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Old 11-24-2017, 10:08 AM
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Campaign Rules

Character Creation
  • Ability Scores: 16, 16, 14, 13, 10, 8'Non'-Standard Array
  • Starting Level: 1
  • Each Class receives a bonus Feat listed here
  • Hit Points: Max at 1st level. After that, you may roll or take the standard amount. You must indicate which method you will use each time you level up in the OOC thread first.
  • Starting Gold and Equipment: Packages provided by class options and background bonus items and background gold only.
  • Multiclass: Allowed, but no more than 3 total classes, please.

General Rules
  • Players only control their own characters. You cannot control NPCs, other PCs, the environment, or the outcome of any events.
  • Give others a chance. Don't post over other peoples' opportunities to act. Give them a chance to participate and interact with you or others. Don't do or say something to whether PC or NPCsomeone and then leave before they can react.
  • Update your character sheet! As your character develops, their personality may change, their goals change or become accomplished, and they gain more reputation and history. Please, add this information to your character sheet. Similarly, keep the mechanics of your character up-to-date as you level up.
  • Everyone makes mistakes. Yes, even the DM. If I make a mistake, contact me via PM, I will do likewise. Don't publicly shame someone in the OOC threads, keep things discrete please.
  • Posting Rate: If you will be unable to post 2 to 4 times per week for a known period of time, please let everyone know in the OOC thread. You can also provide "auto-actions" your character would most likely take while away, so the DM can NPC them accordingly.
  • D&D 5e has many rules that are left to DM discretion. If you are not sure how I will interpret something, please bring it up in the OOC thread. My rulings may be different than other DMs that you play under.
  • Keep posts to a You know what I'm refering to!

    If you don't know, please PM me, thanks.
    PG rating.

Cinematic Cut Scenes and Theme Songs

During this campaign's timeline, there will be moments when the adventurers accomplish their tasks and a cut scene will be provided to watch and listen to short a narrative. These resources are bonuses provided from the original game for players to view once they've accomplished moving forward in the epic adventure of Icewind Dale. The links will be provided by an icon or symbol, such as these:
left-aligned image
Please be aware that these links require audio to hear the narrative or music, and may provide visuals that you can enjoy whenever they've been provided. I would prefer that players try not to follow links ahead of their current story line in the campaign, to prevent any spoilers, but that is up to the player's discretion. These particular links listed above are the Introduction of Icewind Dale, which includes a brief history of the region, and the Theme Song for Easthaven. Once this has been noted in a Game Thread, I will be compiling them in a Story Thread for your reference. Each group will get their own Story Thread with linked Cinematic Cut Scenes and Theme Songs according to their current events within their respective campaign.


This section of the campaign rules is not for the players involved in this campaign, but for viewers and readers who are interested in following along this campaign’s content. If you’d like instructions on how to become a spectator, please follow this link. Those who are accepted as spectators, must abide to these rules:
  1. You must never post in a game thread, unless provided specific instruction by the DM (Seravok) with permission to do so.

  2. Please do not harass any of the player’s or DM accordingly, or you will lose your privileges of spectating the campaign altogether.

  3. You can PM the DM for questions or understanding on anything Secret Question:

    Who is the Dark Elf Ranger that traveled through Icewind Dale from the Forgotten Realms series?
    you aren’t sure about as acceptable interactions without penalty.

  4. If you PM a player, and I receive a message from them indicating they were uncomfortable with you, I’ll personally PM you about it and remove your privileges as well.

  5. You must never give away spoilers from one campaign group to the other. Each group has requested to keep their threads private from each other to If you really didn’t know the answer, Google “Famous Icewind Dale Drow” to Help.prevent potential spoilers ahead.

  6. Above all, be respectful to all users and enjoy the content, thanks.

Posting Rules
  • Narration should be written in Jorax was happy.3rd person, and thoughts and speech of your character in I'm happy1st person.
  • It's encouraged to post what your character is doing and then what he intends to do, if appropriate.
  • Try to keep the plot moving forward.
  • All speech should be "in quotes and bold."
  • Add color if your speech is in another language such as Elvish, Dwarvish, or Orc.
  • Thoughts and "Stop trying to read the DM's mind!"telepathy should be "in quotes and italics."
  • Please keep OOC comments out of the Game Thread.

Character Posting Formats:

When posting in character, there are two parts to this campaign when providing actions. The first is Usually, druing out of combat posts of the campaign and interactions.story line posts, and the second is Usually, commencing when the DM asks to "Roll Initiative".active combat posts. Due to this, there will be two formats for posting in the Game Thread.
Story Line Posting

This style of posting won't require any mechanics, unless a skill check is required. Typically a paragraph or two describing any of the following:
  • Location within your environment.
  • Character thoughts.
  • Character feelings.
  • Any speech or responses in conversations.
  • The character's interactions with other Without the outcome of another player
    determined or described by yourself, or
    an outcome of an object interaction like
    pulling a lever or revealing what you see
    in a dark room after just lighting a torch.
    Things that are not yet determined and
    require the DM to provide the experience.
    characters or objects.

Combat Posting

This style of posting will require some mechanics to your post along with a description of your character's actions. Remember that each active turn in combat is about 6 seconds long, so posts should be descriptive enough without being long-winded. Typically, a combat post should be about one paragraph and one sentence long, describing your actions how you see fit. Then a second fieldset within your post that includes the mechanics, linking any rolls you've completed for the active combat post, and using the following format as an example:

Dice Rolls

I would prefer that all die rolls to be made in the "Roll the Dice" thread. Make sure to include a description of what the die roll is for. This should include who you are intending to attack, and any effects that modify the roll. Once a roll is made, do not edit it. If there is a mistake in the roll, please create a new post with rolls and explain the previous error. You can also find a guide to rolling the basics in RPG crossing here, and some other examples of rolls here too.

Initiative & Combat Order

At the start of an encounter each player must roll initiative. If the average of all the initiative rolls for the PCs is higher than the average of all the NPC rolls, the Players go first as one group and can gain the "surprise" round that turn. If the opposite is true, then the NPCs go first, nullifying the "surprise" round in the process. This might pose a slight disadvantage on classes like Rangers or Rogues, but keep in mind that Dexterity is a popular stat that typically gets increased by most players. With that same notion, there are few NPCs that have a ridiculously high Dexterity stats, so I think this should be balanced out accordingly.

Gaining Levels & Experience

This Campaign will run by earning experience points. You can gain experience by completing quests and killing or knocking out hostile NPCs. The experience earned will be provided as one number that each character adds to their character. Please update your character sheets accordingly when you've received experience. Experience will be rewarded after an encounter is neutralized, not midway through a fight. Once you have gained enough experience to level up, the new level effects do not apply until you finish a long rest. Further to that, I would like your characters to role-play their new found abilities before their long rest, adding value to your character's growth in the process.


In most D&D 5e campaigns, inspiration is used to give advantage to any Roll you make. This includes attack rolls, saving throws, initiative, skill checks, even death saves can have Inspiration used for advantage! As the DM to this campaign, I'd like to provide another option to this rule. Alternatively, you can spend your Inspiration to automatically succeed on a hit, a saving throw, a death save, or a skill check. That way if the risk of spending Inspiration with advantage causes two rolls that might be low and lose out on a potentially positive opportunity, the alternative option allows you to forgo advantage altogether and just plain succeed. This option will not allow the same result as a Natural 20, only a success. The typical reward for using advantage is the slightly higher chance of rolling a Natural 20, so the trade-off is up to you.

With that noted, to spend your Inspiration, you must declare you're spending it, and if you plan on using the advantage Roll or the auto success. Once you've declared which you've chosen and posted it in the campaign thread or dice rolling thread, there's no backing out and switching options.

You can also use your inspiration to boost another player's outcome to a favorable roll. You cannot provide the "auto-success" option to another player, but you can provide the roll with advantage option. If a player fails an important roll, by giving up your own inspiration, you can potentially aid the success of a companion in need. This rule is strictly allowed by my DM style, and not typical among other campaigns.

Gaining Inspiration in this campaign is typically earned by providing an exceptional experience added to the campaign or accomplishing a special goal devoted to your character's growth. Each time Inspiration is earned, the DM will provide some form of RP in the campaign that your character gets to keep as a token or keep-sake and a Congratulations: You've earned +1 Inspiration!text like this, indicating you've received inspiration. Please note that you either have Inspiration or you don't, meaning it does not stack. Once you've spent Inspiration, you have the opportunity to earn it again, by similar means mentioned prior. Please ensure it is a new character development, growth or goal met to regain Inspiration and update your character sheet accordingly.

Environmental Daylight and Weather

The far North of Faerûn has limited sunlight during a standard day. Typical day light in the southern regions have approximately 15 hours of sunlight, and about 9 hours of darkness or dusk combined. Icewind Dale is the opposite for your travels in these conditions. When there is sunlight, there is enough warmth to fend off the cold and exhaustion effects listed below. With only 9 hours of sunlight during the day and darkness for 15 hours for the early evening until mid morning, the cold becomes more chilling and grips you without any natural warmth. Torches, campfires, and magical means to keep you warm will be most beneficial to your traveling needs if ever you must travel more than a full day.

Weather conditions can change from time to time in the far North as well. There are freezing winds that can pick up to 30 kilometers per hour (or 9 miles per hour) adding even colder temperatures to the current climate. For every 10 kilometers per hour (or 3 miles per hour) of winds, it is another -5°C (or -10Seriously, Americans, learn Celsius units! You won't regret it!°F) colder. This term is called "wind chill factor" and is commonly known to the locals and inhabitants of Icewind Dale. Snow storms are another weather condition that can hamper your travels, causing all known pathways to become difficult terrain, doubling your travel time in the process. Further to this, avalanches can fully block a traveling path altogether, and alternate routes must be discovered in order to travel safely to another destination if required. Terrain that has recently had an avalanche becomes impassable terrain, like that of jagged mountain peaks of sheer rock and ice.


This Campaign will be using a custom method of exhaustion due to the harsh and colder environments from Icewind Dale’s typical conditions. The cold and frozen North have unforgiving icy winds, snow storms, avalanches, and deep frost conditions. Long exposures in the outdoors will cause a Constitution save vs 1 level of exhaustion for each hour spent in these types of conditions. This is common during night time conditions, cloudy days with high winds or storm like conditions, and high humid days near lakes and rivers causing deep frost and frost bite. To recover 1 level of this exhaustion from these conditions, you must provide warmth from being indoors or using a camp fire or similar means of gaining comfort from the cold while taking a short rest.

Some racial features or special equipment can assist with the harsh conditions of the frozen North. This won’t prevent you from requiring a Constitution Saving Throw vs Exhaustion from the outdoor environments, but you can make this Save with advantage instead.

Note: Please use DnDMagic to reference and link your spells within your combat posts.
The following information is my interpretation as the DM of this campaign for the rules pertaining to the "K/M/P" section of spells in the RPGX character sheets for D&D 5e mechanics:
Spells Known, Memorized, & Prepared (K/M/P):
Spells KnownTotal Cantrips known, spells from your spellbook, including any ritual spells, unprepared or prepared spells. All spells you have access to, including spell scrolls.
Memorized SpellsSpells that you can cast that are memorized, and don't count towards your prepared spells list.
They are typically spells that are from:
  • Drow: 'Darkness', or Tiefling: 'Hellish Rebuke'Racial spells
  • Oath spells from Paladins
  • Domain spells from Clerics
  • Circle Spells from Druids
  • Mystic Arcanum spells for Warlocks
  • Spell Mastery and Signature Spells for Wizards
Memorized spells can include Cantrips noted as bonuses from the usual known. Some memorized spells don't use a spell slot to cast them, but instead might require a 1 / day, or 3 / day, or a recharge of 5-6 (regained from a 5 or 6 after each turn on a d6 rolled), etc...long rest to regain the spell.
Prepared SpellsThese are the spells you have prepared that count towards your prepared spell list. This is typically described by your class' "Spellcasting" section of the Player's HandbookPHB.

DisclaimerNote that there has been a dice roll that has been modified in this post as an example. Please refrain from editing dice rolls to prevent this from happening. The Dice Rolling Thread has examples and details to follow on how to roll the dice for this campaign.
Warning: rolls have been deleted from this post.

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