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Old Mar 6th, 2013, 03:37 PM
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Boris the blasting belligerent bomber

Name: "Name? Heh look up! *Makes finger guns and shoots above himself, In large glittering letters it says* BORIS THE BLASTING BELLIGERENT BOMBER, hahahah ah I'm so glad i spent 10 gold learning that spell"
Race: "Why run when you can teleport, that's what I always say! hahaha, oh you mean what am I? That's simple, I'm a human, born bonified human."
Sex: "Well I only have a few gol- OH YOU MEAN ME, oh I'm a man, can't you tell by the glitter?"
Age: "I'm this old." *Hold's up fingers as numbers appear on the tips* 19

Weight & Height: "Haven't you heard you should never ask someone about their weight?" *Numbers float from his shoes*
Height: 5ft 9in Weight: 178lbs

Alignment: "I love Chaos, but I chose no side, I am me and I shall stay that way."
Deity: "I AM MY OWN DIETY" *Shoot's into the air and fireworks go off* "Heh, that went better than I thought" *His cloak catches fire* "AAAAAHHHHHH DAMNIT, alright alright I'm sorry, my deity is Azathoth.

(Minus the ears)

Personality: Boris is a fun guy with a very let go attitude, he'd prefer to spend his night's drinking with dwarves, orcs, human and trying to find a woman who'd be willing to get some "well earned rest", rather then go around saving the world yada yada yada. Now he doesn't have much of a choice though, he's broke and needs the money. He stays by his friend's, always trying to cheer everyone up and keep their will up even people who hate him he doesn't act any different to them, except maybe trip them with some invisible rope, but hey aren't well all like that.

Background: A prodigy, one in a million, the boy who could save the world, or destroy it, a genius who- GOD DAMNIT BORIS STOP SETTING FIRE TO THE CAT. At the age of two Boris could read and speak more language then people knew to name, by the age of 4 he had mastered incantations that would have taken a master years to learn, then by the age of 7 his parent's had enough of him destroying just about everything they had, he went through 8 cats, 4 dogs and 5 cows testing his magic. So for what age that mattered Boris lived with the Inn Maiden Arethra, he grew up learning stories of great adventures from many a drunken bastards at the inn. He learnt to dance, sing things even books couldn't teach. When he wasn't at the inn Arethra sent him on chores in and out of the village. Not only did this build his body up it also began to give him a new thirst, for knowledge. At 15 he decided he'd leave the Inn and go in search of tomes and relics that had been told to him by many of the patrons every now and then. The night before he left he put on a show for everyone in the Inn, magic, singing dancing and too finish it off a firework show..... that went horribly wrong and destroyed most of the houses in the area. Chased by the village people Boris ran for days and days and eventually came upon an ancient burnt down temple, he traversed the temple, beating down skeletons, giant frogs and many a minion before coming upon relics and books. He studied these books and read about what more he could find in other places, so he packed his bags and went village to temple, temple to ruin, ruin to tavern in search of knowledge and power, of course drinking and avoiding kobold std's along the way. As the years past he learnt more and eventually came upon a rumor that there was a person in Falcon's Hollow with information on magic far beyond times and planes that he knew. So he headed there, ready for an adventure.

Rp Sample : Sweating, breathing heavily, covered in mud and god knows what else, he swung the doors of the tavern in. At once the smells of ale and perfume way to strong for a sensitive nose such as his hit him, the dancing lights the loud piano and woman to the right on a raised platform, the men around wolf whistling and playing cards. He let his eye's adjust, no one had noticed him yet except the bartender, a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. He took his backpack of his shoulder and slung it beside him as he took a seat on the velvet stool in front of her. " Well your new around here cutie, what can I get you?" she asked him, her accent seemingly familiar to him. He looked into her eyes, and responded in elvish "A pint, some information and your name gorgeous" he smiled as her mouth gasped in confusion. "How, how did yo-" before she could finish he put his finger to her mouth and whispered "A beautiful girl such as yourself would be wearing a bandanna like that with your hair covering your ears for no reason now would you" he smiled cheekily as he lent back into his seat, "Now for that information."

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