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Old Mar 31st, 2013, 05:08 PM
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How stuff works

Hey guys, so I'm making a thread about mechanics to clarify some stuff. I'll post anything else here rules-wise that you need to know. If you have any questions post them and I'll edit this top post to reflect the answers.

General Posting
  • "Significant Action" rule. If you do something significant, wait for other people/DM to react before posting more. Only one significant action per post if possible (e.g. Steve runs and opens the door. Steve walks through the door and into the next room. Is two significant actions - the door could have been trapped, other people might have wanted to prepare spells...)
  • Thoughts and other private speech is in italics
  • Public speech is in bold (there's even a speech button if you want to use that which "looks like this"
  • Say as many things as you want any time you want (speech is not a significant action)
  • Knowledge checks are free, but keep them in character. e.g.: "I wonder if I read that in a book somewhere..." says Steve.
  • No take-backs. If it's posted, it happened
  • No interrupting posts that have already been made (don't say "well Steve would have opened the door if Jeff didn't run in the way...") It's hard to flow with that

  • Combat for all player characters occurs at the same time, then all NPCs go. If you want to wait for someone else to go before you, just don't post until after they do, or make a post saying you're waiting for someone else to do something ala "Steve crouches in anticipation of Jeff's firebolt, waiting for a chance to spring on the burning opponents".
  • Roll all rolls you need to in your posts under a OOC spoiler button (if there are any side-effects or pertinent OOC information put them here as well). Other than that all posts should be in character.
  • Edited rolls count as natural 1's (i.e. don't edit a post with rolls in it, just make another post with whatever you have else to add)

Hunger, Thirst, Sleep, etc.
  • Will edit to post rules here as applicable. Right now don't worry about it.
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