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Old May 18th, 2019, 05:12 PM
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Character information and sheets

Players, please post your character here.

The heroes of our story will be:
Donaldjwafer as Dolan Verlos

Mythrandil as Orilo Benthorn Thunukalathi

Oztk as Rosamund ‘Sam’ Smith

Quick Ben as Thomas Morgan

as Shadow at Dawn

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OriloName: Orilo Benthorn Thunukalathi
Gender: Male
Character Concept: To some, Orilo is a new breed of Goliath: sophisticated, eloquent, even charming. Others merely tolerate his presence in the courts of Argillon Falls as a curiosity - clever, to be sure, but a brute alike to any of his kin. Nevertheless, none can deny his rippling physique and melodious voice crescendo to a hypnotic climax. Orilo that those who have extraordinary abilities must serve as both guide and aid to those less fortunate. Delighting in debate in the twin arenas of conversation and combat, Orilo has grown weary of his tiresome fellow courtiers and intends to lead by example.
Race: Goliath (Male)
Class: Bard (College of Valor)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: CourtierCourtier
Personality Traits: I always want to know how things work and what makes people tick.
I am well known for my work, and I want to make sure everyone appreciates it. I am always taken aback when people have not heard of me.
Ideal: Goliath strength extends to art and culture, not just violence - this is what I show the world. (Good)
Bond: I am committed to my herd, and wish to promote all Goliaths in the courts of Argillon Falls.
Flaw: I would do anything to see a Goliath crowned king. Anything.

right-aligned image

Personality: Orilo is always in the mood for a song, argument, fight, dance, or any form of socializing known to the 10 civilized races! He treats life as an epic tale of which he is the star performer. Whether jumping from rooftops or kissing the hands of princesses, you can be sure Orilo has already composed a ballad on his own behalf.
Motivations/Goals: In the short term, Orilo seeks to maximize his chances that his audience (friend or foe) sees his next heroic act or hear his moving words. In the long term, Orilo is committed to further erosion of negative Goliath stereotypes (and to a lesser extent, negative stereotypes, period). Ultimately, Orilo would consider his life's work complete if a Goliath was crowned king (though not himself - kingliness is akin to seriousness!).
Brief Backstory: Orilo was always seeking the approval of his elders; while his age-mates called him a suckup, he called it networking. By his ninth summer, Orilo caught the attention of a wandering Triton skald, Zunis. With the approval of his elders easily secured, Orilo entered his tutelage and learned how to weave everyday acts into a grandiose saga. Twice, Zunis took a pilgrimage under the sea to pay respects to his family; he returned Orilo to his herd during these times. These intervals reinforced Orilo's cultural identity and pride in his race. Zunis's third pilgrimage was to be his last, and Orilo's training was complete. After two days spent in fierce debate, Orilo's elders finally allowed him the privilege of an assistant ambassadorship to the Royal Court of Argillon Falls. Orilo intended to collect stories of intrigue and heroism for his saga, but years of exposure to his simpering peers left Orilo jaded. Now he intends to forge his own epic tale, one line at a time.
Contacts: I recognize most names in the upper circles of Argillon Falls. In particular, I am friends with the current king's second son Marcus, the protege of the leading textiles manufacturer Nero, and I dedicate all my best poetry to Evonia, heiress of the most prominent merchant in the city. Additionally, I'm part of the web of favors and debts (plus friends, enemies, and rivals) in the upper echelon of society.
Character Sheet:
All is well!
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Thomas Morgan
right-aligned image
Name: Thomas "Thom" Morgan

Concept: With Thom, I'd like to capture the dusty, frontier town preacher archetype. While each god might have its orders and clerics, it sort of made sense to me that here would be a single point for communal worship that might not be endowed with holy powers like a cleric, especially in a city like Agrillon Falls. He's a strong believer in community and a touchstone for those who come see him preach, but there is a gap between him and the other people in town because of his job. I also enjoy internal conflict in characters, so the juxtaposition of his profession and his particular style of magic seems interesting and well suited for exploration during a long-term, sand box game such as this.

Race: Human (variant)
Class: Sorcerer (Shadow)
Gender: Male (he/him)
Background: Acolyte

Appearance: Thom is a tall, lanky young man who usually dresses in modest, solid colored outfits and keeps his undershirts crisp and white. The contrast between his dark suits and hair and the stark white shirts only serves to further set him apart from the other people in his isolated town. Although relatively young for his position, he's often referred to as an "old soul", a description supported by a weariness around his eyes. While often quiet, he has a strong, preacher's voice when need be and he knows how to use his long fingers and expressive face to convey additional meaning to his words.

Personality/Motivations: Thom is an affable young man. Groomed from a young age for is position as a preacher, he is comfortable with public speaking and the day-to-day interactions of a shepherd tending to his flock. In large social situations, he tends to be more retiring, fading into the background so as not to dampen people's enjoyment, but always there to support those in need. Unfortunately, the necessarily solitary life of a churchman has left him with little experience when it comes to deeper relationships.

From Thom's perspective, he has already achieved his life's goal: head of the Argillon Falls Community Church. But, as much as he tries to deny it to himself, he's restless. He often feels like there is something more he should be doing and tries to channel that into his work, but at night, when he's alone, the feeling is still there, keeping him awake.

Brief History: Thomas Morgan is the last of a once well-respected family, often said to be there for the founding of Argillon Falls. The scion of a long line of preachers, Thom never questioned his destiny as the next head of the Falls' flock. Growing up in the slightly rundown manor house on the fuzzy border between South Reach and the West End Trade District that had been his family's ancestral home, Thom was educated about the whole pantheon as well as the minutia of being a community churchman. When his parents untimely death thrust him into the position early, Thom stepped in with a solemn dignity that belied his barely 20 years and he has preached and served faithfully since then. His station at such a young age, the lingering cloud of grief surrounding the young man and the normal hesitance around a preacher has served to make him a cornerstone of the community while still being set apart from it.

In Thom's mind, his particular abilities also set him apart, although he has never been flashy about using his gifts in public. While he comes from a long line of sorcerers, it was clear from a young age that Thom's gifts differed from those of his ancestors. For generations, his family displayed abilities that we'd attribute to the Divine Soul archetype, but Thom's magic has always been darker, colder. He tries not to let it affect how he serves his community, but the questions about that difference often itch at the back of his mind.

Interestingly, Thom's closest friend is the local bartender, Matthew Brewer, as they often commiserate about how similar their missions are, even if they practice them in much different ways. Matthew and Thom are of an age, and Matthew also comes from a well established Argillon Falls family although he still has parents and grandparents and multiple siblings to deal with.

More recently, Thom has been spending more time ministering to Argillon Falls' Goliath and Tabaxi communities. In an effort to be more inclusive, beyond his mostly human congregation, Thom has reached out to the faith leaders of these minority communities in an effort to bridge any cultural gaps. Thom has been able to strike up an unlikely correspondence with a Goliath community leader, Vauthag Nightwarrior. While the slender human and the hulking Goliath might seem to have little in common, they've discovered that they have a similar sense of humor and an abiding concern for the community that has seen more and more Goliath attendance at the church, perhaps to the slight discomfort of long-time members.
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The basics
left-aligned image

Rosamund ĎSamí Smith: Female Human (variant) Rogue, Folk Hero background

Physical Description: The easiest way to identify Sam is as the tiny woman wearing the scale mail. Some wonder how someone so tiny can wear the armor she's loath to be out and about with, but Sam dreams of breastplates and halfplate. Otherwise, she's fairly nondescript -- small, slightly beady green eyes, face scarred and usually dirt smudged. The length of her unkempt, mousy brown hair is about the only nod toward traditional femininity about Sam.

Character Concept: She'll pick your pocket, but not stab you in the back.

When Samís dad disappeared, she and her brother got mixed up with the Dry Creek gang -- a rowdy lot of ranchers with some questionable morals, but who also gave food and support to the poorest of the poor in Argillon Falls. She left when they turned to outright banditry, and is struggling to try continue their humanitarian efforts on her own as an assistant blacksmith. She dreams of ousting the worst actors (Silas Orley, Jack Cade,...) in the Dry Creek gang and redeeming the rest -- most notably, her brother Ulysses.

Character Sheet

Personality, Motivations, Goals -- I'll let Sam get this across herselfThey werenít no bandits, not when I was there. Card cheats and rowdy drunks, sure, and Iíll allow that a fair few of their cattle were rustled. They werenít no saints, the gang down at Dry Creek, but that donít make Ďem bandits.

Saw plenty of misdeeds, my three years out at Dry Creek Ranch. I was mostly doing farrier work, but I took part in plenty of mischief. But it was all for laughs and small potatoes. Nobody got hurt, not really. It werenít no armed bleediní robbery!

And they done loads a good, too: all the far-out ranches are always fightiní off goblins and gnolls and suchlike, Argillon would have its hands full without them. And the Dry Creek gang feeds -- well, fed -- a good chunk of the Southern Reach when times are hard. Fed moreín the king did by a damn sight. And they gave decent work to kids like Ulysses and Me that more straight folk donít have the time of day for. Always gotta weigh the good with the bad, and at Dry Creek, it always came out to the good.

Or it did Ďtil Shep Orley done disappeared -- with Shep gone, werenít nobody around big enough to get Silas to back down from his dumb plans. Got rowdier and drunker til one day Silas and Jack Cade and that lot came back drinkiní and laughiní and tossiní gold round -- "We done held up a coach!" That was the day I left and came back to Argillon. Stood up to Silas, said my piece, asked who was cominí with me -- got a few Southern Reach boys to come with, but Ulysses ... he was too taken by Shepís charm and the promise of easy money. Hardest thing I ever did, leaviní Ulysses behind, and Iím goiní back to get him out some day, you see if I donít. Still plenty of good folk at Dry Creek, just looking for someone big enough to stare down Silas, like Shep used to -- reckon it could be me, someday. Nobody else is lookin' to do it.

* * * * *

Can always use more coin, goes right through my fingers -- if I ainít spending my last copper on a pint of ale then Iím giviní it to the starviní kid on the corner. Paavu, she pays me what she can, but it ainít much, and I ainít a good enough smith to set out on my own. So Iím always hustliní for more money, workiní whatever angle I can get -- gotta get Mama settled someplace proper, half the Reaches is starviní and it breaks my heart, and one day Iím gonna have a breast-plate, or even a proper half-plate! Something like Daddy woulda made.

Daddy... Itís hard to tell, sometimes, if something is wrong wrong, or just something rich and proper folk say is wrong, you know? And when I canít tellÖ(sniff)...I just ask what would make Daddy proud, and then do that. Donít always work, that -- Daddy was always gettiní in trouble chasiní after stuff the dwarfs left behind -- taught me to read their script, kinda, and I guess I got the bug, too -- ainít no-one alive makes armor like they did. He was after some when he disappearedÖ. Where was I? I guess that mostly, if I can see Daddy smiliní at me, I know Iím doiní alright.

ContactsEnid Smith: Samís mother, invalid, lives with Sam in a two rooms above a tavern in the South Reaches, after Sam to get them a better place. Theyíve never really been close

Tobias Smith: Samís dad -- missing (presumed dead) since Sam was 10, Sam inherited his love of metal, and fascination of ancient Dwarven craftsmanship.

Ulysses Smith: Samís younger brother. They were very close, but fell out over the Dry Creek gangís shift to banditry; Sam thinkís heíll be fine once heís out from under Silasís wing.

Silas Orley: Small, hard, ambitious. Sam views him as the behind the Dry Creek gangís shift to banditry.

Jack Cade: Silasís right hand man, cruel to the core

Shep Orley: Huge but kind hearted, Samís mentor when she was at Dry Creek Ranch until he vanished without warning.

Paavu Steelshaper Gila-Borno: Goliath blacksmith who Sam works for after more well-to-do smiths wouldnít take her on; first female role model Sam has had
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Shadow at Dawn (Shadow)
of the Ascending Storm Clan

"The call to war was never a matter of choice for me. It was etched in,
same as my blood or the color of my eyes. And damn whatever god saw fit to curse me so."

Race: Tabaxi

Gender: Male

Class: Divine Soul Sorcerer

Background: Folk Hero


Character concept:
Shadow is a man at odds with his past. A veteran who was a servant of an unjust cause, hoping to settle down and find some sort of peace. If that peace is threatened, he'd no doubt reluctantly saddle up again. I'm basing him off of western heroes and anti-heroes who were former outlaws. John Marston and William Munny among others. Mechanically speaking, he should be able to fill a variety of roles. He's going to have blasting and healing ability, face skills with a high charisma, and will have some natural ability at skulking about.

Shadow is a tall and broad, but still lithe tabaxi with a black coat which is soft to the touch due to his conscientious hygiene. When battle was at hand, he often marked his fur with a number of designs which his former commanders said would bring him courage. He is wise enough to know they carry no mystic energy now, but continued to do so out of habit until he put aside combat altogether. His body is covered with See Combat Picture Belowscars, most of which are only visible when he sheds his cloak. Some run very deep, and are responsible for robbing him of a degree of physical power he had in his youth. His eyes are bright, almost luminescent green. His body language is assured and more focused than a typical tabaxi. These days he wears very simple clothing, like any other shepard.


Shadow just wants a good, simple life for himself and his daughter Treasure on the outskirts of Argillon Falls with their small shack and herd of sheep. He's quieter, calmer and less obsessive than most of his kin, owing to the fact that most of his life outside of the Falls was a blood soaked nightmare. He doesn't like the man he was during those times, and tries to avoid thinking on them for too long. He's seeking a peace which has always elluded him, and a penance for the wrongs he once committed. Shame is a powerful motivator for him, and he rarely talks about himself, and never about his youth. Despite his reserved nature, he doesn't like bullies, or those that prey on the weak, and won't stand by and watch if it happens in his presence. More than anything, he just wants Treasure to grow up in a world without all the pain he went through, and to see her live out her own passions. He'd be happy if she got to a point where she no longer needed him, found some trade she could be proud of, and perhaps even have a family of her own, if she chose.

The Ascending Storm Clan was a fairly successful nomadic group of craftsmen and traders opperating in a string of settlements not too far Argillon Falls, though they rarely came that far west. In one such settlement, the teenage boy named Shadow at Dawn made the fateful decision to hide away from his parents and kinfolk and scamper off to seek his own adventure. He had been manifesting unusual powers for some time, and was determined to use them to find his destiny. He was far too young and eager to make such decisions back then, but his tabaxi curiosity got the better of him. He hasn't seen his family since. All too predictably, he fell in with a bad crowd willing to take advantage of a young man's fascination with honor and battle. The Obsidian Riders were a group of marauders and raiders for hire opperating as a semi-legitimate mercenary outfit, and a thinly veiled cult of Sota, waging battle in his name. They were lead by a charismatic commander named Barkley Flint. He spoke in a language young men with big dreams wanted to hear. Shadow discovered him at the tender age of fourteen. It would be eight years before he got away. Of course Flint and the others didn't throw him into the heat of battle or reveal to him just how bloodthirsty their work would be right away. They spent time endearing themselves to him first, and teaching him the craft of warfare in between work. So much so that when they finally found paying work and allowed the young tabaxi to take his place at their side, he didn't flinch. He was shocked by the very real brutality in front of him certainly. But he didn't run or cower. He was convinced this was the only way he could truly be a man. And his magic was extremely helpful for the Riders. They all got wealthy and notorious in the years to come. He earned his scars with pride. But as time went, Shadow become more and more worried he might be losing his soul to the band and the god they served. The passion of a boy was beginning to be overcome by a grown man's skepticism, and a growing sense of compassion. He still wouldn't have found the strength to leave if Flint hadn't acted on an opportunity to go from warrior to butcher.

A conflict had been brewing on and off between a pair of neighboring settlements for some time (a conflict that wouldn't explode into full-blown warfare for several more years) and one of the leaders had decided to hire the Obsidian Riders to strike a blow where she had plausible deniability. So they rode out on a raid, and quickly found the village they had been hired to assault putting up little fight at all. In fact, they hardly had a town guard to speak of. But to Barkley Flint's mind, that didn't alter the aspects of the contract. They were sent to cripple the enemy, and he set about it with gusto, burning down houses and cutting down anyone who so much as lifted a pitchfork to oppose him. This was the breaking point for Shadow. He had ridden against enemies of all shapes and sizes, but never defenseless civilians. It turned his stomach, and when the others were sufficiently distracted, he broke off from them and began herding many of the fleeing villagers to safety. Many of them didn't see him ride in with the others and merely thanked him for the assistance. The moment that truly broke any chance of returning to the Riders for him was when he found an abandoned baby girl not ten feet from the dead bodies of her murdered parents. His comrades were just going to leave her to starve. He gathered her up in his cloak and fled, far as he could, trying to find some way to save her. He rode for days, giving the toothless child all that he could spare of the milk he had packed for himself, as he had nothing else of nutritional value for her. Even his horse succumbed to exhaustion after some time, and he had to walk the rest of the way, eventually limping into Argillon Falls as a husk of a man, with a child very near death herself.

But he found compassion there, and the local healer Milton Harper tended to both of them while Shadow was recovering. When they were at last healed up, he looked to learn a trade to support himself and the girl, whom he decided to adopt for lack of better options. He had no idea what her given name was, so he settled on Unexpected Treasure (Treasure) of the Ascending Storm Clan. The tabaxi name for a human child drew some snickers, but human names always sounded strange to him, and he couldn't think of any he liked. He quickly grew to care for the girl more than his own life. Over the next year, he apprenticed to a shepard, and was given a few breeding pairs to start his own herd at the end of it. He also picked up skills as a weaver, and began selling thick wool clothing out of his new home (and keeping some for himself. The climate was too cold for any self respecting tabaxi). Since then, he's earned a bit of status as a local hero among the other outskirts farmers. From time to time, bandits and goblins rear their ugly head on the land, but turn tail and run just as quickly when he'd lob a few fire bolts over their heads. Didn't even have to score a direct hit, thankfully. He'd had his fill of killing. He's lived this life for twelve years now, and Treasure is growing into a bright young woman with great potential. He's both proud of her, and a bit worried when he remembers his own teenage years. He's told her nothing about his previous life. He just doesn't want anything to take his new life away from him. He'll do what he has to to defend it.






Character Sheet:
Ultima Ratio Regum
The Last Argument of Kings,
Inscribed by Louis XIV on his Cannons

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Dolan Verlos
Dolan Verlos
Male Fallen Aasimar Paladin, soldier background

left-aligned image

Character Concept
Dolan was raised in Argillon Falls along with his younger sister. He never knew his father, so it was up to him to look after his younger sister, Sara. The two were close as children, but as Dolan grew older he fell in with the wrong crowds. He was raised to be good, to know the light, but in his adolescence he rebelled and fell from grace. It would take a tragedy for him to change his ways, the death of Sara, for which he will forever blame himself. Following her death he left Agrillon Falls, and sought atonement and hoped to find a way to restore his inner light. He eventually enlisted in an army of a far Western Kingdom where he fought courageously with honor and valor hoping that he could somehow find redemption for the sins of his youth. Now, a decade later he has returned home, to finally face his mother for the first time since Sara's death, but he finds that he is too late, she too has passed away. No matter what good he brings to the world, he always fears it will never be enough, that he will never be able to forgive himself. And he is at constant struggle with his inner demons, maybe he was never meant to be good?

Deep down, Dolan worries that he is living in a facade. He is naturally reckless, and has a tendency towards hedonism, but meditates daily to try to stay on his righteous path. He always carries with him Sara's necklace to remind him of what happened, but he still sometimes makes mistakes.

Dolan has seen terrible things in the many battles he's fought, but nothing comes close to the horror of watching his sister die before his eyes. He faces danger unflinching, and isn't afraid to risk his own life.

Ideal: Anyone is capable of redemption and forgiveness is a virtue. We should all strive to forgive those who seek true atonement. Yet, Dolan still struggles to forgive himself.
Bond: Despite their deaths, Dolan is still very much bonded to his family. He feels that they alone can forgive him for his transgressions and that he will finally face them again when he passes on from this life. He only hopes to live a life that will make them proud.
Flaw: Dolan is naturally a reckless and rash person. He has learned to be mindful and slow his thoughts so that he can temper these tendencies, but every once in awhile he still finds himself rushing into poor decisions. He hates this about himself.

Physical Description:
Dolan was handsome in his youth, but a number of fights and battles have left him scarred. His eyes are naturally green, but after taking a fist in the eye years ago, his right eye is much paler than the other. His age is given away by a somewhat gaunt appearance and his hair which is mostly gray, despite being only 30 years old. Dolan is rather tall (6'2") and somewhat lanky. He can be clumsy at times, when he moves it almost looks like he's not used to his size. Those who have seen him fight, say he transforms entirely; he moves with grace and has a ferocity about him that you would never notice if you saw him in passing.

With his mother and sister dead he has no immediate family in the city. However, his mother never did talk about his father..

His adolescent best friend, Astor* is still in Agrillon Falls, but he ran with the same crew that got Dolan into trouble.

Dolan made the long journey home with another soldier from his company who grew up in the Falls, Symon, who during the war "saw the light" and has now vowed to pledge his life to the god Valo.

Character Sheet

This is my first experience playing a race from outside the basic rules and girlplay has let me know that my interpretation of a fallen aasimar is a little unique. So bear with me! I think at the 3rd level I'm going to RP Necrotic Shroud as something that happens beyond Dolan's control, a transformation that he actively fights to repress.

*I changed the name of this character (from Markus to Astor) because Mythrandil has a character named Marcus in Orilo's backstory and that could get confusing

Excited to jump in!

"No point in being part of history if you're too ignorant to understand it."

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