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Aspenaran Cities, Towns, and Villages


Approximate Population: 94,000

Distinguishing Features: The Bronze Palace, Chamber of the Council of Barlin, Temple of Zeus, Temple of Athena, Temple of Hera, Temple of Aphrodite

History and Layout: Originally named Testrius, the capital of Aspenar is also it's most ancient city. It's layout is sprawling, having undergone many expansion projects. It grew up around the first great temple of Zeus that Aspenar founded in the Northwest of his dominion. This temple exists on the western coast of the idyllic Lake Ballard. This formed the base of the Divine District of the city. Many temples to the Olympians are located here, but the halls of Artemis, Apollo, and Dionysus were destroyed in the cataclysm.

Having attracted thousands of pilgrims, Aspena ordered the construction of walls to protect his people. These great stone structures now segregate the eldest and wealthiest part of the city from the more impoverished districts. Inside these walls, he forged himself a seat and a great hall of his own. The Bronze Palace was not as opulent of a structure as one might expect, but it was nearly unassailable. Though additions and comforts have been added by later emperors, the defenses have never grown lax.

The largest structure by far is the Council chamber. Built to accomodate the most noble and powerful of the capital's residents, it is all at one a meeting place, debate hall, center of learning, and place of relaxation. Though the Emperor has absolute authority, the nobles and aristocrats handle many of the day day responsibilities. This is their nerve center. In the 20 years since the assassination of Barl VIII, it has essentially ruled Aspenar.

Outside the walls containing the more desirable portions of the city, it begins to sprawl. Building projects ranging from the glamorous to the futile have sprung up over the centuries, and now the capital spans miles. Here, the middle class and destitute mingle in equal measure, with markets and inns doting the landscape. Many have fallen into disrepair since the cataclysm, but the structures themselves were left mostly untouched, as with the rest of Barlin.
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