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Old 11-06-2018, 09:23 AM
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Pathfinder: Stacking Effects

If a PC is hit by multiple special damage, such as poison, I generally make the PC roll multiple saves for each one.

For example, a player is hit by three arrows coated with Blue Whinnis each round. The PC fails all her saves. I generally make the PC only take 1 Con Dmg per round instead of 3 a round, so long as itís the same poison. Thus I donít stack special damage like normal damage.

Now I have a PC who wants to use special ammunition to stack effects. The more the merrier! But I am treading forward carefully.

How have you guys dealt with stacking in your own games?
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Old 11-06-2018, 12:26 PM
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They actually specify this:

Multiple DosesUnlike other afflictions, multiple doses of the same poison “stack,” meaning that successive doses combine to increase the poison’s DC and duration.

Making your initial saving throw against a poison means stacking does not occur—the poison did not affect you and any later doses are treated independently. Likewise, if a poison has been cured or run its course (by you either making the saves or outlasting the poison’s duration), stacking does not occur. However, if there is still poison active in you when you are attacked with that type of poison again, and you fail your initial save against the new dose, the doses stack. This has two effects, which last until the poisons run their course.

Increased Duration: Increase the duration of the poison by 1/2 the amount listed in its frequency entry.

Increased DC: Increase the poison’s DC by +2.

These increases are cumulative (a third dose adds another 1/2 of the frequency to the duration and +2 to the DC, and so on). When affected by multiple doses of the same poison, you only make one saving throw at this higher DC when required by the frequency, rather than one saving throw against each dose of the poison.

Multiple doses do not alter the Cure condition of the Poison, and meeting that Cure condition ends all doses of the poison.

Applied contact poisons and injury poisons cannot inflict more than one dose of poison per weapon at a time (because the poison on the weapon only lasts for one successful attack before it wears off). Inhaled and ingested poisons can inflict multiple doses at once.


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