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Old 06-23-2019, 05:13 PM
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The Scoreboard

Here is the official scoreboard for the contest.

Update July 18: the Scoreboard now contains ALL treasure points from Round 1.

Player Character Round 0 Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Total
Pathfinder bracket
Antipode's Leïze Deltarn 60 27 87
Gaijin's Dr. Alexander Drudge 10 45 55
OneDarkness's Hevem High 10 29 39
Qiksilv's Tobias Lancaster 40 72 112
Scimmy's Zephaniah 10 37 47
Yuul's Aurelia Sigurdsdóttir 20 71 91
D&D 5e bracket
AlphaP's Psyliana Amastacia 10 64 74
Auron3991's Orisk Talvihas 10 77 87
Azure Nokori's Rapido Hayai 10 8 18
Bio's Nicolette Quinn 10 40 50
cchrome77's Robinette 10 63 73
Cereal Nommer's Eugene de Gesincourt 10 84 94
DanshiiWuthWulf's Vordur Blackburn 10 94 104
Drachenspirit's Raza Vanotar 10 81 91
GleefulNihilism's Bryn Anvilsong 40 63 103
hafrogman's Edvik, the Bastard 10 72 82
MontageManiac's Kayne Cyire 0 77 77
oztk's Berte 'Mitty' Bovary 10 136 146
Silk's Vash Vin Vishara 10 63 73
The Rat Queen's Kethra Helder 10 58 68
Zinrokh's Ikol 60 122 182

GM of Monsterhearts (an RPGX exclusive!)
Currently co-running Outplay 2019 (5e GM). Round 1 is done, come and see how it turned out! Round 2 starts July 22.

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Old 07-08-2019, 08:10 AM
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Posts: 5,090
Here is the complete count of public voting on Round 0 applications:

Player Character Application vote count
Pathfinder bracket  
Antipode's Leïze Deltarn 460
Gaijin's Dr. Alexander Drudge 255
OneDarkness's Hevem High 220
Qiksilv's Tobias Lancaster 290
Scimmy's Zephaniah 195
Yuul's Aurelia Sigurdsdóttir 265
D&D 5e bracket   
AlphaP's Psyliana Amastacia 120
Auron3991's Orisk Talvihas 15
Azure Nokori's Rapido Hayai 0
Bio's Nicolette Quinn 170
cchrome77's Robinette 30
Cereal Nommer's Eugene de Gesincourt 140
DanshiiWuthWulf's Vordur Blackburn 35
Drachenspirit's Raza Vanotar 0
GleefulNihilism's Bryn Anvilsong 180
hafrogman's Edvik, the Bastard 100
MontageManiac's Kayne Cyire 25
oztk's Berte 'Mitty' Bovary 115
Silk's Vash Vin Vishara 95
The Rat Queen's Kethra Helder 105
Zinrokh's Ikol 235
GM of Monsterhearts (an RPGX exclusive!)
Currently co-running Outplay 2019 (5e GM). Round 1 is done, come and see how it turned out! Round 2 starts July 22.

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Old 07-15-2019, 12:35 PM
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Posts: 5,090
CuchulainenAs the group struggles to maintain the pace on their way to the Labyrinth, Cuchulainen rambles about his assessments. He wheezes and complains as he goes, but he never falls behind for a moment.

"Well. Well. HWACK-UM!" he gobs a fist-sized ball of phlegm onto the verge. "Eh-hrm. Well. That didn't go as well as one might of hoped. No sir. But, you lot ain't hopeless. Didn't go as bad as I expected, neither, no. All that dashin' off, tryin to look like a fancy-pants storybook hero is going to get you killed dead, though, I'll tell you that much. The Nine ain't around to make us look good. It'll make you look the damned fool, often as not. Doing your best looks foolish, but it's the only way to get things done in this piss-pot of a world we've got." He burps and makes an expression like someone insulted his mother.

"Anyhow. Now that you've done your tricks I suppose I needs to throw you your scraps. Fine, fine. Now let's see, I'll need to think hard to remember what went right..."
OOCCongrats all in finishing out Round 1! Just putting out a week's worth of Outplay posts is an accomplishment worth being proud of. But here I am to say what I liked the most and the least, and to assign points to those judgments.

Each judge may be looking for something different, but we all have the same number of points (per thread) to hand out, and we all want the same thing: to reward the best player, as evidenced by what gets posted in our Outplay threads. I judged by asking myself: when I see the most excellent game posts on this site, what do they do? I came up with a list of six player virtues:
  1. Their writing is creative: the content is varied, surprising, funny, passionate, has an enjoyable tone.
  2. The writing is clear: it is easy to read what's written. It's easy to understand what the intent and actions are. Typos and walls-of text are kept to a minimum.
  3. There is interaction: Players take what is given to them and respond to it. In turn, they create situations that OTHERS can respond to. This is particularly excellent, in my estimation, when players interact with other players (rather than simply responding to GM stimulus).
  4. The character plays a role: you've got a class, you've got strengths, and you use those strengths. This is sort of a synthesis of interaction within a group (see the item above), as well as role-playing a particular person (see item below). You use your character's resources and strengths well.
  5. The character is a well-defined character: You applied to play a person with a certain personality, a set of goals and attitudes and histories. Are you playing a distinct and consistent character, and is that character the one you applied with?
  6. Mechanics: You understand the rules. You follow the rules. You have correct interpretations of the rules. You apply those rules correctly in things like your roll bonuses, casting time, action economy, and so on. You use those rules to find interesting, creative, and effective solutions to your problems.

I'm giving a lot of explanation here, because unfortunately, between GMing two threads and judging 15 people, I did not have a lot of time to write specific comments for each post. My apologies for that. By design, judge points are limited. If you didn't get a point for a particular thing on a particular day, that doesn't mean your post did that poorly. It just means it wasn't the most excellent example of one of my six virtues on that day.

The punchlineThe table below gives my point grants to each 5e player. Since D&D had 15 people, I had up to 150 points to distribute (40 in three threads, 30 in the other). A jpg version of my tracking spreadsheet is spoilered below. You should be able to zoom in on your browser or download to your computer to see in clearer detail.

Player Character Judge award
North gate  
Auron3991's Orisk Talvihas 5
cchrome77's Robinette 3
Silk's Vash Vin Vishara 8
East Gate   
Azure Nokori's Rapido Hayai 2
Bio's Nicolette Quinn 2
DanshiiWuthWulf's Vordur Blackburn 10
GleefulNihilism's Bryn Anvilsong 9
South Gate   
hafrogman's Edvik, the Bastard 5
MontageManiac's Kayne Cyire 8
oztk's Berte 'Mitty' Bovary 13
The Rat Queen's Kethra Helder 3
West Gate   
AlphaP's Psyliana Amastacia 10
Cereal Nommer's Eugene de Gesincourt 8
Drachenspirit's Raza Vanotar 7
Zinrokh's Ikol 12

GM of Monsterhearts (an RPGX exclusive!)
Currently co-running Outplay 2019 (5e GM). Round 1 is done, come and see how it turned out! Round 2 starts July 22.

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Old 07-15-2019, 12:43 PM
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The Judgement of Mifflewerf Fettlegrew - PF Round 1

Archmage Mifflewerf Fettlegrew - Round 1 Judgement
left-aligned image
Archmage Mifflewerf Fettlegrew
The gnome looks down at the group in front of him, his usual wide smile dropped from his face. His mouth opens momentarily, as if he was going to speak, before it closes as he shakes his head from right to left. It seems that for the moment, the garrulous MIfflewerf Fettlegrew was struggling to find something to say.

"I... I..." he stutters for a moment, pausing to take a long pull from his wine glass, lowering it and then refilling it.

"By the gods..." he says, taking a second drink in an effort to calm himself down before he continues.

"So I take it none of you have kids? Because things like bombs, hellbats, crocodiles and ghostly air warriors are pretty scary for children - and adults too... Well, most of those things are scary. most of this time. I say most because Casper is a ghost and he isn't scary at all, he's nice. Actually, he's the friendliest ghost I know." Mifflewerf says, shaking his head as if to shake away the tangential thought.

"The tournament. We only gave you one job. Save the kids. Not that hard. You avoid the bad guys, grab the kids and move them to safety. But you made it oh so much more difficult than it needed to be.

And THE BLOOD... Oh, so much icky sticky blood - quite of bit of which belongs to you. Did you forget that this wasn't about killing stuff, but about saving kids? You guys were going out of your way to murder relatively innocent monsters right in front of impressionable children - and did that instead of trying to get them out of harms way. You are all sick."
Mifflewerf whimpers.

"And just to clarify, you do remember why I’m watching? I’m here to give you style points. Well, I’ve been trying to give you style points, but it is really hard when you have no style. Harrumph, harrumph." he growls, stomping his feet and shaking his head in anger.

"I expect more from all of you, particularly if you think you are going to become one of the nine." he says, his eyes widening as each of you feels him staring into your very soul.

Do better. And do it with STYLE... the telepathic words he places in your mind resonate as the gnome slowly floats backwards and allows the other judges to be heard.


Below is a round by round explanation of the discretionary points that were awarded.


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Old 07-15-2019, 10:02 PM
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Kokabiel Strix The Lord High Commander stands before you. The juxtaposition of the anger in his eyes with the small elf child clutching his mailed hand is particularly unsettling. The young child eventually scampers off with the rest, luckily having been rescued from the bowels of the nether realms.

You compete for an opportunity to join the greatest heroes in all the realms, and that was your opening salvo? Think on what has transpired here and ask yourselves if you think you are worthy.

The voice is filled with the malice you’ve come to expect but is tinged with… disappointment?

What would have happened if we were not here to clean up after you? How many lives lost? How many families wrecked? If this is a sign of things yet to come, then prepare for the challenges ahead will only be more difficult, and the challenges may prove to much for you. Any of you.

Kokabiel, his piece said, moved on.

He suggest you do the same.
A Note from the GMI can’t keep spending all of my time on outplay, and I don’t want to repeat everything Squeak just said.

So go read what squeak said, and think on it.

Go back and look at some of the older outplays where there were four different brackets and 30+ players (2014, 15, 16) and you can see that none of you would have made it through the first rounds. I don’t say that to be mean, I want you to grow. I know you can grow. I’ve seen the seeds of greatness in each of you, but you have to water that seed and let it flourish.

Description and personality – bring your characters to life!

You spent all that time working on the mechanics and building this figment – you owe it to them and to yourselves to take that figment from your imagination and share it with the rest of us. The mechanics awards were built into the competition and when I was conscripted as a judge, if you looked at the judges thread, you'd have seen I asked for one thing - and sadly it was not delivered in the pathfinder threads. I don't have time to give you each detailed comments, but there is a basic outline of what did and didn't earn you points below.

I also don't believe in secreting critiques because it lets others grow by seeing each others mistakes. I tried very hard not to take into account the mechanics of the round at all in my judging; which is why I hadn't wanted to judge at all, but here we are.

Think on this, and goodluck in the next rounds.

Discretionary Point Totals Scimmy Total: +7
Yuul Total: +6
Qiksilv Total: +6
Gaijun Total: +5
OneDarkness Total: +3
Antipode Total: +2
Total Points Spent: 29/60

For the Imperial Griffon! The Founding
Can you Handle the Madness? Madness in the Weird West: Call of Cthulhu
During Outplay expect delays. If I am holding things up please PM me. They're the first thing I check.

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Old 07-16-2019, 08:04 PM
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Posts: 23,079

- I could feel the drama of the situation in those posts +2

- Wyvern slayer (Boum) +3

- Roleplay with Archimedes +2
- Roleplay instruction to the elementals +2
- Saved the first children +2

- Nice Shatter usage +2
- Saved the first children (same time as gaijin) +2

- Save the first children (same time as Quicksilv) +2
- Cool swanboat +2

- Wand sharing, helping his buddies +2
- Best roleplay of the round in both bracket +4
- Bat kisses lol +2
The eye of Solaris A new dramatic saga in space!

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Line up and get what's coming to ya!The Druid stood there with a quill and parchment, taking notes. “This would be easier if I could read what I just wrote,” you hear him mutter under his breath. “Right then, discretionary points. This is the part where I give points for things I saw that I liked, and take them away for things that were nonsense. Luckily for some of you, you can’t go negative in points. And, I value things like being quick on your feet, and making smart decisions more than I do showing off your fancy magic items. We want to know what YOU bring to the table, not how strong of a crutch you carry. When I read your name off, step forward and get your score. Love it or hate it, I call things how I see it. Complaints can be directed at yourselves, since you were the one taking actions here.”

Discretionary Points for D&D 5E Round 1Zinrokh playing Ikol
  • +1 You introduced yourself!
  • +3 for good stat block, decent organization
  • +2 Burning a 4th and 3rd level spell slots right off the bat, that is risky. Looks like it pays off though
  • -1 Rolls in the RP part of the post. Pet peeve of mine. I like those grouped together in the mechanics section
  • +2 Ikol ended up being the most ‘successful’ this round, and didn’t burn too many resources doing it.
Total +7

Drachenspirit playing Raza
  • +1 a little short on the intro, but at least you did some here.
  • +0 action block was so tied into the stat block that it was hart to pull out visually and separate
  • -1 didn’t follow the inum format. Instead put everything in tool-tips, which I personally hate
  • +1 for charging into the burning building
  • +3 I like that Raza really focused on getting the kids out, rather than just being a mindless killing machine.
  • +1 Ouch, those were some hard hits at the end, that could really hurt later on in the competition
Total +6

Cereal Nommer playing Eugene
  • +1 Ok, here is the thing. Too many players get caught up in putting huge pictures of their character in their posts, and often times are ones that we so over and over and over…. The size of what you put in was great, didn’t get in the way, and came across as at least somewhat original.
  • +1 A brief character introduction
  • +2 very clean stat block, and very easy to follow what is happening in mechanics block
  • +3 took some big hits there trying to keep the kids safe, burned some valuable resources doing so
Total + 7

AlphaP playing Psyliana
  • +1 for giving your character an introduction
  • +1 for making your stat block and action blocks separate and easy to follow
  • +1 I appreciate what Psyliana is trying to do with all the running around, but issues with some of the rules, and choice in what to do for actions, there really should have been a lot more children saved than what we got as an end result.
Total +3

GleefulNilhilism playing Bryn
  • +2 very good character introduction
  • -1 No stat block given, and not using inum, per the rules on rolls (Ok, the stat block progressively got better, or this might have been a -2)
  • +3 Bryn did probably the best he could have with the sharks, and did take some pretty big hits keeping them at bay.
  • +1 I like that Bryn charged off to the next challenge, and worked to help try and rescue some of those kobolds from the Giant
Total +5

Bio playing Colette
  • +1 for giving a character introduction
  • +1 for clear separation of stat block and action block, with good clarity on the action block.
  • +1 for some creative attempts at spell usage, though the intended outcome of them really was a bit stronger than what the spells allowed for. Illusions and some of these spells are tricky, because they are so DM and situationally dependent, that it isn’t always great to try and base an entire plan around their success.
  • Would have liked to give another point here, but the posts got pretty short, and it made it harder to follow narratively what wa supposed to be happening.
Total +3

DanshiiWithWulfs playing Vordur
  • +1 for a good character intro
  • +2 for very good and clear stat block, and mechanics section. Although, the way you are tracking spells doesn’t quite jive with how spell slots work in 5E. (You don’t lose a spell being prepared, when it is cast, just the slot)
  • -1 deleted rolls? Ok, I know they are there, but something got screwy in the post editing, making it look like deleted rolls.
  • +2 really good job here keeping the post content engaging, and consistent throughout the whole round.
  • +2 good job sticking with getting those dwarves out. There was a bit of combat here, but probably an appropriate amount for the challenge.
Total 6

Azure Nokori playing Rapido
  • +1 for the character intro. Some problems with the image (it doesn’t show up for me).
  • +3 for team buff! We never seem to get enough of these in competition events
  • +1 for separating and clear action block vs stat block
  • -1 didn’t use the inum format for rolls.
  • Beyond that, most your posts just don’t have enough meat on them to really be considered great. Glad that you kept posting every round, but if you continue on, focus on making your posts something that stands out and grabs people’s attention.
Total +4

Silk playing Vash
  • +1 for the organized action block. Missing stat block, and didn’t really give an introduction to your character before jumping into the action. (You linked your sheet later, but that doesn’t give us a post by post tracking of the state of your character at a specific point in time)
  • +1 for handling the rampaging water elemental. This could have ended up devastating. But, also shows that the elemental gems are not quite the ace in the whole that everyone things they are, without a careful review of their mechanics.
  • +3 the scene handling being inside the falling building was done really well, and to me was the highlight of Vash this round.
Total +5

cchrome77 playing Robinette
  • +2 for good stat block, separated from a clear mechanics block (again, no character intro here prior to the action starting)
  • +2 It took Robinette a bit to get going, but I really liked the use of the rope to get the kids out of the water. I may have read this differently than intended, but getting the kids out of the water asap saved them from being hounded by the sharks every round. Maybe it was just because he was flying with the winged boots.
  • Overall, I would have liked to give more points here, but the posts in generally were lacking some of the meat that makes really great posts stand out. It got better as the round went on though.
Total +4

Auron3991 playing Orisk
  • +2 for good stat block, separated from a clear mechanics block (again, no character intro here prior to the action starting)
  • +1 for being effective at zipping around, making use of that haste spell
  • +1 for playing the part of the bait here. Confusion about this potentially being a pvp issue was cleared up with some further reading. A little more explanation could have helped avoid that
  • I would have liked to give more points here too, but Orisk ended up being mostly a one trick pony with moving quickly due to haste. The RP section of the posts really needs more meat on them as well to get up to the quality we expect for Outplay.
Total +5

Hafrogman playing Edvik
  • +2 for very good action and stat blocks, clearly tracking everything needed. (Missing a better character into before the action started though. We kind of had a paragraph, but not enough to give a point for)
  • +5 for staying focused on keeping the kids safe. Edvik in the end didn’t really play the hero, but he kept the danger at bay long enough for help to arrive. And, took a beating doing it too.
  • +1 for consistently great posts the whole round.
Total +8

oztk playing Berthe
  • +2 for a very good intro to your character here, before the temptation to dive right into the action
  • +2 for good stat block, separated from a clear mechanics block
  • +1 for having to make a hard choice on who to try and save here. While the posts were really good, this one was long enough that I missed the intent at the end of it. That is probably an issue of me having a short attention span though.
  • +1 for consistently great posts the whole round.
  • +1 for saving the day with the Kobold kids. Edvik did the work to keep them safe, but without someone’s help, there wouldn’t have been any rescue points given out on that end.
Total +7

MontageManiac playing Kayne
  • +1 for a good character intro
  • +2 for very good and clear stat block, and mechanics section.
  • +1 for trying out the Darkness trick. This often works well for sorcerers, but in this case, just happened to not.
  • +1 for sticking with those kids, and keeping them from being shark bate. Ended up being fairly costly for Kayne in terms of resources.
  • +1 for consistently great posts the whole round.
  • +1 for trying to help out with the Kobolds. It wasn’t enough to give shared rescue credit for, but it shows Kayne’s tenacity.
Total +7

TheRatQueen playing Kethra
  • +1 for the short character intro
  • +1 for the clear stat block
  • Unfortunately, we had a lot of missed posts this round, and some mechanics issues really could have completely derailed Kethra’s effectiveness this round. The first couple of posts were really good, and of the quality we are looking for in Outplay. Just missing the consistency of them.
Total +2

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Kalas"There!" Kalas smacked his parchment down on the table where the other judges had been waiting. "It's done."

The young man breathed a sigh of relief. It hadn't been easy, keeping an eye on four different places and fifteen different contestants, but he'd managed. He'd done it all while dealing with the chaotic storm of activity that had occurred simultaneously in his patron's realm.

"Right," Kalas said, sounding more like a man worn thin than an all-powerful being backed by a patron of great and unknown power. "Now I've got to go."

His eyes blinked and when he opened them they were a solid, royal blue. The ground opened up beneath him and he disappeared with a splash.

My scores
East Gate Point Total
Azure Nokori 2
Bio 5
DanshiiWithWulfs 8
GleefulNilhilism 9

West Gate Point Total
AlphaP 11
Cereal Nommer 9
Drachenspirit 7
Zinrokh 13

North Gate Point Total
Auron3991 7
cchrome77 6
Silk 10

South Gate Point Total
hafrogman 9
MontageManiac 12
Oztk 16
TheRatQueen 3


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