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Old Apr 5th, 2017, 12:35 PM
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Old Apr 5th, 2017, 02:18 PM
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Laura Howlett
I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.
Race Class Homeland Background Theme Sheet
Shifter Monk North Mountains Urchin 1 2 3 Laura Howlette

5010 Arena Logan
5010 CS Arena CS Logan CS
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Old Apr 8th, 2017, 11:48 AM
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Old Apr 12th, 2017, 05:57 PM
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Sjkara Volund

Name: Sjkara Volund
Race: Not decided yet, but it'll be Human or half elf.....maybe a varient?
Class: Tempest Cleric
Appearance: Sjkara is tall and statuesque, and while not considered beautiful she is certainly striking. At an even 6 foot, her frame is broad and powerful, more akin to wrestling than floating across a dancefloor. Her short blond hair tops a face that is all mischevious energy, flashing blue eyes, and weathered charm. A scar draws a line from her right eyebrow around the side of her head, and she keeps her hair shaved on that side. Her nose has been broken more than once, but not flattened, and her lips are a little too wide, her smile too crooked, for anyone wanting to paint her. In the armour of her office, large shield on her back and her musculed, physique, she cuts a brash, harsh figure that matches her personality.






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Old Apr 13th, 2017, 07:11 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Daiyu Shan (formerly known as the Soaring Gale of the Three Tempest Sisters. …it’s a long story.)
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Monk
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Formerly Lawful Good)
Appearance: Standing at 6’5” and graced with the physique of someone who punches people’s faces in for a living, this bronze-scaled Dragonborn cuts an impressive figure when she’s stationed in a human settlement. She tends to favor simple, loose-fitted clothing for ease of movement (and also ease of purchasing. She doesn’t exactly have a large budget for her wardrobe right now. Or ever, really.). Her reddish-brown scales are interspersed with spots and swirls of brown. A deep, jagged scar runs the length of her left arm.
Personality: Her background as a town guard gives her a strong sense of duty and morality, but it has been worn down by recent events. She has become somewhat jaded over the past year and a half, leading to a hearty dose of skepticism and sarcasm being loaded onto her already dry wit and low tolerance for idiocy. She is quick to judge based on first impressions: If you annoy her during your first meeting, she will dislike you for longer than is probably necessary.

She is trying to overcome the biases drilled into her head from a lifetime spent in the Imperial caste system, but she still finds herself subconsciously standing a little bit taller and acting a little more respectful to Dragonborn of a higher social rank than herself.

Background Title: Folk Hero, for all the good it’s done her.



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Old Jul 20th, 2017, 08:34 PM
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Old Nov 9th, 2017, 01:03 AM
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Old Mar 22nd, 2018, 12:58 AM
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Adariel Wyscath, Celestial Warlock

Adariel Wyscath
High ElfWarlockKingdom of NaofialNobleFormer Heiress of House WyscathChaotic Good
Tall and slim, clad in traveling clothes marking her as an elf from the Kingdom of Naofial, specifically the Duchy of Vifec, Adariel has a noble bearing and a haughty demeanor. Her hair is tied back, out of the way, but most unusual are her eyes, which have gold irises with a hint of silver, ever since she made her pact.


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Old Mar 29th, 2018, 07:53 AM
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Old Apr 27th, 2018, 07:28 PM
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Name: Vasile Raducan
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Alignment: Neutral (with leanings toward good)
Appearance: Vasile is a scruffily handsome man, with a serious, high-cheekboned face framed by loose dark hair down to his chin. A couple of small scars are visible through his stubble, and his nose is slightly offset from being broken. His muscular frame and straight posture is often obscured by his preference for thick, loose fitting clothes, though when armed and armored he cuts an imposing figure.
Personality: By nature Vasile is a bit of a layabout, preferring drinking wine and flirting with barmaids to pursuing any higher goal. However, he also possesses a strong sense of pride in the skill, honor, and righteousness of the order of the Drachengarde - and by extension of himself. While he has a cynical sense of humor that is strongest when he's ignoring his problems, on occasion he will take on a more serious demeanor and act as he believes a successor of BasarDraic should. Among strangers and rivals Vasile can be a bit of a braggart, eager to prove his own superiority, but once he becomes close to someone he is deeply loyal and even giving.




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Old Oct 1st, 2018, 03:59 AM
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Name: Orcagna
Race: Tortle
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Orcagna stands 6' tall and weighs in at 300lbs, most of which is shell. He has green scales, with mottled patches of darker green on the top of his head. His shell is also tinged green - though that's more from the algae, fungi and moss growing on it. Orcagna sees no need to remove these plants - after all it makes it easier to hide in his opinion.

Orcagna also sees little need for clothing. Firstly, his shell is all the outer wear he needs and secondly: "I'm a giant tortoise. Do you expect me to trick people into thinking I'm not by wearing a long coat and wide-brimmed hat?"

He typically uses his short swords (strapped to his back) and carries a few daggers (in holsters on the upper part of his legs). He wears a simple necklace with two pieces of tortle shell strung on it.

He keeps a rather scruffy looking mouse - Sliver - in a special pouch just inside his shell where he is safe.


Those who know tortles - or draw assumptions on them from actual tortoises - will probably be quite surprised by Orcagna's brash, hot-headed and outspoken nature. He has a tendency to be argumentative and impulsive and prefers to dominate others into getting what he wants. He is often fairly dismissive of his own people and culture - often talking about how "silly" his cultural traditions and expectations are and how he is defying them and being different. However, he also can be pretty condescending of the "civilized" races as well. The parts of the city Orcagna likes he openly talks about his fondness for - but things that he finds stupid, such as "pesky laws that stop people doing what they need to do" he will openly dismiss.

Despite all this, Orcagna is ultimately a good person - albeit one with a rather prickly exterior. He very strongly tries to avoid harming others who he views as injured or exploited by those with power over them. He dislikes leaders who are tyrannical or those who hurt people purely to get ahead themselves without caring about who they injure and will try come to the defense of the poor or downtrodden of the world. He often will perform simple acts of charity to help the poor and needy - although he doesn't like such things being known publicly as he feels it makes him look soft.

Orcagna often talks to his pet mouse Sliver - seeming to use the animal as a way of expressing his thoughts which is fine although some onlookers may find the odd arguments that occur with Sliver a bit bizarre.

Stray in the Shadows

Orcagna's childhood was grossly stereotypical. Born on the tropical island chain just off the Eastern Coast of the continent of Luong-Xi, hatched among a quartet of siblings, crammed fill of knowledge by parents in their final years of life; hanging around other hatchlings from the same breeding session. Childhood was spent learning about the islands, the history of their people, listening to the tales and lessons his parents had learned in their wandering years. Orcagna learned other things as well - like what position he was expected to have in the world regarding other races, especially the dragonborn who apparently claimed dominion of his homeland. This was not something talked about - except when some elder bought up how the presence of the dragonborn was a deterrent to pirates and marauding lizardfolk and that the condescending tone, the obvious wealth and decadence of the holiday homes the dragonborn visited a few months of the year and warded viciously against entry the rest of it, and the 'privilege' of having to serve one of them a drink or cut them down a coconut was a small price to pay.

Orcagna supposes their was a time in his life where he actually enjoyed this life - but he can barely remember it. He remembers, however, when he began to hate the path that seemed to be in front of him. His brothers responded in their own ways: Odran looked forward to the responsibility of continuing the traditions of their people, Opocaj lost himself in childhood things and chose not to think about such things. Oettam was the closes in many ways to Orcagna - enthralled by the strange things the dragonborn bought across the sea and obsessed with collecting their cast-away junk and tinkeing with it. In helping Oettam, Orcagna got his first taste of taking objects other people were not using and navigating what others claimed as their homes.

However, Orcagna was different in one major way from Oettam. While Oettam was content to lose himself in tinkering with leftovers and being in his head, Orcagna actually wanted to go to the cities and see them himself. Whereas most of his kind preferred to spend their years wandering as rangers of the wilderness, assisting travelers with a tortle's built up knowledge of the wild from living in such an untamed place and stories of their parents, Orcagna looked on the fancy holiday manses of the dragonborn with envy. He wanted to see the places of the world most of his kind only passed through for a short time; the cities. As his adulthood drew nearer, and the inevitable expectation for him and those born the same year as him to set out to the mainland and its wilderness, Orcagna planned.

Using the skills he had learned creeping around the holiday homes of rich travelers; Orcagna slipped away from his home some years before he was officially due to be recognized as an adult. He cautiously traversed the lands of the elves, which he did find interesting, but his heart still longed for more. Eventually, he stowed away on a ship. He spent his time hiding in the hull, keeping himself from boredom by having imagined conversations with the ship's rats. The ship eventually docked at Isamdynore, in the Capital and Port City of Wahih Dhahabi. Here Orcagna was actually seen by someone while lifting a few bits off food. Impressed by his surprising dexterity considering his size and bulk, this person introduced Orcagna to his companions. Orcagna learned much from what he later realized was the local Thieves' Guild, but eventually he asked to move on for their were other cities to see.

From here, Orcagna wandered from city to city. He passed through Aeradurnea and left before troubles hit it. He ended up in Kel'iss. In the first city he passed through here, he once again fell in with a Thieves' Guild, but this time things were different. Compared to the last group Orcagna had run with, these people indulged in deadlier crimes and were not above being paid to assassinate others or simply killing anyone that got in the way of their activities. While the tortle had never fully grasped the idea of property (especially property that was just lying their with nobody using it), he began to grow more and more uncomfortable with the brutality that his newfound companions would partake in. Fighting and killing was something Orcagna did expect to happen - his parents and other caretakers had repeatedly reminded him that the world was a dangerous place - but Orcagna viewed such acts as defensive or necessary - not motivated by spite or a lust for power.

Quietly, Orcagna began to ask around about other cities. He repeatedly heard of a place called Ab'Cal - frequently described as a true jewel of the land. A combination of such rosy descriptions and growing discomfort prompted Orcagna to once again slip away in search of this fabled city.

Orcagna has dwelt in Ab'Cal for a while - though generally in the day he keeps to the sewer systems or the Caverns. At night he ventures out to get any supplies he needs, help out those who know him and who he has agreed to provide bits of food and such. To those who have glimpsed him or listened to the beggars or children he has helped; he has become a sort of bizarre urban myth - a reptilian creature that dwells beneath the streets and appears from the darkness to help the needy and strike down those who would commit great acts of evil. How many folks actually believe such tall tales is debatable.

What you'd like to get from this game:

The chance to play a particularly offbeat character and get to make the most of his roguish and gloom stalker abilities.


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Old Apr 1st, 2019, 02:34 PM
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Good one!

Brawling Machine
"If you wanted me to take you seriously, you shouldn't look so ridiculous!"

Name Race Class Alignment Homeland Background
Sigram Aletori Human(V) Monk 2 Chaotic Good Reothadia Folk Hero

.Appearance and Personality:
.Background or A Hard Life:
.6 Questions:
.Seven Steps

What you'd like to get from this game: Just some good RP with people who want the same. I'm open for this character to be as meaningless or significant to the events in Yeohven as you have envisioned. He's along for the ride with a simple but elusive goal.
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"Izzy" d'Aubigny

Character Sheet
Name: Her full title is the long winded "The Right Honourable, Begzhadi Izabeth Kieyedan of House d'Aubigny, Wardens of Southern Cohmbraird", though she would prefer you call her Izzy.
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Rogue
Age: 22
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Izzy can be a very striking presense when she wants to be.

Her elven heritage doesn't carry forward to her frame, standing only at 5' 5", but her long, protruding ears show that she is indeed a half-elf. Her already dark skin has been darkened by years on the border of the desert under the scorching sun, and her physique shows the kind of body required to survive. Her limbs are thick with muscles, her facial features are stern, and her hands are coarse. The harsh conditions have not reduced her beauty, however, with her curvaceous form and a constant, understated confidence in her movements.

Usually, Izzy tries to keep a low profile. Her normal clothes are dark colours, with a small neckerchief that can easily be pulled up to be a mask, and a hood to hide herself. She also intentionally cuts her hair very short to make it easier to put on wigs and disguises. However, this is a choice of necessity rather than want. In her kit she has an elaborate, flattering dress, one of the few keepsakes from home, and she relishes the opportunity to put it on and show the world how she wishes she could look all of the time.
PersonalityShe doesn't look much, hiding in the shadows. But Izzy is a woman for whom first impressions are often incorrect.

A regular at the many taverns and gambler’s dens of the world, Izzy d'Aubigny rarely tries to be the centre of attention but often finds herself there for multiple reasons. She is blessed with the gift of the gab, with her interpersonal skills and her silver tongue easily one of her greatest assets. She loves to talk, and many like to listen, save for her frankly dreadful sense of humour. She has a penchant for puns, the worse the better, and she delivers them no matter how terrible the eye-rolling. However, she is not boisterous, mostly being quite cool and subdued in her attitude and outlook, despite her many vices. She is rarely nostalgic or pessimistic, living firmly in the present at all times.

The noble lifestyle was difficult to give up, however, and Izzy has great difficulty truly giving it up. So she never did. Izzy is a slave to her many vices, trying to live life like a queen on meagre wages. She drinks heavily, parties hard, brawls harder, plays cards, eats fine food, and wouldn't be caught dead sleeping in a common room. It also must be pointed out that she has a certain “appreciation” for the figures of women, and it would be most tasteful to leave it at that. She tries hard not to look down on others but it is her first instinct and one she fights at all times.

If there's an upside to this, it's that this love of vice makes her a lot of fun to be around, despite occasional bouts of snootiness. Behind it all, though, there lies a cunning, dangerous mind and a strong, independent spirit. She chafes against rules, and has to be convinced to do something rather than told to do it. Her lifestyle wouldn't suggest it, but she is very sensible and cool under pressure. She takes her time with all of her decisions and plans out every move she makes. By her own admission, she would make a poor leader and an excellent advisor.

There is a fear that Izzy does have, though, and it leads to one of her greatest flaws. Ironically, as good as she is at diplomacy, she has trouble forming attachments with anyone for fear that they will hurt her or, worse, she'll hurt them. The greatest love of her life was cruelly ripped away from her, and the trauma and subsequent life on the run has conditioned Izzy in ways even she hasn't noticed. She is very slow to trust anyone, and often assumes the worst of people. Even her greatest of "friends", few and far between, are always kept at an emotional distance, and the only people who can really say they know her are her enemies. And anytime that she starts to become truly happy and feels others getting close to her, she will self-sabotage her relationships, preferring to destroy them herself than let the universe do the job for her. Past pains of others abandoning her, and losing those she cares about, has built up many defense mechanisms, all to protect what is, in reality, a very fragile heart.

She has other faults, too, but at least these she recognises. Izzy has to tell herself to do the right thing, rather than have it come naturally to her, and she is also surprisingly selfish. She does have a noble heart and does try to do the right thing, but it is buried under distrust and pain.

Izzy is a woman for whom first impressions are often incorrect. All of the partying and the jokes hide just how badly her heart aches.
BackgroundBackground Title: Of House d'Aubigny








6 Questions

What I want out of this gameI want to be able to tell a fun story with other storytellers. For me, the most important bit of an RPG is the RP, and it's pretty clear from your app and how much your other players have been talking about their games with you that your game's going to be an RP heavy one. One where my character can grow and surprise me, and interact with other great characters.

Also, beating up baddies. Because baddies are mean and smelly and beating them up is fun.
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Old Apr 1st, 2019, 07:14 PM
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Just one more...
Darvye Thorngage

"I swear I'll pay you back!"

Name Race Class Alignment Background Hometown Sheet
Darvye Thorngage Stout Halfling Bard Neutral Charlatan Issborg sheet





(he/they) | Status: I'm here I think | Post status: halted

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The Nutshell...
Nyx Darkwaters

Blood Bargainer
" I'm not the devil, I'm the dance you take with him."

Name Race Class Alignment Homeland
Nyx Darkwaters Tabaxi Lvl 2 Blood Hunter Chaotic Neutral Nandeasia

Nyx Darkwaters

The not so long ago past...


The need for a healer...


Ghosts of the past, future endeavors and everything in between...



Edit: Will swap out the background of the Bounty Hunter aspect for Outlander. Focusing on his grassroots beginning and life in his homeland while developing and really focusing ultimately on the Blood Hunter scenario further. I can see where it should go now and have no problem developing that further
Status: Game On
Took the Oath of Sangus
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