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Old Nov 23rd, 2013, 12:36 AM
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Facing a protracted sea voyage, Scuda, after some thought, arrives at the ship with some newly acquired supplies: a lighter suit of armor, many arrows, and several additional weapons. Already a poor man, he has become nearly destitute, a fact that does not prevent a wide grin from appearing on his befurred face as he arrives.
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Davin spent most of his night as Cernunnos wandering the wilderness and enjoying what the wilderness around Iolcus has to offer. When he awoke in the woods he sighed getting wearily to his feet before looking around to get his bearings. Damn you spirit always doing as you please. you could have at least brought me back into town before sleeping. He thinks as he makes the trek back toward the city and the fair grounds. Luck was on his side as he managed to get back just in time to hear the announcement as well as his name being called. How do you like that spirit you will get to travel with gods among men. Perhaps a few shall put you in your place, EH? He chuckles as he imagines the spirits seething rage accompanied by odd winds that flutter his clothes. Grinning at his luck and the frustration of the spirit he starts toward the dock. Luckily I'm already packed. I think i will wait on the ship. As he leaves he begins to hum a happy tune from his childhood. His mood improving with each step toward the dock.
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Mihyar was a little taken aback that he was selected for this voyage. But at the same time he was proud: "Your praise means much, Ragna Fau. Your grace in movement is no doubt a boon to our group as well."

Mihyar spends the early morning composing a letter to his Master Rahman Yassar to tell him of the great honor he has been given. "...I shall serve the young Prince Jason well during this journey, and through my diligence, I will bring honor to your name. Rest assured, Master. And thank you for trusting in me to be the representative of your household."

As Mihyar heads to the docks, the sun is slowly rising. He travels light, carrying only the things that he came with. Sitting atop a sandy knoll on the beachside near the ship, Mihyar chants a blessing for a safe voyage.

PrayerYour blessings, God of Wind,
I pray to hear your sound:
Whipping past my ear
Leading me away from ground.

Across the rolling waves,
A voyage that fate decrees:
Facing challenges unknown,
In search of Golden Fleece.

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Titus and ArgoniaAfter the competition the Latin ranger left for the outskirts of Iolcus to find his lioness companion where he had left her to wait for him. Titus found Argonia resting under an olive tree. Smelling his approach she sat up, her sharp eyes fixed on him. "comevenis!", he gave the release word for her to meet him. As she drew close her head pushed up against his hand and he rubbed between her ears. "Through difficulties to the starsper aspera ad astra. We will join the would-be king."

The next day he did not make his feline friend wait behind. The pair slipped through the crowds not many noticing the large cat until the ranger and his companion had moved on. A soon as his name was announced the hobgoblin slipped away from the scene and set his path for the docks. Now to learn about these new comrades of mine.

After a brief convincing of one of the ship's crew that Argonia was most definitely coming on this adventure, Titus placed his few belongings in a small quarters and let his companion wander off a ways, to hunt and play on the solid ground she may not have for some time after. He set up by some barrels of provisions and watched. Already a intelligent and fine mannered Greek woman was bringing many things to the ship. Not long after, an attractive Celt female helped her and the two chatted in a language the Samnite did not understand. Next the hulking barbarian Scuda came aboard, carrying only a few humble possessions. As others came the ranger just watched in silence, not drawing any attention to himself as his eyes took it all in.
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As Ripaa and Khandar reach the ship Khandar sees the lioness playing on the nearby soil and goes to join her. Just make it back on board before we ship out my brother. Khandar then moves his things to a small cot inside the boat. He then went on deck to find what he could do to make the going faster, from helping those who had difficulty carrying their belongings to moving the rope around on the boat.
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When everyone arrives they are put to work loading supplies or making last minute repairs to the ship. Most of the crew seem to be meshing already, surprising given how many big name egos are aboard. The girls are given a few strange looks, but if anyone is thinking ill of taking them no one is speaking it aloud.

With everyone working together the last few crates are placed in the hold. A new wall with a small door has been put up in the cargo deck to section off a place for the women. Thereís only enough room in there for two cots and one chest that the women will have to share, but somehow it feels less cramped then the menís quarters.

When itís all said and done about forty people have gathered on the upper deck. Jason stands at the helm. His curly blond hair is hidden under a bandana and he has changed into a pair of breeches and a light silk shirt, the better to be working long hours on the ship. He wears an approving look on his face as he addresses the crowd.

A finer group of heroes hasnít been seen since Agamemnon sailed for Troy. They will sing about this one, so long as we manage to live through it. he says light heartedly. A cheer comes up from the crew as he steps from his perch.

Such a wonderful beginning! rings a voice from the dock below. When Jason and the rest of the crew look over the edge it is revealed to be none other then Pelias himself, flanked by a small number of guards.

Surely you didnít think I would allow you to leave without wishing you farewell! As many of my hopes are riding on this ship as anyones. He motions to one of his guards who produces a large clay pitcher of wine. Now we must do this properly my boy! He calls out to Jason as he steps next to the Argo. He begins to pour the wine into the ocean as he speaks.

Oh blessed Poseidon, grant this vessel a quick return, that we may all know they will.

With that done he then smashes the pitcher against the side of the ship. There now! That should do it!

Jason eyes the man coldly throughout the entire display. But he waits until the man is done before speaking.

If your quite done with the theatrics uncle then we shall be on our way. We have a destiny to fulfill, unlike some people who will be sitting pretty in there bed praying for misfortune.

Pelias just smiles at his nephew and gives him a slight bow before heading away from the ship and back toward the palace.

As Jason watches him go Heracles steps away from the railing and looks at the crew for a moment before bellowing What are you all standing around for? Get to those oars and lets set out!

OODMEveryone gets 500 XP. Great work so far!
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