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Old 07-03-2019, 04:51 PM
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What's a Courteous Amount of Time to Wait for a New Player?

New DM here. Well, new to PbP DMing, anyway. I recently selected the winning applicants for the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign I am running, PM'd them all and made an announcement of the chosen applicants on the advertisement thread. All but one of them has responded and posted in the game forum and the 5 players are only waiting on number 6.

I haven't heard from number 6, I know he's logged on to the site since I sent him the acceptance PM. Its only been about a day, so I'm definitely going to give him more time, but how much time is appropriate before moving on without him and/or offering the position to a replacement player?

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Old 07-03-2019, 09:45 PM
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I'd give them more time as it's holiday time here in the old USA. They may have juts been caught up with work or family related holiday shinanagns.

If you're looking for specifics, I'd wait a week and go to my 7th choice
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