evidence that he knows just what he is capable of, particularly should he desire to be the victor in the next particular skirmish, be it through words, blades, or both.

Character Traits
PersonalityBawdy academian.
He's lived as a mercenary for several years, and so the rough humor is almost needless to point out. That said, Ar shows the unmistakable signs of having had Civilization ingrained into him from an early age. That he is a man who received an education usually creeps out, in one way or another, particularly when it concerns subject material widely studied in the Erathic Empire.

The dreamer.
From time to time, Ar can completely distance himself from the task at hand, becoming so lost in his speculations that he is completely oblivious to his surroundings.

For seemingly no reason whatsoever, he talks as though there were someone else there, as if having a conversation. On any given day, this manifests as a great deal of muttering and (usually) external signs (and sighs) of exasperation.

IdealWe are Civilized people.
As he hails from the Northern Realm by his own admission, Ar has some history and exposure to Erathis and the Empire's culture and workings. That he desires to see the spread of Civilization and its many benefits is something he takes for granted, to the point that he expects others to want the same. "Why would they not?" he would ask, with traces of surprise.

BondsThe attaché.
Of the very few subjects in his past that Ar will openly discuss, one of them is that he had been a part of the missing Prince's retinue for a time. He claims to have been suitably impressed with how Prince Edrid handled matters during his numerous tours throughout Imperial lands in the North, citing this as his reason and incentive both to see that His Imperial Highness is found, dead or alive.

The pledge.
Ar does not directly speak of having a patron as the source of his magic, only that "her motives are for her alone and for me to divine and interpret". If others assume he speaks of Erathis, with the deity as the source of his power, all the better. He knows the answers to the doctrine of the deity. That he gains power from a source is obvious; he simply chooses to keep the nature of that relationship to himself, while seeming to obey with a quiet fervor.

FlawsTemper, temper.
When provoked to a certain degree, on very specific subjects, his rage can ignite like wildfire in a dry forest. This can even lead to going well past what some would call a "normal" amount of wrath.

The MercenaryWhat is there to say when it concerns the life of a mercenary? Taking on jobs for coin, a usually rough living, and always a concern for reputation, for who would hire a mercenary with a poor one? Ar K'l does not qualify as a particularly notorious, nor in-demand mercenary. His ability at arms is equal to that of a soldier, as far as the Imperial military is concerned; his gift for magic a couple of steps above that of a fully-trained apprentice. What, then, makes him stand out as one?

He is one of the few people that was actively recruited into the Comforters, a name held as both sardonic yet strangely appropriate for this particular mercenary band.

This band's reputation is that of taking on the jobs where they are arguably most in demand, but not as extra muscle to win a fighting campaign, necessarily. Hunting bandits; defending afar settlements from monsters and more; extracting justice and/or vengeance for atrocities; and above all: typically bestowing what coin they gain on those who are in far more need of it than they (beyond what they need for maintaining their equipment and supplies). Exactly who the man is that leads these strangely altruistic adventurers is as much a mystery as their profession. Calling himself Badatar (the archaic word for 'Giver'), he travels the lands with his band for the sole purpose of seeing to its people's welfare, in the places where the Empire's reach is less firm, and at times in its very heart.

During his time with the Comforters, Ar took up the mantle of the company's quartermaster, a relief for them as the previous one had joined the fallen during a vicious orc raid on a nearly unprotected settlement. He showed himself a clearly educated man, with all the training and expertise needed to manage both supplies and coin, as well as a curiously wide-reaching web of names and contacts when it concerned matters of logistics. Were that not enough, he was frequently pulled aside by Badatar himself for what the rest of the band slyly began to call 'Comforting', in humored reference for the strangely brutal, and cryptic, training at arms; frequently was Ar berated about caring too little about what he was doing in spite of the fact that he performed such duties well. Despite the bruises to his entire body, however, he never complained where others could hear, and as time passed the others began to notice changes in temperament and conviction both. Once, they thought him only barely interested, but as the months (and years) passed, there was some talk that Badatar might well be grooming him to take over.

That would have been the case, had there not been an argument that woke everyone one night, two days after they departed northward to see what awaited them. Few people understood it, with no names used and the stubborn insistence by Ar that "this was something he had to do for him." In the end, though, it calmed, as though they had been sparring with words and insults rather than training blades, and before half the night was gone, Ar was making sudden and strange farewells, promising to return if he could.

From there, he made his way south. One man alone, he continued his associates' more chivalric calling in what ways he could, but Ar seemed focused like an arrow nocked in the direction of the Southern Realm, barely stopping in any place for longer than a day to rest. He suddenly surfaced in Beacon, carrying with him a personalized letter of recommendation from its governor.

The Past RP and Find Out

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left-aligned image
Name: Tevon Mudskipper
Gender: Male
Race: Halfling (Lightfoot)
Class: Ranger
Alignment: NG
Deity: NA

  • Charlatan
  • I’m a born gambler who can't resist taking a risk for a potential payoff.
  • Sarcasm and insults are my weapons of choice.
  • Fairness. I never target people who can’t afford to lose a few coins
  • I owe the Folken my life, and will do anything I can to preserve their way of life, and repay that debt.
  • I am responsible for ensuring that Imperial expansion is peaceful.
  • I’m convinced that no one could ever fool me the way I fool others.

Our story begins nearly 20 years ago, in the heart of the Erathic Empire. Which one might take to be a strange place and time to start the tale of a young travel guide of the South, but there it is. The story, in particular, revolves around one Wilbur Fallbottom, a man of wealth, means, and connections; a merchant of no small talent and success; a halfling who had grown up nestled in the soft, comfortable heart of the Empire. Wilbur was a gentleman in the finest sense of the word - raised in the intricacies of social movement, taught to keep pace with current trends and social customs, always finding a way to be invited to the important gatherings of his class. This grew to be, as one might imagine, immensely boring and, yes, even tiring. To this dull existence entered the League of Gentleman Adventurers.

Largely a gathering of middle-aged men who fancied themselves brave and adventurous, they mostly spent their time meeting in smoky, wood-panelled parlours, drinking brandy and discussing this or that piece of 'savage' culture brought into the Empire's heart. Their collection of exotic baubles and wonders was extensive - from bead- and feather-decorated rods of some shamanic tradition, to bleached skulls of some barbaric race etched with curiously indecipherable symbols, to crude maps drawn on stretched and dried tree bark. After a time, this League became so enamoured with the untamed wilderness of the Southern Realm, and so convinced of their great knowledge of its peoples and ways, that an expedition was planned. Not everyone chose to join this grand tour of the southern lands, but the four who did - among them, our halfling merchant - equipped themselves for a voyage of several months, fancying themselves daring adventurers into the unknown, with only the gear on their back to keep them for the months of their journey. And the wagon caravan of supplies. And the two dozen bodyguards hired for the voyage. Still, a daring adventure was to be had.

The last recorded passing of the League's entourage was through the town of Torchlight [2], departing to the east. One can imagine the Folk of the region had warned them of the dangers ahead on that road. One can also imagine these stalwart adventurers thinking little of such warnings and forging ahead. None from their troop were ever seen of heard from again. And this is where I am enter the story. Back home, in the Empire, Wilbur Fallbottom had left behind a loving wife and 3 children. When I was old enough, I began asking questions of his old friends and business associates, trying to learn as much as I could about the man. They were mostly unwilling to tell about the League and their secret collection of exotic wonders. Enough prying, however, earned entrance to the inner secrets of the group, and what had befallen the expedition.

You might think it foolish, to jump right into what had killed so many others before, but I packed my things and left home, determined to find evidence that the League's expedition had, in fact, been destroyed. And, in retrospect, you would be entirely right. My search ended abruptly, with me lying in a ditch, mortally wounded. If it hadn't been for a travelling group of Folken I surely would have died that day. They nursed me back to health, as best they could, over the months to follow. While I healed, I learned the ways of the Folk. Their songs and games and dances. A beautiful, unappreciated culture, if you've never met one of their kind. All told, I lived among the Folk for nearly 3 years, well beyond the six months it took for me to heal from my wounds.

It was that time among them that I credit for my ultimate decision to join on with the Imperial Trailblazer Corps. They shared their love for the untrodden paths and trails of this land, the hidden beauty away from the prying eyes of the Empire, how to navigate the wilds by the smell on the wind and call of a bird. Who are the Trailblazers, you ask? Why, men and women like myself - though, most often a bit taller, I will admit - who, for a modest fee, will gladly lead travellers to their destination, near or far, satisfaction guaranteed. We're a private co-operative of like-minded wilderness navigators trying to make the Southern Realm safer for travellers, with a lively tale or song thrown in, free of charge. So ... where are you headed?

It's a god-awful small affair

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DetailsBirth Name: Atrei Letoslass Fremen
Condemned Name: Thrall
Civilised Name: Sol Erathschild
Commonly called: Wildling

Gender: Female
Race: Vol (Human)
Class: Druid (with intention to multiclass into barbarian (totem))
Alignment: Neutral
Deity: Nature Spirits (Despises the gods)

Background DetailsBackground: Wildling

1) I'll believe pretty much anything I'm told; all this worldy stuff is new to me. (Character development intended in this area)
2) My curiosity is my strongest trait. I am fascinated by new things, and seek to learn more of them.

Ideals: Instinct. The most important things are food, sleep, and safety. My fight or flight impulse is finely tuned.

1) I fell in love with the first civilized person I saw; a love that goes unrequited.
2) The man I love believes that service to the Erathic Empire is the highest Duty. So I try my best to believe it as well.

1) I walk in an unusual way - like an ape
2) I have an unexplainable rage building up inside of me. I feel like I could explode into violence at any moment.



RP Sample:Sol buried her hands in the rich earth and closed her eyes with pleasure, soaking up the sensation as she felt the damp soil. She hummed a sweet and melodic tune, something she had heard Kohe practicing on the piano of late, as the tact with the earth reached past mere physical sensations and touched something deeper, something ethereal and delicate. The magical sensation grew at the tips of her fingers and danced down the back of her hands, along the lines of the tattoos which were meant to seal the magic within her. But the meaning of those tattoos were lost on her now. Those were memories that belonged to Atrei Fremen. And Atrei was dead. Before the power she summoned from the earth could travel any further into her body and overwhelm her completely, Sol caught the tips of the magic and turned them back around the looping blue tattooed knots that marked her forearms. The power began to gather like a a ball in her hands. She gently shaped the ball into a seed and pushed it back into the soil. Just as the green tips of the first intrepid shoots began to surge up from the earth a voice called her name. "Wildling!"

Sol stiffened with surprise, losing concentration over the magic which swiftly seeped away into the ground. The voice was more than familiar to her, although she had not heard it from so close in a long time. That voice had once spoken kindly to her, but now it was cold and distant. The voice used to call her "Thrall" ... and then "Sol" ... but now she was merely "Wildling", making it clear that she was nothing to him. Sol stood up and turned to face the man she loved desperately as he walked briskly towards her down the gravel garden path. He had not spoken to her directly in over a year and so she was shocked that he would seek her out here ... alone. As her mind flew into frenzied thought full of hopes, fears and hopeless fantasy, Sol forgot herself. She stood half hunched, one hand resting upon its knuckles on the ground. She ducked her head in deference but then raised her face and instinctively bared her teeth. It seemed an aggressive gesture, wild and beastly. It was in fact a signal that she wished him no harm, an invitation to a closer, more intimate social interaction... an ape's smile if you wish. It stopped Xavier dead in his tracks.

He called out to her as she lowered her eyebrows in confusion at his evident fear. "You are needed. I have a task for you. An important task." His words pulled ber from her reverie and suddenly Sol realised what she was doing and straightened, too stiffly. Neck high, chin up, eyes wide, mouth snapped closed and lips hidden. "I need for you to return to your forest... your ... your people ... the Vol ... the Prince has disappeared... it is thought that ... please ... just follow me. All will be explained." The words struck Sol like hammer blows. As Xavier turned his beautiful face away from her and walked back up the path with a clipped step, not waiting to see if she followed or not, Sol felt it began to grow again. The rage. It was there, bubbling beneath her skin. She clenched her fists so tightly that her nails cut into the palms of her hand. She felt her jaw stretch and lengthen... her teeth sharpen ... the world became sharp and instinct threatened to flood all sense. But she caught the tip of the wave and sent it crashing back down below and buried it down deep within her. Xavier had called her. She had to answer that call ... he needed her. At last, he needed her. This was her chance to become someone to him again, somone other than the fawning pet wildling that had embarrassed him so with her love.

She wiped the dirt from her hands and began to walk down the garden path towards whatever fate had in store for her.

"Kill them all!"

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left-aligned image
Deidre "Dee Dee" Device
Human Sorceress (Wild Magic)

Alignment: Cheerful (Mostly Chaotic) Good

Deity: Corellon

Background: Urchin (PHB 141)

Traits: Talkative, Friendly, Optimist

Ideals: Community (Centrality of Relationships, mutual support for mutual benefit, The Greater Good), Fundamental Goodness of People (There is good in everyone, if only you give them a chance to show it).

Bonds: There's no bond like the bond of FRIENDSHIP! But that hardly explains why she's working with the Empire to recover their beloved prince. The truth is, Dee Dee has a gift for knowing people... and being known by people... often, the right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it) people in the right (again, or wrong) places. She has ties to some of the dirtiest and bloodiest in the underworlds of both Port Serithia and Beacon, but is also chummy with a number of high-ranking clerics, politicos, and tradespersons. People like Dee Dee and she likes people. Her allegiance, therefore, isn't to the Empire as such, but to individuals (whom she calls and thinks of as "friends"). It was a "friend" who invited her to participate in this little search-and-rescue.

Flaws: TOO Trusting, TOO Chatty

Appearance: Young (somewhere between 19 and 22), petite in stature, with impish blue eyes, pale skin, and a wild mess of dark red hair. Most often seen in her barmaid's uniform (provided by the Wild Oyster), but her street clothes are an eccentric mich-mash of used, hard-worn items. She doesn't own any jewelry to speak of except for a small copper ring (her father's wedding ring) that she wears on a piece of twine around her neck or keeps tucked safely away in her boot.

Personality/History: If you were to ask any of the residents of Port Serithia about "Dee Dee" they would invariably have two things to say. First and foremost, "The crazy girl? What's she gotten herself into now? I always said that her antics would catch up with her, ain't I always saying that, Jimmy?" and, second, "Boy, you must not be from around here. How you not be knowin' Dee Dee?" Which is to say that Deidre Device had developed a reputation of sorts founded on two distinct personality traits: her overt, almost smothering friendliness and her penchant for reckless, borderline insane behavior.

Deidre grew up on the streets of Port Serithia (#4). A long-time resident of the Three Bridges Orphanage and Group Home, she spent her days bouncing around the city, poking her nose into everything from local politics to the Port's lively criminal underworld. The docks were always a favorite, though, meeting sailors from abroad (increasingly from the Northern territories) and seeing the lavish, beautiful foreign wonders coming off the traders' ships. Well, the docks and the church. Oh, and the taverns! LOTS of interesting people in the taverns. And the Imperial Outpost? All those Imperial soldiers in their gleaming armor. It was all so exciting and they were always so nice. She loved hearing about the Empire and the distant lands far to the North where great battles took place and monsters lived and, honestly it was a lot of information and she couldn't always keep the details straight, but that was okay because it was just so wonderful to talk with friends.

Deidre never knew her parents. Her siblings were the other orphans at Three Bridges. Her friends were everyone she ever met. Well, nearly everyone. Her aptitude for magic first reared its head about seven years ago, around the time of her "womanly change." She mostly kept her magic to herself, but as with the other changes she was undergoing, she had to talk to someone about these strange new feelings and impulses she felt. Word got around and soon she was being offered advice by all sorts of people. Some thought she should undertake formal training, others thought she should have the abilities exorcised, still others wanted favors, while some merely wanted to be entertained. Dee Dee never much cared what her abilities were or how they were used, only the effect that they had -- to wit, whether or not they made her friends happy. Which is how she ended up, for a time, in the employ of Sammel Vos, the White Bull of Port Serithia and a Captain in the sprawling criminal organization known colloquially as The Zoo. She assisted in a number of activities, mainly passing information to the organization, but also a couple of high-profile heists in conjunction with her friends Julianna De la Cruz and Fauster Kent.

It should have been foreseen by Vos, but Dee Dee's only real allegiance was to the "friends" that recruited her for Vos's organization in the first place. Vos never met her face-to-face and therefore she did not regard him as a friend. To that end, she had no thought for her own safety or for Vos's wrath when she helped local law enforcement (both Imperial and Local) bring in a case against Vos and two of his enforcers for the murder of an informant, Larry-Boy Labovitz. Her testimony was a major betrayal of the unwritten rules of criminal behavior, however, and threats poured in. With Larry-Boy dead and Fauster in prison, Julianna was the only one from that world to stand by her.

The first attempt on her life was thwarted by an outpouring of magical aptitude that even Dee Dee didn't know she had in her. It did, however, cost her what meager belongings she had accumulated and the deposit on the apartment (which burned to the ground after the altercation with the hitman). The second attempt was thwarted by a tip from Julianna and the intervention of local law enforcement. With the trial still a month away, the offer came through the pipeline for temporary assignment to an investigatory team heading north toward Beacon.

RP Sample: I'm ashamed to say I don't have too many recent samples as a player that I am proud of, but here are a few recent ones that stand up -- not my best, but solid and typical of my style: Introductory post for Candles the Malazan Mage and a Mid-Combat DM post highlighting the BBEG using a fallen chandelier as a improvised flail.
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Iliana Cal-Demont

left-aligned image
Name: Iliana Cal-Demont "of the Wilds"
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Vol)
Class: Rogue

Character Sheet: Here

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Erathis

Background: Outlander
Traits: I'm driven by a wanderlust that led me away from home.
Ideals: Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it.
Bonds: The Empire has saved me, and I am forever indebted to Her.
Flaws: I would kill to acquire a noble title.





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(Credit to Wizards of the Coast for the art, taken from Teysa, Orzhov Scion)

Name: Inquisitor Marr Vakal, formerly Mar’koth V’kallar

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Vol)

Class: Cleric - Life

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Deity: Erathis





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