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Abdullah Aytac Teke

Character application
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Name: Abdullah Aytac Teke, "The Blue Wind"
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer (Djinni Bloodline)
Age: 30

  • Abdullah was a merchant in the kingdom of Scyakilo. He ran his business of trading textiles and spices with his wife, Sule.
  • Roughly a decade ago, he began noticing strange sensations and feeling "weird". This continued for a few days before he had a vivid dream involving a Djinni. In this dream, the Djinni told Abdullah that his ancient ancestor saved the Djinni, and in return the Djinni granted him a wish. The ancestor wished for his bloodline to receive magical power. Abdullah asked why he never heard of anyone in his family manifesting these powers, but the Djinni simply said that "the time was not right". Abdullah woke from that dream, and found that he had new-found magical ability.
  • A few years ago, an increasing Western presence created plenty of trading opportunities for Abdullah's company. He made some good impressions and strong relationships with key Western merchants, and was set up to make a lot of money in the coming years. Rival trading houses, most of them larger in scope and finance, began to try to muscle their way into Abdullah's deals. After some resistance, he received a cryptic letter from the Royal Adviser and Regent of Scyakilo, which read like a veiled threat against his company's actions.
  • One night, Abdullah's home was assaulted by shadowed thugs. While he had a couple guards on retainer, they were quickly subdued. His daughter and wife were killed. His wife's last words were to "run, and live". So he did.
  • He resents that fact that he had not harnessed his own power well enough or seen the attacking coming, that he might have saved the lives of his loved ones. But he honors the memory of his family and the last wishes of his wife by traveling the world. He has already spent much of the wealth that he was able to take with him. He calls himself "Abdullah, the Blue Wind", and is now on a journey of knowledge and power.

  • Abdullah wants to discover the mysteries of the world, preferably the magical ones. Tied to this, he wants to learn more about djinni and their ilk, and how his ancestor came to harness their powers.
  • He seeks to heighten his own abilities so that he may one day get revenge on those responsible for his family's death.
  • Sule Zekiye Teke - Abdullah's deceased wife and former business partner. In both work and family, the two were a happy and effective team. Unfortunately, she (along with their daughter, Aysel) was slain years ago under mysterious circumstances.
  • Recep Balik - Royal Adviser, Court Magician, and Regent to the the Crowned Prince of Scyakilo. Balik has worked his way to the top, and there are rumors of his ruthless dealings and dangerous magical practices. After the sudden death of the King and Queen, he was appointed Regent until the Crown Prince Emirhan comes of age. Abdullah received a letter from Balik, which contained subtle threats toward his business and family inside a message about Abdullah's trade partnerships. The letter preceded the assault on Abdullah's family, and his subsequent flight from Scyakilo.
  • Muhammet Teke - Abdullah's uncle, a spiritual man who taught him about legends, spirits, and magic. He instilled a sense of respect and reverence towards beings not of this world, and the different ways people venerate them. His mentorship allowed Abdullah to better understand how others perceive the mysteries of life. Abdullah does not know of his uncle's whereabouts, as last he saw Muhammet was before his exodus from his home country.
  • Abdullah blames himself for his family's death. He struggles with the single-minded hatred that the thoughts of vengeance brings. He also came very close to taking his own life at one point.
  • Recep Balik knows about the Teke magical bloodline. He secretly searches for Abdullah, and wants to experiment on him to find a way to extract his power and transfer or control it for Balik's nefarious gain.
  • Abdullah often wears a simple white turban or cowl with a bright blue wire-framed sapphire attached. The sapphire was a gift from his wife. It is his way of honoring her and keeping her near while he quests for knowledge and strength.
  • Nightmares of the night his family died and his old life was taken from him haunt Abdullah's sleep. It is not often, but some nights he relives the tragic event and awakens in a cold sweat.
  • One of Abdullah's common mannerisms is when he closes his eyes, strokes his short beard with one of his hands, and nods twice while making a "Hmm" sound.
  • He prays to the spirits of the wind, and to those beings that control them (such as Djinni). He will ask for favor from various other spirits or powers when applicable.
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