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Old Jun 22nd, 2013, 12:39 PM
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House Rules

Posting FormatNot too long ago I joined a large project on this site called Eternity's End, a Pathfinder MMOPbPRPG run by WoLT. I was lucky enough to get in as a beta tester and have become a staff member there.

One of the many things I'm going to shamelessly rip off is the formatting structure WoLT requires in EE. It's beautiful, clear, and I can't imagine how I ever posted any other way.

Here is an example of how an in character post should look:

Sazlowe Gaxx, of the Mysterium

Sazlowe Gaxx is a queer goblin, mostly in that he's not a goblin. He smells of comfort and rainy days, of a good book and a full pipe, of leisure and wonder. His hair is clean and brushed into a knot. He peers over the tables, sucking in air through his sharp, yet white teeth.

A jungle pygmy owl flutters around him and lands in his hand, cooing until Sazlowe tickles it before moving to take a seat, aware of some of the glances his way.

There are several elements that make this formatting so superior, in my mind.

1) Using the [FIELDSET] tags to clearly identify your entire post area
2) Using an image in the [FIELDSET] tags so those reading can quickly determine which character is posting and associate that character with the player
3) Having the character's name directly beneath the image for further identification
4) Having the character's second name link directly to the character sheet for easy and quick reference
5) Having the character's first name link to the character's private thread for notes, updates, gear, XP, and copy code.

So this is how I would like you guys to format your posts. To make it easy, here is some copy code that you can use.


Character description and actions.

[b]"Character speech!"[/b]

[i]Character thought...[/i]


It make take a bit of getting used to, but I find the effort well worth it. If you have any questions or comments, always feel free to contact me directly via PM to discuss them.

Character CreationInstead of "rolling characters", when the time comes, we will be creating characters together. I will be limiting the randomness of character generation in Pathfinder and will work with you, using your background and questionnaires, to help you create a character. Here is a list of some of the character creation guidelines I'll be using:
  • Characters will start at level 1
  • All core races and classes accepted, as are base classes and psionic classes. Other races are available case-by-case
  • Stats will be done using assignment of some scores and point buy for others
  • Skills will be determined by class, race, background, and traits during the character creation process

House RulesMovement: All movement and measurement is 5' per square, even on diagonals.

Diplomacy & Bluff: These are powerful skills and they will remain that way in my game. The only difference is I will not accept a simple "I
Dice * Roll:
1d20+5 (14)+5 Total = 19
diplomacy them!". If you are rolling bluff and diplomacy, you must roleplay out the conversation. Depending on your roleplay, your roll may have a bonus added to it (or a penalty).

Roleplaying Dice: I have done away with the Hero Point system and replaced it with Roleplaying Dice. Roleplaying Dice are accumulated by good roleplaying and are stored in their own pool. Each character starts at 0 and accumulates them, without a limit or losing any when leveling. Roleplaying Dice are then used by the player to modify a roll.
  1. A player may use 1 RPD to add 1d6 to a d20 roll. The RPD must be spent at the same time the d20 is rolled. You may spend as many RP Dice as you currently have on a single roll. A player may only use this once per encounter.
  2. A player may use 2 RPD to take an extra action on their turn. A player may only use this once per encounter.
  3. A player may use 4 RPD to cheat death. A player may only use this once per character level.

Alignment: I have also done away with alignment. Detect alignment spells, smite alignment attacks, and other such abilities have been reworked.

Fame PointsCouncil of Thieves also uses an additional non-XP point tracking system called Fame Points. As your characters progress through the Adventure Path they will gain (and possibly lose) Fame Points, to keep track of the battle to win the "hearts and minds" of the citizens of Westcrown.
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