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Old May 24th, 2023, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Cap Ut View Post
Another relatively simple possibility I just thought about, which would also take care of the underlined quirk and reduce the math: let's say an Archetype is linked to Body Strength and Intellect Energy, while at character creation it may mean (like it currently does) that it gives +1 Body Strength / +1 Intellect Energy, later on it could instead represent a prerequisite, in the sense you'd need at least X Body Strength and Y Intellect Energy to access said Archetype (and to keep things consistent it may be X=2 and Y=4). You would also have another way to differentiate between Basic and Advanced Archetypes, since the latter could then require higher minimum scores (for example X=3, Y=5).

In a way, Basic+Increment does something like that: at creation there's the boost, while later on the requirement is that the linked scores must increase by 1 independently of their current values.

Or alternatively, to make things even more straightforward, at creation you could just give 3 floating points of both Strength and Energy and have the Archetype linked traits always simply represent prerequisites. With this approach in particular, one also wouldn't need to recalculate traits each time they switch Archetypes, since these wouldn't give boosts to begin with.
Another interesting consequence would be that the less linked traits your first Archetypes share, the less freedom you'd have in spending those starting points (that is, the more disconnected your chosen paths, the more demanding keeping up with both and so less opportunities to dabble in anything else).
Sorry, realised I had missed this. In general, I want to keep away from stat prerequisites on archetypes for now.
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Old May 25th, 2023, 10:55 AM
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Be keeping an eye on this one!

Have a great game!
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