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Forel Athenaeus

Name: Forel Atheneaus
Race: Human (Nephalia)
Background: Hermit
Class: Warlock 3 (Pact of the Tome)
Alignment: True Neutral

Back Story: To be fair, he didn’t know they were a cult. Nobody ever thinks of their future self as belonging to a cult, and the people all seemed rather nice and quite impressed when he brought up his research into how certain creatures travelled to and from other planes of existence. So, naturally, when they asked him if he would mind too terribly much examining a relic from Faerie in their possession, “the Scepter of the Twilight Queen”, well… he didn’t really have anything else going on at the time, and he couldn’t think of a reason why he shouldn’t. Especially after all the drinks they bought him.

They brought him to their “home” (which Forel thought was an odd thing to call an abandoned temple to a pagan deity), showed him the Scepter, and he went to work straight away. After three days of research, he began to believe that it was, in fact, from the Realm of Faerie, and more to the point, he believed it was a part of Mab’s Gate, the doorway that members of the Court of Seeming would have used to travel from their world into this world in times long since passed.

Of course, before he made his findings official, he informed his new friends that he would need to conduct certain experiments on the Scepter, and that the nature of these experiments might be considered “dangerous” or “unsavory” by some in their number. They assured him that none in their midst would object in the least, and strongly encouraged him to proceed. And so he did.

The experiments confirmed his findings, though his surety did not come without a few unforeseen side effects. Forel found himself at a loss to describe the changes he noticed in himself, which imposed a rather frustrating pace on his ability to write down his observations. In addition to what he could only describe as "mutations", the Scepter seemed to have imprinted on him somehow, and when alone in its presence, he would sometimes hear it whisper to him. And sometimes, about him.

All this news made Forel’s new friends very happy; they insisted that the Scepter had chosen him to fulfill a very special purpose (this part inflated Forel’s ego a bit, as he had always felt as though he might be chosen for something very special indeed one day)—to conduct the Rite of the Syzygy, which would allow Queen Mab and her fae warriors to come to Innistrad and cleanse the land of undeath’s corruption (this part deflated Forel’s ego a bit, as it was the point when Forel began to suspect in earnest that his new friends might, in point of fact, be a cult, after all).

The rest of the story gets a tad maudlin. On the night that the Rite was meant to take place, the Children of Mab discovered that they had a mole among them. Everyone had gathered at the hillside where Forel was meant to use the Scepter to open Mab’s Gate, so that she and her armies might usher in a new and glorious Eden. Everyone except, of course, for Forel, who had chosen to prepare for the ritual by himself with a bottle of strong brandy and a host of self-recriminations. When the time came to begin and he ambled down to the hill, he found all of his new friends dead. Some were pierced through with careless quarrels or slashed with swords; others were exsanguinated via precise wounds at their jugulars or wrists. Forel saw his way out and he took it, and he has spent every day since then either learning how to understand the whispers of the Scepter, or learning how to resist them.

Class Progression: Either Pact of the Tome Warlock, or Sorcerer, depending on story elements
Character Progression: Forel’s main concern is trying to decide whether to fight the influence of the Scepter, or to give into the power that it vests in him in exchange for his fealty to a cause he does not quite believe in.

Traits: Questions of “should” and “shouldn’t” are for peasants and priests, not academics.
Ideal: Meddling in the affairs of others always gets messy and is rarely worth the cost.
Bonds: In my youth, I made a discovery that could either save the world or destroy it. Some days, I have trouble caring which is which.
Flaws: I do not consider myself brave, but I have risked much in my life to uncover lost knowledge.

RP Background: I have lots of experience playing 3.5e (I’ve been running a homebrew campaign for 5+ years), a bit of experience playing 5e, and absolutely no experience with MtG.


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right-aligned image
Name: Asta Illisden
Origin: Gavony
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral / Red
Affiliation: Skirsdag (Spearsages)
Background: Criminal (Spy)
Class: Warlock (Pact of the Tome)
Progression: Pure Warlock


With flamboyant red hair, a finely cut face, and shapely curves, Asta is a very beautiful woman. It is not a delicate, fragile beauty that she possesses, but one of healthy femininity. There is something forbidding and commanding about it, and she is not shy to make use of its effects.

Her gaze is intense, as if there were a lot going on behind those eyes, but you're not quite sure whether it pertains to the present moment or whether her head is somewhere in the clouds. Her voice soft without being weak, and full of emotion. The manner of her speech unaccountably makes you unable to shed the feeling that she knows or sees something you don't.

Asta is not known to wear skirts or dresses, or indeed even robes. She prefers breeches, shirts, vests and corsets, close-fitting to accentuate her form, but never revealing, in muted colours and rarely impractical. She does not carry any visible weapons, but one item is almost invariably affixed to her belt, next to a handful of pouches: a small notebook, perhaps a diary of some sort, but conceivably a spell book. Bound in dark brown leather, it has a patina that makes it look old and used. She also wears an amulet of relatively large proportions at all times, a rhomboid shape of finely woven metal wires that hold a layer of turquoise crystal in their centre. Often she pulls it out of a shirt with a particularly high neckline and wears it over the garment, resulting in a slightly odd look.


The unacknowledged offspring of a noble family's son's dalliance with entirely too pretty a maid, Asta grew up on an estate in the Nearheath. This was disapproved of by both the other servants and the family of the house, but a shroud of silence was kept around the precise circumstances of the pregnancy. Asta, therefore, grew up with the experience of having no-one, at least no-one with any power, look out for her. She remembers only her mother as a loving presence - and that presence ceased when, as she was twelve or thirteen years old, the estate was attacked and devastated by vampires. It was a miracle that Asta survived the creature's bite.

The contact with vampires had left the girl with unbecoming dreams and thoughts, and a morbid fascination with those undead - and deploring her existence, she attempted more than once to discover a way to become a vampire herself. She was taken into an orphanage in Thraben, where she was much beloved by her peers.

Asta owes it to the Skirsdag that she didn't end up a prostitute. It would be wrong to say that the demon worshippers gave her a home or purpose in life, and she does not serve them with any sort of ideological fervour - but it was refreshing and empowering to meet others who acknowledged the rottenness of life and encouraged her to take her fate into her own hands. Being used to nobody looking out for her very much, the girl wished for was the power to do so for herself - and the demon Griselbrand asked for a curious thing in return: he desired to be promised the souls of all her descendants. It was an easy trade to make for a girl of seventeen who thought it was a damnably cruel act to bring any children into this world in the first place and had every intention of not doing so herself. It was only later that she came to realise its insidious effects and its nature as a true sacrifice.

Not all, in fact not even many, members of the Skirsdag, and certainly few novices, go so far as to do what is necessary to be granted magical powers. This, coupled with her young age, made Asta uniquely suited to being sent to infiltrate those sections of the church that were concerned with spells. She was brought to the church as a wayward, but magically talented youth, and soon enough she was accepted into training, delighting her elders that the lost girl had been brought into the fold of the church.

As the Church's magic became unreliable, Asta found her own diminished as well, and the occasional strange messages that would from time to time appear in her book ceased. One might have expected that she should, on the contrary, grow more powerful as the angelic influence over Innistrad weakened, but instead, in a most disconcerting development, the opposite turned out to be the case. The Skirsdag is unaware of what happened, and given her position among the church's Sages, it is now her task to find out.

left-aligned image

Asta believes that life on Innistrad is fundamentally hopeless and draws the consequence that one might as well enjoy whatever one can. However, she considers human connection to be very much part of those things to be enjoyed, and derives no pleasure from the suffering of others. As she has become somewhat more secure in her own power, she has even developed a reluctance to take advantage of others at all. Nonetheless, she doesn't think that she owes anyone anything and is rarely willing to make sacrifices.

Asta is impulsive and her mood is volatile: at times, she is gloomy and depressed and finds nothing worth doing anymore, dreaming of giving up on life in some even more extreme way than she has done already - from committing suicide to becoming a vampire; at others, she is cheerfully hedonistic and able to put the darkness around and within her out of her head, enjoying the smallest things, and surprisingly determined in defending herself and those she likes.

Sensual pleasures of all sorts hold great appeal for Asta. Carnal matters are where the demon's bargains shows its claws, inexplicably pairing enjoyment with dread through a burden that is hers alone to carry, and creating a rift between her and any who would wish to share their life - or even just their bed - with her.

Asta often speaks flippantly or sarcastically - not with vitriol, but merely in an attempt to avoid excessive earnestness, which she finds disagreeable and exhausting. It is also her way of coping with a dire situation.


Tristram Tellamis: A necro-alchemist, originally from Nephalia, who had relocated to Gavony for the perverse reason that there was more geist activity. Asta made his acquaintance in the course of a Spearsage investigation into suspicious magical activity, and found him entirely too attractive to turn him in to the church. She was simultaneously impressed and infuriated by his discipline - which she entirely lacked -, initiative, and ingenuity in exploiting the very elements of Innistrad that made life on it such an awful affair, an exploitation that was ultimately in the service of little more than fun, only that for Tristram, the fun lay in the intellectual exploration. The two of them were not just lovers, but properly in love. He was the only person in Asta's life who accepted her and her abilities without judgement and without any intention of using her, and to this day Asta remembers his laboratory as a place of safety and comfort. And yet this very laboratory is also the place where he was abruptly taken from her: a malfunction in one of his own contraptions took his life, and now he is stuck on Innistrad as a (blue-aligned) geist, reduced to a shadow of his former self and obsessed with misarrangements such as those that lead to his own demise. Asta has made contact with this creature on more than one occasion. His loss is a source of great sorrow for her. She is torn between tender feelings and hatred for Tristram's recklessness, and wonders whether there is still more of his old personality buried under the geist's annoyingly obsessive behaviour (it tends to insist, more than he ever did in life, that she should be orderly).

Rovan Thirbin: He is the Skirsdag member who first met Asta at a brothel frequented by a clergyman he was shadowing. Rather short of and of swarthy complexion, he has rather suave manners and is an accomplished manipulator and plotter. His ability to make sure to stay in touch with Asta and facilitate the flow of information is nothing short of astonishing. Asta has never quite understood why he is a member of the cult anyway - he appears to be treating it all as some kind of game, and most likely it is merely the application of his talents, no matter the objective, that he enjoys. The two of them have remained on good terms even though Asta's introduction never had the... personal payoff that Rovan had perhaps been hoping for. Perhaps he respects her for exactly that.

Felix Crach: A young springsage initiate, he was framed by Asta to take suspicion off Tristram and subsequently executed. If his geist is still around, it has not been seen or at least identified as such.

Jorad Wellin: A scorned suitor of Asta's, the fellow spearsage, a year her junior and rather scrawny, holds quite the grudge.

RP BackgroundI've been roleplaying in various forms, including a lot of PbP D&D (mostly 3.5 and Pathfinder), on-and-off for over a decade. This would actually be my first 5e game, but I've done my reading, and how hard can it be? I'm not familiar with MtG beyond what I just read in the wiki as background info on Innistrad. And of course the colour personality/alignment meme.
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Posting interest
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I'm not sure if the DM is with us or not, but i'm going to tender my resignation in the hunt for a spot here. Good luck to all, happy hunting!
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Unfortunately this one seems to have died before it ever started, I'll be withdrawing my application.
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That’s all she wrote folks.... I’ll be saving this application though!
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IS this closed already.
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The OP hasn't logged in in a month.

So technically, yes.
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