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Old 01-17-2019, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Wynamoinen View Post
I second/third the Myths and Legends recommendation. I haven't gone front-to-back through the catalog of back episodes, so I guess I missed some of the early hiccups that Alex found off-putting.
I wasn't really that off-putting, but I still felt like commenting on it a bit...

Wow! I wish I had more time for podcasts...
I was wondering about the philosophy without gaps podcast, sometimes philosophers tend to leave out theological, mystical, esoteric and or metaphysical thought. You never know though... Does that podcast not include that stuff much either? The name suggests it tries to be all-including...
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Old 01-17-2019, 06:48 PM
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I'm not sure how you'd want to define "mystical" or "esoteric", so I'm not sure he covers a lot of stuff that you'd put into those bins. But he starts pre-Plato, and intends to go all the way up to modern day. The Enlightenment is probably still a year or two away, in terms of podcast pacing. 315 episodes so far, and it's probably around 1350 AD or so?

I'd say a big theme of the podcast is "there's lots of philosophically interesting things in theology". It's hard to tell theology apart from philosophy for a big chunk of the timeline, so he definitely considers theology (mostly Christian, but plenty of Islamic) seriously and at length. Lots of metaphysics. There are maybe 80 episodes about Medieval philosophy, which means early scholastics, which in the days before Universities existed, means basically priests.
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Old 01-17-2019, 07:00 PM
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I'll second We're Alive, especially if you like zombies. That podcast kind of ruined podcasts for me for a while, as I couldn't find one that was as well done as We're Alive. It's really amazing. I'll third(or whatever number) Critical Role as well. The podcast is an excellent way to kind of stay up on the show, when you don't have 4 hours to spend watching. Limetown is amazing as well.

Also, if you're into sci-fi and fantasy book reviews, I'd recommend Dungeons and Dweebs. They've done everything from Dragonlance to the Zahn Star Wars books.

The Message and Homecoming are both pretty good serialized audio dramas too.
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Old 02-04-2019, 03:57 PM
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Right now listening to these podcasts:

Critical Role
The Joe Rogan Experience
The Last Podcast on The Left
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Old 02-06-2019, 01:04 AM
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So my list changes over time, but the ones that stick around are:

Writing Excuses, hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, and Howard Taylor (with frequent regular guests by year and one-time guests). "Fifteen minutes long, cause you're in a hurry and we're not that smart." Often closer to 20 minutes, this is in it's 14th season of weekly podcasts about a variety of writing craft topics. I frequently find useful tips for DMing as well as writing.

Freakanomics Radio, hosted by Stephen Dubner. Based on the core theme of his book, Freakanomics, this takes a look at the "hidden side of everything." It does touch on a little bit of everything from medicine (Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich, who established 98.6F as the magic temperature of the human body, was wrong in so many ways he ended up pretty close to right) to creativity, to sports economics.

Podcastle, one of the Escape Artists family of short fiction podcasts. Focused on fantasy, each episode is a reading of a short story. Others in the group are Escape Pod (sci-fi) PseudoPod (horror), and Cast of Wonders (YA speculative fiction of all kinds). A few of my most favorites are The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu (Ep 165) In the Stacks by Scott Lynch (ep 200) and One Day, My Dear, I'll Shower You With Rubies, by Langley Hyde (ep 520), though there are too many really good pieces to mention. All archived episodes are available free on the website, and they're a paying market to boot!
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