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Old 08-10-2017, 03:53 PM
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Character details

Please post your character details here and a link to your character sheet.
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right-aligned image
Name: Caylan Jor'Unn

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Paladin

Background: Investigator (City Watch Variant)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Though his face is a bit rugged, Caylan tries his best to keep his uniform clean. However, the same can't always be said for his personality. He is a quirky, yet dedicated lawman who generally attempts to resolve situations peacefully, but isn't afraid to kill a criminal if he feels it to be justified. Caylan is intuitive, especially when it comes to lawbreakers, and mostly acts in a righteous manner; though he has been known to corner his adversaries with every intention of killing them if they put up a fight. With that said, Caylan is a loyal friend that will put his freedom and life at risk to protect the innocent and those he cares about.

Backstory Most children that grow up with criminal parents tend to follow suit. This was not the case for Caylan, for those were turbulent times that he was desperate to escape. Motivated by his disdain for the corruption and crime that ran rampant in his home town of Keczulla, he left home for Athkatla to serve on the City Watch.

During his time serving the kingdom of Amn, Caylan was assigned to several different posts and became known for his skills with the sword as well as his ability to snuff out criminal organizations. After some years of successful enforcement within the city's watch, Caylan was offered a position with the Paladins of Amn as an investigator who's duty was to root out the corrupt within their nation. Upon accepting this new role, he was tasked with hunting down a criminal known only as Blue Crow who was last seen at the Wayfarers Inn along the coast of The Shining Sea.

RP sampleThe Rat's Den was as shady as a place could get. It's tables and bar stools filled with the worst kinds of lowlife scum, willing to do just about anything for a copper. One dwarf even swears he'd slit his own mum's throat if it'd fill his pockets with coin. When the door swung open, all suspicious eyes turn to view the incoming patron, quickly determining if the newcomer be one of them or the city watch. The latter only being welcome with a dagger stuck in their gut. For Caylan though, this location was rich with information and his deep seeded anger towards anything related to crime was the motivation behind his consistently direct approach despite dangerous situations; that and he loved to ruffle their feathers.

It only took a single step through the doorway for Caylan to see the scum frothing at the mouths in disdain. One thug even went as far as to throw a dagger into the floor at the paladin's feet. Locking eyes with the knife thrower, the Half-Elf displayed a devious smirk. "Well now, is that how you treat everyone that walks through that door?" Caylan looked around at the room full of patrons slowly reaching for their blades, then knelt down to retrieve the knife lodged into the wood floor.

"Ya know yer not welcome here, Paladin!" Hissed a goblin at the bar who then spat in his direction. Before the saliva could even hit the floor, a dagger was now sticking out of the patron's shoulder.

"Well, unless you want my fellow Paladins outside to come in here, I suggest you go ahead and make an exception for me." With that, the occupants began settling back into their seats. The Half-Elf's expression never wavered, his eyes still holding a taunting smile. "Now then, who can tell me where to find a Blue Crow?"
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Character InformationCharacter name: Daeva
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Ranger (UA-Revised) Hunter Conclave
Background: Outlander
Alignment: CG Undecided for now.

Backstory Daeva wasn't always an outcast. Once she dined by candlelight wearing a fine dress, giggling as any elf maiden would when the bubbles of the fermented elf wine tickled their nose. That was once upon a time not long ago, but seemed like a dream of a life belonging to someone else.

Daeva spent the days running through the dappled sunlight of the forest with her childhood friend, Tierthos. Hunting and laughing in the forest, the pair of them. The evenings they spent with her identical twin sister, Daena, who would serenade them with her gilded voice. Daeva was the younger, wild twin while Daena was the epitome of a fair elf maiden.

Of course Daeva loved them both, her sister and her friend. She couldn't imagine life without the pair of them, and looked forward to nothing more than spending her days with Tierthos and her evenings with her twin.

Their 100th birthday was fast approaching. Daeva chafed under the preparations, longing to be running through the forest without care, but instead she was stuck inside getting fitted for dresses more suited to her twin's tastes. It was just another year passing, and she couldn't wait until everything went back to the way they were ... Except she had forgotten that Daeva and Daena would be considered adults and of age to be wed.

So she was struck dumb when Tierthos bent his knee before Daena. She was speechless when Daena blushed coquettishly and accepted. She mumbled congratulations in shock as the merry lovers hurried with hands entwined to share the news.

How could this have happened?

Not long after the engagement, Daena joined them for the first time on a hunt. Giggles and laughter scared away their prey, and Daeva trailed behind until she couldn't see the happy lovers anymore.

She rounded a corner. There, there was her prey. Alone. Unaware.

Daeva raised her bow and nocked an arrow. Her breath slowed. She tasted the wind, adjusting her aim. She breathed deep, the joy of the hunt welling inside her.

Something heavy struck her side as she let the arrow loose. Pain bloomed in her side as she heard a scream of pain and surprise.

"Daena! Daena!" Tierthos's voice cut through Daeva's haze. She watched him bend over her and cradle her bloodied cheek. No, that was wrong. It wasn't her. It was Daena, her mirror. Her twin.

Daeva rolled to her knees in a haze. What was she doing? She was going to kill her sister?

She stood, steadying herself against a tree. Her mind was blank with panic. Silence roared in her ears beneath the hammering of her heart as she watched her childhood friend attend to her sister, his betrothed bride. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't see. Tears? A strangled noise brought Tierthos's gaze upon her. Anger betrayal disbelief. Hatred.

Daeva took a step back. Then another. And then she was fleeing through the forest.

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right-aligned image

Character name: Achuak
Race: Lizardfolk
Class: Multiclassed: (Rogue 1/ Cleric of Trickery Domain 1)
Background: Urban Bounty Hunter
Backstory: The lizardfolk tribe that Achuak was born to was a small community in a bayou. A few miles up river was a town made up of mostly humans. A few times a year, traders from the town would come to his tribe and trade metal goods for hides and other things that could be harvested from the bayou. When Achuak was 8 years old, the tribal shaman sent him to harvest some plants he needed. While he was away, the tribe of Bullywugs that also lived in the area attacked his tribe, killing everyone. With nowhere left to turn, Achuak followed the river until he came to the town. Most people simply ignored the lizardman. An old dwarf, Ulfgang Thieftaker, who was both a bounty hunter and a priest of Vergadain, took pity on the youth and took him in. From Ulfgang, Achuak learned the trade of thief-taking and also began worshiping his mentor's deity. Though his formal religious training is almost nil, Vergadain took note of his faith and granted him clerical powers. Ulfgang was too short to properly teach him to fight and besides the lithe youth seemed unsuited to the axes that he preferred. He got one of the bravos in town, an half elf named Starwind, to teach him to fight with weapons more suited to his speed and dexterity.
Alignment: N


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left-aligned image
Name: Kirik

Race: Aaracokra

Class: Tempest Cleric

Background: Outlander

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Majestic and beautiful to most other races, Kirik shares the typical white eagle head of many of his kin with brownish yellow plumage on his wings and body. Not apparent to most non-aarakocra however, is that Kirik is rather ugly for his race. His beak is short and a dull yellow found unattractive among his people. Also, not clear is a slight bend to Kirik’s left wing. This bend prevents him from engaging in flight.

BackstoryBackstory (at least one paragraph): Curiosity is never something preached by aarakocra parents to their hatchlings but that did not stop Kirik from acquiring an insatiable appetite for any dealings with the other races his people usually tried to avoid. Often arguing with tribe elders, Kirik felt his people should be more like Remnis, the great eagle, ever on the move scouring the world in search of secrets, prey, and adventure.

Ranging farther and farther from the nest, Kirik would perch high and observe humans and dwarves go about their lives and wonder what it would be like to live alongside them. He marveled at their penchant for travel. Always moving from town to town, place to place. Kirik began to resent the restrictions given him by his tribe.

On a cold blustery day observing a dwarven merchant traveling the road, a salesman was set upon by goblins. Kirik soared into battle to protect the man. Landing in the midst of combat, Kirik summoned the power of the storm and sent a thunderwave through his enemies before setting upon them with whip and sword. Before he could dispatch his final enemies, he was caught off guard and dealt a severe blow to his left wing. The bone cracked and excruciating pain racked his body. The world went dark with a sneering goblin standing over him, blade descending for the kill.

When Kirik awoke, he was lying near a small fire with the dwarven merchant tending his wound. A bond was formed between the two after the fight with the goblins and Kirik began traveling with the merchant who agreed to pay him for protection. His dreams had come true, he was exploring the world. It was not to last as the merchant chanced into a fortune, trading a few skins for a new dagger. The dagger turned out to possess a magical enchantment. The merchant sold the dagger for a massive profit and retired to a small residence in Waterdeep.

His wanderlust not sated, Kirik finds himself in the Wayfarers Inn to listen to tales of the world and perhaps find himself in an adventure of his own.

Anything else: Theme Song

RP sample Watching his one friend depart for Waterdeep, Kirik sighs and glances down at the harbor. To fly across the water on a great ship would have to suffice for the loss of his wing. Freedom was living without boundaries. Flying through the air, making your own destiny in the world. Not his tribe elders nor a damage wing would keep Kirik from seeing the world. Thaghel had arranged for Kirik to sail to Chult for riches and adventure and Dawn’s Confrontation was to take him there.

It wasn’t as large as some of the other ships in harbor and the wooding planking had seen better days but one was as good as another as far as Kirik could tell. The captain was an older human named Glaukos who went way back with Thaghel. When questioned why Chult of all places to go, Kirik simply replies, ”I follow my beak where destiny leads me. I have lived in the wilderness with my people, I have traveled to the cities of man with Thaghel, I will find purpose in this jungle as well. As Remnis, I shall scour the world for secrets, prey, and adventure.”
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Character name: Tevlin
Race: Half Elf
Class: Rogue
Background: Sailor
Backstory (at least one paragraph):

Alignment: C. G.
Anything else:
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StatsCharacter name: Kua-Linn
Race: Genasi (Water)
Class: Cleric
Background: Traveler

Backstory : Kua-Linn is the daughter of a hermitic witch who lived in a cave off the coast of the sea. Her mother gave birth to her after a brief romance with a Marid, a powerful fish-like water genie. Her mother wished to keep Kua-Linn a secret from the world, she was ashamed of the girl whose existence was a reminder of the consequences of magic. Kua-Linn had other plans though, and at the age of 18 she gave into her wanderlust, diving into the deep ocean where her mother could not follow. Kua-Linn has spent the last few years taking in all of the world she can find, travelling inland when she dares. Always though, she feels the pull of the sea, and always she finds herself coming back to it soon enough. Until one day, a storm forced her to seek refuge at a place called Wayferer's Inn

Alignment: Neutral Good:


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right-aligned image
Application is complete.

Character name: Wind
Race: Teifling (Feral - this just changes up the Attribute modifiers)
Class: Fighter 1/Rogue 1
Alignment: Neutral
Background: Outlander

Personality: Wind is rough around the edges, and has little use for politeness or tact. The more civilized someone seems to be, the weaker she perceives that person to be - and she has no sympathy for weakness. The one exception to this is that she has a soft spot for girls and women that are in trouble. Wind is always on guard and is slow to trust, but she looks out for those who look out for her. Larger concerns of good and evil are of little interest to her. She enjoys good food, good drink, and games of skill, and can get quite loud when socially engaging in any of these activities.

Backstory: Wind (not her birth name) was born into a nomadic tribe of feral tieflings that lived beyond civilized lands. These wandering hunters lived a hard life, and lived by even harder rules and traditions. Strict gender roles ensured that Wind was not trained as a warrior, but after the death of her father, she took his bow and began secretly teaching herself archery. She also became adept at stealth and subterfuge in order to hide what she was doing. This continued for many years until a high-ranking warrior declared that he wished to take Wind as his bride. Since her family lacked a male head, her mother saw this as an opportunity to gain stature in the tribe. Wind, however, despised the warrior that was claiming her - and it was a claim. Wind was given no choice in the matter. The night before the ceremony, she left her tribe behind and set out on her own.

Since then, Wind has found that people from "civilized" areas will pay handsomely for a scout, guide, or tracker. This means that Wind has to spend some time in cities and towns looking for work. She's not fond of cities generally, but she is fond of drinking in taverns. She has also found that earning money lets her buy better weapons, armor, and tools.. Recently, Wind has fallen in with a group of adventurers and explorers following an old legend in the Jungle of Chult. Wind hopes to find treasure, though she suspects some of her companions may have other motives.

Basic Character Concept: Wind is a stealthy archer, hunter, and scout. Her fighter "fighting style" is archery, and she has skill expertise in stealth and survival. I've geared her towards the party already on the island, but it doesn't really matter where she starts out.
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Character name: Adept Blune
Race: Human
Class: Monk
Background: Artisan (alchemist)
Backstory Blune's parents were fleeing something when the stopped for the night at Resthaven Abbey. They left him behind as an infant, hoping that the Lady Abbess could give him the life they could not. Growing up in a place intended for holy men and women to live, his early life was very sparse, but calm and peaceful. He can sometimes remember his mother's face, in dreams, but forgets when he awakens. He has stopped trying to remember long ago-they did what they had to, and he no longer wants to seek them out. When Blune came of age, decision was made to place him not into the priestly order but the monastic one. He was trained in the unarmed combat and the Chacram (for game-machnic purposes it will function as a hand-axe, doing 1d6 slashing damage in melee or thrown.) He was also taught how to heal wounds and prepare many alchemical remedies and antidotes. Although he is reluctant to use them, he also knows the formulas for alchemical weapons and poisons-such knowledge is taught to adepts because knowledge is not in and of itself evil.
Alignment: Neutral, in the sense that alignment means making an effort.
Religion: Pays homage to most neutral and good Ghods in their own spheres but is not particularly religious. Growing up around people who do nothing but pray and having it forced upon him has soured him somewhat on religion.
Starting Feat: Healer.
Combat Style: Although he can do strange things with his martial arts, he seldom does so except in emergencies. He prefers to heal rather than harm, and will take the action to bind the wounds of fallen ally rather than attack.
RP Sample: Blune takes a few minutes to look around the area. He checks for the ash which a normal fire would leave behind. If this was a magic fire, the ash might be obviously wrong. He also looks for any other powder or residue. If the fire was started by more mundane means, a small amount of sawdust, flour, or some similar substance used to cause the explosion might have survived.

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left-aligned image
Paelias, younger age

Character name: Paelias Amastacia
Race: High Elf
Class: Rogue
Background: Criminal - Burglar/Pickpocket
Backstory (at least one paragraph): I was born into a family of high elves that were as close to royalty as you could get without the actual title. My younger days were full of rules & agendas; I may as well have been a prisoner in my own home. You see, I've always been a bit of a free spirit. My mother was far more accepting of this fact than my father, & my sister adored me for it. She'd always break into giggling fits over the trouble I'd get into for the "adventures" I liked to go on; & she loved to hear me recount them after I got back to my room from the lectures my father would give me. She was always such a sweet, innocent, caring girl; her eyes so full of wonder & a heart of pure gold. I say "was" because she's dead now, & I am fully to blame. I carry the scars, both physically & emotionally, that remind me of this fact every day. After her passing, my relationship with my parents basically wasted away to nothing. The only things I carry from my family (aside from my scars) are a small trinket she once gave me, & a mission to do as much good in this world as I can to make up for the good this world lost when she died. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at it.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Anything else:
- Tallest member of my family
- A bit scrawny but otherwise healthy-looking
- My skin & hair color make me stand out a bit, but most would still consider me fairly attractive. Many women have told me they could
stare into my piercing blue eyes forever. I enjoy the flattery & flirting back, but I generally don't take romance too seriously
- Missing my pinky & ring fingers on my left hand, but I don't discuss that
- Have a slaver's brand on my left forearm & gashes on my back, but I don't talk about those either

Character Sheet:[/p]

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Name: Thoven The Monk

Race: Half-Orc

Class: Monk

Background: Urchin

Alignment: True Neutral

Height: 6'1

Weight: 205
Backstory Thoven the Monk was once known as Green Foot the Urchin who hailed from Memnon, key trade city and northern most port for the kingdom of Calimshan in Faerun. Thoven's earliest memory was of unending fire, the icy cold silver medallion clenched tight in his small fist, and the fading screams of a woman telling him to run. Green foot the Urchin grew up on the harsh streets of Memnon but learned to survive as a pickpocket and runner for the traders, fishermen, and merchants. Green foot could run fast and so the local tradesmen, fishermen and merchants used him as a courier which kept food in his belly most nights.

One day Green foot the Urchin attempted to steal from an old fisherman. With a sudden unnatural burst speed, the old man seized Green foot's hand and twisted it dropping him to his knees. Try as he might, Green foot could not escape the iron grip of the old man who had total control, making him dance on his tiptoes, or kneel or lie down on the ground quickly in pain with just a subtle twist of his hand and wrist. Finally released and holding his arm in pain, Green foot ran away, but he was intrigued. Green foot watched and followed the man from a distance, however, he always seemed to be aware of Green foot's presence.

Time passed and Green foot eventually came to know and befriend the man who he learned had been an adventuring monk in his younger years, now retired and living the simple life as a fisherman in Memnon. Over the next several years, the old man trained Green foot in the ways of the monk and the ways of the fisherman. Green foot found that he was happy for the first time in his memory until one fateful evening when a massive storm washed over the city sending violent wind and torrential rain and bringing death and sickness in its awful aftermath. The old man took ill and on his deathbed, gave Green foot, his last 40 gold pieces, and a finely crafted and ornate oaken great club, his old monk weapon of choice. He thanked Green foot for his kindness and friendship and slipped away into darkness. Green foot, alone in the world once again, took the name of the old man, Thoven the Monk, as his own, and left Memnon behind to seek adventure.
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