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Old 03-19-2014, 12:38 PM
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Magic, Psionics, and Divine

About Magic and Psionics
Players who use Magic or Psionic powers will have a tough time. This isn't to nerf them in anyway, but to provide dynamic system that reflects the state of the world. Casting and Manifesting can be very dangerous. While casting can harm everyone, manifesting can harm the psionic character. These only take effect outside the city.

Outside of the cities, an arcane caster must make a concentration check DC10+double spell level, and a percentile (d100). Failing may cause an overload of the spell. This can both be a good thing and a bad thing. The effects will be based off the d100 die roll. The DM will rp the effects. Since spells are an external force, this will affect the outside world. Think of it like a Wild Magic area.

When manifesting, they follow the same rule. Concentration check DC10+double power level. They don't need to make a percentile roll however. Failing will cause 1d2 points of stat damage to a random stat. DM will roll a d6 and a d2 on their post. d2 is the stat damage, d6 is the stat it hurts. Powers being internal, they tend to affect the body more.
1- Strength
2- Dexterity
3- Constitution
4- Intelligence
5- Wisdom
6- Charisma
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