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Old 07-09-2006, 02:41 PM
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How the Solo Games forum works

In this forum, solo adventures or games are run between DM and player. All games are run in private threads, so the forum will never seem cluttered.

Before you can request a game, you need a DM and a player. The solo games are not run by RPG Crossing's staff, but through members of this site for members of this site. To create a game you should have the members in place. If you are new to this site and want to participate in a staff run solo game, please go to the New Gamers section and apply in the appropriate thread. If you are looking for someone to play with in a member-to-member Solo game, please see our Players Seeking Games Advertisement section and look for someone interested in participating in a Solo game, or perhaps post interest in such a game.

To request to GM a solo game, apply for a game using the normal tool, and tick off the box that says "Solo game"

Please note several things:
  • You are not able to create threads - only post in them. All threads are private between the staff, the DM, and the Player.
  • As you all know there is now an archive section for solo games. This means that by popular demand the solo games will no longer get deleted but stored in this new archive area for future reading and possibly reinstating should the player and DM desire.
  • Games that sit idle for a about a month will be archived. PM any of the Solo Game sub-forum DM's if you would like your game reinstated.
  • Solo Games are played under PG-13 Rules, just as the other games on site are.

For questions, please send a private message to a current staff member/super moderator.

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Old 07-28-2017, 01:28 PM
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As the above post is several years old, this fresh post is just to verify that this area is checked regularly, and games that go idle do get closed and archived.
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