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Rizina Elaverin
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Name: Rizina Elaverin
Race: Half-elf
Class: Occultist (Haunt Collector)
Role: Melee combat/support caster

Physical Description: Rizina possesses the olive complexion of her Varisian mother; apart from that, she could almost be mistaken for a full-blooded elf. She is tall and slender, and her ears come to points more pronounced than typical for a half-elf (although they are usually hidden under her hair). In Varisian fashion, she tends to wear brightly colored clothing, although she forsakes the typical tattoos. She wears her dark brown hair in a long, simple braid that reaches just past her knees.

Personality: Stoic and serious to a fault, Rizina is perpetually focused at the task at hand. If there is work to be done, she would rather get straight to it without wasting time with pointless discussion. When there is no matter requiring her immediate attention, most of her time is spent practicing her martial ability or studying ancient tomes and artifacts.


Rizina was born in the elven nation of Kyonin, not the most friendly place for a young “half-breed”. Her father was a retired mercenary soldier, her mother a Varisian nomad. The two met while his company had been hired to protect her caravan and quickly fell in love. Such trysts are tolerated by the more xenophobic members of Kyonin society, but Rizina’s father took it a step too far when he brought his human bride home with him.

Rizina’s childhood was marked by loneliness; few elf children wanted anything to do with a half-human, and the few friendships she managed to develop quickly faded as her aging outpaced her peers’. With no one of her age to connect with, she spent most of her time with her parents. Her father trained her to fight with spear and shield, while her mother taught her stories of the Varisian people. It was a lonely childhood, but overall a happy one. However, as Rizina would learn, nothing lasts forever.

Eventually the thin tolerance of their elven neighbors ran out, and certain extremist elements lashed out at the mixed couple. Rizina returned to her home one day to find her parents both dead, murdered. Whether through incompetence or sheer apathy on the part of the local authorities, the perpetrators were never caught, and the investigation was abandoned fairly quickly. It didn’t particularly matter to Rizina either way. Her parents were dead, and punishing the guilty wouldn’t change that. Revenge was a waste of time. Better to move on and live her own life.

As it was clear she was not welcome in Kyonin, she left not long after the incident. She considered settling in Erages, a town of half-elves, but decided she’d rather remove herself entirely from her country of birth. Instead, taking a cue from her mother’s Varisian heritage, she settled nowhere and wandered as a nomad. Like her father, she took jobs as a mercenary, seeking out opportunities that would allow her to travel far and wide. In particular, she favored exploring old ruins and abandoned places, where she could feel the echoes of the former inhabitants.

Rizina had always been interested in the concept of mortality; knowing that her peers would outlive her by centuries made it an obvious field of curiosity for her. Her parents’ deaths only increased that interest. She discovered that although all mortals must die, no one is truly gone forever, not in spirit. Not just ghosts, although she studied those as well, but everyone left echoes, whispers and remnants of the lives they had lived. Rizina carries her father’s weapon and shield, and she can feel in them a memory of every battle he had ever fought, every blow he had landed, every attack deflected. Over time, she learned to draw power from these echoes, making it seem as though her father was still with her, guiding her hands as he had during their training session when she was a child.


I prepared explosive runes this morning.

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