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Old Mar 7th, 2013, 04:18 PM
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[Retired] Kalen Galdaran

Character Sheet

Name: Kalen Galdaran
Age: 23
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Rogue
Homeland: Taldor
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Calistria

Kalen was abandoned and placed in a monastery before he could walk. Upon coming of age and being sent to live on his own in Taldor, he pursued adventure to a dangerous extent, becoming involved in thievery, drug addiction and gambling. His wanton debauchery caught up with him and he was imprisoned before he was seventeen.

Over several months, Kalen became good friends with an elderly man named Dolnathan and came to respect and care for him as a father-figure. Dolnathan warned Kalen that his dangerous lifestyle would continue to lead him down a treacherous path, and Kalen took heart to this. Kalen realized that he was happy to have found someone to care for, and planned to follow his mentor's wisdom and start a family of his own.

One day, however, Dolnathan and some other prisoners disappeared overnight. It was discovered that they had been kidnapped and murdered by the Tiefling Bolxar as an unholy sacrifice to the deity Asmodeus. Bolxar was not pursued and convicted, however, since few were outraged by the deaths of unwanted prisoners (which Kalen believed was Bolxar's intention).

Kalen was crushed and outraged by his loss of the closest friend he had ever had. A year later, he was freed and left with only his wits and an obsessive desire to see justice done to Dolnathan's murderer. Where he had once had the freedom to follow his every whim, he was now compelled to follow his convictions. He began to operate as a mercenary, all the while following every lead he could to find active diabolic priests.

Recently, Kalen was trying to find clues near the border of Cheliax when he decided to investigate a stray rumor that the recent plague in Falcon's Harrow could be caused by diabolic influence.

Kalen still has his youthful fun-loving side, despite his grim quest. His more violent and aggressive traits become more apparent when he is pitted against his foes. He must fulfill a need to keep himself busy or entertained. Otherwise, he can become sullen and depressive.

Kalen is accepting of any of the peaceful races, although he can be critical of the overzealous or standoffish, such as many Dwarves. While his quest is to seek out a servant of Asmodeus, he has no aspirations to go after evil in general, only those who are in his way. He grew up learning to care for himself, but his longing for camaraderie and love may yet find him on a path towards good.

Early in his life, Kalen came to embrace his dual ancestry, despite being disowned by his parents. He relished his freedom from social constraint and he found his adaptability useful in the streets, where quick talk and a quick blade could fetch good money. He still values his strong personality, but he no longer prides himself in it, viewing it as a tool to meet an end in his hunt for revenge.

After befriending Dolnathan, Kalen found that belonging is what he had been missing in his life, as many Half-Elves do. However, a year of incarceration did its toll on Kalen, who was left alone with his thoughts and an unforgivable grudge to nurse. He might have once been a more carefree youth, but he was overwhelmed by the pain of loss, which he had never previously known. He may not be wrong to pursue the one who killed his mentor, but Kalen's new-found love of belonging was twisted by vengeance, and his hatred of Dolnathan's killer became his source of aggression.

Kalen was free once more, and once more he chases adventure, but not for his own ignorant pleasure. Dolnathan once saved him from the dangers of a carefree and reckless life, but Kalen now charges down a destructive path of a new kind. Even if he does exact his vengeance, will he ever be able to move on from the past?

Kalen is as attractive and lithe as any Half-Elf. However, his face is much more visibly weary than it was in his youth. Kalen's blond hair is worn at a medium length and he has violet eyes. His voice, however, is exclusively baritone from his Human ancestry. He dresses for travel and combat, or as the situation demands.

As he always has been, Kalen is fun to be around. He drinks and jokes and enjoys good company, but he doesn't waste time for long. He can also be sensitive to how others feel and often expresses his own opinion whether it is wanted or not.
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