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Old Mar 6th, 2013, 06:06 PM
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Jaren Goldclaw

Name: Jaren Goldclaw
Age: 21
Race: Human
Class: Paladin of Apsu
Home Country: Taldor

Background: Many grow up hearing stories of the savage and dangerous nature of dragons. These stories are part of almost every culture. In the country of Taldor these legends are even more prevalent. Much rarer than these are the tales of the good dragons. But it was to these tales that Jaren found himself drawn as a child. To Jaren, the idea of good dragons watching over and defying their evil chromatic cousins captured his imagination. In a country where human heroes seem to be on the way out, Jaren found heroes in these tales.

It was almost inevitable that Jaren would be drawn to the dragon god Apsu. When rumor came to Jaren of a small temple dedicated to Apsu located high in the Aspodell Mountain range he left his home immediately to seek it out. It was only after he had been on the road for several days that Jaren realized he had not even left a note explaining his disappearance to his family. His mother and father no doubt were consumed with grief thinking the worst had happened, but for some reason Jaren felt compelled to continue on his journey. Eventually he did find a courier returning to Taldor and sent a short note home.

The search for the temple nearly claimed Jaren's life on several occasions. When Jaren finally found the "temple" he was disappointed to find that the majestic building dedicated to Apsu was actually little more than an open air shrine. But laying on that shrine was a suit of armor, a sword, and a shield all shining in pristine condition despite being exposed to the elements for who knew how long. The items seemed to call to Jaren as if they had been made for him alone. When Jaren picked up the sword, the soft leather of the hilt seemed to mold itself to Jaren's hand. Since then Jaren has lived at the shrine training himself in the use of sword and shield waiting for Apsu to direct him.

Although Jaren has never seen anyone else since arriving at the shrine, he knows he is not truly alone. Every week fresh supplies are left at the foot of the altar. Try as he might, Jaren has been unable to discover how these things are brought to him. All of his overnight vigils have been fruitless. The closest he has ever come came during an especially intense rainstorm. The downpour was so severe that Jaren could barely see a foot in front of him. His tent had already been torn to ruins by the fierce winds and he huddled against the altar seeking some little protection. Suddenly the ground shook and jolted Jaren from his shivering. Not far from him Jaren found a new tent, one made of much thicker material to be able to endure the harsh elements. He sobbed with gratitude. From the corner of his eye during a lightning flash Jaren thought he saw the form of a great dragon flying away. The next morning after the rains had stopped Jaren examined the sight he had found the tent. Four massive clawed footprints had sunken into the sodden earth. These are the only clues Jaren has to the identity of his guardian.

Entrance to Falcon Hollow: Jaren bowed before the stone altar that had been his home for the last year as he did every morning, seeking deeper communion with mighty Apsu. That Apsu had accepted him he had no doubt, but Jaren was growing increasingly impatient. He felt his training must surely be complete by now. What more could he possibly need to learn? How much longer must he remain in isolation? Nevertheless Jaren was determined to await the direction of his deity. Taking a steadying breath, Jaren sought to reclaim the clear mind of deep meditation.

Falcon's Hollow The words seemed to blaze across Jaren's mind like a hot brand. Instantly his head shot up as he looked for the source of the voice but, as he had been for so long now, Jaren was alone. "Thank you blessed Apsu." Jaren said, reverence coating every word. "It will be as you desire." Taking only a few moments to gather his things, Jaren left the shrine without looking back. His god had finally answered his prayers and Jaren would not disappoint him.

It took about a week for Jaren to make his way down out of the mountains to the town of Falcon's Hollow. Jaren had a vague memory of passing through the town over a year ago in his search for the shrine. But memory and reality seemed unable to mesh as Jaren surveyed the logging town. Before the town had been full of hard working people going about their business, but now it seemed as though the people were beaten down by some unseen force. Jaren didn't know why he had been sent to Falcon's Hollow but he trusted in Apsu to guide him.

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