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Old 04-10-2018, 04:05 AM
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Nation of Origin: Kingdom of Braetha

Name: Daveth Reed

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Gunslinger (Musket Master)

Kingdom Building Role: Marshal

Appearance: Tall and lean, Daveth has the appearance of a man used to the outdoors. A healthy tan covers most of the visible parts of his body, only broken by outlandish tattoo's and scars - souvenirs from his days traveling with the royal navy and visiting distant ports.

Character Concept:

Background and Concept:
1 - Former navy rifleman and marine, eager to explore new frontiers.
2 - Has a reputation (for better or worse) for being both willful and passionate, but with a deep rooted sense of duty and loyalty.
3 - Served as part of a crack team of soldiers that held a naval fort against superior numbers for almost a month, until reinforcements came. Got promoted to the rank of sergeant (or Braethean equivelant) for his exemplary deeds. Still occasionally meets with his squadmates to reminisce and mourn lost comrades.
4 - Served aboard the Braethean carrack The Kingfisher as part of a maritime regiment of footmen for two years. During this time he got on well with the regulars, less so with the commanders, which earned him a reputation as a champion of the common man.
5 - Used to be married to an acolyte of the Church of the Light of Nations. Though they have a child together, the anti-elven sentiments favored by the church pushed Daveth and his wife apart, resulting in a divorce. As a result, Daveth is forbidden from seeing his child, which is tormenting him and part of why he seeks new adventures far from home.
6 - Fought in several skirmishes against the Orcs of Shomol. Was captured at one point, branded as a slave and shipped away to be sold as a slave, but managed to escape when the slaveship was ambushed in transit by a Braethean privateer.

1 - Daveth is looking for a place to rediscover himself and settle down. He hopes to one day create a home for his daughter and (somehow) bring her there. Rytu sounds like the perfect place for a man - any man - to have a fresh start.
2 - I'd like for Daveth to be able to explore the rediscovered continent. Carve out pieces of wilderness and bring civilization to Rytu, while exploring ruins of former civilizations and discovering lost knowledges.


People tied to the character:
1 - Caithleen Reed (née Vorhun), Daveth's exwife and the mother of his child. Acolyte in the Church of the Light of Nations. Hates Daveth with the fire of a thousand suns.
2 - Erica Reed, Daveth's four year old daughter. Red-headed like her mom.
3 - Soekel Narrun, Daveth's former sergeant and comrade in arms. Retired from the navy and now runs a dockside tavern catering to the military. Has a booming laugh and a big bushy beard.
4 - Urgat (last name not known), orc warrior and slaver. Led the assault that saw Daveth captured and enslaved. His death was never confirmed after the slaver ship had been boarded.
5. Atherton Stiles, third son of the wealthy Lucius Stiles. Former Lieutenant (or equivelant rank) in the Braethan navy. Has since elevated further up the ladder and now holds a captaincy. Very strict and by the book. Has had it out for Daveth ever since the two served onboard The Kingfisher.

Memories or Quirks:
1 - Daveth occasionally has nightmares about his short stint as a slave to the Shomol Orcs, and has a tendency to touch the slavemark branded into his shoulder when he gets nervous.
2 - Daveth is very meticulous about his looks, and bathes and shaves regularly.
3 - He carries a small locket that holds a picture/sketch of his daughter. Its not all that well made/drawn, but its all he has.
4 - Because loading the musket with gunpowder requires him to bite through a paper cartridge, Daveth has a tendency to spit a lot, to clear the gunpowder taste from his mouth. The habit stays with him, even when he's away from the fight.

The Colonial Marshalcy
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