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Old 12-02-2017, 07:34 PM
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Starting Class Bonus Feat

Character Creation
Bonus Feat / Class

Survival of the North
Please include this “Survival of the North” feature to your character creation process, based on the class you’re application has been accepted in this campaign. To help add value to characters in the vast wastes of the frozen North in Icewind Dale, each Class gains a bonus Feat as listed here:
Character Creation Class Bonus Feat
  • Barbarian: → Sentinel

  • Bard: → Inspiring Leader

  • Cleric: → War Caster

  • Druid: → Healer

  • Fighter: → Martial Adept

  • Includes MysticMonk: → Athlete

  • Paladin: → Resilient

  • Ranger: → Alert

  • Rogue: → Dungeon Delver

  • Sorcerer: → Elemental Adept

  • Warlock: → Magic Initiate

  • Wizard: → Spell Sniper

NoteThis Feat only applies to the very first Class your character starts out as, and doesn’t apply to new multi-classes after level 1. Variant humans can choose to opt out of this bonus Feat to instead gain +1 to any attribute stat as their bonus. They still gain the Feat provided from the PHB regardless of this Starting Class Bonus Feature.

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Icewind Dale
40k Armies at War

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